The God Theory

The Gods ruled the Earth by Bari Demers
Can mathematics solve the age old question: Does God exist?

You be the judge…

Please Note:

The subject of God and various religions around our world today will always be a controversy subject. If you’re an atheist, this subject is not for you to consider. Please leave constructive “nice” comments. You know the saying,” If you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all.”

All my life I believed in the existence of a God for personal reasons. But unfortunately after studying an array of worldly religions, I feel mankind has the tendency to add greed, distrust and power into the mix, placing religions out of the equation.

Born into an Italian family, the Catholic faith was automatic, attending Sunday Mass, all in respect for my mom. At a young age I was taught everything under the assumption our bible was the true word of God.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

My believe in the God doctrine was built under a strong foundation with confession, communion and weekly bible studies. With encouragement from my mom I decided to become a Alter-boy, believing the church is indeed the house of God, the most sacred place on earth.

Until one Saturday afternoon, during our regular meeting with the appointed high-priest. He waltzed into the sacred church smoking the latest brand of cigarettes and swearing like a trooper; it was on the that day I started questioning the role of mankind and religion.

In my teens, seeking the “Truth and Light” of God, I study with various religions, from Jehovah Witnesses to the Mormons. Each religion failed miserably due to its doctrine. All was lost after years of listening, waiting to hear from God, until one horrifying day.

The year started with celebrations!

My wife and I were proud parents of our first born child, a little girl we named Jenni.

Life was good until the day Jenni became sick. The doctors tried their best, but couldn’t cure her. The night I held her in my arms I could feel the life (living soul) leave her little body. If you’ve ever experience this moment, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The devastation of loosing your child is insurmountable, crushing the very fabric of life within your soul.

One minute, Jenni was alive.

The next, you can feel when the body becomes nothing more than a “lifeless shell”.

In horror of loosing our child I felt anger towards God. How could he possibly allow this to happen! But, I never forgot the feeling of the “force of energy” leaving Jenni’s body.

It was then I remember the words of Albert Einstein, when asked if he believed in God. He said,” I believed in the “pantheistic” God of Baruch Spinoza, but not in a personal god.”

Meaning, he believed our dimension extensions of universes and it’s laws of nature are somewhat controlled by the hands of a divine power.

With Einstein’s above statement, it made me think about our overall journey. Could it be, even though our physical bodies journey ends with death, is it possible the “energy” (our soul) travels or merges within the laws of nature?

I was taken back by his very words, knowing there’s possibly more to Life than just plain death. Could his theories of relativity prove this? Not a brilliant mathematician like Einstein, I began the long road to researching this theory, calling it “The God Theory”.

To understand the whole picture I must relate back to physics. And who better understands the fundamental law of physics, but Albert Einstein.

In 1905, Albert Einstein change the laws of physics through his mathematical equations using his Relativity Theory. That same year he came up with “Golden” equation of all times, sparking scientist to this very day to prove or disprove his theories.


1 E is in relationship to Energy
2 M equates to Mass
3 C defines the Speed of Light

Before Einstein’s equation, scientist believed mass and energy were viewed as completely different entities. Albert Einstein proved otherwise.

It’s now known throughout the scientific community if “mass” speeds along trying to reach the speed of light, the “mass” increases and becomes heavier. The “energy” within the “mass” increases too and are the same. If the particles of energy ever reached the “speed of light” it would become infinite (boundless amount of energy), which is impossible, because the “mass” only has a certain “amount of energy”.

This is why it’s impossible for us to physically reach the “Speed of Light”.

Each particle of mass has only a certain amount of energy. Or another way to think of it, “mass” is a container holding a certain amount of “energy” within it.

But, depending what you do with this mass, it can provide an explosive amount of energy, like the results of mankind’s “atomic weapon”. Fortunately for us, mankind uses this power for peaceful applications.
For now.

So, what has this to do with “The God Theory”?

Think of our human body as a “container” holding a certain amount of “energy”.

Where does all this “energy” go when the body dies?

It’s my belief the “energy” within us is released back into the laws of nature. This is why we can never see our friends or family after death. Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”.

1 John 1:5
” This is the message we have heard from him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in him there is no darkness at all.”

Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he said :

John 14:6
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The bible can be interpret into so many different ways. This is the reason why we have so many versions of the bible and religions on earth. Not to mention the fact, there’s a few scriptures of the original bible missing since the Roman’s became Christians, changing the format as we see it today.

After years of deciphering religions, the bible and the law of physics I have come up with my theory of understanding the Devine Power of God.

The God Theory:
Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”. Within the “light” we become one. The “light” is governed back into the laws of nature by an “Spiritual Force Entity” known as God. The very fabric of nature and life is repeated into infinity. Born and reborn.
Our natural “Dimension Universes” are governed by the same theory. Each Universe is born, it dies and another is reborn in its place. Same with our galaxies, stars and planets.

They all have to obey the very “Law of Physics” which never can be changed. It will always be the same equation but what’s an equation without the particles?

What’s a universe without the pull of gravity?

In other words, to make something, you must have the “material” to make it. Scientists a few years ago were proclaiming they produced the “God Particle” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). With their collider they smashed atoms into each other in order to prove the theory of the Higgs boson, which is suppose to be the mechanism giving mass to objects on an atomic scale.

Even if they do come up with the “God Particle” it still needs to be made with something; nothing is made out of thin- air.

Remember earlier saying I believe in God for personal reasons?

This is where you either feel the force of God or you don’t.
Maybe this is where Stars Wars came up with the famous line, ” May the force be with you”. I know this may sound humorous knowing all to well, it’s just a movie, but think about it.

Have you felt a Spiritual Force within you?

Throughout my life I have felt a spiritual force within me when I most needed it. When things haven’t been going well, solutions have come up out of the blue. Or surviving an accident where your “number” should of been up. Things you can’t physically explain. And you feel this entity or power over you.

And then there’s the question of an evil force. Does it exist?

Just look around you today and throughout history of the human civilization. The overall devastations of war, calculating evil deeds through the sanction of their religion, power and greed of mankind since the dawn of man. Unthinkable genocides of a whole race of people only triggered by hate.

So, yes. Evil does exist.

The God Theory extends the barriers of our physical universe as well as asking us the age old question:

Are we alone?

We’re definitely not alone in the universe. Astronomers along with astrophysics are now finding M-Planets possibly capable of sustaining life. It may be just the beginning, but I believe we are getting closer to the truth.

I also believe we could have easily been visit by another intelligent species long before man had a foothold on earth.

We always like to think we’re the smartest creatures who control our destiny. In fact, in the clock of civilization we have barely started. Who knows how many other intelligent species have visit us in the past or, on some distant planet, are more advance than us right now. If mankind lives long enough without destroying ourselves first, we may find out the truth through science and technology.

But who or whatever is out there, we all have a God. It’s God, who’s the puppet master of us all.

By Bari Demers


Dream World Titan

Dream World Titan by Bari Demers

Today’s dream is about Titan, the largest moon orbiting Saturn.

We all know by observation of NASA’s Spacecraft Cassini, Saturns Moon, Titan is indeed hostile to humans. It’s surface is filled with liquid hydrocarbons, forming depressions, known as sinkholes. Cassini Mission was a complete success! In 2004 Cassini-Huygens reached Saturn after its maidens voyage around our SUN, then a return bypassing EARTH, following through the precarious asteroid belt, heading to our massive Jupiter. Due to the velocity and the gravitational pull of Jupiter, Cassini barely made it by. But it knew it could and so it did.

Finally the little Spacecraft arrived, orbiting SATURN.

YEAR 2150

Our MISSION TO TITAN was simple. Orbit Saturn’s largest moon and begin mapping every inch of its surface. Its main objective was to find traces of valuable minerals, such as gold. Our employer is TEMPRO Industries (Terraforming Engineering & Mining Resource).

Adjusting to orbit our Starship VICTORY malfunctioned. For unknown reasons, everything on board shut-down.

We were dead in space.

SUDDENLY – We all felt a strange as a alien cloud formation engulfed the cockpit. Just like that, three of us appear on the surface of Titan without really knowing how we got there. My companions (two female astronauts), one petite while the other is more like a giant warrior.

Within seconds of reaching the surface we fell through one of sinkholes. Within the sinkhole we noticed a completely different landscape from above. Good thing for us, as we were wearing a thin greyish spacesuit made of some high tech fabric, automatically monitoring our bios.

