We are Illogical 

The Okanagan- My Home
Today, as I write, ‘We are illogical’, I have arrived in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦. Throughout the fall and winter months you’ll find me feverishly writing science-fiction thrillers and assorted screenplays, such as BLACK ANGELS (ready for release) and short stories, like Android Alisha. But during the months of June, July and August, you’ll find me at my summer home, partaking in outdoor activities within our Canadian oasis, well known by celebrities across North American. In fact, as we speak, there’s a couple of filming crews setting up in Kelowna, BC. This may be the summer home for the rich and famous, but to me, it’s simply where I was raised as a kid. It’s indeed my home. For Canada 150 or your next vacation I highly recommend you take a visit to the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦.

Black Angels by Bari Demers

My creative art of writing can be referred to as the ‘Vincent Van Gogh art-impressionist-style’, left with secret hidden messages throughout each paragraph. Writing is an expression from my inner soul, hoping to make a difference to my readers, as they begin to explore the plots and twists behind my stories.

Throughout my life I have questioned our reality.  The how and why of our very existence is indeed intriguing, leading me to believe the possibilities of a higher intelligence far surpassing our own. I like to refer them as our ancestral GODS, who have left behind visible landmarks and scriptural clues. It’s even speculated the GODS of the Heavens may have altered our DNA and evolutionary timeline, making us who were are today. 

With the ways of our human race, it frustrates me to no end, “Why do we react in such an illogical behavioural pattern, causing physical harm to others, over our proposed belief in religion and/or power ?” 

As Mr Spock would say,” “May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.” 

Writing is my passion and speaks out to our foolish ways, thinking we have complete control over everything. Where, in reality, we are nothing more then a small dot in the evolutionary timeline, waiting to be exterminated by the forces of nature, much more powerful then we could ever comprehend.  

Our historical past is extremely violent, as is our present day. From dictatorship to religious fanatics, its remarkable our human species hasn’t yet been terminated. We are indeed an illogical species, forgetting about the needs of the many and too many of us are self absorbed in the needs of the one. 

We are illogical. 

It’s my hope my grandchildren will one day explore the fruits of our universe while building the foundation of their generation into a more stable civilized society expressing the love for others. If not, it’s just a matter of time our species will become extinct, like our predecessors, the dinosaurs. 

Maybe one day, millions of years in the future, another carbon-based species will find and decipher today’s article, taking heed to the warning signs of our demise. THEM, being an advanced civilization who were nurtured by millions of years of unaltered evolution, they may wonder how these savage human beings ever survived at all. 


Maybe today, the younger generation will read this article, realizing the fate of mankind, taking steps to eradicate the diseased virus of being self absorbed and begin a brighter future for all of mankind, where freedom is for all, wars no longer exist and the meaning of peace and love is for everyone. It will also mean we must explore other worlds, in order to remove the hardships of Mother Earth, as our footprints continuously places havoc on our planet’s fragile environment. We can be the loving caretakers of earth 🌏 and other M-based planets we visit, realizing our world is a living breathing entity of life, essential to our own well being. We still have a chance to grow into responsibility human beings with the potential to become caring individuals who takes our ‘footprint’ on earth seriously. If not, we may never repair the harm we’ve placed upon on our own beloved planet, we call HOME. And, if so, we don’t have an right to eject our human-virus onto other planets

Kelowna BC by Bari Demers
We are illogical but we can learn to be so much more. Sadly, we have the potential, but never seem to use it for the betterment of mankind. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and storyteller 

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The BLACK VOID by Bari Demers


YEAR 2075

In February 2017, NASA astrophysicist discovered not one, but seven earth-size planets, all with the possibility of life. Astronomers used the term TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope in Chile. At the time only three exoplanets were confirmed until the European Southern Observatory’s Telescope Spitzer noticed five additional planets, all orbiting the red dwarf star. 

Then, in 2018, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched, and soon afterwards releasing back valuable data, detecting water, oxygen or other chemical components of each planet. Of course, the distance was said to be 40 light years away, which was pretty close compared to previous findings. 

However, eight years later, the sensitive instruments on the James Webb Space Telescope noticed a strange phenomenon. In the beginning astronomers and astrophysicist thought of it only as another puzzle to the “Dark Matter Theory.” To their surprise the location was calculated at only three light years away from earth. It was indeed the milestone, in that the discovery was so close. After a year of studying it’s peculiar formation, on March 10, 2025, astrophysicist noticed an actual wave pattern. Scientists couldn’t believe the data they were receiving.  

It just didn’t make any sense! 

