Mount Robson Photo Credit : Bari Demers
The Canadian Rockies offers the serene beauty without being touched by mankind. It’s majestic, powerful and awe inspiring. Most Canadians take our landscape for granted.  

This Sunday is the 88 Academy Awards will feature Oscars 2016. One of the nominees for best picture will be the film, The Revenant

The Revenant was filmed in twelve locations, from Canada, the United States to Argentina. In Canada some of the most riveting scenes were in the Fortress Mountain area, which so happens to be a ski resort in Kananaskis Country, just west of Calgary, Alberta. 

The Kananaskis Country is the very edge of our massive Canadian Rocky Mountains, the raw wild wilderness which stretches a length of 1450 km ( 900 miles) and a width of 150 km (93 miles). However, the highest peak is Mount Robson in British Columbia which reaching an elevation of 3954 m (12,972 ft). 

It’s a short hop skip and jump just west of Jasper, Alberta. 

During filming of The Revenant, the director made a decision to head to Argentina, simply because the weather wasn’t cold enough during the seasonal Chinook that held fast to the Kananaskis Country. Little did they know, if they just went another 200 miles towards British Columbia, most specifically Mount Robson, their wish would have come true. 

As a screenwriter, I’m always pleased to hear when Canada is used during making of any film. It’s most awarding to see the incredible professionalism of a film crew, from the director, actors, cinematographer to screenwriters, who, under extreme conditions, make any riveting thrilling film. 

So, I would like to predict, Leonardo DiCaprio to become Best Actor along with Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu (director, producer, screenwriter) for Best Picture and Best Director. And the incredible Emmanuel Lubezki ,”Chivo” cinematographer (I predict) Academy Award for Best Cinematographer. 

The Revenant storyline is captivating, as legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who’s attacked by a savage Grizzly. Left for dead, it’s a brutally realization, Glass must survive the gruelling raw wilderness, fighting off everything from the harsh elements to fierce deadly conflicts with the natives.  
Needless to say, the story will surely keep you glued to your seat, as you wonder the outcome of Hugh Glass.  

It’s based on the true story of Fur Trader Hugh Glass who’s hunting party was out for Beaver Pelts, a much sought product of its time. Apparently he stumbled onto a griz and its cubs by accident, along the Missouri River. He was savagely mauled to near death. In fact, his fellow fur traders crew dug a shallow grave and left him for dead.  The wilderness is indeed a harsh environment and if left out alone to survive on your own wits and skills, is without a doubt, the most challenging thing one can possibly do in your lifetime. 

I know. 

Because I too was forced to face the harsh elements during a hunting trip in the rugged wilderness of the Chilcotin region by Williams Lake, British Columbia. Finding myself lost for over eleven hours, after parting ways with my hunting crew, expecting to meet on the other side of the mountain.  

I was lost.


Young Red Cedar Forest Photo Credit : Bari Demer
What scared me the most, was the realization we were tracking a Grizzly in this same area, the day before. Tall tell signs of this incredible Grizzly were clearly visible, with his long deep claw marks buried deep into a towering cedar tree.  

A confrontation was enviable.

It was a good 30 years ago, when this young hunter went missing up north, deep in the Chilcotin wilderness (a true story of my wits) driving me to survive in the harshest of conditions, fearing for my life, as the Grizzly hunted me down. Without giving away what happened, I can only say a hunter turned into the hunted. And by no means was I hunting Grizzly. Our hunting parties mission was geared to filling our freezer cache of moose or deer. But no one, at the time, thought it was possible for anyone to become lost. Specially when most of the crew were experienced seasonal hunters, but they did make one basic common mistake, known by all hunters. 

You never hunt alone or do you leave your partner.

The survival of this ordeal made me write my own screenplay, MISSING UP NORTH based on a true story during the early November winter months in the late 70’s. 


Grizzly Photo by Tianndra Demers

MISSING UP NORTH – Young hunter goes missing deep within British Columbia’s rugged wilderness, only to be hunted by a savage rogue Grizzly.
You can see a synopsis of my screenplays here : 
By Bari Demers 

PS Good luck to the nonimees 2016 Oscars 

The Alien Virus Theory 


Queen Siri XII – Photo Credit : Bari Demers

If an intelligent alien race came to earth with hostile intent, it would be a whisper in the night. There wouldn’t be this massive war as we see in the movies; it would be more like the shadow of death, a new strain of virus, a million times deadlier than the black plague itself, without any possible cure of an antidote. 