Apparently helmets aren’t required.

Quickly surveying our landing site, I noticed the geographic landscape doesn’t resemble any relationship to our earth’s moon.  We seem to be at a high altitude overlooking a mountainous region.  Taking a deep breath, my lungs feel the crispness in the air.

Our immediate area reminds me of an alpine meadow on earth,  full of knee high wild flowers.  It’s then I zero in on these huge bushy trees with massive trunks, scattered throughout the terrain, towering at least 40 metres. The entangled multicoloured leaves embrace it’s outline with sparkles of gold and turquoise.

In the horizon brilliant arcs of Saturn’s rings showcase a 3D effect with the mammoth stature of Saturn itself.   No words can really express the surrounding beauty; it’s awe inspiring.

Suddenly, a nearby bellowing roar breaks the serene setting, sending shivers up my spine. Our instincts tell us to run for cover while our curiosity still lingers behind.  Another monstrous outcry kicks us into action, scouting frantically for a safe haven.

Pointing to a mammoth tree in the distance, I quickly instruct our intentions,” Quick! Let’s climb that one over there.”

Two of us take flight, sprinting for cover, when the warrior-like woman KAREN begins to laugh,”Com’on! Are you afraid of a little growl?”

“If you want to play warrior, you can go right ahead! I’m heading for those trees!” I yelled from the distance, discussed by her demeanour.

My dream is still vague as the girl running beside me stops dead in her tracks. She’s stunned by the warriors attitude, crying out to convince her otherwise,” Don’t be a fool Karen! Come with us now!”

Karen holds fast,” I’m not a fool! I’m a warrior.”

“We don’t have time for this,” I said,” Leave her behind. She must know what she’s doing Tera.” It’s then I realize Tera means more to me than just a team member of this expedition; she’s my girlfriend.  I hold out my hand urging her to come with me.

She nods, but takes a final look at Karen,” She’s crazy! Whatever that beast is, it will surely rip her into pieces.”

“I know. But I’m not going to die just because she’s too proud,” I urgently agreed,”Let’s go! We’re loosing valuable time.”

We race frantically across the field, brushing by a forest of high stock wild flowers, (resembling rows of wheat) heading for that tree.  It all seem as if it were in slow motion.  Soon we come across a fence with a small opening through it, allowing us just enough room for us to squeeze by.

Grinding to a halt it dawns on me, someone built this,” Someone lives here!”

“It seems that way, but…” Tera said impatiently, spotting a large dark monstrous image in the distance. She gasps,” OMG! We got to go now!”

In horror I see what she sees. We scamper up the massive tree in a steady pace. My heart is pounding in my chest, finally reaching the near top of this bushy mass. We clear the growth of foliage all around us, scouting for Karen.

” There she is!” Tera’s horrified by what she sees.

The monstrous creature is now in range; it’s grizzly bear-like appearance with fangs for teeth accompanied by razor sharp 8 inch claws. Karen is fighting off the beast slashing back and forth, firmly gripping the longest sword I’ve ever seen.

She’s loosing the battle as the giant beast slices her belly wind open. Karen stumbles back, stunned to see her own entrails lying on the ground. Another vicious slash finishes her off ripping poor Karen in half.

Tera vociferous cries in anger,” We should of helped her!”

“Tera. There’s nothing we could do. We too would have died a horrible death,” I consoled her,” We just aren’t any match for such a beast. I’m sorry, but Karen took fate into her own hands.”

” I know, buts it’s not fair,” Tera wipes the tears from her eyes,” What are we going to do now?”

“I’m not sure,” I said as my dream materialized back into reality, by the tall-tell signs of the alarm clock going off.

By Bari Demers

Copyright 2014 / Updated Sept 14 2017

I’m not sure what my dream was trying to tell me, only be aware of your surroundings and never test fate. All I know for sure SATURN is an amazing Planet !

Waking-up the Monster

Today’s blog post is about living reality…

Who would have thought “Waking-up the Monster” would relate to my stomach who just loves consuming too many calories. The vicious cycle of “Weight Loss” was just waiting to happen for the simple reason I never knew about a healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy just wasn’t taught 30-40 years ago. It just wasn’t. Today it would be hard pressed not to hear of a healthy lifestyle, either on the news, the internet or shows like Dr. Oz.

