Happy Halloween by Shirley Temple 

Photo courtesy of The Academy

Shirley Temple Black was the best adored actress of her time. The whole world was lifted by her spirit.  If you haven’t seen her movies, it a must on everyone’s bucketlist. From 1935 – 38 her dancing, acting and singing made her a number one child Star.

Unfortunately she died last year at the age of 85.  She was loved by all. 

I watched many of her movies and her spirit was deeply moving. 

 It’s as if your heart was opened to the world. 

Incredible beautiful person.  

I know this is crazy, but I like to think, Shirley Temple transformed back into the little girl she was, in the heavenly realm of the afterword, with my lost daughter, singing and dancing together. 

Love you Jenni – one of my screenplays was developed, a story for my little girl, who lost her life at such an early age : Soul Savior 

Happy Halloween!

By Bari Demers 

Vegas is a Stress Reliever 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers 

You know, I’m sure glad Vegas exists. It certainly the best spot to enjoy a quick or long vacation, be it with a group of friends, a romantic time with your partner or for the whole family. 

Life has so many ups and downs, Las Vegas is an excellent stress reliever.  

The world class quality from fine dining, the amazing mega resorts, exciting tours and an abundance of entertainment, it’s a no-brainer to head to Vegas. 

Sure. If you gamble, you should exercise control, but overall, Vegas is one of the most accessible and affordable vacation spots in North America. 

It’s also cool to see people from around the world.

Photo Credit : Bari Demers

My goodness, I met a couple from the UK who came up for only 3 days. That’s an amazing flight for only a three day stay. But, after their first visit to Vegas during a lavish wedding, they were hooked on Vegas

It’s obvious Canadians and Americans love Vegas, from the young to the well aged, the first-timers to seasonal Vegas Lovers. It’s a given, once you experience the rush of Vegas – YOU ARE hooked! 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers

Overall, my favorite resort hotels are Aria Resort & Casino, Vdara, Mandarin Oriental, The Venetian & Palazzo, The Wynn including Encore, T.I. (Treasure Island ), Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio and Luxor. Of course, I’ve yet to experience more resorts, as time and money permits. But you know, when you’ve been treated like a King of Queen, it’s hard to go anywhere else.  

Vegas offers the best in hotels, particularly fashioned for your lifestyle or pocketbook.  Another words, it’s for everyone! 

Photo Credit : Bari Demers 

My wife and I are Vegas Lovers, like you.  

It’s awesome you have taken the time to LIKE my Facebook Page and join us with everyone’s experiences. After all, we are tourists, just like you.  

I gratefully appreciate you for joining us in the FUN with Vegas – Thank you ! 

And to the resorts of Vegas – Thank you for the affordable luxurious comfort, you and your team, who are committed professional staff. They have provided us with the best possible service, from the awesome Chefs, front desk personnel, friendly bartenders, room service, maid and concierge service.  

It’s all an amazing experience! 

What’s your best hotel in Vegas ?  Did I miss some good ones ? 

Have a wonderful week and of course – I will see YOU in Vegas

Photo Credits : Bari Demers

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1. Are you associated with any of the above hotels? 

      Answer : Absolutely not ! I’m a tourist like yourself.  I am not related or associated with any business or corporations in Las Vegas.

2. Do you receive payment or monetary bonuses ? 

    Answer : Absolutely not ! Just like you I’m a tourist. I play MYVEGAS (open to everyone!)  to collect points to receive free buffets, rooms or entertainment opportunities. Plus I keep my eye out for the best possible price for my hard working dollar.

3. Do you receive payments for your Vegas articles

    Answer : Not yet. But I hear people do, by clicking on the ads on the side. But, so far, not a nickel. 

4. Why do you do this ? 

    Answer : Seriously, I am a Vegas Lover! Vegas is my home away from home.

5. What do you do ? 

    Answer : I’m a screenwriter and freelance writer and pretty soon retired. Well, I love to write, so that’s not really retirement. 

Going to Mars or Bust ! 

James Montana Scripts 

By Bari Demers 

Going to Mars or Bust 

I just came back from watching the movie, “The Martian” and I have to say, it’s a remarkable success. Well done Ridley Scott! Again !
Matt Damon (Character: Botanist Mark Watney) does another stellar performance. Each day was recorded as “Sol 405” . Sol refers to a solar day on Mars, therefore 405 would relate to the amount of days on Mars, which is a lot more on earth.

The storyline takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, with stunning landscapes* of Mars and your hope for Mark Watney’s survival. 

Watching the movie, I couldn’t help think of what it would be like, to actually be on Mars. Tears would well up, with the sudden realization (at my age) I would never be able to see Mars. But that never stops my wild imagination, displaying a colourful event, where I’m sick of all the wasted time with politics, and decided to do something on my own. 

Yup. That’s right. Going to be Mars or Bust ! 



Crazy, right? 

I calculate my trajectory using the aid of basic physics, leaving earth’s gravitational pull and setting course for Mars, in my ultralight spacecraft.

In reality, it’s pretty much far fetched, right?   

Well, that never stops me from writing about the possibilities and planning a screenplay, fit for any movie production. 

First of all, I must put each problem in a category and solve that particular problem. Therefore, I will follow NASA by their use of acronyms. MC 1 will refer to as ” Mars Category 1″ while “SOLO-M 20” will be referred to as the example, “Soul on Mars – Day 20”.

Let’s begin:

MC 1 : Make a Ultralight Spacecraft.

Make a viable ultralight spacecraft small enough to house one human being, with ample oxygen, freeze-dried food provisions and relative comforts of home, including some form of gravity, for the long journey ahead. Also, it’s important I leave when Earth’s orbit coincides with Mars. That’s every two years. Building my spacecraft will require ingenuity and patients.      

It’s amazing what duct tape can do ! 

I’m kidding.  If you saw “The Martian” you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. As a past experienced architectural draft person, I can easily design my spacecraft to the right dimensions, with the required materials to make it super light.  

The engine part.  

Well…not so much. Any help by a rocket engineer would indeed be extremely helpful, making a suitable engine without rocket fuel. Try that.

MC 2 : Escaping Earth’s Gravity.

Preferably without your spacecraft breaking up into millions of pieces. With conventional fossil fuels, you must reach a velocity of 40,270 km/h (25,020 mph) in order to break free from earth’s gravity. 

This is basically out of the question.  

First and foremost, it’s impossible to obtain rocket fuel and trying to do so, would alert authorities. Oh, BTW (by the way) your mission is a surprise to the world, making you a hero to the rest of the humanity, if you succeed. Besides, if authorities caught wind of your intentions, they would send you off to the loonie bin. 

(Even though we Canadians use the loonie for currency, it doesn’t mean we’re a Loonie bunch of Canucks). 

Moving on. So, what can one do ? 

Invent anti-gravity is one solution, or use the oldest form of lift. How many times have you seen an air balloon on a clear morning, floating in fashion across the horizon? I know…I know what your thinking, ” That’s just plain crazy! The balloon idea will pop with your ship falling precariously back to earth.” 

But, what if…

At the very moment the balloon bursts in the stratosphere, you ignite with a small portion of fuel, lighting up, propelling your spacecraft into the earth’s orbit . You won’t need very much thrust or fuel to achieve this. Or, how about the Red Bull accomplishment? Mission to the Edge of Space and Supersonic freefall was a success. 

It’s feasible, right?  

If a Canadian student can send a “Lego Man” into our stratosphere, anything is possible.  

Well, that’s my theory.  

OK. Getting into orbit is a viable theory for this Loonie Canuck. What’s that you say ? I’m what? OK. I can hear you laughing your head off.  

Wait, Here me out. 

If anything, it will make an excellent storyline, a script with danger, adventure, a dash of comedy, and a lead character you are emotionally attached to. Kind of sounds like my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS.

Let’s continue on with my theory.

MC 3 : Escaping Earth’s Orbit.

Escaping the trajectory of earth will be my next problem, and actually, this equation is relatively an easy one. Like any satellite, it’s circular path must change to meet the opening orbit path of earth circling our Sun. You can wave “hello” to ISS, as you pass by.

Check out physics HERE, (Seriously, NASA solves everything). 

MC 4 : Heading to Mars

Now, theoretically your spacecraft has escaped earth’s gravity, nicely placed around earth’s orbit. Awesome! You manage to project your little spacecraft into the outer earth’s orbit. 


Not so fast. Now you must fly over to the orbit of Mars. This in physics, is called the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse (or transfer orbit). We assume you have the right kind of fuel or magnetic force to preform the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse, breaking free along the weakest point of earth’s orbit, towards Mars orbit. Now, be sure to wave, “Good-bye”, to ISS. Now NASA and the rest of the world is aware of your intentions. Communication may be possible with ISS for short term, but one thing for sure. YOU will be famous and all over the news. Make sure you’re flying a Canadian Flag. 

