Did you know the story behind Champagne ?

True Story

In the 17th century under the rule of King Louis XIV (also known as the SUN KING) was not happy with his beloved wine. Constantly bursting, at what seems to be too much carbon dioxide in the wine, causing an inconsistent product.

At the same time a monk in a small region of France called “Champagne” was in charge of making wine for his monastery at Hautvillers Abbey.

He heard of King Louis XIV cries over his wine and thought this would be a good opportunity to increase the riches for the Abby, if only he could come up with a better tasting wine.

After experimenting, he noticed that mixing red and green grapes together produced a more favourable tasting product. The monk used only the top listed grapes from the oldest vines. A Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes became his exclusive choice of favourites, beginning the unique process of wine making techniques.

With patients and creativity he finally produced the right clarity of wine that he was sure King Louis XIV would be proud of.

And he was right. It wasn’t long after the King’s first taste, the new wine became his regular favourite beverage during the King’s elaborate dinners. But still the wine had not been named.

It was then King Louis XIV used his golden rays of judgement (ruler of the Sun) giving this pale yellow coloured wine a name under the region of France of where it came from,”Champagne”.

All this time King Louis XIV and the monk never met, but he did know his name, Dom Pierre Perignon. Hence the name of the top Champagne of the world is “Dom Perignon”.

What makes this story truly interesting, King Louis XIV and the monk, Dom Pierre Perignon both died in the same year and month. King Louis XIV died on September 1, 1715 while Dom Pierre Perignon died on September 14, 1715.

Today the same clarity and perfection of this wine is produced by the Chef de Cave who is responsible for each step including the knowledge of blending and aging of “Dom Perignon”.

Depending on the year of “Dom Perignon, it can range in price from $400 CA to as much as $1100 CA, with early vintages auctioning off for over $28,000 CA.

Now you know the story of Champagne 🙂

I can’t afford Champagne so my photo is a glass of wine which I enjoy with my elaborate meals. Well, maybe as not elaborate as King Louis XIV.


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