Our Freedom – What it really means

The Constitution of the United States
My photo above is from New York – New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – a good representation of the Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas

Freedom – How important is our freedom? What does our freedom really mean to us today? 

To really understand how important our freedom is, we must understand the sacrifices our founding fathers went through. 


Historically in North America, Canada and United States have both fought wars, for the right to preserve our freedom of rights and the Constitution. Americans used physical force in the War of 1812 ( the American Revolution ) against the British, as Canada used their political advantage by a process of uniting the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into one Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.

The Constitution of Canada started as an agreement during the 1863 Treaty of Paris.

In this treaty, it stated France will freely give up the New France to Great Britain 🇬🇧. Even though the Dominion of Canada was the beginning to a new formed government of Canada, it really didn’t break the British monarchy until the Constitution Act of 1982, where Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made an agreement with Queen Elizabeth II, who signed the Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982, in Ottawa on 17 April 1982. 

It was then the Charter of Rights and Freedoms legally came into effect. Before 1982 we were still under the grips of British laws.

Throughout history, United States and Canada have fought together, desperately to keep us free from radical ideology and dictatorship. 


United States of America and Canada are held closely together by the people of its nation, with strong values respecting freedom of our rights and a way of life. We both hold fast to our beliefs of freedom and what it stands for.  

That symbol isn’t more apparent then the Statue of Liberty in Liberty Island New York, NY. 

As quoted on the United States National Park Service website,”The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924.” 

In Canada 🇨🇦 we too have a Monument of Freedom.

It not only is a display of freedom, but it also has a significant meaning to the sacrifice made by all Canadians who have died for our country.  

It’s called the National War Memorial, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  

The symbol of Peace and Freedom is displayed on the top of the arch, featuring a Roman mythology to Demeter, along with a winged figure portrait, symbolizing the Greek goddesses Nike. In the middle of arch depicts the bronze sculpture of the Canadian men and women who have sacrificed their lives since WWI. On Remembrance Day, Canadians pay tribute in remembrance to our fallen military soldiers, who have protected us from harm, to ensure our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Today’s freedom is shared across the world, with a formed United Nations laying out the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, covering the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

AND – 

In Canada and United States, we are truly blessed to be able to work together in a peaceful goal towards a strong friendly relationship, striving forward to the betterment of mankind.  

Each hold us together towards our shared goal, the Liberty of Freedom. 

And this I hold true to my heart, as Liberty symbolizes the philosophy of free will, meaning everyone deserves the freedom of speech, the freedom of choice, the freedom to enjoy life, no matter your status, colour or race. 

I’m thankful for my freedom so little seen in this world today.  

Because of my freedom I’ve received a good education, a place to call home and a safe environment to raise my family. 

I’m grateful my country protects us from harm. 

The freedom of choice WOW! I never take this freedom lightly and I hope you never do either. 

I hope you will take the time to remember the sacrifices of the men and women on November 11, who have paid dearly to enable us to enjoy our freedom.

We all have a choice and voice to ensure the freedom we so enjoy.

Never ever take your freedom lightly. Always stand up for who or what you believe in, even if it means to rally a peaceful protest. Your ancestors expect it! They didn’t die for nothing, they died protecting our freedom. For God sakes ! Never let anyone or government ever take that right away from you. 

I’m not American, I am a proud Canadian, but I dearly hold close to my heart these words…WE THE PEOPLE… 

These three words expresses the power of the union of the people and what the people of the nation can do together! 

The Constitution of the United States goes like this : 

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Read more…

Very powerful statement. 

I also hold true to “In Flanders Fields” a poem written by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, during WWI. 

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place: and in the sky

The larks still bravely singing fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the dead: Short days ago,

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved: and now we lie

In Flanders fields!
Take up our quarrel with the foe

To you, from failing hands, we throw

The torch: be yours to hold it high

If ye break faith with us who die,

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields

Our Freedom at a price.  Too much blood has been spilled to ignore the sacrifices.  Please respect and hold your freedom close to your heart. Without that freedom, we have nothing to stand for, as a country, a nation, or as a civilization.  

We Stand on Guard for Thee…

Never hide in fear and always fight for your freedom.  We aren’t robots, We are human beings.