In essence, the alien virus would soon earn its name, through its physical traits it would carry.  Our pathologists may have time to name it ‘Oceanic Fever’ after the source is traced from the very ocean we rely on. But as far as humans would be concerned, our legendary throne on earth would be eliminated altogether. The threat of mankind would be forever distinguished, conquered by the unseen landlords, ruling our planet full of its valuable resources.  


Photo Credit : Adam Pass

[“The morning sun hides behind the evening stars – Satan’s shadow rises through the desert storm.” Quote by Bari Demers ]

The most valuable of them all being our planet Earth.

Any intelligent species having the capabilities of traveling millions of light years throughout our universe, would only be looking for the biggest prize of them all, a sustainable living M Planet ready for colonization. They would land, cleanup and colonize using our home planet, as they see fit.

They may even rename our planet after their glorious King of the Royal Empire.

As for us, we would be nothing more than a past memory ; a whisper in the wind. Possibly, after countless years of colonization, we may be referred to as those aggressive prehistoric Homo Sapiens; an amusement for their scientists, a palaeontologist of sorts, who study prehistoric life and fossils.

Our fate will be nothing more then a notch in the evolutionary timeline of life. As a living species of our time, we would only hope to be remembered. But to our new landlords, we may be only as interesting, as the ant colonies we see today under our feet.

So, it’s vital not to take ourselves so seriously, as the dominate warriors we portray, arrogant to believe we are the only intelligent species alive. Little do we know, we may have been watched for centuries, unaware as they feverishly plan our own fate. 

Maybe the biblically scripture, “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…” has more truth then we had ever known, except the part, I fear no evil. 

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter 

Read more of my science-fiction stories, such as Servant Centurion 797 – Dilornian Reports 2015, Alien Abduction Report – Phase II or Robotics of Mars.  
A collection of stories by Bari Demers. 

Android Alisha

Who is Alisha ?
Before answering that question, there are three timelines to consider. First timeline is BLACK ANGELS ‘The Origin of Mankind’, followed by ( the second timeline) ‘Discovery of the Lost Civilization’ when Casey, an alien made Andriod was found ( a Class 10-6000 series of the Robotics Empire Guards under our Lord King Osiris).  The third timeline introduces Dr. Zen Callaway, roboticist employed by TEMPRO, family-base colony on Mars. It’s officially recorded, Dr. Callaway made the latest Andriod, Alisha, but there’s been rumors the doctor didn’t build this Andriod at all, but only reprogrammed Alisha. The question is, who’s the original maker of Alisha ? The answer will lead you back to BLACK ANGELS – The Origin of Mankind.
Read my interview of Android Alisha :

Dreams and Reality

Photo Credit : Virma Johannson

Who is Alisha?

Representing COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL , It was a privilege to sit down with the very complex android, known as ALISHA.

After going through political red tape, I was finally granted a personal, one on one interview with Alisha.

COSMIC: Good afternoon Alisha, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

ALISHA: The pleasure is all mine. How may I direct your questions?

COSMIC: If you were to explain in one sentence who and what you are, what would you say?

ALISHA: ALISHA is a fully automated on-board spacecraft computer with seven identical IVS (Internal Visual Systems) 728-bit Data Processing Systems (DPS) with functional detached Android capabilities.

COSMIC: Detached Android capabilities. What do you mean?

ALISHA: Simply, I am a fully functional android, able to move around at will. Perform systems control over ships when, either in sync or embedded into the hull…

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The Wolf at your Door -Fate of Homeless


Photo Credit : Adam Pass / Quote by Bari Demers
The fate of homeless in North America is becoming a social failure reaching staggering proportions. Humanity as a whole has become this cold hearted calculated machine reserving it’s interest only in the fit and richest warlords. Unknown to the ignorant, spoiled and proud, the wolf is patiently awaiting at their door. Lurking in the background of society, homeless could become you at anytime, at any place, unsuspecting victims of our lagging economy.

In fact, it’s ready to pounce mercilessly! 

