The Force is Within You

Went to the theatre during Christmas, watching “The Rise of Skywalker”. The end of this Saga made me reflect on the past 42 years with Star Wars. In the back of my mind I have formed the most incredulous frightening thought of how our lingering life on earth corresponds with the living force within us all, and how it cements the very existence of mankind’s hell-on-earth.

To understand it further, my inner self started screaming at me to write it down. So here I am, writing this bizarre story, that may be the reason we are all here, in the first place.

Please enjoy my story :


1358 BC – The Reign of Akhenaten ( formally known as Amenhotep IV )

August 30

It was a hot summer day.

An old man starred intently across the Nile River, patiently waiting for something. He was wearing a white Egyptian robe laced with gold. His long silver hair intertwined gracefully with his tinted beard. You knew by his appearance he was made of Royalty, maybe a Priestess of great status.

In the distance you could see a barrage of Egyptian Solar Ships headed their leisurely way towards him. Closer, it was evident two of the three ships were filled with children. Each ship was protected by an elite group of Egyptian soldiers. The last ship was covered in gold, gems and jewels. The large solar sails were made of best Egyptian cloth stitched with gold lace. The Royal crown of Pharaoh Akhenaten sparkled across the Nile, in the morning sun.

As the ships docked the children impatiently scrambled ashore. Each child respectfully gave the old man a hug. The entrance of the last ship was indeed of Royal status. The Imperial Guards made way for Queen Nefertiti and her entourage of female servants.

It was a time of unrest.

Seventeen days early King Akhenaten changed his name from Amenhotep IV to the great Pharaoh Akhenaten, to honour the one and only Sun god, Aten. Indeed restless turmoil filled the air. The Aten cult didn’t reflect the norm of many gods before, which divided his people.

Nefertiti stepped gracefully ashore poising like any queen would.

The old man bowed and said,” My dear Queen, I am delighted you took the time to relish an old mans request.”

Nefertiti offered her hand. The old man instantly kissed her gold ring with green emeralds. She smiled,”Oh my dear friend Horus, its been too long. It’s my pleasure to see you again. How’s your health ?”

“By the leading light of the sun god Aten, I’m stronger then ever, “ Horus said with dignity. He quickly changes the subject, “Please… follow me my Queen, everything is ready.”

Nefertiti nods,” Yes, lets get on with it, we have an important day for our children. Aten would be pleased.”

Horus leads the entourage to the sacred temple of the “Living Gods”, a grand pyramid made out of marble, outlined with sandstone statues of Nefertiti and the almighty Pharaoh, King Akhenaten. Its interior featured a large room big enough for a thousand people. The slanted walls marked with ancient religious hieroglyphics, each with large stained windows lined perfectly throughout, to allow the light in, but at the same time, kept out the intense heat. If you saw the pyramid in todays world, it would look strange to see these openings missing the tempered glass. It was thought the Egyptians didn’t have windows or mirrors, however the archeologists were wrong to believe this.

The marble floors tinted with emeralds and hints of gold, sparkled everywhere. These are the polished floors where the congregation of priestess and priestesses would sit on comfortably made cushions. The only chair, decked out in solid gold, faced centre with an elaborate Holy Alter behind it. The sacred room was meant only for the elite, but today the children of wealthy Egyptians and Queen Nefertiti’s were allowed in.

This was the first year, a special congregation, just for the children, in order to carry on the holy true “Word” of the one and only god Aten.

It was said :

‘The Word existed in the beginning: the Word was both present with God. Before creation and the Word was God. THEY were present with God in the beginning.’

The teaching to the children was important, to carry on the tradition of where our ancestors came from in the beginning.

Horus and Nefertiti sat in the middle with the children mingling around them, centre of the room. It was a relaxed congregation, allowing the freedom to speak out, if questions were raised, unlike the traditional sacred gathering by the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the King of all kings. However, the elite guards were nearby, full attention glued on the protection of Queen Nefertiti.

In a soft motherly voice, Nefertiti speaks out to the excited children,” My dear children of our one god Aten…”

Immediately, without question, the children stopped whispering from one to another. They knew, when Queen Nerfertiti spoke, all lips must be sealed. In loving respect for their queen, they abide by the unspoken rule.