MC 5 : Journey to Mars 

Here’s where it’s crucial you have enough oxygen, food, water, heat to avoid the extreme -200 C temperatures, a well constructed light engine, and a safe spacecraft to propel you 6-8 months across our solar system. Including solar panels and rechargeable lithium ion batteries which have the capability to store energy for use at night, once on Mars.

MC 6 : Entry onto Mars

Making it to Mars will certainly be an accomplishment in itself. The entry, descent and landing must be taken into serious calculation, or its all for not. Now you must consider landing on Mars at a safe controlled speed, hopefully landing like Rover or Spirit did. I would prefer the Spirit landing, due to the use of large inflatable balloons or airbags, bouncing across the Martian landscape. Reason is, it’s a less technical option, but maybe a precarious journey onto Mars surface.

MC 7 – SOLO-M 1 : First Soul on Mars – Sol Day 1

WOW! What a trip! The very first person on Mars. Your super famous now. And, I’m very sure NASA satellites above the Martian landscape, are tracking your progress. But, there’s one item missing on board, that could have possibly landed you by an exact longitude and latitude.  

Oops! No GPS ? Not sure where you landed? 

Not to worry, NASA knows exactly where you are. Can you imagine the public announcement, “It’s official. The first man has landed on the surface of Mars, as of 10:30 am CT. FBI and CSIS have confirmed, Mr. Bari Demers has successfully landed on Mars without the aid of NASA or the Canadian authorities. At this time we are unclear, as to his condition.”

Can you imagine the commotion on earth ? 

OK. You made it on Mars. Now what? Do you have enough water and food to sustain you for a couple of weeks, a month or, how about one year. You would be one lucky soul to make it one month on Mars. The finally results from NASA would be something like this, “On SOLO-M 45 we have lost all contact from the only survivor on Mars. Our satellites have found no activity past this point. It’s our conclusion, the first man on Mars has ceased to exist.”

Say what ?!  YIKES! 

Maybe not. Now, what if the first man on Mars can find tunnels or caves, full of oxygen and safe from solar flares. It’s possible. It’s really possible, because we haven’t explored Mars, as of yet. There may even be an abundance of water too. Just maybe, Bari Demers is capable of living on Mars past SOLO-M 45. One year on Mars would be 365 sol days while on earth, that equates to 668.68 days.  

Let’s say SOLO-M 1825 ( 5 years ) before any rescue attempt by NASA. After all the politics and projected costs, who knows, it just may be a private sector that lands that arrives on Mars first.  

OK. Now consider my flamboyant storyline, “Going to Mars or Bust“.  

Of course, with ever science-fiction, the real science must work. Even Ridley Scott used the advice of NASA to help figure out all the technical applications of the entry, descent and landing on Mars. All had to meet certain requirements, in order for it to work.  

If it’s too far fetched, your audience won’t believe it. In fact, with NASA providing an oasis of scientific information,(available by the touch of your screen), it would be hard to fool any audience.

Alright Hollywood- “Going to Mars or Bust” written by Bari Demers. 

LOGLINE: A man frustrated with the the politics of space, attempts to go to Mars by the seat-of-his-pants. 

Can you just imagine being on Mars ! So cool ! 

By Bari Demers screenwriter/ freelance writer.

* NOTE: The 3D glasses could greatly be improved on. (Ancient technology used) Some scenes look too fake with 3D glasses. But the storyline and acting is great. Love the CGI too.

New Prime Minister of Canada

The great idealism of Democracy was in full play, battling for the top job, Prime Minister of Canada. It was indeed a fierce fight for the Liberals and Conservatives.  

If it were played out in a hockey arena, the Montreal Canadiens would have clobbered the Edmonton Oilers.  This comparison is so close to the truth, because Alberta oil companies are feeling the sting, since the crash of oil prices.

The Montreal Canadiens resemble the victorious Liberals defeating their long time opponent, Conservatives.  In fairness, Stephen Harper was Prime Minister for a decade and change was inevitable.

That’s a long time.

Personally, I  don’t think anyone person should be in power for so long.  But that’s just my view.  It was very clear, the people of Canada wanted a change, with a record of 69% of voters going to the polls to exercise their right.  

If you’ve been living in cave the past week, the new Prime Minster Justin Trudeau was elected with a strong majority.  

It’s clear Canadians were looking for a change.

But not everyone was happy.  My daughter wrote an article through her frustrations from the voices of oil workers in Alberta and B.C.  My daughter is a strong Liberal.

Read it HERE 

For me, I had mixed feelings, considering myself a Conservative the last ten years.  Of course, my vote lost to hundreds of thousands demanding change.   Change is always good, if the welfare and security of Canada isn’t jeapordized.  With today, the one year remembrance of the two brave soldiers killed on Canadian soil, it’s a sober reminder how fragile our homeland security can be.  With new beginnings, brings new hope and countless possibilities.  What will this young flamboyant  Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau bring to the table? 

Congratulations Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau! 

I wish you well in your new adventure, but please do not repeat history. 

It’s a little like déjà vu. 

You see…

When I was in grade six (living in Kamloops,B.C.) our class greeted a promising new Prime Minister Elliott Trudeau.  He came up to me in a long line of school kids, who were desparate to shake his hand.  Mr Elliott Trudeau was in front, looking directly at me.  Back then, I was a frail boy of ten years old, he must of saw something in me. 

He stopped.

Asked me if I enjoy B.C. I nodded.  He then shook my hand and said,” keep up on your studies”.  

Once again, I nodded. 

He smiled and winked.  With that he was off, shaking a sea of hands, through a crowd of cheering supporters.  It wasn’t long afterwards, my teacher told us, we had a new Prime Minister of Canada, Honourable Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau.  I was happy to hear this charismatic man was the new boss of Canada.  

Years went by.  

Everything I heard about Trudeau, seemed to me, great things were happening. So, when this great man of power “flipped his finger” while on train in Salmon Arm, I was confused.  How could such an intelligent, warm-spirited man become so frustrated with western Canada?   What happened to those good memories, since his last visit to British Columbia?   

It was clear something was wrong.

During my young teen years, it was hard for me to understand politics , so I shrugged it off, as a misunderstanding.  

Today, it’s my hope, our new Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will help Canada become a strong vilable country, free from poverty, greed and an understanding of Canada as a whole.  

In Canada we are strong and free.

By Bari Demers – screenwriter 

A Special Thanks To My Friends

My project this past week is related to PART ONE of the video pitch for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Writing is where I feel comfortable, so when tackling a video, it’s great to have a helping hand from my friends. 
I would like to thank the generous opportunity by Adam Pass, Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson, including NASA and Dan Pogrebnoy.  

Without them, I would never be able to present awesome photos, scenic film clips or the concept art illustrations. Their generosity has made a big difference and I am very grateful.

ADAM PASS is a Professional Visual Arts Photographer. I had the opportunity to see Adams work during their team expedition of the Adobe Pre-Photoshop World, in Nelson, Nevada. Their adventure took them into Death Valley, California ( approximately a two hour journey northwest of Las Vegas). Impressed by Adams artistic abilities and skills, I was motivated to write this article, showcasing Death Valley’s desert terrain, featuring his work.  

You know that immediately feeling when you come across a gifted talent artist? 

Well, Adam’s work is exactly like that. Not only are you moved by what you see, but what you feel. Without physically being at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes myself, Adam captured the very moment when the desert displays it’s serene beauty – Breath-taking!

Take the opportunity to learn more about Adam Pass. 

ROMEO DURSCHER – Oh what can I say about Romeo ?  

He’s one of the most kindest I can honestly say I have met on social media, without actually meeting in person. Yes, you heard correctly. The first time I virtually met Romeo was during the amazing broadcast launch of Little SDO, heading to study our one and only, life-giving star, our Sun.  

Little SDO is a Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, sending back NASA incredible valuable information, videos and amazing photos of our Sun. Including life-saving data for our astronauts, the countless satellites orbiting earth and the real effects of a CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection) on earth.

Romeo was the Senior Manager of Little SDO for 13 years, including an important part of the Education and Public Outreach Team, educating the public and reaching out to kids about STEM ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) through the use of Camilla Corona.

When I first approached Romeo on NASA’s Little SDO Facebook page

I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical, unsure of his response. In regards to my research, I asked about the science behind Little SDO and the effects of earth from our Sun. 

Truly, I expected the typical generic answers, but Romeo was different.  

He took the time and patience to educate me throughout the years. Indeed, his patience was tested. I found a true friend where art and science works in harmony.

