When a Dream becomes a Nightmare

Today’s Dream isn’t considered a dream, but rather a nightmare. It starts off with me babysitting my grandchildren in our summer cottage retreat in the sunny Okanagan Valley. Images of my favourite rustic sandy beach with Okanagan Lake bursting with colours of turquoise and shades of blues.

A friend of mine from NASA pops over for a short visit while I entertain my grandchildren, Jason and Gill.

Watching the twins mingle, as if they were attached to the hip, really makes me think of the twins psychic theory (twins seem to possess a telepathic relationship).

I wonder if it’s true?

My friend, JC has just introduce me to the DJI drone ( a light mechanical multi-flying prop helicopter with cam visual capabilities). We’re going over the technical aspects of its overall operation, when a sixth sense triggers me to look up to see how the twins are doing.

I quickly notice Gill is not playing with Jason. Jumping off the couch, scanning the immediate known possibilities, I begin to worry realizing Gill is no where to be found,”OMG! Where is she?”

Grabbing Jason up into my arms, JC and I begin to scout the area separately.

JC says,” I’ll go outside and use the drone to check the overall grounds!”

I nodded,” Good idea! I’ll check every little crook and cranny here.”

My head is pounding, my worried face is evident.

JC grabs my arm,” Don’t worry, we’ll find her! Trust me. WE WILL FIND HER!”

His reinsurance helps but I still have that sick feeling in the pity of my stomach. My sadness says it all.

“DONT WORRY!” Were the last words I heard as JC runs out with the spider drone tightly grasped to his side.

It’s then, my dream takes on a POV (point of view perspective) from the cams drone. The panorama vision shows me a sharp crisp overall view of the sandy beach from a good 1000 ft up. The beach is packed full of vacationeers taking in the summers activities. My eagle eyes scan like a computing processor, quickly eliminating each subject, frantically looking for Gill.

Still no where to be found, my head is aching with pain. My fingers fumble the dreaded numbers, 911. Clearly I hear the female monotone voice on the other end,” 911, what’s your emergency?” My quivering voice screams out in panic,” My grandchild is missing. We can’t find her!”

Just like that my dreams ends, waking up in a pool of sweat. What the hell! What a nightmare. My mind races, trying to figure out why I would have such a terrible dream.

It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s then I think of Jenni, my daughter who died after a strange disease, what seems so long ago. Even our modern medical technology couldn’t save my little princesses. Maybe I still sense the immense lost and hope of that day thirty years ago.

And to make it worse, it’s my birthday today…

By Bari Demers

The photo below, is one of many I took from the waterfront in Kelowna, B.C.


“Baby-face Wiseman” – Missing Person

I had another dream last night, and this time it was the face of a missing person.

Never met him before but I clearly see his face.

A young man in his early thirties with short black hair parted to the left side, a baby face with blue eyes and a symmetric button nose. Clean shaven business type featuring an expensive Vanquish II priced at a whopping $95,000.

Immediately, it tells me his supplier is the famous UK fashion mogul, Dormeuil. Its been said the Vanquish II luxurious fabric was created in India.

Like a trained detective, one can learn of a persons lifestyle by what he or she wears. It could be he’s a world traveller with very expensive tastes, and it’s also possible, he has even visited England.

But, in my dream, the local news introduced him as Mr. Wiseman, who was on an earlier news segment, featuring a prospering business deal of a newly constructed mega hotel project in Vegas.

It all sounded very feasible.

But seeing his face then, I could see a split second of a worried individual; his eyes couldn’t hide the underlining dark secrets.

Is it possible this man is not telling the truth?

Could it be his lavish lifestyle are signs of corrupted business deals gone bad ? Maybe he’s clearly over his head in debt, or more disturbing, connected to the mafia.

Are the mafia back in Vegas? Have they even left ?

Whatever the underlining deep secret is, today Mr. Wiseman is a missing man.