Nefertiti continues,” It’s my pleasure to have you all here today. Our gracious priestess, Horus has taken his precious time out of his day to be with you. Please…come closer, let us listen to his teachings of the “Word”.

The Queen holds out her hand to Horus. Horus bows his head,” Thank you my dear queen, it’s indeed a pleasure to be here. I’m your humble servant.”

Queen Nefertiti nods.

Horus pauses, looking around him, then, with the biggest grin you can imagine,”My dear children of Aten, I am humbled by your appearance here today. Let us begin in pray.”

Everyone bows their heads.

Horus recites,” My dear Lord God Aten, the one and only God within the heavens above us, I praise you with all my heart and soul. We are here today, to honour your “Word”. The Word existed in the beginning: the Word was both present with God. Before creation and the Word was God. THEY were present with God in the beginning. Lead us onto you, straight and through, May our souls rest within the heavens of the afterlife.”

Horus paused. Deep silence.

Looking up he continues,” Let us begin my children…”

All eyes are glued on the priestess. The children anxiously waited for this day to come. Excitement filled the room. To them, it was like our Christmas day.

Horus continues,”This morning I’m going to tell you a story. A true story, of our ancestors and how our Lord God Aten guided them.”

And so the story began —

Our ancient ancestors are not of this earth, but come far far far away, from a lonely dying planet, you refer to as the heavens above. But, you would all be wrong. The heavens above and the stars you see twinkling in the night are not the same. Our ancestors called the stars above, the central universe of many universes. The lonely planet has a name.

We know it as SIRUS 5.

Sirus 5 lies precarious within the Sirius Cluster of the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation. It’s a wonder our ancestors planet survived as long as it did, as it lies between two dwarf Suns and one active sun, known as “Sirius C”. If you look into the night sky, you won’t find the star Sirius C, as an explosion took place took place a long long long time ago. This massive universal explosion of a large star is called a “SuperNova”.

Today, you can only see fragments of that failing star.

It’s remarkable Sirus 5 so happen to be teaming with life, considering the harsh desert climate it must endure. Not like earth, water is scarce. Most of its surface was a sandy landscape with small patches of salt lakes, scattered throughout this scourging planet. Incredibly, one ocean snakes across its surface, with its width only a mere 300 kilometres apart. Somehow, an intelligent humanoid life form has merciful survived the harsh planet of SIRUS 5.

THEY were our ancestors, my children.

THEY (our ancestors) were present with our God Aten in the beginning. It was THEY who started our race of people, making us who we are today. Our Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti are direct descendants of our ancestors and the almighty God Aten.

Horus pauses waiting for the children’s response. Their wide-eyed response spoke out clearly without words. Amazed and bewildered at the same time was an understatement. Horus breaks the silence and said,”Do you have any questions my dear children?”

Nefertiti’s youngest daughter, Meketaten, is first to speak out,” Are you saying God Aten and our ancestors were one ? I’m confused.”

“In a way, that’s true,” said Horus,” Let me explain further. Do you all agree Life and Death are connected and death is inevitable to the living ?”

The children nod.

“Good,”said Horus,” We also know to prepare our dead for the afterlife. However, this is what you don’t know. Between the realms of Live and Death, there’s a force of unspeakable power known as the “Cosmic Force”. Its been said, all the energy from the Living and dead (including our souls) feeds into the Cosmic Force. The Cosmic Force is also in direct connection with Black Energy. Black Energy is the Dark Force. As there’s good and evil on earth, so is there in the Cosmos. The Cosmic Force too, connects with the souls that have left their physical bodies.

However, did you know, there are a few living souls, where the force is strongest with them. THEY posse the gift.

It’s been written :

Thou energy from the Living Force, ATEN.

From ATEN, all things that have ever lived are the FORCE.

ATEN feeds into the Cosmic Force, binding everything and communicating to the strong few, now with the Force.

WE must use the Force for good and stay fast from Evil.

To us, WE are gifted by Aten, the ONE and only FORCE.

WE are now with THEY whom are with the WORD.