By Bari Demers  – screenwriter and freelance writer

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Typical Day in our Future

Water on Mars by Bari Demers
OMG!  Today’s average temperature will increase to a palmy 20 degrees C ( 70 degrees F ).   The morning sun barely reaches the surface;  this is hardly anyway to soak up the warmth, for these old bones of mine!

My goodness, but last night certainly brought chills to my spine, reaching an all time low of minus 100 degrees C ( that’s minus 212 degrees F!) At least the surface was clear of those annoying dust devils, that have a habit of getting into everything! Dust storms are a regular occurrence here, but lucky for us these new suits protect well from the elements.

Thanks NASA!  

Horray for our maintenance team too ! They work feverishly to conserve our equipment, shelter and water. Their motto, “Prevention is always the Best Policy “.   Keeping up with good service requires less repair as a end result. But there are a few times throughout the years, our mechanical crew must completely replace components. 

It’s enviable.

Our dilemma right now, is how fast computers seem to fail on a regular basis. It’s got to the point we have a six year supply of backup electronic components, specifically sealed in their 3D bubble wrap containers. I mean, our whole system runs on some kind of mainstream computer component of some sort.  Even our High Range Rovers take a beating.   As of today, we have 20 Ranger Rovers (we like to call them our little Devil Dusters) out of commission, with some still stranded in the vast region of Valles Marineris

They certainly missed that one during their brainstorming – didn’t they ! 

No sarcasm here. Carrying on…

Did you know this Grand Canyon ( Valles Marineris) extends over 3000 km with 600 km across ?   It makes earth’s Grand Canyon not so grand…does it now!   It’s only a mere 800 km long and 30 km wide.  Talking about grand, who would thought the mechanic personnel were worth their  weight in gold.   Seriously, we sometimes think they’re more important then doctors up here.

Anyway – 

As I write my daily LOG, it should be noted we have a very special guest today. It’s been months in anticipation, gearing up for the VIP ceremony. Our official team of scientists are eager to greet the arrival of our founder Elon Musk.   I hear he doesn’t look his age, hitting the prime old age of 150 years.  Guessing from his latest holograms, you would think he was in his 30’s. It turns out, pumping 20 billion into his latest research enterprise, referred to as “Android Skeletons”, was indeed a prosperous venture.  

When I first heard of it, it was just rumours. 

Until a couple of years ago, we finally saw the latest satellite feed, Elon Musk officially introducing the futuristic model of “The SpaceX Android Skeleton” featuring Elon Musk himself, as the first ever participant. It all happened during an SpaceX media event in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, United States on March 10 2062. Elon had appeared to have distance himself from the public for the past five years. Of course, media quickly referred him as the new Howard Hughes. Rumours had it, his health was failing. But, just like that, he appears as a younger model of himself inside his very own mainstream Android Skeleton.  

Skeptics said it could never be done! 

Did he ever prove them wrong. Here he stood, grabbing media by storm in his new Android Skeleton.  It’s been boasted, the SpaceX Android Skeleton will improve the quality of life while adding a smooth skin feature, women would die for.  But that’s not the kicker!   It’s said to extend life by 200 years – WOW! 

Did he ever fool the world! 

If there’s one thing people should realized about Elon Musk, his endeavours were never out of reach. His visions proved without-a -doubt SpaceX meant business, not to mention his automatic Hoover craft called, “Tesla V ” taking the world by storm. His original Tesla vehicle started off as a hands-free affordable car in the early years of 2003. In the beginning, Tesla Motors had some hiccups, but soon became the vehicle of choice. As matter of fact, competing automobile manufacturers were trying to catch up. Soon, he introduced the first ever functioning Tesla V, able to hoover 400 metres (1345 ft) above ground and arrive in remote regions on Earth within a few hours. 


Today’s visit is not only about the visit of our founder, but it’s also to finally turn on the new prototypes, SPACEX TRANSFORMERS. Apparently back in 2020, there was an attempt to send an Mars instrument called Moxie turning the planet’s carbon dioxide into oxygen. The idea kind of worked, but was extremely slow. Of course Elon Musk had a better idea. He decided to transform all of Mars into a breathable planet within three years. It was comically named the Musk Destroyers, as there were over 30 weather satellites orbiting Mars. These high-tech machines are said to be able to change Mars atmosphere in three stages. 