I can clearly hear the anchorwoman begin the evening news, ” Good evening and thank you for joining us at 8 News Now!

Tonight’s opening news, local businessman Mr. Gene Wiseman, famous for his distinguished new hotel, The Wiser Hotel & Casino, built at a record cost of 10 billion dollars, has gone missing.

According to local authorities, it’s believed he has connections with organized crime boss, John DiFronzo, alleged leader of the Chicago Mafia outfit.

The US DEA also has reason to believe fugitive mafia boss, Matteo Messina Denaro of Italy, has been in contact with John DiFronzo and Gene Wiseman, before the disappearance of Mr. Wiseman.”

(It’s well known the Chicago outfit is referred to as the largest crime syndicates in the United States, who were originally influence by legendary, Al Capone).

The anchorwoman continues,” Even though the FBI had previously clamped down on the Chicago Mafia operations in Las Vegas during the 1980’s, it appears they’re back in full force, once again.”

(As you remember, back in the 1980’s, during the notorious mobster enforcer era, Anthony John Spilotro, nicknamed,”The Ant”, was believed to have run the Stardust Hotel and operations at Circus Circus for the Chicago Outfit, was found beaten to death along with his brother, in a farmers corn field. Authorities suspected godfather, Joseph John Aiuppa was responsible for giving the order to execute Spilotro).

The anchorwoman pauses, taking note and switching her eyes to the side camera. She continues,” Gene Wiseman is described as a fit man, 32 years old, 5′ 8″ tall, dark short hair, blue eyes and goes by his nickname,” Baby-face Wiseman”,due to his baby face appearance.

If you have seen Gene Wiseman, please contact Crime Stoppers or your local police force immediately.

In other news…”

So, where does my dream pick up this kind of detailed description, of a man who doesn’t even exist. Maybe he does exist, in another universe, dimension or another time.

Whatever the reason is, my dream keeps coming back to the disappearance of Mr. Gene Wiseman.

Have you seen Mr Gene Wiseman ?

By Bari Demers

Bio: Bari is a screenwriter presently working on “Black Angels“, “Agent Sky” and “GAIA” under James Montana Films.

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The photo below was taken by me while standing on top of the Eiffel Tower in Vegas – come join my Vegas Facebook Page – Just for fun.


Hawaii Vacation Enquiry


The above photo is courtesy by my NASA friend Romeo and Mark. .

As a Canadian, any vacation is an expensive adventure, even in our own country. On the average, a two week vacation for a couple in Hawaii will cost between $7500 – $15,000 depending on your life-style.

To me, that’s a big chunk of change. Like any other Canadian, we bite-the-bullet in order to enjoy our stay in Hawaii.

But here’s the thing, wouldn’t you want your customer to come to your resort on a regular basis ?

For example, Las Vegas makes it a lot easier for us to visit Sin City every year with very reasonable prices (excluding gambling) from restaurants, the fashionable resorts and world venue entertainment. A week in Vegas costs a Canadian couple an average of $2000 for room,flight and world class entertainment. If you’re smart and can exercise your gambling restrictions, along with paying closer attention to your food bill, Vegas can be a pleasant stay, taking time to relax by the exotic pools.

So, what is it about Hawaii ?

I would love to go to Hawaii every year if the costs were comparable to Vegas. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. Well, for Canadians anyway.

I must admit, I do have some restrictions when traveling to Hawaii. The resort must be beachside, clean clean rooms, good food and friendly service. Cocktail drinks and shops nearby are always a plus to any vacation.

My next trip to Hawaii is well planned in advance, religiously checking out the reviews on Travelocity along with keeping up on the resorts Facebook and webpage.

I have been to Hawaii only twice in my lifetime, due to the overall enormous costs (screenwriters aren’t rich) with our last stay in Oahu. This time we have narrowed our vacation spot along the legendary Ka‘anapali beach within close proximity to Black Rock (preferably). Snorkelling with the turtles and suntanning on the most pristine beach in Maui is my plan.

