A Planet made of Gold 


Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers
It was once said,” Dreams are more real then life itself.” 

“Data received” I remember saying.  My eyes open to the warm breeze of  trade winds gently caressing my face.  “Ah yes, I know this place well, it reminds me of Kaanapali beach in Maui,” My inner thoughts begin expressing in words,”Damn, I miss Hawaii!” 

Looking over the vast tropical ocean, waves crash like mighty giants, slowly eroding the sandy shores.  My feet are nestled in the warm sand.  It’s then I notice traces of what looks like speckled gold. Am I seeing right? Is this really gold?  Scooping up a handful of sand, I inspect it closer. Stunned, the grains of sand slowly sift through my fingers.  My mind is racing!  Instinctively looking around, I quickly notice miles and miles of the sandy beach speckled with gold, sparkling in the afternoon sun.  Smiling ear to ear, I just can’t believe my luck.  It’s then I hear a voice.

“Are you there?”

It appears I’m wearing a com-set, like some kind of military ops commander. My fingers press it, I listen again.

“Are you there?”

I reply,” Yes! Yes! Hello? Who’s this?”

The distant voice seems sarcastic,” Commander, like you don’t know who this is. It’s Mission Control! Is everything alright?”

It’s then my mind picks up the pieces of my dream.  

“Roger that, everything is fine,” I said.

It becomes prefectly clear now.  I was sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to explore a place only known as ‘Delta 4’.  Looking down at my silver-lined spacesuit, it’s makes even more sense where my dream is taking me. 

My brain instantly catches up.

Earth has reached the point of no return, polluted and over populated. The new powers-to-be sent me out on a mission to explore M-Planets capable of sustaining life. Our advanced technology now allow a chosen few to reach the farthest points of our universe with ease. We no longer require the use of spaceships after all.  Noble Peace Prize winner, Dr Smith, discovered how to genetic manipulate human molecules into what he called,” The Floating Molecules”.  This controversial procedure change the human molecular composition into floating translucent molecules, finally making teleportation a reality.

I know what you’re thinking, but it was all but a dream.

In the horizon, my mind picks out three suns, each at its own distance. “Huh? ” I thought to myself,”A trio of suns. How does this planet possibly sustain life?”

Loud static rings in my ears, abruptly turning my attention to what’s been said.

“Our monitors are seeing everything you see now. You looked puzzled, anything of concern?” said Control Operator Karen.

“It’s nothing really.  I’m seeing three suns in the horizon and…and I’m just wondering the physics of it all. That’s all. It’s amazing here Karen! It’s a planet made of gold.”

With that I wake up. 

What? I’m enjoying this dream. I adjust my pillow and try to go back into my dream.

Nothing. Huh?  

Dream Evaluation 

Well, maybe this interesting dream will continue in the future. Of course I’m trying to evaluate this dream before I forget. What’s the reasoning behind it? Is there a purpose?First of all I noticed my dream is on the Hawaiian Islands of Maui. You can tell I’m missing Hawaii. It’s been seven years since my last visit, before the time of Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve been itching to go back, but for Canadians, it’s a big investment. The other day I was looking at my Facebook page, Hawaii Project, wondering why so few followers. With Instagram, people can instantly showcase their experiences throughout the world. So, maybe a social page on Facebook is already becoming a dinosaur. The whole purpose of Hawaii Project is to interact with others who have experienced Hawaii and love to showcase their photos or videos.

Whatever the reason I’m still missing Hawaii.  After all, who can resist suntanning on the beautiful beaches, surfing, boating and snorkelling in the warm ocean. Without a doubt, experiencing the pineapple plantations bring back good memories. But here I am, saving up for my next trip. Unfortunately, the majority of Canadians make the most of their vacation time, it will last longer than just a few days or week. The cost doubles when heading to any tropical oasis.  You can’t just jump on a plane for the weekend.  Maybe that’s why I spend most of my vacations in Vegas.

I believe my dream is mixing my love for science-fiction with playtime in Hawaii

by Bari Demers– screenplay writer for Black Angels.

PS – My photo is of my granddaughter on the beach in the lovely Okanagan Valley.


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    Like any writer, it’s best to go back to your story, documentary or screenplay a couple of months or even years later. With a clear mind, you can make better editing choices.
    As such with my post in March 19 2014 – now revised January 30 2016 : The Golden Dream by Bari Demers
    I hope you enjoy and please pass along and like.
    Thank you

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