Training a “New Lifestyle” starts way back in my teens.

It wasn’t hard for me to waffle down as much food as I wanted without it ever effecting my waistline. Having an active lifestyle along with a high metabolism helped me consume 3000 calories per day.

Riding my bike everywhere in Vernon,B.C. was really the only option, if I wanted to head to Kin or Kalamaka Beach. As soon as I turned sixteen, I bought my first clunker of what was suppose to be a car. Saving up $1600 for my first “wheels” while slaving away as a dishwasher at our local pizza joint took a lot of time and effort.

“Finally! No more biking,” I thought.

Suddenly my whole world opened up, along with the car came girlfriends, as if it was part of the package. After a couple years of riding around the countryside it wasn’t long before realizing my belly was hanging over my waistline.

“What? What happened?” questioning my own life habits.

Knowing all to well, eating all those double burgers, fries and tasty Spudnuts (Potato-flour donuts) at my Mom’s Spudnut Shop in Vernon, B.C. put on the pounds in a hurry. My mom never said anything out right, like ” You’re getting fat.” Instead, she would say,” I’ve heard they’re starting up a local soccer team. Maybe you should try it out?” smiling so innocently, she made it think it was my idea,. Thinking,”Yeah, I could do that!”

After a year with the Vernon Flyers I was back in shape.

Back then it was mandatory to take P.E. (Physical Education) class in high school. Without noticing it my active lifestyle was in full force. Even in college I would join a long distance running team, just to be part of the group. Once again never had to worry about how many calories I consumed, until in my late twenties.

Working at a desk job for seven years with little or no exercise ensured the fate of my waistline. It wasn’t long before I began taking up the “Weight Loss” cycle from the various trending weight-loss technique. Of course I always seem to spring into action by joining a fitness class, such as Karate.

Every five years it was the same, loose all the weight and become fit again. But human nature sends you down a path of becoming lazy or bringing up excuses, like,” I’m tired. Worked hard today, I’ll exercise tomorrow.”

And,”Oh, it’s just one double burger, I’ll go on a diet next week.”

Before you know it your life is a roller coaster of gaining and loosing weight over and over and over again. And I totally disagree when those who say,” Hey, it took a Lifetime to gain those pounds, it’s not going to be easy to loose it.”

In my lifetime I have gained and lost weight at least five times now. Hitting that magically number on the weigh scale, sends me spiralling down the “rabbit hole” into this years brand new diet trend.

In all this time I never consider myself obese or extremely fat, simply because I never reached staggering weights of 250 – 400 lbs. At the peak of my weight gain it would be around 80 lbs, which always triggered me into some kind of action. But of course doctors think otherwise.

I came to dread the thought of eating; the very thought of ” Waking-up the Monster”! Sometimes I would starve myself for three days or more, not realizing how dangerously it plays havoc on your metabolism.

After all these years, it should never have been about dieting.

Eating a healthy lifestyle starts with eating five to six micro-meals a day, planning ahead and incorporate veggies and fruit daily. I’m not a doctor so I won’t dictate what healthy lifestyle suits you, but all I know is; it’s a constant daily struggle.

Don’t begin by “Waking-up the Monster” suddenly, it’s always hungry and will eat you up! Feed it sensible heathy meals starting with the most important meal of the day, Breakfast.

To say it’s easy, is so far from the truth.

I love to cook gourmet meals as much as “eating out” ,but all I know for sure, you must keep your healthy lifestyle in check.

Share your weight-loss experience. How has it effected your life?

My photo is a smoothie – I always pour it in a Beer glass to remind me of why I must eat sensibly.


What’s a Facebook Friend?

What’s in a friend?

Before Facebook was ever invented by I.T. Tech Mark Zuckerburg, friendship was done the old conventional way.

“Friendship isn’t something you experience over the phone ; it’s something you do in person.”

Remember those days?

When Facebook hit mainstream back in September 2006 ( so long ago – lol) we were forced to meet our new friend through adjoining meetings, sport events, parties or work. The latter is questionable to finding friendship, as most are forced to be socialable in the workplace.