Accordingly, the correspondence with data and a graphic 3D layout with detailed analysis, confirmed the 1 AU (astronomical unit/ 150,000 km) squared area of Space was indeed a cloaked region made by possibly an intelligent source. 

Soon – 

The world was buzzing with all kinds of theories, from Aliens-are-watching to the hand-of-god phenomenon.  Whatever it was, it’s like something out of the Star Trek series or Twilight Zone ( two popular TV series back in the late 1960’s). 

It didn’t seem real. 

After much discussion by the science community and five years of intense study, it was clear we needed to send a satellite for further analysis. Finally, on May 30th, 2030, NASA launched a high-tech satellite called CANUSA 1 (named after the joint operation of the two countries Canada and United States). CANUSA 1 traveled at an nominal speed of 140,012 km per hr (87,000 miles per hr), expected to reach the strange anomie in just 2.6 years ! 

Two and half years passed by quickly. The excitement grew as the whole world watched on Live-Feed ; CANUSA 1 arrived closer to its destination.  

There it was, in plain sight! 

Everyone could see for themselves, the unmistakable waves through space itself. It was clear, the wave pattern was caused by an artificial cloaking device, meaning evidence of an intelligent life. CANUSA 1 scanned the outlined area, hoping to read some kind of life form. After a week of continuously searching the surface, there wasn’t any form of reaction. Scientists decided it was time to instruct the satellite to enter the void of the cloaked waves. 

CANUSA 1 headed forward, piercing the Black Void of Space. Within minutes the satellite disappeared as visual and electronic communications fail…

END OF ACT ONE : Join me as we explore what happened to CANUSA 1. Is it destroyed ? What’s behind the artificial cloaking waves ? What’s it hiding from ? Is it a threat to mankind? Join me soon and follow here, as I continue my story in ACT TWO – Revealing the Truth. 

By Bari Demers – screenwriter for James Montana Scripts 


Out of this World Vacation

planet Proxima b
Need a vacation? Looking for something extraordinary ? How about an out-of-this-world experience ? 

May I suggest planet Proxima b 

A nice planet just a little larger then Earth (It’s sure to soothe your soul).  A chance of a lifetime experience,  seeing the unique red light reflection, orbiting around the red dwarf Star Proxima Centauri. This phenomenon is only seen at Proxima b. 

It’s just a short journey and considered the closest star to our Solar System.   On the upper-right you will experience the wandering Alpha Centauri AB.  If you love water sports, Proxima b is sure to guarantee an active stream of sports.  For a little R & R take in the restaurants, pools and spa’s at the prestigious Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort.

You won’t be disappointed – we assure you. 

For a limited time offer, enjoy the luxurious Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort Deluxe Suite for a special introductory rate of only 15000 credits per night. 

Special Offer: Stay three nights in the month of December or January 2140 and enjoy two complimentary passes to The Grand Buffet.

When making your reservation, ask about our complimentary upgrade to the Proxima b Resort Suite, offering stunning views of the red dwarf Star Proxima Centauri.  Included in our Interstellar Vacations are two nights at the raved Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa by DreamStar Mars Hilton International, recent honoured for the prestigious Solar Travel Award of 2140. 

Included in our luxury vacation package : 

  • First Class round flights to Mars from Earth
  • Interstellar round trip from Mars to planet Proxima b 
  • 2 night Accommodation at the incredible DreamStar Mars Hilton International Hotel
  • 6 night accommodation at spell bound Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort
  • Daily Proxima styled buffet breakfast
  • Return flights to DreamStar Mars Hilton International 
  • Digital download copy of MARS TODAY 
  • Enjoy our daily two course fine dining experience at the well known universal Alpha Centauri gourmet restaurant. 
  • Enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the stunning red dwarf Star Proxima Centauri
  • Receive full complimentary access to all our facilities ( please note: Resort Fees do apply at an extra cost of 100 credits per night) This extra cost feature was introduced in the early 2015 era during Las Vegas times.
  • Our complimentary Satellite controlled wifi, featuring blockbuster shows by HBO MARS
  • All guests arrivals will be featured with their own service host, who will accommodate your wishes, as required. The SERVICE HOSTS are specifically designed humanoid androids by the esteem robotics engineer, Dr James Montana. ( Ancestor of Dr Ford )
  • If you require a Spirituality or mediation guidance while at Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort, High Priestesses Zo will be happy to accommodate your wishes. High Priestesses Zo offers regular morning prayers to the Gods of the Heavens at 5:00 am ( Proxima time zone). 

