My writing is sometimes referred to Vincent van Gogh Art. An impressionist w/ hidden message.
Interests:  scifi, scifi art, science, filming, Okanagan, hiking, foodie, local restaurants & resorts and a Vegas Lover.

James Montana Scripts 

James Montana Scripts, Canadian freelance screenwriting operations. WE are a small group ; each screenwriter has a diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts as some have an Architectural Drafting background. James Montana Scripts sell  SPEC SCRIPTS and SHORT-STORIES to directors, production companies and agents across North America and UK.

Currently, we are working on :

Screenplays Available for Purchase : Black Angels  


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  1. Please contact me about your Spirit Bear essay. I would like to discuss permission to have it recited and used as an audio file for a self-guided (smart-phone based) tour of our public art sculptures in our small town in Missouri. We have Del Pettigrew’s Spirit Bear sculpture on loan to us through May 2018 and want to engage our viewers with the Legend that inspired the sculpture. We are developing a new and vastly improved website incorporating interactive elements for each sculpture.

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