This may all sound a little pessimistic, but this is what I believe should be classified as a real friendship:
1. When you’re unhappy, your friend is there to cheer you up.
2. Close friends will share their private life only because they have full trust in you.
3. A friend understands you.
4. Your friend natural “clicks” with you.
5. You laugh at each other’s jokes.
6. Friends will go out and do things together; sharing new experiences together.
7. Last but not final; They’re there for you when you need their friendship the most.

On the internet, friendship can still happen, but mostly at a distance. You may never meet that person, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did.

So, here’s the thing about Facebook friends.

Strangers will come around asking you to be their “friend” mainly because of similar interests or just maybe some alternative reason you’re not aware of. But, whatever the reason, you become friends.

Most of the time you really do find a “true friend” enjoying each other’s accomplishments, sharing each other’s photos or experiences. But then there are a few who are only there for personal gain. When they find they haven’t gained anything but your friendship, they disappear into the dark void of the internet. And then comes those who end up as your most dreaded encounters, turning into “psychotic” freaks. Those are the ones you “block” forever.

Whatever your reason for including someone as a friend, you may truly find friendship on Facebook. But, here’s the bottom-line; don’t become friends with someone for personal gain. And never be something you’re not.

Become a friend because you really want to be a friend and never ever be “fake”. This is my motto on Facebook.

What’s a friend to you?

By Bari Demers

The photo is in tribute to my friend Romeo from NASA, who has a mascot named Camilla, to encourage female students to become interest in STEM ( Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) to broaden their careers as an Engineer, Scientist or even an Astronaut. Camilla SDO is also involved with the science behind our Sun.


A Planet made of Gold 


Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers
It was once said,” Dreams are more real then life itself.” 

“Data received” I remember saying.  My eyes open to the warm breeze of  trade winds gently caressing my face.  “Ah yes, I know this place well, it reminds me of Kaanapali beach in Maui,” My inner thoughts begin expressing in words,”Damn, I miss Hawaii!” 

Looking over the vast tropical ocean, waves crash like mighty giants, slowly eroding the sandy shores.  My feet are nestled in the warm sand.  It’s then I notice traces of what looks like speckled gold. Am I seeing right? Is this really gold?  Scooping up a handful of sand, I inspect it closer. Stunned, the grains of sand slowly sift through my fingers.  My mind is racing!  Instinctively looking around, I quickly notice miles and miles of the sandy beach speckled with gold, sparkling in the afternoon sun.  Smiling ear to ear, I just can’t believe my luck.  It’s then I hear a voice.

“Are you there?”

It appears I’m wearing a com-set, like some kind of military ops commander. My fingers press it, I listen again.

“Are you there?”

I reply,” Yes! Yes! Hello? Who’s this?”

The distant voice seems sarcastic,” Commander, like you don’t know who this is. It’s Mission Control! Is everything alright?”

It’s then my mind picks up the pieces of my dream.  

“Roger that, everything is fine,” I said.

It becomes prefectly clear now.  I was sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to explore a place only known as ‘Delta 4’.  Looking down at my silver-lined spacesuit, it’s makes even more sense where my dream is taking me. 

My brain instantly catches up.

Earth has reached the point of no return, polluted and over populated. The new powers-to-be sent me out on a mission to explore M-Planets capable of sustaining life. Our advanced technology now allow a chosen few to reach the farthest points of our universe with ease. We no longer require the use of spaceships after all.  Noble Peace Prize winner, Dr Smith, discovered how to genetic manipulate human molecules into what he called,” The Floating Molecules”.  This controversial procedure change the human molecular composition into floating translucent molecules, finally making teleportation a reality.

I know what you’re thinking, but it was all but a dream.

In the horizon, my mind picks out three suns, each at its own distance. “Huh? ” I thought to myself,”A trio of suns. How does this planet possibly sustain life?”

Loud static rings in my ears, abruptly turning my attention to what’s been said.

“Our monitors are seeing everything you see now. You looked puzzled, anything of concern?” said Control Operator Karen.

“It’s nothing really.  I’m seeing three suns in the horizon and…and I’m just wondering the physics of it all. That’s all. It’s amazing here Karen! It’s a planet made of gold.”

With that I wake up. 

What? I’m enjoying this dream. I adjust my pillow and try to go back into my dream.

Nothing. Huh?  

Dream Evaluation 

Well, maybe this interesting dream will continue in the future. Of course I’m trying to evaluate this dream before I forget. What’s the reasoning behind it? Is there a purpose?First of all I noticed my dream is on the Hawaiian Islands of Maui. You can tell I’m missing Hawaii. It’s been seven years since my last visit, before the time of Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve been itching to go back, but for Canadians, it’s a big investment. The other day I was looking at my Facebook page, Hawaii Project, wondering why so few followers. With Instagram, people can instantly showcase their experiences throughout the world. So, maybe a social page on Facebook is already becoming a dinosaur. The whole purpose of Hawaii Project is to interact with others who have experienced Hawaii and love to showcase their photos or videos.

Whatever the reason I’m still missing Hawaii.  After all, who can resist suntanning on the beautiful beaches, surfing, boating and snorkelling in the warm ocean. Without a doubt, experiencing the pineapple plantations bring back good memories. But here I am, saving up for my next trip. Unfortunately, the majority of Canadians make the most of their vacation time, it will last longer than just a few days or week. The cost doubles when heading to any tropical oasis.  You can’t just jump on a plane for the weekend.  Maybe that’s why I spend most of my vacations in Vegas.

I believe my dream is mixing my love for science-fiction with playtime in Hawaii

by Bari Demers– screenplay writer for Black Angels.

PS – My photo is of my granddaughter on the beach in the lovely Okanagan Valley.


Did you know the story behind Champagne ?

True Story

In the 17th century under the rule of King Louis XIV (also known as the SUN KING) was not happy with his beloved wine. Constantly bursting, at what seems to be too much carbon dioxide in the wine, causing an inconsistent product.

At the same time a monk in a small region of France called “Champagne” was in charge of making wine for his monastery at Hautvillers Abbey.

He heard of King Louis XIV cries over his wine and thought this would be a good opportunity to increase the riches for the Abby, if only he could come up with a better tasting wine.

After experimenting, he noticed that mixing red and green grapes together produced a more favourable tasting product. The monk used only the top listed grapes from the oldest vines. A Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes became his exclusive choice of favourites, beginning the unique process of wine making techniques.

With patients and creativity he finally produced the right clarity of wine that he was sure King Louis XIV would be proud of.

And he was right. It wasn’t long after the King’s first taste, the new wine became his regular favourite beverage during the King’s elaborate dinners. But still the wine had not been named.

It was then King Louis XIV used his golden rays of judgement (ruler of the Sun) giving this pale yellow coloured wine a name under the region of France of where it came from,”Champagne”.

All this time King Louis XIV and the monk never met, but he did know his name, Dom Pierre Perignon. Hence the name of the top Champagne of the world is “Dom Perignon”.

What makes this story truly interesting, King Louis XIV and the monk, Dom Pierre Perignon both died in the same year and month. King Louis XIV died on September 1, 1715 while Dom Pierre Perignon died on September 14, 1715.

Today the same clarity and perfection of this wine is produced by the Chef de Cave who is responsible for each step including the knowledge of blending and aging of “Dom Perignon”.

Depending on the year of “Dom Perignon, it can range in price from $400 CA to as much as $1100 CA, with early vintages auctioning off for over $28,000 CA.

Now you know the story of Champagne 🙂

I can’t afford Champagne so my photo is a glass of wine which I enjoy with my elaborate meals. Well, maybe as not elaborate as King Louis XIV.


Year 3025 – The Hunt

Today’s story is from one of my favourite genre, Science-fiction. I hope you find this piece pleasantly tasteful.

YEAR 3025

Our population reached an unprecedented eight billion souls with another two billion throughout our solar system. Over 70 percent of the world’s population were now starving while the aristocrats live high on the hog. Cannibalism became an acceptable practice to help reduce the population. But finally, their thirst for greed lead them to underestimate the corruption within the military, who were suppose to protect them.

Political unrest finally turned into the most violent Revolution recorded in history, famously named “Alexander’s Revenge” after it’s leader, whose named implies,” Defender of Men”.