  • STAGE ONE : Increase Magnetosphere 
  • STAGE TWO : Begin Producing Atmosphere 
  • STAGE THREE : Raising the Temperature 

Each stage of transforming would finally make Mars into a hospitable environment for the human race, abling the green light to begin colonization.  

Frankly, it can’t come fast enough! 

My whole life has been geared for this very moment. Ever since my great grandfather, Bari Demers put this idea of space travel and colonizating other planets into my head.  He use to read me bedtime stories from his countless collection of science-fiction.   Sometimes I like to blame my great grandfather for placing me in this dust bowl.  But then again, it was his vision that steered the human race to get out and explore our space soon, before it was too late.   

His blog “Bennu Asteroid – Will it impact Earth?” was a wake up call ! 

Fortunately for all mankind, Bennu Asteroid is said to come within 8000 metres of Earth’s atmosphere on July 10, 2173, according to scientists able to pinpoint the asteroids path with our newer technology. As today is July 4th 2062 , we have over one hundred years to see if scientists are right after all. 

We shall see. 

Today’s event will indeed go down in record transcripts, as the most remarkable day in history, deeming itself as the day Elon Musk help transform Mars into a breathable planet, once more. It’s as rememberable as the time when Neil Armstrong was the first human to land on the moon, with those famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Not to mention female Astronaut, Alyssa Carson was the first person to set foot on Mars in Aug 5, 2033 through the help of the U.S. space agency, NASA and SpaceX . Apparently at age 13, Alyssa Carson had dreams of one day reaching Mars. As the space craft safety landed on Mars, she said, “Eagle Two has landed!” Stepping onto the surface of Mars, her famous words were ( mimicking Neil Armstrong legacy), ” That’s one small step forward for women and one giant leap for mankind.” 

Mankind had finally arrived on Mars

Six years earlier, Elon Musk and NASA had laid down the foundation by sending supplies, food, and comfortable habitats on Mars. Hell! They even sent machines to make water. Oh those were the days, weren’t they ? Who can remember the “Great Space Race” back then ? 

I’m just waiting for the day we can finally remove these space suits, see clouds and (oh yes) rain!  Oh how great to actually see it rain on Mars.  As we wait for Elon Musk to arrive, it’s hard not to marvel over the accomplishments of mankind. We’ve come so far establishing a foothold on Mars and maybe in the next 100 years, we will be able to venture out, colonizing on other M-Source Planets.  

You know, to come and think of it, it would be pretty cool to see a Mars Hilton up here too. 

This is Jenni Frost signing off, daughter of Zoe Franklin, granddaughter of Bari Demers. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

Welcome to Earth 

Welcome to Earth by Bari Demers
I run and own Facebooks Page Vegas Reviews. With the last Presidential debate in Las Vegas, it was hard not to say anything. After all I like to write, be it science fiction stories or my opinions in our world today.  

This is why I named my WordPress blog DREAMS AND REALITY

The DREAMS are from my prospective of our future mixed with science-fiction and fantasy. In comparison, the REALITY points out the integration of our society and will usually point out a warning in our near future. If we keep on the same path of destruction, mankind’s future may turn out to be a blink one.

With the Americans about to pick their 45th President of the United States, it brings up the welfare of humanity and what it’s striving for. There are over 350 million people in the United States. In comparison to India, this is only one third of their population. But the same concerns are still there, be it only 35 million in Canada, to over one and half billion people in China. Can the world sustain such a growing population ? Our world resources are quickly being gobbled up by an alarming rate, while damaging Earth, itself. The environment will eventually collapse under the stress of human beings interaction. 

Our future on Earth looks frightening blink, to say the least.

Right now Americans are worried and have good reason. They’re not only concerned about United States and where it will be in their near future, families are worried for their children and grandchildren. What kind of life will they endure after our generation are long gone? They will have to pickup the pieces we so willingly destroyed, due to carelessly or greed. 

Picking a leader, not only means someone with a good head on their shoulders, but also capable of answering the needs of its people. We all hope the thin imaginary walls ( if Trump gets in, these walls won’t be imaginary) are impervious to any kind of threat. The election will hopefully put in a strong leader, who really means to make a difference. 

I think what Americans ( like the rest of the sane world) are most worried about is : 

  • Their families are safe from harm.
  • Each family have strong sustainable jobs with a comfortable income to ensure their kids and grandkids are able to live in a free world, safe and secure.  
  • Education is assessable to everyone, no matter what your financial status is. 
  • Americans don’t want to see the world financial market crumbling at their doorstep. In other words, a strong economy with American made products available throughout each industry.  
  • It’s also important that whatever job they do, they enjoy that job so much, it no longer seems like work. So, in other words, education strives towards what they LOVE to do.  
  • An Agricultural equation where food and water is available to everyone.  
  • A strong push for reusable resources, without destroying our environment.  
  • The opportunity for families to enjoy life to the fullest with worrying where their next meal is coming from. The health and welfare of their families is number one.
  • And America’s Space Program should begin exploration as never before. It’s to ensure the safety and future of all humanity.  

We Need You
With that said, whatever happens on November 8 2016 – May the BEST candidate WIN! wink wink 😉 😉 

It will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election and the 45th President of the United States. To see the first woman President in office, would indeed make history, leading America into a new age away from the discrimination of women, colour or race. A Nation growing for a better tomorrow. 

Good Luck to both candidates! 

AND – if your an Alien visiting from a far away planet – Welcome to Earth!

By Bari Demers SCIFI Screenwriter and freelance writer 

Character Karen Jefferson’s

PHOTO CREDIT : Art by Anas Asghar – click on photo to see his creative digital art illustrations.

Today I will discuss my character layout for Karen Jefferson for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS – The Movie. Recently I wrote about my character outline for Commander Cardin and Priestesses Isis


Karen is a Geological Science Officer assigned to Starship SIRUS-S757 under the command of Chief Mission Commander Cardin Mason. Karen and Cardin are in a relationship, with Cardin thinking of settling down with Karen, after this last vital mission on Earth.

But, if it’s up to King Osiris, their marriage won’t take place, because Karen’s bloodline is not of royal decent. If it’s up to King Osiris, he would have Karen to himself, like her mother before her( as rumours have stated). 

Karen’s family comes from a long line of what they referred to as DREAMERS

Dreamers are those who have the ability to enter someone else’s dreams without them knowing. Doing so can give them the option to change ones thoughts or actions. They are also enticing, provocative and can easily attract both sexes. 

In her mid twenties* Karen would carelessly flaunt herself, attracting men or women of wealth or stature, even though it’s forbidden by the ELDERS OF DREAMERS. Even though DREAMERS can enter someone else’s dreams, it’s taboo to use this form of power for selfish reasons. DREAMERS are used in certain circumstances, to help the king or in the times of war, against their enemies. Karen is too proud and will do as she wishes, with or without the elders consent. 

Karen is spoiled, with riches from her family. Her father, Torus is a prestigious Five-Star General in the Royal Emperor of Guards. King Osiris** relies on General Torus Jefferson for his high regard for the SIRIAN PEOPLE. As a Dreamer, his input is valuable, as is his keen interest in helping out as much as possible. General Torus loves to talk and is the centre of attention. His daughter Karen is his only child, so it’s understandable why she is spoiled. Karen’s mother died in a freak accident while visiting a neighbouring planet. Her death is still an “Open-Case File” with rumours, King Osiris may have been responsible. 

Since her earlier life experiences with men and women relationships, Karen has grown a little more responsible (now in her thirties*) following heads-over-heels in love with Commander Cardin. Their flirtatious courting is quite comical from an outsiders point-of-view. 

Karen Jefferson is intelligent and quick on her feet. She became a flight pilot officer by the time she was 21. 

Her skills as a Geologist and a Flight Pilot became a useful asset to King Osiris, as he needed someone to find the RED CRYSTAL. Besides, the king is secretly attracted to Karen. Karen is unaware of the King’s intentions. As far as she’s concerned, her luck has struck gold. Having the king interested in her wellbeing is an honour. 