History: Priestesses Zo historical era is carried down from the ancestral genealogy of the profound Priestesses Isis, during the King Osiris dynasty (the 10th dynasty in the old kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS).

It’s our hope and best wishes, you’ll enjoy your stay with Hilton Interstellar Resorts Vacations.  

Please – Reserve your vacation today !  We guarantee YOU the most relaxing holiday out-of-this-world. The most interstellar experience in your lifetime! 

The Hilton Interstellar Resorts Vacations
Interstellar Head Office
10105 Mariner Valley, City of Tharsis, Mars
Satellite communications 8688 – 9990 – 99995
Coordinates 13.9°S 59.2°W

Open each and every Sol Day (24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35.244 seconds) 

Join us today for your next vacation!  

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writerDREAMS and REALITY 

Disclaimer : Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International Inc., and Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort can not be held responsible for any space travel, to or from Earth (including lift off). Due to unknown universal conditions, it’s impossible to predict the outcome of any flight associated with space travel. 

You must realize that any kind of space travel is subject to some kind of risk. 

Therefore, YOU must sign a waiver of liability to ensure you understand the legality of risk involved with space travel. By signing our provided waver, the individual and/or individuals acknowledges that he or she is aware of the fact, that participating in any dangerous activity, such as “Space Travel”, may result in death or injury. If such injury or death should occur, the individual or individuals (including appending relatives) agrees that he or she will not hold Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International Inc. and Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort liable of any loss or damages. 

With that said, Mars Hilton International Inc., Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc., including its subsidiary companies look forward to serving you as our guests at the luxurious 5-Star Proxima Hilton Interstellar Resort.

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NOTE : Throughout my storylines are little hidden clues– can you find them ? Hint – follow the MAZE of links. 



HBO’s WESTWORLD is increasingly curious with fan’s rampant speculation throughout social media. The script is well written, leaving subtle hints or clues. 

This is exactly what Westworld Director Jonathan Nolan wants to hear from his fans. Did you know the writing team is a family affair? Johnathan’s brother, Chris is writing, as well is his wife, Lisa Joy. Chris also help write Interstellar ( which I may add, a part of the movie was filmed in Alberta Canada) and The Dark Knight.  

Westworld continuing Episodes 3 and 4 are indeed worldly quirks to think about – It raises questions we’ve been asking ourselves for sometime now : 

  • Is reality just a vivid imagination?  
  • Are we in a program clearly stated in the Matrix Trilogy films.
  • Will we be able to control Androids or humanoid robots?  This question was raised in both movies, I Robot and back to the original film, Westworld in 1973. 

In the future, will humans be able to upload our consciousness or transplant our existing brain into a Android Skeleton body, without the fear of dying ?   This is a possible invention for our future, where MAN can live inside a Android Skeleton body after his organic body fails.

It really makes you think! 

  • What will be the political outcome of future robots and will they have the Freedom of Rights, we humans so dearly hang on to? 
  • Will Robots revolt and take revenge on humans?  It’s a possibility. 
  • Can robots take over the world, like in the Terminator films? 

All of these are valid questions in our real world, but what about the growing fanbased questions and concerns in the HBO WESTWORLD TV Series?  

Possible Theories by Fans : 

  1. Is GUEST William from the past, possibly becomes the MIB (The Man in Black ) in the future? (This is unlikely but interesting, never the less)
  2. We assume the timelines are relatively in sequence, but we find the timelines could be the past or future.  (At this point in time, it’s hard to distinguish).
  3. We can see hosts Maave and Delores are now questioning their existence. It’s assumed they will soon FREE themselves from the game all together. (How will character’s Maave and Delores push past the fact they’re robots. It will indeed be interesting to see the outcome).
  4. We are lead to believe the WESTWORLD Park is far away from everything else. You could even come to the conclusion they are on another world. (Character Bernard talks to his wife as if transmission could be light years away). 
  5. Character Elsie Hughes ( a Programmer working closely with Bernard). She appears to me as witty and determined. As a clever girl, she won’t take no for an answer. She’s very concerned with the abnormal behaviour of the HOSTS, coming across a serious problem with a stray host (robot) who attacks her defence personnel, character Ashley Stubbs, head of security. Before their attack by the stray host, Ashley points out the sketched markings to Elsie( left behind in camp by the host) are possible from the belt of the Orion constellation, which is located on the celestial equator. 

This last piece could be mean something.  If you discover the Orion constellation you will realize the rectangular shaped constellation consists of four stars —Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Saiph.   The three stars (approximately in the middle) of Orion’s Belt—Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.  

So – what does this mean ? Is it a quest for another planet ? Can WESTWORLD be located on different planets throughout our the Milky Way Galaxy?  

In the original WESTWORLD ( 1973 film) there were Three THEME PARKS

  1.  West World
  2. Medieval World 
  3. Roman World. 

Is it possible Westworld is on one planet and Medieval World, along with the Roman World ( showcasing the ancient Roman city of Pompeii) will be on their very own planets?

Indeed, it will be interesting to see where each episode will takes us. What I’m figuring is, the First Season will be all about West World, while the adjoining Season Two and Three will lead us to the Theme Parks mentioned.  ( I hope so 😎) 

BUT – it’s also mentioned the sketch of Orion is incorrect due to there’s four points along Orion’s Belt, instead of three.

Now this interests me too, because if you follow past Orion’s Belt, it will lead you to a fourth star named Sirius. This immediately leads into my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Of course, it’s impossible to believe Jonathan Nolan knows anything about my screenplay. 

Moving on – 

It’s my belief, in the Westworld’s first season the MiB ( Man in Black) will eventually find the route of the maze, he so desperately needs. It’s obvious the MiB is an experienced Gamer ( I have calculated with 30 years of experience he’s spent approximately $7 million throughout the years). We now know his foundation is well known in the real world as a couple of fans approached him, trying to compliment the foundation for saving one of the fans sister. Surprisingly, MiB is NOT impressed with the fans and basically tells them so in a harsh dialogue,”This is my f—ing vacation,” going on by threaten them, saying he would cut their throats.  

Apparently he doesn’t want anyone interfering with his game. 

It’s also suggested, MiB could have an insider who’s helping him to achieve his goals. In essence, there’s already a growing group of viewers suggestions stating the “Men in Black Theory”.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of the MiB. 

There’s also another theory. 

It’s possible an INSIDER of the Park is responsible for changing the robots goals, giving them their own consciousness. Could it be the illusive Arnold who (according to Dr Ford) is suppose to be dead? 

MiB Dialogue: “A man named Arnold was the original settler of these parts. He created a world where you can do anything you want, but you can’t die. No matter how real this world seems it’s still just a game. But then Arnold broke his own rule. He died right here in the park, except I believe he had one story left to tell. A story with real stakes, real violence. You could say I’m here to honor his legacy.” 

So my question : “Is Arnold really dead?” 

In case your not up on Arnold, he was a partners with Dr Ford (in the beginning ) creating Westworld. It appears (according to Dr Ford) Arnold became to emotionally close to his creations, as Dr Ford only relates the robots, simply as a tool or machine. We all know Dr Ford is extremely powerful in making the final decisions and warning  others not to stand in his way.

And finally, who’s this Wyatt? 

Is Wyatt the final goal to the puzzle? Is Wyatt somehow related to Arnold? Will the MiB gets his answers once he meets up with Wyatt.  Surprisingly enough, it’s Dr Ford who uploaded a new program about Wyatt into Teddy’s collective circuitry head of his.  

And on that note. 

Poor, poor Teddy Flood, the host who’s always in pursuit of Delores. Unfortunately he will never get his girl and always ends up either dead or prey lose to death.  

This being said, will Teddy one day get his revenge?  

The first season of HBO’s Westworld is going pretty strong and hopefully it will continue. Not like it’s counterpart, Beyond Westworld ( in 1980) who’s short-lived TV series was supposed to follow by the two great films, Westworld and Futureworld in 1976. 

Unfortunately for Beyond Westworld, it only lasted five episodes. Im excited for the new HBO’s Westworld and I dearly hope it doesn’t have the same fate. As we are headed into the five episode, it’s obvious we have surpass its counterpart Beyond Westworld.  

The new HBO Westworld is certainly going places and I’m so happy for that, as most science-fiction films don’t usually have a good record in the film industry. But with Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens Trilogy, the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain American and The Martian film, just maybe with the new millennials generation, there’s finally a new hope and drive towards SCIFI

One day I hope to see BLACK ANGELS as the next blockbuster science-fiction film.

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

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Typical Day in our Future

Water on Mars by Bari Demers
OMG!  Today’s average temperature will increase to a palmy 20 degrees C ( 70 degrees F ).   The morning sun barely reaches the surface;  this is hardly anyway to soak up the warmth, for these old bones of mine!

My goodness, but last night certainly brought chills to my spine, reaching an all time low of minus 100 degrees C ( that’s minus 212 degrees F!) At least the surface was clear of those annoying dust devils, that have a habit of getting into everything! Dust storms are a regular occurrence here, but lucky for us these new suits protect well from the elements.

Thanks NASA!  

Horray for our maintenance team too ! They work feverishly to conserve our equipment, shelter and water. Their motto, “Prevention is always the Best Policy “.   Keeping up with good service requires less repair as a end result. But there are a few times throughout the years, our mechanical crew must completely replace components. 

It’s enviable.

Our dilemma right now, is how fast computers seem to fail on a regular basis. It’s got to the point we have a six year supply of backup electronic components, specifically sealed in their 3D bubble wrap containers. I mean, our whole system runs on some kind of mainstream computer component of some sort.  Even our High Range Rovers take a beating.   As of today, we have 20 Ranger Rovers (we like to call them our little Devil Dusters) out of commission, with some still stranded in the vast region of Valles Marineris

They certainly missed that one during their brainstorming – didn’t they ! 

No sarcasm here. Carrying on…

Did you know this Grand Canyon ( Valles Marineris) extends over 3000 km with 600 km across ?   It makes earth’s Grand Canyon not so grand…does it now!   It’s only a mere 800 km long and 30 km wide.  Talking about grand, who would thought the mechanic personnel were worth their  weight in gold.   Seriously, we sometimes think they’re more important then doctors up here.

Anyway – 

As I write my daily LOG, it should be noted we have a very special guest today. It’s been months in anticipation, gearing up for the VIP ceremony. Our official team of scientists are eager to greet the arrival of our founder Elon Musk.   I hear he doesn’t look his age, hitting the prime old age of 150 years.  Guessing from his latest holograms, you would think he was in his 30’s. It turns out, pumping 20 billion into his latest research enterprise, referred to as “Android Skeletons”, was indeed a prosperous venture.  

When I first heard of it, it was just rumours. 

Until a couple of years ago, we finally saw the latest satellite feed, Elon Musk officially introducing the futuristic model of “The SpaceX Android Skeleton” featuring Elon Musk himself, as the first ever participant. It all happened during an SpaceX media event in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California, United States on March 10 2062. Elon had appeared to have distance himself from the public for the past five years. Of course, media quickly referred him as the new Howard Hughes. Rumours had it, his health was failing. But, just like that, he appears as a younger model of himself inside his very own mainstream Android Skeleton.  

Skeptics said it could never be done! 

Did he ever prove them wrong. Here he stood, grabbing media by storm in his new Android Skeleton.  It’s been boasted, the SpaceX Android Skeleton will improve the quality of life while adding a smooth skin feature, women would die for.  But that’s not the kicker!   It’s said to extend life by 200 years – WOW! 

Did he ever fool the world! 

If there’s one thing people should realized about Elon Musk, his endeavours were never out of reach. His visions proved without-a -doubt SpaceX meant business, not to mention his automatic Hoover craft called, “Tesla V ” taking the world by storm. His original Tesla vehicle started off as a hands-free affordable car in the early years of 2003. In the beginning, Tesla Motors had some hiccups, but soon became the vehicle of choice. As matter of fact, competing automobile manufacturers were trying to catch up. Soon, he introduced the first ever functioning Tesla V, able to hoover 400 metres (1345 ft) above ground and arrive in remote regions on Earth within a few hours. 


Today’s visit is not only about the visit of our founder, but it’s also to finally turn on the new prototypes, SPACEX TRANSFORMERS. Apparently back in 2020, there was an attempt to send an Mars instrument called Moxie turning the planet’s carbon dioxide into oxygen. The idea kind of worked, but was extremely slow. Of course Elon Musk had a better idea. He decided to transform all of Mars into a breathable planet within three years. It was comically named the Musk Destroyers, as there were over 30 weather satellites orbiting Mars. These high-tech machines are said to be able to change Mars atmosphere in three stages. 

  • STAGE ONE : Increase Magnetosphere 
  • STAGE TWO : Begin Producing Atmosphere 
  • STAGE THREE : Raising the Temperature 

Each stage of transforming would finally make Mars into a hospitable environment for the human race, abling the green light to begin colonization.  

Frankly, it can’t come fast enough! 

My whole life has been geared for this very moment. Ever since my great grandfather, Bari Demers put this idea of space travel and colonizating other planets into my head.  He use to read me bedtime stories from his countless collection of science-fiction.   Sometimes I like to blame my great grandfather for placing me in this dust bowl.  But then again, it was his vision that steered the human race to get out and explore our space soon, before it was too late.   

His blog “Bennu Asteroid – Will it impact Earth?” was a wake up call ! 

Fortunately for all mankind, Bennu Asteroid is said to come within 8000 metres of Earth’s atmosphere on July 10, 2173, according to scientists able to pinpoint the asteroids path with our newer technology. As today is July 4th 2062 , we have over one hundred years to see if scientists are right after all. 

We shall see. 

Today’s event will indeed go down in record transcripts, as the most remarkable day in history, deeming itself as the day Elon Musk help transform Mars into a breathable planet, once more. It’s as rememberable as the time when Neil Armstrong was the first human to land on the moon, with those famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Not to mention female Astronaut, Alyssa Carson was the first person to set foot on Mars in Aug 5, 2033 through the help of the U.S. space agency, NASA and SpaceX . Apparently at age 13, Alyssa Carson had dreams of one day reaching Mars. As the space craft safety landed on Mars, she said, “Eagle Two has landed!” Stepping onto the surface of Mars, her famous words were ( mimicking Neil Armstrong legacy), ” That’s one small step forward for women and one giant leap for mankind.” 

Mankind had finally arrived on Mars

Six years earlier, Elon Musk and NASA had laid down the foundation by sending supplies, food, and comfortable habitats on Mars. Hell! They even sent machines to make water. Oh those were the days, weren’t they ? Who can remember the “Great Space Race” back then ? 

I’m just waiting for the day we can finally remove these space suits, see clouds and (oh yes) rain!  Oh how great to actually see it rain on Mars.  As we wait for Elon Musk to arrive, it’s hard not to marvel over the accomplishments of mankind. We’ve come so far establishing a foothold on Mars and maybe in the next 100 years, we will be able to venture out, colonizing on other M-Source Planets.  

You know, to come and think of it, it would be pretty cool to see a Mars Hilton up here too. 

This is Jenni Frost signing off, daughter of Zoe Franklin, granddaughter of Bari Demers. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 


Westworld- the new reality

Westworld Art work by Bari Demers

Warning: My narrative description of HBO’s TV SERIES WESTWORLD may outline spoilers for the first two episodes. 


My introduction of WESTWORLD is through the eyes of a screenwriter, concentrating on plots, sub-plots and dialogue related to the Acts, the Establishment, the set-up, the inciting incident, contemplation, turning point, acceleration, obstacles and raising the stakes to a crisis. 

Unlike a film, TV series have a progression of ACTS, each broken by a commercial. TV series begin with a TEASER, and then follows up with ACT 1 to 5, giving the latter some kind of CLIFF HANGER or possible CLOSURE


Westworld is a Recreational Adult Park strictly for the wealthy few, who can afford $40,000 per day. The rich guests get to interact with humanoid robots, in order to enrich their lives. 

Having watched the original movie back in 1973 I already expect something pretty extraordinary, to say the least.

Let’s begin – 


The TEASER gives you a glimpse of what’s about to come. The credits introduces executive producer Johnathan Nolan along with Lisa Joy, J. J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub and Bryan Burk.  


In the First Episode we meet some of the NEWCOMERS ( the rich clients) and HOSTS ( humanoid robots) of the recreational Adult Park called Westworld.  

We immediately get a feel for the old western town of SWEETWATER, where the action begins.

We are introduced to TEDDY (James Marsden) and DELORES ( Evan Rachel Wood).  It’s hard not to become attached to the both of them. Right away, I begin to feel sorry for the robots designed to please its guests (NEWCOMERS). 

You meet THERASA CULLEN ( Sidse Babett Knudsen) the WESTWORLD Park acting CEO Operations Director. She coordinates everything in the park, making sure the guests are handle properly, the staff do their job and reports directly to DR FORD and the shareholders. 

You also meet (ironically) MR LEE SIZEMORE (Simon Quarterman) a director for the script and storyline, giving direction to the HOSTS. His character is arrogant and, his interaction with fellow employees is very abusive. You can tell he’s conceded, just waiting for recognition for his creativity. (Right away, I find his character annoying) 

ACT TWO : THE SET-UP – It’s not long and we are also introduced to the creator DR. FORD (Anthony Hopkins) and counterpart BERNARD (Jeffrey Wright ). 

We get a feel for behind-the-scenes, introducing how they manufacture the robots.

There’s a hint, that these two prominent Robotics scientists react differently to the Androids. 

We get this feeling that Bernard has an emotional view of the Androids, most specially, DELORES ( the oldest robot ). Even though he feels compassion, he doesn’t want Dr Ford to catch wind of his feelings, as his last partner didn’t last very long ( Episode 3). In fact, he died – interesting! 

In comparison, Dr Ford has no emotional ties to his creations, using them only as instruments in his overall experiment. But, in the same breathe, you respect Dr Ford. ( Who doesn’t highly admire and respect Anthony Hopkins!) 

ACT THREE : THE INCITING INCIDENT – Within 20 minutes of the show you quickly realize there’s a serious problem with Two HOSTS.  

Both of them seem to have gone haywire.  

The first one I like to refer as the MILK BANDIT, because he drinks and pours a bottle of milk on his victims. The other HOST is PETER ABERNATHY ( Louis Herthum ) Dolores’ father, (referred to as daddy) goes astray by inadvertently accessing a different code after discovering a photo hundreds of years ahead of the western timeline. 
Stuck on the photo, it triggers his program changing it by a verbal code, saying “…violent delights have violent ends.”

Westworld Artwork by Bari Demers

ACT FOUR and FIVE : This CODE forces Bernard and Dr Ford to have another look at Delores daddy. They learn the CODE may have deadly consequences, when host Peter Abernathy threatens Dr Ford by quoting Shakespeare and vowing revenge upon his creator. They decide it’s best to decommission PETER ABERNATHY, as well as the MILK BANDIT

You can tell something is bothering Bernard. Dr Ford has patiently taught Bernard his craft, from development and intellectual standards, to the full operation of the HOSTS (aka ANDROIDS).   

The dialogue is cleverly like reading Shakespeare:  

BERNARD “You taught me how to make them , but not how hard it is to turn them off.” 

DR FORD ” You can’t play God without being aquatinted with the devil.” 

Bernard feels there’s an outside interference in regards to the hosts gone astray. It doesn’t seem feasible a photo would be the cause for a host to go off script. He thinks it could be some sort of conspiracy, possibly sabotage.

DR FORD ” The problem Bernard, is that you and I do…is SO complicated. We practice witchcraft…we speak the right words and we create life itself…out of chaos.”


We meet the MAN IN BLACK (a wealthy client) whose on a quest (played by Ed Harris) seeking the secret level of the game, somewhere hidden within the deepest level of the MAZE. You know he’s been in WESTWORLD a few hundred times. His dark goals feverishly uses HOSTS in anyway he pleases (from mass killings to raping) to find the answers to his quest. 


  1. BERNARD finds errors (MISTAKES) in DR FORD reverie code, giving HOSTS subconscious access to past DARK memories.
  2. The MAN IN BLACK is trying to access the secret hidden GAME
  3. DELORES tells BERNARD she wouldn’t hurt any living thing, but at the end she casually kills a fly. 

EPISODE ONE is indeed off to a good start. Let’s continue with EPISODE TWO

by Bari Demers Screenwriter and freelance writer 

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Character Outline – Priestesses Isis

Next couple of weeks I will introduce each of my characters in the science fiction screenplay BLACK ANGELS. It’s a detailed study for screenwriters, directors and science fiction fans.

BLACK ANGELS is best described in my LOGLINE

Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.

Earlier this spring I outlined character Commander Cardin.  Today I will develop the character of PRIESTESSES ISIS.


To better understand ISIS, we have to follow the history and its legend. Most of us are familiar with Egyptian gods with the mother goddess being ISIS herself. The Egyptian dynasties worshipped their gods as if it were the legendary religious truth. Roman rulers carried on with the same belief for over 400 years.

In today’s world Queen Siri XII is ruler.

Legend has it, the goddess ISIS was Osiris wife and became mother of Horus. It’s also been speculated, ISIS comes from the true bloodline of the ancient Sirians, who were sent here from the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation under the orders of King Osiris (the 10th dynasty in the old kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS). To the Sirians and Egyptians, King Osiris was considered the holy descendant and rebirth of THE GODS OF SIRIUS under the one and only, highest GODS of them all, LORD GOD ATUM.

In reference to today, LORD GOD ATUM is related to the same one and only GOD in the Christian Bible. In fact, written scriptures passed along from generation to generation were exaggerated to reflect their own religion, placing judgment onto mankind, during each era.

It’s under the same theory, when you give a group of people the task to whisper a message to the person sitting beside you, continuing around the table, the original message presented to the last person becomes completely distorted into a different message altogether. 

Each religion distorted the truth from one generation to the next.

The same holds true for the GODS OF THE HEAVENS or more closely related to THE GODS OF SIRIUS. Our ancient ancestors were praised as GODS, simply because our barbaric thinking back then, we really couldn’t understand the advanced technology of an intelligent alien species. 

Hence, throughout history mankind worshipped the GODS OF THE HEAVENS

The Legend of ISIS has since been distorted, as mankind couldn’t comprehend the power of ISIS. Therefore, in my screenplay BLACK ANGELS we explore the truth of our ancestors. Who they were and how they became the GODS OF THE HEAVENS. So now you have an idea of the story behind of our ancestors. Read more for further explanation HERE.

Lets learn the character outline for ISIS from an actors point-of-view. 


ISIS is a female High Priestesses, exercising politically and religious powers within a KINGS DYNASTY.   She’s responsible in keeping King Osiris powerful kingdom in check, sort-of-speak.  Her decisions are for her children preventing dictatorship. 

  • All female priestesses of this statue are referred to “The Way to The Gods of Sirius“.   
  • Her religious standing in the community is well respected and sometimes even feared. 
  • Only females born with psychic SPIRITUAL powers are said to be born prophets. This phenomenon is very rare and happens only once, every one thousand years. They are said to be able to communicate with THE GODS OF SIRIUS, unattainable to anyone else. In some extremely rare incidents, the High Priestesses can communicate with LORD GOD ATUM while in a spiritual trance. 
  • Males can never be born prophets because they can’t posses the spiritual powers. In Sirian history, male kings have tried to say they were prophets sent by LORD GOD ATUM. Because their genetic DNA coding, it’s an impossibility for males to achieve this high standard. Most kings who have declared themselves prophets were quickly revealed as false prophets. 

Historical records have read, that during THE FIVE KINGS DYNASTY, there was unrest on SIRUS 5, leading to dictatorship. Their actions lead to extreme poverty amongst its people, while the Kings of this era were spoiled with riches. After a revolutionary war broke out amongst the people, THE FIVE KINGS DYNASTY was no more.   All five kings were put to death. The Revolutionary War was named THE BLOODY WAR OF SIRIAN 5. 

After this time in history, female PRIESTESSES had political control. 

  • As stated, King Osiris power can NOT be swayed by Priestesses ISIS, as her spirituality is stronger then his. Even though King Osiris ruled the 10th dynasty in the Old Kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS and considered the holy descendant and rebirth of THE GODS OF SIRIUS, Priestesses ISIS is far more powerful, having the power to overrule a decision by the King. 
  • The Holy Scriptures states that the CHILDREN OF SIRIUS are considered as the rebirths of THE GODS OF SIRIUS up until the age of 10 years old. It was then said THE GODS OF SIRIUS transformed themselves back into the realm of the heavens. Any child killed by any form would mean certain death to the person involved, including shaming down the line of existing families.
  • Priestesses ISIS is said to be the mother of all children. 
  • Even though Priestesses ISIS has political and spiritual power, her role in any MISSION is to be an adviser and mentor to the spiritual world. She can’t interfere with the mission’s Commander unless she feels her people are threatened. 
  • ISIS is devoted to her CHILDREN and will do anything to protect them, at all costs. 
  • Priestesses have the option of becoming involved with a partner. The partner must be a descendant of the ROYALTY BLOODLINE to THE GODS OF SIRIUS. Because of this restriction, most priestesses never get married. 
  • When a priestesses ever falls in love with her partner, her love is forever strong and she will do anything to protect her LIFE SOUL MATE. Even though, this is a very rare occurrence. 


  • She’s tall and lean. 
  • Brilliant oval blue eyes only acquired by a born prophet. This is usually the first sign of evidence revealing a true prophet to THE GODS OF SIRUS. The eyes are bigger then a normal person.
  • ISIS is a genius with remarkable understanding of the spiritual world. Telepathy is evident. 
  • A priestesses physical lifetime can last up to one thousand years.
  • ISIS is bald. It’s rare for a priestesses to grow any hair on her body. 
  • She has the ability to glow. 
  • ISIS also has the ability to transcend into a ghostly form. This usually happens when she’s involved with the spiritual world. 
  • Her mannerisms are cold. She doesn’t have time for small chitchat or with those who are dishonest. Under the right circumstances, she can have warm feelings, but normally reserves her warmth to her CHILDREN OF SIRIUS and the CHILDREN OF THE GODS. 
  • ISIS beauty is unmistakable and sometimes can lead to awkward moments, when a male species is lead into a trance by her beauty. Males are like butter in her hands, if she so wishes it. 
  • A priestesses is mortal and can become injured. Her weakness is unknown. 
  • ISIS skin is pale white but still very attractive. 
  • She’s all female, but her sexually is highly classified.  


Charlize Theron 

Uma Thurman 

Nicole Kidman 

Liv Tyler

Gisele Bundchen – model 

Angelina Jolie 

This concludes the developing character outline for PRIESTESSES ISIS

My CHARACTERS OUTLINE will most likely continue on with KAREN JEFFERSON
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By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer