The Europa Mission – TEMPRO V

27 years after NASA’s Europa Clipper unexpectedly plunged into the South Pole of Europa’s surface (its daring attempt to exam erupting geysers) mankind was about to physically step on Jupiter ‘s moon.

YEAR: 2047

This particular mission wasn’t publicize, due to earlier tragic missions to Mars. Even though Mars is now a thriving settlement colony, its earlier attempts end in disaster. After these tragic attempts it was decided the social media platform wasn’t a good idea.

After all, newly formed countries were still recovering after the massive bloody war against ISSO (a radical savage religious organization) whose beliefs were clouded by religion.

Apposing religions came to a boiling point when Italy came under fire, almost costing the life of Pope Francis III. It was then Pope Francis III formed the United White Knights of Europe in order to protect its European interests.

After 10 long years of negotiations (lead by Pope Francis III) he convinced worldly religions to band together to eradicate ISSO. It was also decided, religions were to dissolve into a SPIRITUAL world organization. On July 10, 2037 a royal proclamation was announced, the declaration of Spirituality. It meant, religion became illegal and SPIRITUAL UNITED was one worldly collation, aimed to strengthen the “Word of God”.

This was the only way to flush ISSO from hiding behind any form of religion. Every country to every state, its citizens were physically marked with identification codes, verifying each person. Individual rights were still accepted, as long as you didn’t have anything to hide.

Europe formed strong border control, uniting countries as States of Europe.

Former countries, like United States formed strong alliances with Canada, UK and South America. In fact, Canada became a state of The Northern United Americas while Mexico was a state of The Southern United Americas. Both countries were controlled by homeland security, with physical borders tightly enforced by a new military collation, simply named, The ENFORCERS.

The Enforcers were an elite team, compromised of Canadians, Americans, the British, Columbians, Chilean and Mexicans. Every young citizen wanted to become an Enforcer, but very few could pass their gruelling tests.

It wasn’t long before ISSO was forced out into the open, pressing into a massive bloody war, lasting 5 long years costing millions of lives, but finally eradicating ISSO once and for all.

World peace was finally achieved.

Exactly five years later, mankind aggressively began exploring our solar system, disparate for much needed resources. Private companies were encouraged to seek out minerals and untainted water.

It was then, Trillionaire CEO, Mr. Wiseman of TEMPRO Industries (Terraforming Engineering & Mining Resources Operations) announced their mission to Europa; of course to the appropriate authorities. TEMPRO was very successful on Mars and looking to explore other possibilities.

Under tight security, the secret mission to Europa was only referred to as TEMPRO V. In light of any possibility of leaked information, Mr. Wiseman could quickly eliminate rumours, as it was companies policy not to release a statement due to privatization. In reality, The Northern United Americas had a deep financial interest into the findings below Europa’s icy crust.

The landing of TEMPRO V took place on August 14, 2047.

Europa contact was successful achieved as the engines whined down, lightly touching the lunar surface.

Technology had reached a brand new era, when Dr. James Walton (heir to the trillion dollar company, Walmart) finally discovered the anti-gravity force. Dr. J Walton, known to his friends only as Wally, explained anti-gravity was directly under our noses all this time, ever since atmosphere was present on earth.

In collaboration with Mr Wiseman’s company TEMPRO on previous Mars expeditions, Wally’s successful achievements in Terraforming, anti-gravity was accidentally discovered. Anti-gravity was harnessed by the atmosphere itself, changing the molecular properties of oxygen into magnetic linear threads, releasing a state of anti-gravity. And more promising, was the fact, any atmospheric condition on any planet, would produce the same results.

It wasn’t long after Wally’s discovery, did man realize they no longer needed to propel a heavy fuelled-rocket engine at a speed of 11 kilometres per second or 25,000 miles per hour.

It was indeed a new era in space exploration!

On this day, August 14th 2047, two astronauts cautiously walked onto the low gravity surface of Europa. Their spacesuits prevented them from the high level radiation of Jupiter, but the magnetosphere was so intense, the astronauts had difficulty just to move a few meters.

But what a view!

The extreme temperatures( -170 degrees Celsius), radiation and magnetosphere, it was apparent the astronauts must descent below the surface fast!

Returning to their ship, they release themselves in the comfort of their ICE POD, specially made to plunge through the thick icy crust, in order to reach the vast ocean below.

Everything had gone to plan.

Commander Cardin,”Base control, we have successfully reached Europa’s oceans. Do you read? Over? All systems are nominal. It’s beautiful down here, the ocean is teaming full of living species…wait a minute control…there seems to be something in the distance …its…its a …oh my god…its huge…oh my god control…oh my god..!”

End of Transmission

By Bari Demers

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