600 years The Royal Empire ruled with its iron fist only to be conquered by the desperation of its own people. The first rule of business was sparked fifty years before, after retrieval of the exhausted satellite Voyager I, found by mining scavengers. It was rumoured Voyager had information of a planet flourishing an abundance of vegetation and most importantly, a source of protein. This rumour fuel the Revolution.

It was time to put these rumours to rest. Alexander ordered a military fleet of starships to begin colonization for its people, under the command of General Markus.

Five years had past since the start of their long voyage into the depths of the unknown universe. General Markus lead his elite convoy determined to bring back good news of a sustainable planet. Satellite scouts were routinely sent ahead pinging back possible sources only leading to dead ends. It seemed like all resources were exhausted, until one promising day.

Lead Ship, “Star Voyager “, appropriately named after Voyager I, had just reached the outer realm of interstellar space . Communication Officer Ryan’s daily task was similar to the thousands before it, but this time, things were different.

General Markus was religiously at his helm waiting for just this day.

Officer Ryan bored by his tedious choir, suddenly became over excited,” General! I believe we may actually have a hit, Sir.”

General Markus,” Is it real?”

Ryan slides his fingers across the screen, double checking,” Yes Sir! It’s a real hit.”

“What’s the reading?” remarks General Markus.

Ryan looks over the data carefully,” It’s a M Class blue planet, Sir. It has a mass equal to our own. The water occupying approximately 70 percent. And…”

His fingers continuously slides through the data, ” And…”

“And?” The General raises his brow,” Wait. Hold that thought.”

General Markus is quick to act, flipping on the intercom,” This is your Commander speaking. Listen up. All teams. I’m proud to announce we have a hit! Begin operation APOLLO.”

He turns his attention to Ryan,” Go ahead Ryan.”

“Yes Sir. It has an abundance of livestock and vegetation,” Ryan grins.

“Any other transmissions we should be aware of ?” Questions General Markus.

“Yes General. It appears…excuse me Sir,” says Ryan,” but there’s a lot of communications across the planet.”

Everyone on deck eagerly waits Ryan’s input.

The livestock Sir? They call themselves… HU..MAN.. General!” Ryan’s lizard eyes flinch, smacking his lips,” theirs millions of them!”

“Human you say? Excellent Ryan!” Exclaims General Markus,”Thank the gods our people will no longer starve. King Alexander will be so pleased. Let the hunt begin!”


The moral of the story? Be careful what you send into the unknown, you never know what might come back.

Ok. You can blame my years watching The Twilight Zone when I was a kid. 🙂

Written by Bari Demers

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My graphic art piece is called “Homeworlds”


Modern Picasso

I liked to be referred as a Modern Picasso, dabbling in art, since I can remember.

Even though I don’t considered myself as a gifted artist my training heads back to Okanagan College (now OUC). During a time in the 1970’s when John Denver’s hit music was “Rocky Mountain High”, my art career was seeded by thoughts of becoming an art teacher by Mr. Wilson.

After my emotional break-up with my teenage girlfriend, Mr. Wilson helped channel my despair into creativity during my elective Grade 12 Art Course. My art teacher’s resume was impressive, with a university degree from UBC, he too fought demons of reality working as a teacher with Senior Secondary School in Vernon,B.C.

After my dramatic break-up, Mr. Wilson confided in me, sharing his vision of life’s unexpected journeys regularly knocking him off his path. He encouraged me to pursue my art career as an Art Teacher, beginning with a two year Design & Applied Arts Course and an English literature major at OUC in Kelowna,B.C.

To show how strongly he felt this was a good career choice, Mr. Wilson shared his newly appointed position working as an Arts Professor with UBC. Beside his wife, I was the only other person to know of his future endeavours. The news was like “two sides of a coin”, happy for his family but sad to see a gifted artist go. In Portuguese it’s referred to as “Tenho saudades tunas”, meaning “I miss you” but expressing a strong emotional feeling inside your heart. This is how I felt.

In life, you may find it hard press to truly find a friend with meaning where you both have the same burning desire. In our case, it was Art.

Being an artist has always been a part of who I am, from writing screenplays to applying a brush stroke on canvas. Yes, “It completes me”, but I can’t consider myself as a gifted artist because of the hundreds of thousands of artist in the world who are truly “gifted”.

It’s not easy for me. To complete an art piece, it takes hard work and commitment on my behalf, to produce “a work of art” with heart felt meaning from within the depths of my soul. If you’re an artist you know what I mean, but to the masses of our fellowmen, it may sound silly.

In the time where men were portrayed as “Mountain Men” my father thought my new endeavour was childless, and even to the point where he asked me if I was Gay. Shocked by his ignorance, I assured him I was not gay, trying my best to express to him how my blood boiled inside to be an artist. His “dark” demeanour towards my career plagued me throughout the long year at home, while my persistence of art continued. Finally the stage took an unfavourable ultimatum, either I pursue a trade as a Sheet-metal worker (like him) or be on my own.

I choose the latter. In the end you have to seek who you are no matter what the cost. But the cost was too great for a young teenager to handle.

In the summer months before my second year at OUC I worked in Lumby, B.C. (close to Vernon) as a farmers-hand, to pay for being on my own. Towards the end of that summer, hauling hay into the barn, I fell from the loft, crushing my lower lumbar vertebra sending me to the Kamloops hospital for six months.

This turning event changed my career path, simply because I could not afford to go back to school. In the end, after a year of rehabilitation, the government of B.C. helped me into a drafting course at Cariboo College. It wasn’t what I wanted but it was the realistic choice to make at the the time. I remember the social worker saying to me,”It’s still like art. Think of it as an artist with a purpose”. Her purpose was all too clear and I accepted the offer.

My life continued on its journey while my Art career took backstage, dabbling in different forms of media, from writing screenplays to painting on canvas.

My love for Abstract Art makes me think like a “Modern Picasso”.

Written by Bari Demers

Presenting working on screenplay, ” Black Angels of Sirus 5″


Artists helping Artists

Artists helping artists may be the answer to “jump-start” the long rocky road to discovery. With hundreds of thousands of artists world-wide it’s understandable many fall through the cracks, never to become recognized in their field of expertise.

I’m cursed twice, for my love in writing screenplays and painting abstract art throughout my career. In the movie industry just alone, each year countless actors, screenwriters and indie movie producers all head to Los Angeles to be discovered. In reality, only one percent are picked into the Hollywood club to become successful.

The rest of us relentlessly claw ourselves along the mountainous path, hoping that just one day someone will notice our craft.

Most recently I posted a “just for fun” selfie from the oscars, incorporating a fun loving mascot Camilla Corona
who’s main mission is to help girls become interested in NASA and STEM ( Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics). Camilla brings “the fun to NASA”, an important step sparking interest, possibly as a future engineer or even to pursue the career as an female astronaut.

Ok. So what has this to do with actors or artists?

With my most recent post on twitter @jrobbmontana, most saw the humour behind the oscar selfies, but of course one person had reservations, saying,” @jrobbmontana @CamillaSpace I’m sorry, but get real tired of looking at folks who have all kinds of money 😦 ”

Even though I understand his frustration and right to express his point of view, it was after all, looking at the humour side to make you smile. Unfortunately the reality of actors, screenwriters and indie movie producers, is the simply fact we’re all dirt poor.

Most recently is the young Somalian actor featured in “Captains Phillips” portraying the true story of a terrorist pirate savagely taking over a commercial freighter. Most would think the young actor Abdi struck gold lavishing in the riches of Hollywood, but in fact, his earnings only topped $65,000. Without question Tom Hanks will have a substantially higher wage after his longer career path leading to success.

And that’s the point, not everyone reaps the rewards within the film industry. Screenwriters like myself can produce a stack of scripts without ever seeing it on the movie screen. In fact, we don’t even see a paycheque for years, meaning zero money. Yes, famous actors will enjoy themselves in lavish riches after the hard work reaching for the top. I ask myself,” Why not?” I’m sure to do the same once my work is finally recognized on blockbusters films, hopefully like Black Angels of Sirus 5.

But until then, I’m grouped with the rest of screenwriters seeking fame and most importantly income.

In conclusion, if you’re a famous actor, director, movie producer or agent, please check out my thrilling sci-fi horror synopsis Black Angels of Sirus 5 and please do contact me.

Artists helping Artists can make a difference.