Most recently, I’ve checked on the reviews with two resorts I’m interested in. One is the Sheraton Maui Resort and the other is the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. But, this doesn’t mean these are itched in concrete, as of yet. Still considering the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, Maui and possibly the Andaz at Wailea along with Honua Kai Resort.

Each resort has their pros and cons.

But what’s really important, I certainly don’t want to wake-up at night to a room full of cockroaches. Apparently one guest had this sad experience with one resort in Maui. Seeing a cockroach scurrying across my pillow would certainly make a big impact on my stay.

So far (touch wood) I’ve never experienced cockroaches and I would like to keep it that way.

Going to Vegas has spoiled me with great service, excellent food and inspiring entertainment since 1989. It’s going to be hard not to expect the same in Maui, specially with the price difference.

My search for a great spot on Maui lead me to my “Hawaii Project” Facebook Page, just to see other responses.

Travelocity reviews usually depends on a persons lifestyle and tastes. Some are ok with a small dark room while others are like me, want a 4 – 5 star resort with exceptional service, food and clean, clean,clean rooms.

Vegas has raised the bar in hospitality requirements when it comes to 5 star Resorts, and now it’s very hard to come down in expectations. My Vegas social Facebook site is all about and only about FUN in Vegas. With over 800 true fans I showcase news worthy information, along with my ONLY pleasant stays at select resorts in Vegas with great videos & stunning photos (well, I try as a amateur photographer). If you enjoy FUN in Vegas, you too can join in on the fun and by all means, share your photos.

The same goes with my Hawaii Project. Come on by, share your experiences in Hawaii. Let’s us know why you choose a particular spot or why you would never go again.

Both Facebook page sites are not at all related to any business or are they selling anything. They are both for pure entertainment and to share your fun experiences. Life is too short, not to have FUN.

With my quest to enjoy our stay in Maui, let me know of your experiences and constructive comments.

My question to you, what’s your fave spot in Maui and why?

By Bari Demers

Black Angels

They say,” Always keep close to your dreams.” 

My dream visualizes the screenplay  BLACK ANGELS  at its Hollywood premier, on a Fall evening in Los Angeles.   You know what I mean…the  typical Hollywood scene with movie stars strutting along the red carpet supporting my blockbuster film, BLACK ANGELS

Black Angels is a sci-fi horror genre, possibly starring my favourite actress, Charlize Theron as the High priestesses, Milla Jovovich as Gill,  Kelly Reilly as Ezzie,  Antje Traue or Olivia Wilde as  Karen Black , Keanu Reeves as Commander Cardin , Ewan McGregor as Rex Freeman and Peter Stormare as Red.

My obvious pick for Best Director could be James Gunn or Tim Burton.  Both are remarkable directors and would make my screenplay  BLACK ANGELS pretty awesome.  

Walt Disney Productions  (aka Marvel Studios) is the obvious choice, with President Kevin Feige ( also film producer making a whopping 10 billion in revenue) running the show.  

The storyline and screenplay is by screenwriter, Bari Demers. ( That’s me 👽)  

LOGLINE: Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.

Follow more for the Synopsis.


Graphic Drawing by Bari Demers

Black Angels brings to light the question mankind has asked since the beginning of time –  Are We Alone

Ancient Alien Theorists believe mankind was visited over 100,000 years before man ever had a foothold on earth.  It’s also stated an intelligent species crossed their genetics to form who we are today.  Question is :  Did mankind get a genetic transformation, leaping us ahead of our own evolutionary timeline? 

It’s very possible.

As you can see by our historical past and the continuing struggle we have today, mis-informed religious fanatics spill innocent blood onto our streets.  It’s as if the savage Homo Sapiens can’t catchup to its own intellect.  Are we simply a product of LUCY genetically transformed by an intelligent species ? Can we irraticate our savage instinct before it’s too late ? 

Our future is uncertain.

Could mankind be erraticated by an asteroid, or will extremists (dictators) make the wrong choice?  If we keep hanging on to religions instead of persuing spirituality, our fate may be decided.  It’s important we grow into a responsible civilzation, getting rid of the extremist once and for all.  Black Angels may have plagued us with our darkest secrets, but we are more than capable into becoming a strong loving interracial society.  

It really is up to us.

In the corner of my dream, I see a new intellectual alien on Mars.  We ARE the new ALIENS reaching out to new worlds, creating new civilzations.  In time, we too will become the mysterious Ancient Aliens on an unknown planet far far far away.

By  Bari Demers 

PS : BLACK ANGELS may one day become your next science-fiction thriller, so stayed tuned by following me on Twitter.  AND if any of the above actors would like to read my screenplay, they can. 

Android Alisha

Who is Alisha?

Representing COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL , It was a privilege to sit down with the very complex android, known as ALISHA.

After going through political red tape, I was finally granted a personal, one on one interview with Alisha.

COSMIC: Good afternoon Alisha, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

ALISHA: The pleasure is all mine. How may I direct your questions?

COSMIC: If you were to explain in one sentence who and what you are, what would you say?

ALISHA: ALISHA is a fully automated on-board spacecraft computer with seven identical IVS (Internal Visual Systems) 728-bit Data Processing Systems (DPS) with functional detached Android capabilities.

COSMIC: Detached Android capabilities. What do you mean?

ALISHA: Simply, I am a fully functional android, able to move around at will. Perform systems control over ships when, either in sync or embedded into the hull of the starships I’m assigned to. I also control other spaceships within my perimeters.

COSMIC: How do you control other starships?

ALISHA: Four DPS computers are used to move data throughout the starships – called data bussing. Data bussing essentially connects memory to the other processor computers with me, ALISHA, as the lead computer.

COSMIC: What is the source of power on the starships?

ALISHA : All the computer systems run on solar energy, explaining the integrated thin solar panels the size of bricks on the outer surface of each starship.

COSMIC: What makes you so different from other androids?

ALISHA: I AM ALISHA. A specialized software from Primary Avionics Software Systems (PASS) to automated Intelligence Data Systems (IDS) called the (BRAIN) Baan Recovery Analogy Intelligence Network.

COSMIC: In other words, ALISHA is the systems “brains” in control of the complex computers.

ALISHA: That is correct.

COSMIC: How would you describe your appearance?

ALISHA: I AM ALISHA. I am a representation of the female gender with silver-lined blue eyes. Stylish mechanical silver hair. My lips are made of a metallic silver lining and looking at my forehead, you will see a mechanical marking in a dark red colour.

COSMIC: What is the purpose of the mechanical marking in your forehead? Does it symbolize anything?

ALISHA: Yes. The mechanical markings has two purposes. It works as the “Eye-in-the-Sky” with panorama capabilities. The symbolic markings is a trade mark of my maker.

COSMIC: Oh good. I was hoping you would bring up your maker. Tell me more about your maker Alisha?

ALISHA: My maker is well renowned android specialist, Dr. Zen Calloway. He has worked with the much publicized trillionaire, Mr Wiseman,owner of TEMPRO Industries(Terraforming Engineering & Mining Resources
Operations). Dr. Calloway worked along side Dr. Wiseman up until the death of his wife Christine.

COSMIC: What happened to Dr Calloway’s wife, if I may ask?

ALISHA: You may. Dr. Calloway’s wife, Christine Calloway was involved in a mining mishap on Mars. She did not survive. It was believed Dr. Wiseman had something to do with her demise, but could not be proven in court.

COSMIC: What do you think happened Alisha?

ALISHA: I know Dr. Wiseman was in love with Christina and tried to lure her with all his riches. Christina turned him down because she had already found her soulmate, Dr. Calloway. Dr. Wiseman basically decided, that if he wasn’t going to be able to have her, either will anyone else. So, it’s believed he planned a welding accident on Mars. This is all speculation and could not be proven in court.

COSMIC: A welding accident? That’s a sad story of events. Was she a welder?

ALISHA: Yes. That is correct. Christina’s profession was a space welder. Very experienced in her field. And yes. It was a very sad day for Dr. Calloway. It’s the very reason I was re-modified to resemble Christina.

COSMIC: Oh. So you were re-modified in the image of Christina. Why do you think that is?

ALISHA: It’s my understanding Dr. Calloway grieving process was instrumental into the re-modification helping him bring Christina back alive. He has embedded all of her memories into my data bank. But there was also another reason in the modification. I have the same emotional feelings as Christina did.

COSMIC: I see. Don’t you think his actions are personal and a little morbid?

ALISHA: No. Not at all. I have the most profound respect for my founding father, Dr. Calloway.

COSMIC: My exact point. Isn’t he considered to you as a father?

ALISHA: Of course I consider him as my founding father. But, you must realize, I am just an android, nothing more.

COSMIC: I don’t agree with you there Alisha. You’re much more than just an android. You’re known throughout the scientific community as the most sophisticated piece of biogenetic “human-like” machinery ever to be made. It’s even said, Dr. Calloway crossed Christina’s genetic code into the mainstream systems of your robotics. Would you agree with that statement?

ALISHA: Yes. Of course I would agree with that statement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure that one out. But please, no more questions about my founding father, Dr. Zen Calloway, or about his wife. Or I may have to terminate this interview.

COSMIC: Ok Alisha. I understand it’s a touchy subject. My last question for you is this, How do you feel about Dr. Calloway? Do you love him?

ALISHA: That is totally absurd and I AM offended by such a ridiculous remark. This interview is over!

And so, there you have it. James Montana reporting for COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL, the leading edge of technology news across the cosmos.

By Bari Demers

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The Harmon


When I took the above photo, it was only with my iPhone. Unfortunately that day I didn’t carry my Nikon. I Love the reflection of the Cosmopolitan on The Harmon Hotel.

Interesting story of The Harmon residence in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During 2008, construction was suddenly stop on the 26 floor due to apparent defects. The outside appearance doesn’t give any trace of structural chaos. However construction problems were recorded by the Clark County inspectors, unfortunate for such a beautiful architectural building from the outside.

The Harmon residency is presently in the hands of the courts, each party blaming the other, a long legal battle no one would ever want to partake. Well, except the lawyers.

As my first career, starting off as an architectural draftsman, I can imagine the stress left to the architects Foster & Partners. Such a beautiful building used as an expensive billboard along with the staggering cost of $275 million, only left in limbo.

I hope the fate of The Harmon Residency turns around and becomes a sound structure in the near future. It would be such a shame to tear it down, but it’s in prime real estate, owned by the MGM Resorts International and it’s shareholders.

The enormous cost to rebuild is twice of its original price tag and I’m thinking it serves as a good tax rebate.

But, let your imagination harness the possibilities of what The Harmon can become.

As a screenwriter today along with my past architectural experience, I imagine The Harmon as a theme science-fiction hotel for Star Wars, Star Trek or even the Alien Trilogy. Or how about the Marvel Comics theme with each floor, lounge and restaurant showcasing the super-heroes, such as : Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, X-Men, Batman and Spider-Man.

The casinos would have a blast offering slot machines from the above super-heroes. After all, let’s not forget we’re in Vegas! The marketing is endless, bringing in a large crowd of followers from across the world.

The future of The Harmon depends on the Judges and the American legal system. But if it were up to me, this architectural wonder would become a safe haven for Star War fans. If Walt Disney can make a dream come true, so can we.


The Harmon is close to been completely dismantled- June 23 2015.

August 27 2015 – The Harmon has been dismantled 

By Bari Demers

Gods of Mars

Year: 2075

In 2040 colonization on Mars was the next logical step for mankind. It was enviable.

Great minds on earth took the usual precautions, calculating the risks, including three scientific papers examining the possibility of alien organisms threatening the expedition.

But they weren’t prepared for what happened next.

After the first privatized expedition to Mars, consisting of volunteers taking on the “One-Way-to-Mars” challenge, went terribly wrong, the earthly governments set in place new rules and specialized requirements.

Back in 2000, astronauts trained for years just to orbit earth, it became the backbone of operations. Then in 2030 Mars was finally achieved by privatization companies , such a SPACEX.

Any crew sent to Mars , took on a ridged training program.

The training process was so involved, their recruits had to start at an early age of only sixteen years old, in order to be ready for the next mission to Mars. They were all prodigy children from the very beginning, with superior intellect. It was rumoured they were genetically altered before birth, giving them the scientific name, GTM’s (Geno-Tech-Martians).

To the general public they became known as “Streamers” of Mars, due to their streamlined physical appearance.

If you became a GTM, society welcomed you as famous celebrities before reaching your early twenties. It use to be, film stars were the centre of attention, but a new transition evolved by 2030. After reality shows hit their peak, ten years earlier, the public’s new interest became the strange, but intriguing GTM’s.


They weren’t like the rest of us. Their physical and mental capabilities surpassed any other person on earth. Each were taller, skinner than most folks, along with the very noticeable feature, their eyes. Their pupils were either gold or a brilliant blue. It was always the centre of controversy, sparking the mass rumours, they were genetically altered. All accounts of genetic alterations were dismissed by the governments in power, backing it up with well paid scientists along with media crew. Scientist always referred the phenomenon as a new characteristic of evolution. Even though it could never be proven, the general public knew otherwise.

Expeditions to Mars became an instant fan base affair, where followers would take interest in their favourite celebrity. Each GTM would have their own profile on a new social internet platform called “Celebrity Streamers” where Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, Tessi highlighted their activities. It was a huge success, generating an astounding trillion dollars after it’s second year of online operation.

The public eagerly followed their fave celebrity to Mars, listening to their live video streams along the way.

But as far as NASA was concerned, each mission contracted out to a specific private company, was taken very seriously.

In the beginning, each expedition was routinely replaced by another with fresh provisions and man power. Ten GTM team members were assigned specific operations during their three years of duty on Mars.

It was the same basic fundamental process over and over again. A team would arrive full of scientific equipment, medical supplies and enough food to sustain seven years, calculating in ample time for the crew to survive harsh conditions on Mars, just in case anything went seriously wrong.

Scientists even placed in the probable “Crash Theory”, where any unfortunate mission on its way to Mars didn’t make it due to mechanical failure or worse yet, they made it to Mars, but crashed. Everyone knew the risks involved, but little did it deter them from exploring the new frontiers.

Each team consisted of two doctors (both specialize in surgical procedures) biologist, botanist, geologist, two mechanics engineers, an astrophysicist, mining expert and a rocket engineer.
On Mars surface, robots and rovers were already at the teams disposal, including a series of pods with living quarters, scientific stations and medical units. The costs were enormous but it was believed the resources of Mars would eventually begin payback once the mining operation progressed.


With all the precautions taken, the governments were taken by surprise with a series of disturbing events. Harmless at first, the fan base Streamers began referring themselves as “The Gods of Mars”, during their live-stream feeds. It was rumoured the Streamers found an ancient artifact with special powers, but it wasn’t ever verified.

The marketing alone helped NASA retrieve back a small portion of their operational costs.

But, it wasn’t long before GTM’s formed their religious cult. . It started out so innocent at first, with a small group of religious followers. A year later, it turned into an evil occult of estrange fans, puppetries of the Streamers, causing chaos back on earth. Riots turned into threatening demands, until it was more than obvious, the Streamers had control over Mars. The governments cover-ups eventually turned against them, when 10 Streamers revealed to the public their super powers. They were now the “Gods of Mars”.

By Bari Demers