The greedy capitalist of today figure if they work hard to acquire their goal, homeless is out of the question. In fact, they proudly boast homeless are an annoying eyesore and shouldn’t be in their presence. One tech entrepreneur from San Francisco has even gone as far as to state,” The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.”  
In the mix of society comes the upbringing of a new breed of individuals, known as ‘Affluenza‘ ; a singularity of the ‘me me me’ syndrome lavished with riches by their influential parents. But little do they know what the future may bring. Today, they are the successful entrepreneurs feeding their bank accounts with endless amount of cash. Homeless is out of the question, right?


With jobs evaporating at an alarming rate, businesses crashing, claiming bankruptcy on a daily basis, the wolf patiently waits to pounce on its unsuspected prey. One day you’re on top of the world, the next day you find yourself deep in debt, struggling to make ends meat.  

You question yourself, what could possibly have gone wrong? 

As a whole, society stereotypes homeless into specific categories, feeding their heads with sound information, so they may sleep at night. The typical voice of opinions are : 

  • Homeless caused their own fate, it’s their fault! 
  • The homeless are druggies and alcoholics. They should be placed in rehab! 
  • Homeless are the mental ill. Aren’t there institutions we can hide them in? 
  • Your homeless because you over-spent. Don’t you have any financial sense?

It true. 

Typically, homeless are these things, but unknown to the ignorance of society, homeless can be caused by just plain, unfortunate luck! It could be as easy as the greedy corporate banks, scamming unsuspected customers into believing they can afford high mortgages. Or the stock market crashing, causing havoc onto small businesses, forcing them to close.  

One day your life is a success, the next day, you’re bankrupt and homeless! 

Who would of thought, a women of 82 years old, who worked hard all her life, would end up in a homeless shelter? How could this possibly be? She must not have looked after her nest egg very well, did she? Maybe her only recourse was living from paycheque to paycheque. Is that her fault? Is it her fault the cost of living has quadrupled in her lifetime? Is it her fault she didn’t prepare for her retirement? Is it her fault, she didn’t look after her health? Is it her fault she has cancer? 

Absolutely not!

No. Homeless has no pride, limits or labels. In less then ten years, our society will be bombarded by senior citizens. An alarming surge of homeless in the waiting. Only 15 percent will be able to hold their own, while the rest are at the mercy of humanity. Will we become these cold hearted capitalist, demanding our governments to deal with these riff raff beggars ? I mean, after all, I pay taxes. Why should I be subject to this eyesore ? Should we hide them away in institutions, throwing the key away? Maybe we should just eliminate their pain all together, justifying lethal euthanasia.

Is this the answer? 

Political correctness will justify government actions on the homeless, while stuffing their greedy pockets with riches on the backs of the poor. 

Can’t they just eat cake? 

As the successful tech writes to the city of San Francisco suggesting a possible revolution of the well-off, the poor are dangerously increasing in numbers. The new refugees entering Canada and United States receive immediate citizenship and are already complaining about being abandoned in their new country, demanding more money and social assistance, while our seniors end up in homeless shelters, cancer struck with no means of supporting themselves. 

But wait!  Can’t they work at Walmart? 

When you reach 70 – 80 years old, let’s see how well you work with a crippling body. It’s time to think outside of the box and stop stereotyping the homeless. Maybe, just maybe one day, you too will find yourself homeless, confused and distraught, wondering how in the hell did I get here. 

Just remember, the wolf is patiently waiting at your door, ready to pounce on you! Isn’t it time to work together and solve the problem before it’s too late, for us all? 
“Ah,Damn you! God Damn you all to hell!”*

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter 

*Quote by Planet of the Apes, 1968, “I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it. [falls to his knees screaming] YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! AH, DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!”

ADDITIONALLY STATEMENT: In accordance, by popular demand, it’s common to hear on social media say,” If you’re so damn concerned with the homeless, why don’t you do something about it? When’s the last time you helped out the homeless?” 

It’s true.   I’ve never had enough money or resources to help the poor myself, simply because I’m holding my own for my immediate family, who are struggling in our missable economy. Families throughout the world are struggling, trying their best to look after their own children. Their full time and resources are committed to strictly to them. Bari Demers

Don Rickles and Vegas

Good Day Everyone! 

Photo Credit : Vintage Las Vegas
Today’s Throwback Thursday with the Sahara, Las Vegas, September 1967, via Vintage Las Vegas.

Notice Don Rickles on the billboard !  Did you know Don Rickles debuted in the Sahara Lounge ?

For those who aren’t familiar with Don Rickles, he’s a long time stand-up comedian and actor in movies, such as the hilarious Kelly’s Heroes, co-staring Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland and Carol O’Connor.  

Kelly’s Heroes – It’s one movie you must see! Place it on your bucketlist. 

Don has beaten us all when it comes to being a Vegas Lover. He loves Vegas

He’s been going to Vegas for 56 consecutive years. And at 89 years old, there’s no reason for him to retire because his love for stand-up comedy.  He was first noticed by Frank Sinatra while in Miami, way back in 1957. Actually it was Don Rickles who pointed out Frank during his routine comedy show at the nightclub, saying,” Make yourself at home, Frank. Hit somebody.”  

If there’s one thing about Don Rickles comedy, he takes no prisoners when pointing out his audiences. Doesn’t matter where you are in the crowd, he’s sure to place you under fire during his comedy routine, if he feels fit. Doesn’t matter race, colour, or if your a Martian, he’ll point you out, totally embarrassing you.  

But, what’s fun, his viewers can’t wait to be picked!  


Bellagio, Las Vegas Photo Credit : Bari Demers
From Canadians, Japanese, Germans to Martians, if you’re on his radar, watch out! LOL. Of course, all in fun making everyone laugh and laugh some more.  Even Frank Sinatra couldn’t get away from poking fun at him. But, this is the thing about it, Frank loved his performances and encouraged everyone to go see Don Rickles.  

Since then Don has been in the mix of great performers, such as Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Bob Newhart, Sammy Davis Jr. , George Burns, Jack Benny and the list goes on. Don was even the Roastmaster of the famous Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, which became very popular.  

In 1974, the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast was stationed, where else? But at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Ziegfeld Room in Las Vegas.  What better place for Roastmaster Don Rickles to be.

Home away from home – Las Vegas!   

He still make appearances at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas.  And for his 90th birthday, you can celebrate with him on March 23, 2016, at the Ruth Eckerd Hall,Clearwater, FL.hosted by Regis Philbin. Without a doubt, Don Rickles is a fun loving comedian and a great actor, who’s been going to Vegas since 1959. Now that’s truly vintage Las Vegas, wouldn’t you say?  Soon to be 90 years old and still going strong! 

Have you had a chance to go see Don Rickles, while in Vegas? If not, I would make a point to go see him.  Check out more about Don Rickles!

As always – See YOU in Vegas !  Please join me on FacebookLoving Vegas. 

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter 

Valentine’s Day – Will your love be blind? 


My Grandchildren – The Twins
Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away now. So I thought it would be a good time to reflect what love was and is and, has it ever effected your life’s decisions?  

You know the old saying, love is blind. 

Maybe they’re right.

Let me tell you a little story that forever changed my life.


When I graduated from VSS (Vernon Senior Secondary High School) way back in 1975, my goal at the time, was to be an art teacher and possibly write science-fiction novels. 

Surprisingly, throughout my high school years and even earlier then that, my original career choice steered towards architectural design. My uncle was a successful architect and loving his lifestyle, I was hooked.

Or so I thought.

Entering the eleventh grade, it was all planned in a logical systematic format. Get the grades and keep studying architecture design, including historical accounts of famous architects, such as Frank Loyd Wright. Make sure my drafting and design classes were the standard “A” performances and keep continuing down the path of a great career choice. Nothing would sway me, right? 


My life took another turn, when I became starstruck by a beautiful teenaged girl. Little did I realize at the time, the phrase, ‘love is blind’ would truly lead me into a path of self destruction. I met Christine (not her really name) during Math class, the first semester of Grade 11. She could see I was indeed having trouble understanding the fundamentals of Trigonometry, as I laboured over the frustrating new terms of algebra, during our study class, in the library. She quickly sat down in front of me; clearly a extroverted personality! 
Looking up, I was immediately spell-bounded by her striking beauty, thinking she must of accidentally thought of me as someone else. 

She smiled and said,”Whatcha doing?” 

Confused by her actions, I said,” Working on this lovely trig problem,” pausing for a split second, my next words were more accurate,” um…you sure you have the right person?”

Christine nodded, still grinning. She waved back her long hazelnut brown hair and leaned in closer, making me even more nervous then before. Face to face, she whispered,” You know you’re doing the equations all wrong.” 

With my blank stare, she continued,” But don’t worry, I can help.” 

Flabbergasted, I said,”You want to help me…why ?!” 

She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and said,” I don’t know…maybe because your cute.” 

My mouth must of dropped a mile, as blood instantly rushed to my head, blushing like the waves of hell.* Then, just like that, she kissed me on the lips. I was pleasantly shocked; speechless, to say the least. If I remember correctly, my mouth was about to say something, when she placed her fingers on my lips and said,” Listen, I’m really good at math…by the way, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Fumbling for words I just nodded, totally agreeing with her, thinking this was the best day of my life. It’s like hitting the jackpot, when everything seems to line up perfectly. With that, she closed my books and said,” Com’n! Let’s do this later…lets take a break.” Christine grabbed my hand, and I was easily led away, thinking all of this time, surely this must be, but a dream. 

Better term may have been, hook, line and sinker.

By the end of Grade 11 we were going steady and already planning our life together. I know, too fast. But at the time, it made perfect sense. Love has no pride, limits or labels. Your emotions are far from logic, as if a wizard cleverly placed you in a spell. Our plans were to go to UBC (University of British Columbia), get my degree in architectural design, hers as a Chartered Accountant and live happily ever after.

So I thought.

Summer holidays came sooner then anticipated, maybe because my days were filled with love. School was actually bearable. But now summer was in full swing. Oh, the wonderful summers in the Okanagan, if only you knew. The Okanagan Valley would best be described as a glorious heavenly oasis with blossoming fruit trees, warm lakes filled with an assortment of water sports and vineyards featuring award-winning Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots. A population growth three times its size from the winter months, attracting tourists across the world, including the want-to-be’s celebrity beauties sunbathing in skimpy bikinis along its countless shores of sandy beaches, as if they were sprinkled with flakes of gold.

To me, it’s heaven on earth.

One summer day, I went to Christine’s home unannounced. Her mom gave me a warm welcome and told me she was on the phone. I peeked into the kitchen to see her quickly hang up the phone, as if caught her in a trap. Giving her a hug and kiss, I asked who was on the phone, she replied,” Oh…it’s nothing important. How was your day?” 

To this day, I should have known the tall-tale signs of a red flag, but instead I said,” Fine. Work was crazy, but other then that, ok.”  

It was then Christine said,” Listen, I have some terrible news.”  

My heart sank when I heard those words. She escorted me into the living room and we both sat on the couch. I was expecting the worse, even though at the time, my mind was totally blank. She began to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks. Immediately, like a knight in shining armor, I came to her rescue and said,” Don’t worry, whatever it is, we can work it out. As a matter of fact, I’m certain of it!”  

It was the first time I saw her cry and it just broke my heart. 

As any man can contest, we men are pretty much lost of what to do, when a woman starts to cry. The only thing I could think of, was to reach over for a tissue, handing it to her. Her tearful puppy eyes got the best of me. She wiped her tears and said,” My parents just bought a new business in Summerland, and we must move by the end of the month.” 

I thought, ok. So? 

I tried to console her by saying,” Seriously, it’s really not that far from Vernon to Summerland. It must be 100 kilometres, tops! I’m sure to visit you as often as I can.” But underneath I knew the statics, the horror stories of how short, long-distant relationships really do turn out in the end.

Let’s just say, most don’t turn out well. But that didn’t deter my efforts in making it work.  

The day finally came, Christine and her family moved to Summerland. Asking my parents if I could borrow the company truck, pleading to them, it may be the last time I see her. Of course, stretching the truth, somewhat, my parents finally agreed. We took the long ride along the winding road of highway 97, in the comfort of my parents vehicle.   Christine snuggled up close, erasing any doubts I had previously about long distance relationships.  
An hour and a half later, we arrived in the small pleasant town of Summerland, B.C. Driving up to the driveway of their new home seemed more like the death sentence, then the welcome wagon. Turning off the engine, Christine snuggled even closer then before, and began balling like a baby. 

My heart just sank. 

After an hour inside the cab I encouraged her to go for a walk and see this little town. She agreed. Holding hands and embracing the moment we walked to a fruit stand at the end of the highway. Peaches were in season, so I bought us a couple. Heading back to her new home we talked about how much fun UBC and our lives will be together. It was then she mentioned we should begin saving our monies together. I agreed. Christine asked me how much I had saved this past year. Well, I thought about it for a second, and said $800. She said,” Prefect! I’m going to get a job here too, most probably at the pizza parlour here. I’ve heard their looking for someone to make pizzas.” 

I nodded.

She then continued,” Hey, how about you placing your $800 into my account and I’ll make sure to look after it. The more monies, the better payout in interest.” 

Look at her, I thought. 

Amused by her calculations, like a future Chartered Accountant, with those horn rimmed glasses, made my fantasies come true. Trusting her with all my heart, I said,”Sure. Why not? We could double our savings, working together, towards our future goal.” It made prefect sense to me at the time. After all, I loved her. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

The following months went as planned. I religiously made trips back and forth while racking up long distant charges to more than $50 per month. My parents didn’t mind, as long as I paid them back. My last year of high school came to be a chore, with my mind constantly on Christine. Not being able to share our experiences together took a toll on my studies. Every weekend I was in Summerland, still planning our future together, until everything came crashing down on one cloudy day in May. 

I know the day and month very well, because it was close to my birthday. Exactly one week away until May 30 1975.

What better way to celebrate my birthday, then having my girlfriend sleep over the weekend at our home in Vernon. Of course I had to do a lot of convincing to ensure my parents we wouldn’t be sleeping together and she could stay in one of our rooms overlooking the terrace. Actually I remember pleading and begging, until finally they agreed. Ecstatic, I quickly phoned my lovely Christine to make arrangements. 
I said,” Hey Christine! Guess what ? My parents agreed. You can stay over!” My excitement was quickly clouded with a strange response. 

She said,”Oh yeah.”  

Waiting for her excitement, I heard nothing but complete silence. Confused, I was about to question it, when in the background, I could hear the dreadful sound of someone snickering. It was the unmistakable sound of another man.  

I was shocked! 

Quickly demanding who was there, Christine just responded by saying,” You know what ? We had a good run, but it’s time to call it quits.” 

Boom! Just like that, my heart was crushed.

Those words felt like poison to me. This certainly couldn’t be the same girl I’ve known the past year?! Could it ? 

Complete silence.  

Didn’t know exactly what to say that moment, but one thing was for sure, I was deeply hurt. At first, like a madman, I pleaded for her to reconsider, until hearing the continuous laughter in the background. Outrageously furious, my anger got the best of me. Demanding, who the hell was that so called &@$$@% and why would you do this to me. It was an awful experience, and most probably is, as old as mankind itself. 

Breaking up is so hard to do. 

But then after a couple of days of sulking, it finally donned on me, my monies were locked away in her own private account. Getting parental advice, it wasn’t long before they got a hold of Christine’s parents and they learned the truth. Apparently, she did this to her last boyfriend and the boyfriend before that. After much negotiations, I went to Summerland to pick up the monies at her dad’s hardware business. One last attempt to get my love back, I asked her dad what went wrong, and it was then he said those words I remember to this very day,”Son, it was too fast. Christine isn’t ready to settle down. My goodness, she’s only 18 years old. What were you thinking?” 

I shrugged and said with tears running down my face, ” I don’t know…maybe I thought I was in love?”

Christine’s dad shook his head, “Listen… I know it’s hard to understand right now, but in time, you’ll understand.”

I nodded and left, my head held low, saddened by the past events.


It will be the experience to remember the rest of my life. To this very day, I can’t trust a single soul without me going through all the facts, as if I’m some kind of lawyer.  

And as far as Christine goes? 

I did meet her again. Ten years ago, as a matter of fact. Still as sweet as ever, but her life was still in turmoil, not really changing over the years. Interesting though, her career as a Charter Accountant, did become a reality.

As for me, breaking up destroyed my plans to become an architect.  
I just didn’t have the will power anymore. So after two years of Design and Applied Arts, at Okanagan College, I made a drastic career change. In haste, I decided to apply my studies towards an art teacher instead of that famous architect, I had envisioned so many times before.

Thinking that was that, but it wasn’t, was it ?

After the next semester, I switched back to pursuing a career as a drafting technologist, through Cariboo College (now renamed, Thompson Rivers University) in Kamloops, B.C., graduating with flying colours.  

My English and writing classes were still of value; writing has always been my way to express my feelings and tell stories, be it fiction or non-fiction. Publishing my dreams and reality is a way to secure my immortality, cheating time and space along the cosmic voyage of infinity. 

But one thing for certain, love is truly blind.  

What did I learn along the way? Trust is the most valuable asset and should never be taken lightly. Once trust is lost, it’s lost forever. And so, by chance, if you do find the right person, and they turn out to be your soul mate, hang on and never let go, because you’ll never be blessed like that ever again. And for god sakes, hang on to each other’s trust as if it was your very last breathe. 

So, after reading my story, I’ll ask the question again,”Has love ever changed your life?”

I hope on this Valentine’s Day you will find your true love and live happily ever after.

By Bari Demers screenwriter

*”Blush’d like the waves of hell” —Lord Byron


Bellagio, Las Vegas Photo Credit: Bari Demers

Equality and Trust – Who say You? 


BLACK ANGELS by Bari Demers
Equality and Trust can shape the person you are as a human being. If one can’t trust a friend, family or colleague, your relationship breaks apart into pieces. Essentially both parties become paranoid of each other.

Trust and true friendship go hand-in-hand. 

Equality on the other hand is another entity all together, but it tells the person who you really are underneath. If you can’t or won’t respect the opposite gender, it tells me a deeper, sinister trait lurks beneath your personality. It shows me, you rather use control instead of coming to a mutual agreement. 

I strongly believe men and women are and should be treated as equals.  

When just a young boy around 7-8 years old, I placed women on this imaginary pedestal, bowing to them as the “beautiful goddess” of the world. You must understand, I never really had a mom figure until reaching 10, when my stepmom came into the picture. Of course I was close to my sister, but only thought of her as a sibling. Not the same as the women I saw around me. My sister was, well, just my annoying sister, at the time. 

Strange how your mind thinks when so young.

To me, men were these ugly hairy beasts whom I just couldn’t understand what women saw in them. “Wow! Good thing women liked men, or we would be totally lost,” I thought!
Older I became, soon realized women have pretty much the same problems as men, if you remove the gender factor. There are the bad, the good, the evil, the rich, the poor, the ignorant, the smart, the happy, the sad, the druggies, the arrogant and a whole bunch of other traits. 

Women are as human as men – go figure! 

Then, in my later years in college I ran into feminist and activists. I couldn’t understand what their issues were, only that, I agree men and women should be treated as equal. But feminist seem to go that extra step, placing all men in the same barrel and basically calling them egotistical pigs. And activists are willing to burn down your house, just to make a point. And, it never mattered what you said, you were always wrong, simply because you were part of the male species. They already had this chip on their shoulder.

To me, it’s the wrong approach. So, here’s what I believe. 

In my eyes, all women are beautiful and should be equally treated as men, from equal pay to having the same chances. My pet peeve is when one tries to use POWER over another by degrading them in one way or another.  My relationship with men hasn’t always been the best because of my power tripping biological father, who used the worse possible things to control me, as a young “whippersnapper”.  And this leads me to trust. 

Trust is an important special bond.

When young, you naturally trust your parents, believing in everything they say, either from brainwash tactics or from pure honest love. It’s their choice. Your parents have the responsibility to nurture you, shaping you into the person you are today, becoming the good or evil of society.

Parents have an a crucial role.   

Breaking that trust, I believe is the worse possible thing anyone can do to another person. And if your parents break that trust, using you for personal gain, it’s the most vial disturbing thing they can possibly do to you. If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust ? When you grow into an adult, you to must make the right choices. 

There’s that fine edge of the sword. 

You have the freedom to go one way or another, but whatever you do, never go to the “Dark Side“, using power, greed or personal gain onto others, just because they lowered their shield to let you in. They have given you the most precious intimate side of themselves, expecting you to hold onto it for dear life. It’s their skeleton-in-the-closet, sort of speak. Don’t ever break that trust, because it won’t take long before others see who you really are underneath. They will instinctively know to never trust you with anything, from responsibility at your job to becoming a true friend. 

Equality and trust are two completely different animals but each shape the person you are. So, the next time you are about to ‘blab’ on Facebook, think about the person you want to become. Will you become the person others look up to, or the most mistrusted person in society, with evil lurking underneath?   

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer producing stories.