What’s a Facebook Friend?

What’s in a friend?

Before Facebook was ever invented by I.T. Tech Mark Zuckerburg, friendship was done the old conventional way.

“Friendship isn’t something you experience over the phone ; it’s something you do in person.”

Remember those days?

When Facebook hit mainstream back in September 2006 ( so long ago – lol) we were forced to meet our new friend through adjoining meetings, sport events, parties or work. The latter is questionable to finding friendship, as most are forced to be socialable in the workplace.

This may all sound a little pessimistic, but this is what I believe should be classified as a real friendship:
1. When you’re unhappy, your friend is there to cheer you up.
2. Close friends will share their private life only because they have full trust in you.
3. A friend understands you.
4. Your friend natural “clicks” with you.
5. You laugh at each other’s jokes.
6. Friends will go out and do things together; sharing new experiences together.
7. Last but not final; They’re there for you when you need their friendship the most.

On the internet, friendship can still happen, but mostly at a distance. You may never meet that person, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did.

So, here’s the thing about Facebook friends.

Strangers will come around asking you to be their “friend” mainly because of similar interests or just maybe some alternative reason you’re not aware of. But, whatever the reason, you become friends.

Most of the time you really do find a “true friend” enjoying each other’s accomplishments, sharing each other’s photos or experiences. But then there are a few who are only there for personal gain. When they find they haven’t gained anything but your friendship, they disappear into the dark void of the internet. And then comes those who end up as your most dreaded encounters, turning into “psychotic” freaks. Those are the ones you “block” forever.

Whatever your reason for including someone as a friend, you may truly find friendship on Facebook. But, here’s the bottom-line; don’t become friends with someone for personal gain. And never be something you’re not.

Become a friend because you really want to be a friend and never ever be “fake”. This is my motto on Facebook.

What’s a friend to you?

By Bari Demers

The photo is in tribute to my friend Romeo from NASA, who has a mascot named Camilla, to encourage female students to become interest in STEM ( Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics) to broaden their careers as an Engineer, Scientist or even an Astronaut. Camilla SDO is also involved with the science behind our Sun.


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