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Decided to set up a Reality Page , so as not to confuse my audience from my science-fiction main blog page.

Here’s my first article on Reality Page

Innovative Inventors and the HoneyBee

PHOTO : The HoneyBee by Scott Garvey

Throughout Canada 🇨🇦, we’re blessed with creative engineers from all walks of life.

When working as a drafting tech with UMA Engineering in Calgary, I met a few innovative engineers. As well, in a small border town in Southern Saskatchewan, called Frontier, I was also introduced to a couple of brilliant engineers.

What’s more, they were brought up on farms.

I learned quickly, farmers are quite innovative, when it comes to inventing new machinery or electronic devices. If they don’t have it, they figure out how to make it.

Honey Bee Manufacturing ( aka, once Frigstad ) is a good example of that. The Honey brothers made a mammoth tractor from scratch, naming it the ‘HoneyBee’. I had the pleasure of riding their first massive machine, way back in 1980. You can read their story HERE as well as HERE.

I met the Honey brothers through my father-in-law, Jim McIlveen.

The point is, the rural areas throughout Canada 🇨🇦 offer some creative Canadian inventors, who so happen to become engineers. This is why Canadians are the ‘firsts’ to inventing things.

In Cochrane, Alberta ( 11 km NE Calgary) two engineers started their own tech company from their garage. Zip 10 years later, their innovation was bought by Garmin for $23 million. Just recently, Garmin Canada 🇨🇦 has decided to set up their headquarters in Cochrane, where it all began.

SO – Congratulations to Dynastream Innovations ( aka Garmin). Welcome Garmin Canada to Cochrane, Alberta ! As well, I would like to mention, all the great inventions created by Canadians.

Here’s the list of inventions HERE

Of course we all ready know hockey and Superman we’re both created in Canada 🇨🇦.

By Bari Demers