SciFi Geek

If you’re into Scifi you know the meaning of ScifiGeek. We’re a group of dreamers, writers, artists and movie buffs who wait patiently for the next science-fiction trilogy fantasy.

You know who I’m talking about?

At an early age you instinctively finger paint space ships, astronauts and distant homeworlds in your imaginary galaxy. You’re drawn into the latest scifi movie, comic book or reading material as any other cult.

You were born to dream scifi.

My earliest movie was the original War of The Worlds at a young age of six years old. I remember lining up with Uncle Ron for the afternoon matinee. Back then theatres were nothing more than storefronts with movie goers standing out on the sidewalk weathering the elements, be it summer or winter.

Depending how popular the scifi flick was, we could stand in the longest lineup for over an hour impatiently waiting. Finally entering the small theatre, with what seem like thousand of kids, most of us running up to the front three rows with our popcorn in hand. In those days each film came with an entertaining cartoon before the feature film, and there was no such thing as commercials. Like any kid we would fashion our popcorn boxes into flying saucers, throwing them up into the air, quickly making it a war zone amongst our rivals.

Today with over thousands of science fiction books and movies under my belt I’m constantly writing scifi stories entertaining my vivid imagination. Most recently a screenwriter for Black Angels of Sirus 5, waiting for that day when I will watch my own scifi on the big screens.



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