  • Karen is in her 30’s*, sexy brunette with green eyes and considered a health nut. 8 stone (118 lbs or 53.6 kg) 5′- 8″ tall 
  • She can be stubborn and pretentious and won’t let anyone stand in her way, be it success or her man. 
  • Her ego is on a scale of 10. 
  •  She enjoys flaunting her good looks and body, for all to see. 
  • It’s not like her to be with one man for very long, but she can’t resist the “bad boy” attitude of Commander Cardin. 
  •  Once she’s hooked onto her partner of choice, it’s best to stay out of her way, if you know what I mean.  
  • She’s bi and had past relationships with both men and women.
  • Her military skills are above the rest, excelling in martial arts, the art of knife throwing and master of automatic weapons. 
  • Her flying skills are considered reckless, but other men refer her to as a “Dare Devil”. Her nickname stuck as “”Sexy Rexy”.
  • Karen can be the jealous type, sometimes seeing or read things that aren’t there. It’s best not to piss her off, as she will take a stand and fight, if need be. 
  • On a professional standing, Karen enjoys her work as a Geologist and loves to fly. 
  • Men are easily controlled by Karen, but not so much with women.  
  • Most women think Karen as conceded and a gold-digger. Unless, there’s a woman that’s attracted to her. 
  • She doesn’t like children, thinking of them only as a nuisance. Even though, the SIRIAN PEOPLE highly valued their children and consider them as rebirths of THE GODS OF SIRIUS. 

Overall, the character of KAREN JEFFERSON is egotistical, arrogant and self absorbed. Even with her high intelligence, its all about KAREN and her goals in life. Anyone in her way – watch out! 


  • Olivia Wilde
  • Emily Blunt
  • Blake Lively
  • Megan Fox
  • Antje Traue 
  • Rebecca Ferguson

With the outline character of KAREN JEFFERSON, from a woman’s point-of-view, according to description of character and physical attributes, which actress do you think would be a great candidate to enrich the character of Karen ? Please comment below. 

This concludes the developing character outline for KAREN JEFFERSON for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS


Please follow me here for a continuation of our screenplay studies and my stories from dreams to reality.


By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer  

**The age of the SIRIAN RACE in Earth years is 3X. For example: 30 years old X 4 = 120 years in Earth years. Their lifespan is 4 X greater then the average Homo-Sapiens. 

* King Osiris is your common political King, only concerned with his own self worth and riches. He pretends to care about his people, but in fact, he cares very little about them. King Osiris has the “me-me-me” syndrome, always concerned for his wealth and stature. On the outside he seems concerned for your health and welfare, but underneath lies an arrogant self-centred Sirian God, referred to as THE GODS OF SIRUS

Anahareo – Woman of Vision


indian paintbrush flower Photo Credit : Bari Demers
March 9 2016 was a day to celebrate women’s achievements by recognizing International Women’s Day. Also, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced, the Bank of Canada will begin taking in nominations for iconic women to appear on the new bank note. The woman picked will set a precedent for equality and the future of all women in Canada.

Previously, the monarchy set the stage for Canada’s Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who has been prominently featured on our bank notes throughout her reign, from early as the young 8-year-old Princess Elizabeth to the $20 bill featuring the new Polymer- style note.

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put it,” Because it’s 2015…” in response defending gender balance.

The Bank of Canada will be taking nominations, women of vision, up to April 15, 2016.  As noted on the Bank of Canada website, “Nominees will be considered if they meet the following criteria:

    • They are a Canadian (by birth or naturalization) who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, achievement or distinction in any field, benefiting the people of Canada, or in the service of Canada.
    • They have been deceased for at least 25 years.
    • Submissions of fictional characters will not be considered.” 


    Gertrude Moltke Bernard, “Anahareo” Photo Credit : Archives of Ontario
    With that said, I quickly nominated Gertrude Moltke Bernard, who’s pet name was Anahareo. What’s unique and interesting about her, is the fact she was married to the the famous Grey Owl, who’s mission in life was to protect wildlife and to be a conservationist spokesman throughout Canada.

    But, it didn’t start that way in the beginning. 

    As a matter of fact, it was Anahareo who convinced Grey Owl to change from trapper to conservationist. Surprisingly, even though Anahareo was a Mohawk Iroquois born in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada, it was a very different story for her husband. Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) fooled everyone into believing he was indeed a half-blooded Apache, right up to his death in 1938, where it was revealed he was born on September 18, 1888 in Hastings, England. 

    But, this isn’t about Grey Owl. 

    Springs Red Cedar Forest Photo Credit : Bari Demers

    It’s about a remarkable First Nations woman, Anahareo, who her friends and family would nickname her,”Pony”. At the age of 19 she met Grey Owl, who at the time was 37 years old. In the beginning, even though Grey Owl was legally married to Angele Egwuna, he pursued Anahareo. They lived in the Canadian wilderness, as Grey Owl supported both of them, while trapping for pelts. After much persistence, Grey Owl agreed to take Anahareo on his trapline, which changed history. 

    She was appalled by what she saw.

     Anahareo would see the senseless slaughter of fur bearing animals on a daily basis (during the winter months) helping her partner tend to the traps. Horrified by the inhumane trapping practices, she pleaded for Grey Owl to stop making a living this way. 


    Art piece “Bloodwolf ” by Bari Demers
    Anahareo explained to her husband, the First Nations People (her people) believed in a Great Spirit who had power over the animals, the trees, our oceans and the sky above. Killing without respecting or cause, would angry the Great Spirit. If an animal was used for food and clothing, there was a sacred ritual required, allowing to set free the animal’s spirit. The torture of these animals caught in leg traps and left out to freeze to death, was completely against her people’s beliefs. 

    She insisted Grey Owl to stop. 

    But Grey Owl told her, he didn’t have a choice. The fur pelts were like gold, bringing in a good income, giving them food and shelter. It wasn’t until one winter day, Grey Owl hunted down a beaver to its home. Setting up the traps, he caught the beaver, not realizing it was a mother. As he started to canoe away, he heard the unmistakable cries (of what he thought at the time, sounded human) of babies. 

    Turning back, he found two beaver kits crying in distress.

    That very day was the turning point in Grey Owl’s life, converting from trapper to conservationist. Anahareo persistence convinced Grey Owl to adopt them, as they raised them back to health. It was here, where Anahareo persuaded her husband to write books, instead of trapping. As a previous writer for her people, she helped Grey Owl to write his first book,”The Men of the Last Frontier” published in 1931. He wrote many articles for the Canadian Forest and Outdoor magazine, while his fame grew, the National Park Service made a film,’Beaver People’, featuring Grey Owl and Anahareo, in the hopes to attract tourists. Anahareo and Grey Owl became famous throughout North America and England.

    His second book, “Pilgrims of the Wild” was published in 1934. 

    It was this book, forty years later, I had the privilege to read. It was a time where I wanted to go into the wilderness myself, with thoughts of living off the land. My high school friends use to call me,”Buckskin” because of the frequency I wore this handmade deerskin coat, fashioned with wildflowers. 

    It was the 70’s.  

    My goal was to read everything there was about survival and living off the land. It was then I read Grey Owls book,”Pilgrims of the Wild” during my English class in Grade 11. After reading his books it became clear to me, Anahareo was the greatest influence of Grey Owl’s life in the wilderness and aboard publicly. It was the “woman behind the man” syndrome that made Grey Owl the legend he is today. 


    Whitetail Deer Photo Credit : Bari Demers
    Anahareo became a well known animal rights activist and conservationist in her lifetime. She eventually wrote her own book, “Devil in Deerskins: My Life With Grey Owl” explaining her life, unaware Grey Owl, was in fact an Englishman. In 1979, she was admitted into the “Order of Nature”, by the Paris International League of Animal Rights. On top of it all, in 1983, Anahareo was elected a Member of the Order of Canada, while sick in bed. 

    So, with admiration for The First Nations Woman, Anahareo, it’s my hope she will be the first woman of vision, recognized and honoured on the Canadian, Bank of Canada currency note.

    Please vote.

     Anahareo last days resided in Kamloops, B.C, where she died on June 17, 1986 at the age of 80 years old.  Ironically, at the time, I had no idea she lived in the same city I did, so many years ago. 

    By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer