Waking-up the Monster

Today’s blog post is about living reality…

Who would have thought “Waking-up the Monster” would relate to my stomach who just loves consuming too many calories. The vicious cycle of “Weight Loss” was just waiting to happen for the simple reason I never knew about a healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy just wasn’t taught 30-40 years ago. It just wasn’t. Today it would be hard pressed not to hear of a healthy lifestyle, either on the news, the internet or shows like Dr. Oz.

Training a “New Lifestyle” starts way back in my teens.

It wasn’t hard for me to waffle down as much food as I wanted without it ever effecting my waistline. Having an active lifestyle along with a high metabolism helped me consume 3000 calories per day.

Riding my bike everywhere in Vernon,B.C. was really the only option, if I wanted to head to Kin or Kalamaka Beach. As soon as I turned sixteen, I bought my first clunker of what was suppose to be a car. Saving up $1600 for my first “wheels” while slaving away as a dishwasher at our local pizza joint took a lot of time and effort.

“Finally! No more biking,” I thought.

Suddenly my whole world opened up, along with the car came girlfriends, as if it was part of the package. After a couple years of riding around the countryside it wasn’t long before realizing my belly was hanging over my waistline.

“What? What happened?” questioning my own life habits.

Knowing all to well, eating all those double burgers, fries and tasty Spudnuts (Potato-flour donuts) at my Mom’s Spudnut Shop in Vernon, B.C. put on the pounds in a hurry. My mom never said anything out right, like ” You’re getting fat.” Instead, she would say,” I’ve heard they’re starting up a local soccer team. Maybe you should try it out?” smiling so innocently, she made it think it was my idea,. Thinking,”Yeah, I could do that!”

After a year with the Vernon Flyers I was back in shape.

Back then it was mandatory to take P.E. (Physical Education) class in high school. Without noticing it my active lifestyle was in full force. Even in college I would join a long distance running team, just to be part of the group. Once again never had to worry about how many calories I consumed, until in my late twenties.

Working at a desk job for seven years with little or no exercise ensured the fate of my waistline. It wasn’t long before I began taking up the “Weight Loss” cycle from the various trending weight-loss technique. Of course I always seem to spring into action by joining a fitness class, such as Karate.

Every five years it was the same, loose all the weight and become fit again. But human nature sends you down a path of becoming lazy or bringing up excuses, like,” I’m tired. Worked hard today, I’ll exercise tomorrow.”

And,”Oh, it’s just one double burger, I’ll go on a diet next week.”

Before you know it your life is a roller coaster of gaining and loosing weight over and over and over again. And I totally disagree when those who say,” Hey, it took a Lifetime to gain those pounds, it’s not going to be easy to loose it.”

In my lifetime I have gained and lost weight at least five times now. Hitting that magically number on the weigh scale, sends me spiralling down the “rabbit hole” into this years brand new diet trend.

In all this time I never consider myself obese or extremely fat, simply because I never reached staggering weights of 250 – 400 lbs. At the peak of my weight gain it would be around 80 lbs, which always triggered me into some kind of action. But of course doctors think otherwise.

I came to dread the thought of eating; the very thought of ” Waking-up the Monster”! Sometimes I would starve myself for three days or more, not realizing how dangerously it plays havoc on your metabolism.

After all these years, it should never have been about dieting.

Eating a healthy lifestyle starts with eating five to six micro-meals a day, planning ahead and incorporate veggies and fruit daily. I’m not a doctor so I won’t dictate what healthy lifestyle suits you, but all I know is; it’s a constant daily struggle.

Don’t begin by “Waking-up the Monster” suddenly, it’s always hungry and will eat you up! Feed it sensible heathy meals starting with the most important meal of the day, Breakfast.

To say it’s easy, is so far from the truth.

I love to cook gourmet meals as much as “eating out” ,but all I know for sure, you must keep your healthy lifestyle in check.

Share your weight-loss experience. How has it effected your life?

My photo is a smoothie – I always pour it in a Beer glass to remind me of why I must eat sensibly.