With his passion in science, he took the time to educated us with the humor of Camilla Corona. With that, I too joined in with my “take” of humor, showcasing that little rubber duck of science. Along the way, a group of fans have collaborated together across the world, like our friends, Virma ( the V Force) and her sister, Glady’s ( GG – the Supergirl ), Jim ( the Area 51 guy ) and Gayle ( the Australian American Corespondent ) and so many more, I’m afraid I would need six pages to express all the fans.  

But you know who you are, and I’m enjoying the Facebook friendship.

Today, Romeo is an DJI Educational Director, working across the world with DJI Global. You most likely saw Romeo on “Good Morning America” and didn’t even realize it. But once you recognize Romeo again, you’ll most certainly say,”Hey? I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before!”  

And most likely, you have.  I like to call Romeo – The Adventurer Guru

Romeo’s long time friend, Mark Johnson both collaborate with the operation of Visual-Aerials. Their website says it best,” Mark Johnson and Romeo Durscher are two long-time California friends who recently discovered a shared passion for the joy of piloting remote-controlled “cam-copters.” Aerial Visual is the adventurous side to flying drones. 

MARK JOHNSON is Principal and chief creative officer of Visual Law Group, a litigation communications and forensic animation firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Mark is also a founding partner in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles.

Introducing myself to Mark, it wasn’t long before I was greeted by a compassionate man. After knowing Mark through social media, I soon realized we both shared a dark sad past. We both have had the misfortune of losing a child. With me, i lost my daughter, Jenni and Mark loss his son, David. Any parent loosing their child knows this is an unbearable painful experience, effecting you for the rest of your life. They say you will eventually forget as life moves on, but that analogy is simply not true. We, and many other parents, are in this club we never ever wanted to be apart of in the first place. But it does give comfort to know Mark and I are not alone. 

I’m always heading down to Vegas on a yearly bases and I know Romeo and Mark make frequent pit stops into Sin City offering workshops on flying DJI drones, from safety, regulations to the fun part, taking valuable video footage and superb aerial photography. It could be, one of these days, we may all meet in Vegas. I’ve yet to get my hands on a DJI drone. They sure look like fun ! 

UPDATE : 2017 

Mark just recently got engaged to a wonderful person, Abbe Lyle.  Abbe is a professional photographer and member of:

  • PPA – Professional Photographers of America
  • NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  • WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
  • AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics

What I know of Abbe on FB she’s certainly a great match for Mark and what I read, she’s compassionate and a caring person. Thank you for your new friendship, Abbe 😎 

I would like to say : Congratulations to Mark and Abbe ! 

Mark and Abbe love going to Las Vegas as much as me and I suspect one of these days we’ll all meet up in Vegas baby 😎


Talking about Vegas, my wife and I have visit Vegas as part of our regular holidays since the 1980’s. We are considered “Vegas Lovers” intrigued by the city that never sleeps, the comfort offered by the mega corporate hotels, the fine dining options and world-class entertainment. My Facebook page Vegas Reviews says it all. When I first started Vegas Reviews, it was more about reviewing the good, bad and ugly. 

But now Vegas Reviews has developed into more about expressing about the FUN we have in Vegas, showcasing 1000’s of photographs and countless useful tips. Our emphasizes concentrates on giving good reviews to ONLY the best wonderful resorts in Vegas. If it so happen we had a bad experience, we just simply never talk about it. From there, you can pick and choose from the very best list, dependant on your lifestyle or pocketbook. 

Come join us on my Facebook page for the endless fun in Las Vegas!  


My appreciation also goes to NASA’s library of valuable information. NASA courtesy offers its viewers use of royalty- free video clips, as long as they are NOT commercial related. Thank you NASA! 

Last but defiantly not least, is DAN POGREBNOY. An amazing artist for his science-fiction artwork, known as concept art illustrations. I must point out that his work is available under this copyright format, in order to share. His artistic ability would be an asset to Hollywood productions and Dreamwork Studios. 

Check out more about Dan Pogrebnoy


Without the helpful generosity of my friends, I wouldn’t be able to make my video’s. I’m presently working on PART TWO of my BLACK ANGELS PITCH, where you will see some impressive aerial photography by Romeo and Mark. Whereas, in PART ONE , is the remarkable photographs by Adam Pass. Thank you once again Adam Pass for allowing me to exclusively showcase his amazing photography. 


Without further ado, here’s my video – BLACK ANGEL PITCH – PART ONE. I hope you enjoy. 

by Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer