Year 3025 – The Hunt

Today’s story is from one of my favourite genre, Science-fiction. I hope you find this piece pleasantly tasteful.

YEAR 3025

Our population reached an unprecedented eight billion souls with another two billion throughout our solar system. Over 70 percent of the world’s population were now starving while the aristocrats live high on the hog. Cannibalism became an acceptable practice to help reduce the population. But finally, their thirst for greed lead them to underestimate the corruption within the military, who were suppose to protect them.

Political unrest finally turned into the most violent Revolution recorded in history, famously named “Alexander’s Revenge” after it’s leader, whose named implies,” Defender of Men”.

600 years The Royal Empire ruled with its iron fist only to be conquered by the desperation of its own people. The first rule of business was sparked fifty years before, after retrieval of the exhausted satellite Voyager I, found by mining scavengers. It was rumoured Voyager had information of a planet flourishing an abundance of vegetation and most importantly, a source of protein. This rumour fuel the Revolution.

It was time to put these rumours to rest. Alexander ordered a military fleet of starships to begin colonization for its people, under the command of General Markus.

Five years had past since the start of their long voyage into the depths of the unknown universe. General Markus lead his elite convoy determined to bring back good news of a sustainable planet. Satellite scouts were routinely sent ahead pinging back possible sources only leading to dead ends. It seemed like all resources were exhausted, until one promising day.

Lead Ship, “Star Voyager “, appropriately named after Voyager I, had just reached the outer realm of interstellar space . Communication Officer Ryan’s daily task was similar to the thousands before it, but this time, things were different.

General Markus was religiously at his helm waiting for just this day.

Officer Ryan bored by his tedious choir, suddenly became over excited,” General! I believe we may actually have a hit, Sir.”

General Markus,” Is it real?”

Ryan slides his fingers across the screen, double checking,” Yes Sir! It’s a real hit.”

“What’s the reading?” remarks General Markus.

Ryan looks over the data carefully,” It’s a M Class blue planet, Sir. It has a mass equal to our own. The water occupying approximately 70 percent. And…”

His fingers continuously slides through the data, ” And…”

“And?” The General raises his brow,” Wait. Hold that thought.”

General Markus is quick to act, flipping on the intercom,” This is your Commander speaking. Listen up. All teams. I’m proud to announce we have a hit! Begin operation APOLLO.”

He turns his attention to Ryan,” Go ahead Ryan.”

“Yes Sir. It has an abundance of livestock and vegetation,” Ryan grins.

“Any other transmissions we should be aware of ?” Questions General Markus.

“Yes General. It appears…excuse me Sir,” says Ryan,” but there’s a lot of communications across the planet.”

Everyone on deck eagerly waits Ryan’s input.

The livestock Sir? They call themselves… HU..MAN.. General!” Ryan’s lizard eyes flinch, smacking his lips,” theirs millions of them!”

“Human you say? Excellent Ryan!” Exclaims General Markus,”Thank the gods our people will no longer starve. King Alexander will be so pleased. Let the hunt begin!”


The moral of the story? Be careful what you send into the unknown, you never know what might come back.

Ok. You can blame my years watching The Twilight Zone when I was a kid. 🙂

Written by Bari Demers

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