The Word ATEN existed in the beginning: the Word was both present with God.

GOD is ATEN, Our saviour in the living and afterlife.

Before creation the Word was God.

THEY were present with God in the beginning.

Thou art THEY who have the power with ATEN, with the grace of GOD ATEN, THEY are.

Our ancestors also taught us we’re all connected to the countless universes throughout time and space. As one universe dies, another is born through the force of what are called ‘Blackholes’, sucking up the energy of planets, galaxies and even Light itself, becoming victims of there own demise.”

Another child speaks out,”Black Hole ?”

“Yes my child,” said Horus,” Think of the eddies in the River Nile. Swirling waters that can suck you to the bottom of the river. We all know not to swim by the swift current of the River, not to mention the crocodiles patiently waiting for the unsuspecting victim. From birth, you’ve been taught to stay away from the rivers edge and the swirling waters, known as ‘eddies’. The forces of the swirling river will indeed drown even the strongest swimmer. Think of eddies as Blackholes. The only difference is, Blackholes are massive forces of nature, sucking up stars and planets. Even light can not escape its cosmic force.”

Horus looks at his students. He takes a minute to let it all sink in, then continues,” In the scriptures, it is written by our ancestors :

‘As the One is connected to the [Cosmic] Force, so are THEY. THEY and the ONE are together, as one, since the beginning of time. All the energy above and below are connected. WE are ONE of many. ‘

The children are becoming impatient, fidgeting and whispering amongst them. Horus stops and says,” That’s enough teaching for this morning, my children. It’s high noon and time to eat. Please…go ! We’ll continue afterwards. “

All the children race off with a burst of energy. To them, it’s play time.

Nefertiti looks concerned, “ Horus, my dear friend. Do you think they understand? Or is it too much for their little minds?”

“My dear Queen, the children are smarter then you think,” said Horus,” They will absorb it all and take it with them in life. Some may be confused now, but after several teachings, even the slow will pick it up. Wait. You’ll see. This afternoon I’ll introduce them to our priestesses Meritaten, your eldest daughter. She will amuse them all with the Force”.

Nefertiti smiles,”Oh Yes ! I’m sure of it ! Won’t our children be surprised.”

“Indeed,” Horus said,” Indeed they will my dear Queen.”

In the heat of the day, the children are protected by the interior of the sacred pyramid. They all gather around Nefertiti who is now sitting in the Pharaoh’s golden chair. Horus is at her side, as are the Imperial Guards.

“My children, “Nefertiti said,”This afternoon Horus and I have a special treat for you. Now, I’m not talking about sweets. No. I’m talking about entertainment, just for you. Let me introduce you to my eldest daughter Meritaten – the sacred one loved by Aten. Meritaten has just finished her training and is now a priestesses adored by Aten.”

The children cheer !

Nefertiti summons her daughter with the sacred staff. Hitting the floor twice, Meritaten enters the room. She is wearing high laced leather boots, a see-through light Egyptian robe (without any restrictions)

gathered by a thin leather belt. Her leggings are close to capri pants women wear today. On her head she’s wearing a light Egyptian gold-plated helmet itched with scriptures on the sides, covering her ears. To protect her, she’s wearing a breast plate of thin gold, lined with jewels. The armour is indeed impressive and stylish – fit for any priestesses. Meritaten is a young tall woman in her twenties, thin but strong. It was common, Meritaten and her mother Nefertiti were mistaken for each other. Neatly tucked into her helmet, you could barely see her jet-black braided hair. Her eyes were the same colour as her moms, emerald-green. They were sure to captivate you, by luring you into her spell.

Meritaten kneels and bows to the Queen.

“I am here at your request, my Queen Mother of Egypt. May the force and glory of Aten be at your side,” said Meritaten.

“I’m delighted you have come to show our children what you have learned. Please begin,” said Nefertiti, as she motions one of her guards to be her apponenant.

Excitement feels the air.

The guard pulls out his razor-sharp sword, lunging at Meritaten with all his might. Meritaten sidesteps before the sword could cut her in half. He whirls around with another swipe, missing his opponent. Meritaten kicks him in the back, making him tumble to the floor.

In rage, he rushes Meritaten.

It’s as if everything is in slow motion, the guard charging, as Meritaten puts out her hand. A blast of unseeable energy throws the soldier back the distance of the room, tumbling head over heels across the floor.

The children gasp!

To see the FORCE in action was indeed exhilarating. It all seem like magic.

Nefertiti slams the sacred staff down. It is finished. Both opponents face the Queen and bow. Meritaten removes her helmet, leaning it on her hips.

“What a wonderful display using the force,” exclaims Nefertiti. She gets off the Royal chair and gives her daughter a warm hug, “ I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished,” as she looks into her eyes. A mother couldn’t be any prouder.

The children once again cheer.

“That my children is a demonstration using the power of the force,” said the Queen,” It’s time to once again follow Horus to the centre of the room, so he may teach you further. Please go !”

The children scrambled away, like hungry hyena‘s, ready to pounce on their prey.

“This afternoon I’m going to teach you more of the sacred scriptures and how our ancestors were here before we were even conceived,” said Horus,” Please sit.”

As told, they quickly sat down, waiting eagerly for the priestess message.

“Good,”smiled Horus,”I’m so happy you complied. Let’s begin.”

And once again, the story continued —

“ A long long long time ago, our ancestors came to earth with Lord God Aten.

THEY and the WORD saw the earth teaming with life.

And God saw that it was good.

Then God said,” Let us make mankind in our image,

In our likeness, he and THEY made them;

Male and female he created us.

From the animal of Apeman THEY transformed us into THEM.

THEM, THEY and God ATEN were now in the same image.

God blessed THEM and said to THEM, “ Be fruitful and increase

in numbers ; fill the earth and subdue it.

“We children are them,” Horus said,” WE are the new creation.

We are human beings. Any questions?”

One child speaks out,” What were we before?”

“Good question my child,” Horus smiles,” Aten transformed us

from Apeman to human beings with the help of our ancestors.

Our ancestors, like Queen Nefertiti, are superior beings to us.

They are an advanced intelligent civilization, which simply

means they’re generations ahead of us. Here’s a new word for you

to ponder over,”genetically-advanced”. With time, human beings

[us; them] will slowly advance too. In the meantime, listen to

our scriptures :

Thou appearest beautifully on the horizon of heaven,

Thou living Aton, the beginning of life!

When thou art rise on the eastern horizon,

Thou has filled every land with they beauty….

Thy rays encompass the lands to the limit of all that thou hast made….

When thou settest in the western horizon,

The land is in darkness in the manner of death…

At daybreak, when thou arisest on the horizon,

When thou shinest as the Aton by day,

Thou drivest away the darkness…

“Any more questions my children?” Horus looks around at the curious eyes. He noticed one puzzled,” You!”

The shy child within the circle pops up surprised,” Me?”

“Yes you, my child,” said Horus,”What’s your name?”

“Your highness,” the child said,”My parents call me Neferneferuaten. It means ‘Beauty of the Beauties of the Aten.”

“Yes, of course it does, Horus said,”You look puzzled. Do you have a question?”

“Ah…I think so,” Neferneferuaten says,” May I ask how we are part of the force ?”

“Of course you can Neferneferuaten,” Horus said,” Our soul, our heart, our living energy inside is part of the force. We are only a small part of energy throughout the vast countless universes. When we die, we all join the force as one. However, there are a few living souls that are gifted with the force while living amongst us. THEY are with ATEN. Your mother, Queen Nefertiti is a direct descendant of THEY, our ancestors. That means, you may obtain the force and not realize it yet. THEY can speak directly to ATEN. “

“Can you speak to Aten ?” said Neferneferuaten.

“I pray to Aten my dear child,” Horus smiles,”I don’t have the living force in me, but your mother, Queen Nefertiti does. I can only talk directly to our God Aten, when your mother or King Akhenaten is present. Maybe one day, you will be able to connect to the force. It will be then, you too will be able to speak directly to Aten. I’m just a messenger. I translate Aten’s wishes to our people. Only the holy have this privilege. It takes years of training and prayer to become a priestess. “

Horus pauses, “ Do you understand what I’m saying my child ?”

Neferneferuaten nods,” I think so…”

“Good,” Horus says,” Good. Ok children. There’s one last thing I must teach you today. There’s bad and good in our world. Then there’s evil. Evil is the darkness. The dark side. It’s the dark energy I was talking about. It’s up to us not to be swayed by evil and do good. Be good and wish no harm upon others. Treat every living thing with respect and always pray to our God Aten. You may not hear him, but he can hear you. If you’re the chosen one, he may let you hear him. He’s always watching, so be good onto others, as you want others to be good to you. Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “

Nefertiti stands up,”Let’s give Horus a warm thank you. Head to the ships, I will be with you shortly.”

The children one by one give Horus a hug and then race off.

“Should’ve we told them why we’re here in the first place? “ Nefertiti folds her arms.

Horus bows to the queen,” With due respect my Queen, we don’t want to scare them. When they’re older, I believe they’ll understand. After all, if they knew our souls were placed here on earth because their souls were rejected within the cosmic force, due to past lives, I’m sure they would become bewildered and sadness would fill their hearts. If they realized this is living-hell-on-earth, they would feel empty with despair. This is why we must slowly teach them the Word. Only with the Word, can they enter through the afterlife free of conscious, towards the centre of cosmic force. We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of evil. We are here to start over again until we get it right. How many times, I don’t know. Unfortunately there’s isn’t anything fair upon the living. We are tested to achieve a better self worth of our living souls.

Nefertiti nods,”Maybe in time, some will get it right, while others still may be under the spell of evil. I hope for their souls ; they will become closer to the living force of good and abstain from evil.”

“ Yes my dear Queen,” Horus agrees,” That’s why you and our ancestors are here. To monitor our progress. Some of us may not make it. Millions of us may die here on earth, only to be reborn again, and again, and again. If evil sweeps the universe, that universe will be destroyed, so a new one may once again start. It’s a cycle of birth and rebirth ; life and death. We can only pray our souls will grow into Nirvana :

A state in which our mind and soul are enlightened as to the illusory nature of the self, transcends all suffering and attains PEACE.

It may be hell-on-earth right now, but there’s hope. Hope for the betterment of mankind. Betterment of our souls. “

“The Force is Within You”

THE END – 3932 words

By Bari Demers – I hope you enjoyed my latest story. In all, it took me 5 days of 4 hr days to complete it. Writing takes so much energy. Each story I write has a hidden message and sometimes refers to another story. I’m not the religious type, but I feel we do have a soul and that soul has an energy of good and evil. We must find the good in us before we destroy ourselves. We must find NIRVANA – our soul must be at PEACE with its self, in order to continue in the cosmic order of things. You may call it GOD, I call it ENERGY.

Peace out ✌️ Total word count : 4020


Spirituality is our Destiny by Bari Demers
What IF Spirituality  was the higher power meant for the greater good of life, where the laws of physics are applied.   It may be a better world we live in.  

Our World …and how Religion has pretty much divided society since the dawn of man.

It’s always a controversy subject because it hits the core of someone’s belief.
Personally I studied several religions, while ( in my earlier years) being brainwashed by the Catholic faith. 

BUT – I am like I am. 

I always questioned everything when something didn’t sound right. It wasn’t long before I realized the Catholic faith wasn’t telling the whole truth, which lead me to study other religions. 

BECAUSE back then I still believed in GOD

However, since my long quest for the TRUTH, each religion failed miserably as I questioned the existence of GOD. It lead me to the science and its undeniable facts. Instead of a good storyline by the Bible, I was lead astray from storytelling to hard core facts and historical accounts. 

BUT after Jenni died, I had to believe in a superior power of sorts, be it named GOD or whatever.  If NOT…Jenni’s death and so many other children (who unfortunately had the same fate) would mean life has no meaning and is extremely cruel.

It would be inconceivable to think life after death doesn’t exist. 

BUT  It’s clear, things in society just keep getting worse because of religion. Anyone crying for the GODStheir help is followed by silence.  It means that GOD doesn’t exist as we would like him to. 

BUT  what if…

Religion was completely abolished throughout the world and instead we started thinking on a Spiritual Level. As said,” Spirituality IS the higher power for the greater good of life, where the laws of physics is applied.” Where our energy used is just borrowed for a time, then reused over and over again, throughout the countless cosmos of unlimited time and space. If you ever saw the movie AVATAR you would quickly understand the meaning of Spirituality, where its intertwined from one generation to another, where ALL living life has a purpose and reason.  

This would explain why we never can see or hear from our loved ones, as their souls are turned back into pure energy, returning to the main source. The MAINSTREAM of LIFE and DEATH constantly intertwined through the reality we know and the cosmic realm we don’t know – YET! 

Without Religion, imagine a world no longer fuelled by hate ; whereas a SPIRITUAL world concentrated on the greater good, the cycle of life and death, honouring LIFE and DEATH for not just human beings, but every living thing. 


SO – I believe in GOD, but not like you WANT me to believe in him.  

When  I hear of someone with a good heart and soul who passes away, I quietly say,” Look after his/her soul dear Father.” Meaning… it’s like the Egyptian Pharaohs, who believe in the afterlife, where their souls go to a better place. A place where our soul transforms in the afterlife back into the mainstream of the living, once more. Our soul takes on a new journey where it has gone so many times before ; and therefore my words simply mean a safe journey to the afterlife. 

FATHER is related to the main Spiritual Entity of nature itself and NOT as an actual living individual person, but a Spiritual force referred to as GOD. 

I believe in the MAINSTREAM of SPIRITUALITY and NOT man-made religions, where deceit, manipulation and control is its main purpose.  

By Bari Demers 

Express email to God

What if atheists are right ?

Dear God,

I find it unimaginable to realize you don’t exist.

I pray I’m wrong and your silence is my ignorance and YOU will soon answer. The god awful feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me you’ll never answer our cries for help, letting the atheists win the overall social debate.

It’s understandable we could be a by-product consisting over millions of years of evolution. We’re even considered a small tick on the clock of time, but my inner soul tells me there’s more to us than a biological entity.

Scientists, like Charles Darwin, use science and logic to make their claim, reasoning our existence is only a small part of a much bigger picture on an evolutionary scale.

It’s so unfortunate religion has plague mankind from the beginning of time, exercising it’s power, starting wars and collecting riches through your name. Each man-made religion demands they’re the RIGHT religion and the rest are wrong.


If you don’t exist, everything we do is for NOT.

Our meaning of life is nothing more than a figment of our imagination mixed with the reality of death, suffering and despair.

Love is only a way we know to bond in order for our species to propagate, over-populating our poor earth with the countless masses. We ARE nothing more than a bad virus spreading our seed, causing damage along the way.

But God, please tell me I’m wrong.

Tell me when I see the creation of a little being in the palm of my hands, there’s more to life than we know or could ever comprehend. There are times when I feel your existence. But then, there are those times I don’t understand why you won’t intervene into the suffering of our children.

I plead for your thundering out-cry, saying,” That is enough! No more bloodshed! No more hate! No more greed! No more evil! No more! I tell you all – I AM YOUR LOVING GOD and I’m here to protect you.”

If only I could hear those words from your sweet lips. If only I could love you, hold you, hug you, knowingly YOU ARE REAL and NOT an imaginary existence made up from the electrons of my evolutionary brain.

More and more souls are giving up, feeling our life has no meaning.

It’s called suicide and considered a sin, but it’s more of a sin not helping out their silent cries. Our doctors are becoming complacent, overwhelmed by the masses. They’re indifferent using medical terms and drugs to calm the suffering souls. But I say to you, they’re not aware of the inner feelings of sickness or battling desperation they ensue each and every day of every hour of every minute of every second.

Oh My God, is this your will?

I’m tired of hearing of the needless deaths from suicide or the horrific killing rampage upon our children by the hands of an insane lunatic.

I’m just tired of it all. My tears of sorrow fill the oceans of our earth many times over.

Please God.

Please speak and clearly make your presence known.

What ever happened to that feeling of falling madly and deeply in love?

Where did it go?

Where’s that feeling of bonding closely, enriching our souls to believe we have a purpose?

Why is everything tasteless ?

Why God? Why?

Everyday I hear of a needless death, I whisper those words dear to my heart,” Please God, save their souls.”

It’s more satisfying to know, you’re there to look after them, give them a purpose, showing your care and endless love.

Please God. Reassure them, THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

I believe you can hear my words even before the day I was ever born. My words are your words. My life is your life. I’m in the palm of your hands.

It’s up to you God. It’s up to you.

Make this earth a better place for all of us.

By Bari Demers


There’s such a negative stigma to those suffering mental illness, that most will not speak out. When they do get the courage, society scoff them as being weak or selfish, when they do act out in desperation.

Once again, on the news two more souls this past week (in my city) loss their life due to their act of desperation. So young are the life’s, it’s makes me cringe with sadness.

I just had to write about it, asking God to make his physical presence visible as I see, hear and touch you today.

The evil and negativism in our world must stop.

Too many teenagers are effected by depression. Countless children are dying by the hands of dictating government greed or deranged individuals.

And, if society can change their views on mental illness, our world would be a better place.

Read any medical journal, and it will explain mental illness is a disease, much like one crippled with alcoholism or drugs. The only difference, mental illness is hard to see. It’s not a visible broken bone, so most doctors don’t know how to treat it. Or worse yet, they won’t !

It’s time society as a whole begins to recognize the problem, making it illegal for those inconsiderate people (who use bullying tactics) lashing out at those who are suffering dearly.

Life is too short.

Life should be a happy place, freely feeling alive, fulfilling your dreams.

Trust me when I say, “Everyone, at one time or another has had depression of some kind, but were afraid to say so.”

Either that or you’re a good lier…

The picture below is a graphic painting I did expressing the depression within our souls.


The God Theory

The Gods ruled the Earth by Bari Demers
Can mathematics solve the age old question: Does God exist?

You be the judge…

Please Note:

The subject of God and various religions around our world today will always be a controversy subject. If you’re an atheist, this subject is not for you to consider. Please leave constructive “nice” comments. You know the saying,” If you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all.”

All my life I believed in the existence of a God for personal reasons. But unfortunately after studying an array of worldly religions, I feel mankind has the tendency to add greed, distrust and power into the mix, placing religions out of the equation.

Born into an Italian family, the Catholic faith was automatic, attending Sunday Mass, all in respect for my mom. At a young age I was taught everything under the assumption our bible was the true word of God.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

My believe in the God doctrine was built under a strong foundation with confession, communion and weekly bible studies. With encouragement from my mom I decided to become a Alter-boy, believing the church is indeed the house of God, the most sacred place on earth.

Until one Saturday afternoon, during our regular meeting with the appointed high-priest. He waltzed into the sacred church smoking the latest brand of cigarettes and swearing like a trooper; it was on the that day I started questioning the role of mankind and religion.

In my teens, seeking the “Truth and Light” of God, I study with various religions, from Jehovah Witnesses to the Mormons. Each religion failed miserably due to its doctrine. All was lost after years of listening, waiting to hear from God, until one horrifying day.

The year started with celebrations!

My wife and I were proud parents of our first born child, a little girl we named Jenni.

Life was good until the day Jenni became sick. The doctors tried their best, but couldn’t cure her. The night I held her in my arms I could feel the life (living soul) leave her little body. If you’ve ever experience this moment, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The devastation of loosing your child is insurmountable, crushing the very fabric of life within your soul.

One minute, Jenni was alive.

The next, you can feel when the body becomes nothing more than a “lifeless shell”.

In horror of loosing our child I felt anger towards God. How could he possibly allow this to happen! But, I never forgot the feeling of the “force of energy” leaving Jenni’s body.

It was then I remember the words of Albert Einstein, when asked if he believed in God. He said,” I believed in the “pantheistic” God of Baruch Spinoza, but not in a personal god.”

Meaning, he believed our dimension extensions of universes and it’s laws of nature are somewhat controlled by the hands of a divine power.

With Einstein’s above statement, it made me think about our overall journey. Could it be, even though our physical bodies journey ends with death, is it possible the “energy” (our soul) travels or merges within the laws of nature?

I was taken back by his very words, knowing there’s possibly more to Life than just plain death. Could his theories of relativity prove this? Not a brilliant mathematician like Einstein, I began the long road to researching this theory, calling it “The God Theory”.

To understand the whole picture I must relate back to physics. And who better understands the fundamental law of physics, but Albert Einstein.

In 1905, Albert Einstein change the laws of physics through his mathematical equations using his Relativity Theory. That same year he came up with “Golden” equation of all times, sparking scientist to this very day to prove or disprove his theories.


1 E is in relationship to Energy
2 M equates to Mass
3 C defines the Speed of Light

Before Einstein’s equation, scientist believed mass and energy were viewed as completely different entities. Albert Einstein proved otherwise.

It’s now known throughout the scientific community if “mass” speeds along trying to reach the speed of light, the “mass” increases and becomes heavier. The “energy” within the “mass” increases too and are the same. If the particles of energy ever reached the “speed of light” it would become infinite (boundless amount of energy), which is impossible, because the “mass” only has a certain “amount of energy”.

This is why it’s impossible for us to physically reach the “Speed of Light”.

Each particle of mass has only a certain amount of energy. Or another way to think of it, “mass” is a container holding a certain amount of “energy” within it.

But, depending what you do with this mass, it can provide an explosive amount of energy, like the results of mankind’s “atomic weapon”. Fortunately for us, mankind uses this power for peaceful applications.
For now.

So, what has this to do with “The God Theory”?

Think of our human body as a “container” holding a certain amount of “energy”.

Where does all this “energy” go when the body dies?

It’s my belief the “energy” within us is released back into the laws of nature. This is why we can never see our friends or family after death. Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”.

1 John 1:5
” This is the message we have heard from him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in him there is no darkness at all.”

Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he said :

John 14:6
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The bible can be interpret into so many different ways. This is the reason why we have so many versions of the bible and religions on earth. Not to mention the fact, there’s a few scriptures of the original bible missing since the Roman’s became Christians, changing the format as we see it today.

After years of deciphering religions, the bible and the law of physics I have come up with my theory of understanding the Devine Power of God.

The God Theory:
Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”. Within the “light” we become one. The “light” is governed back into the laws of nature by an “Spiritual Force Entity” known as God. The very fabric of nature and life is repeated into infinity. Born and reborn.
Our natural “Dimension Universes” are governed by the same theory. Each Universe is born, it dies and another is reborn in its place. Same with our galaxies, stars and planets.

They all have to obey the very “Law of Physics” which never can be changed. It will always be the same equation but what’s an equation without the particles?

What’s a universe without the pull of gravity?

In other words, to make something, you must have the “material” to make it. Scientists a few years ago were proclaiming they produced the “God Particle” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). With their collider they smashed atoms into each other in order to prove the theory of the Higgs boson, which is suppose to be the mechanism giving mass to objects on an atomic scale.

Even if they do come up with the “God Particle” it still needs to be made with something; nothing is made out of thin- air.

Remember earlier saying I believe in God for personal reasons?

This is where you either feel the force of God or you don’t.
Maybe this is where Stars Wars came up with the famous line, ” May the force be with you”. I know this may sound humorous knowing all to well, it’s just a movie, but think about it.

Have you felt a Spiritual Force within you?

Throughout my life I have felt a spiritual force within me when I most needed it. When things haven’t been going well, solutions have come up out of the blue. Or surviving an accident where your “number” should of been up. Things you can’t physically explain. And you feel this entity or power over you.

And then there’s the question of an evil force. Does it exist?

Just look around you today and throughout history of the human civilization. The overall devastations of war, calculating evil deeds through the sanction of their religion, power and greed of mankind since the dawn of man. Unthinkable genocides of a whole race of people only triggered by hate.

So, yes. Evil does exist.

The God Theory extends the barriers of our physical universe as well as asking us the age old question:

Are we alone?

We’re definitely not alone in the universe. Astronomers along with astrophysics are now finding M-Planets possibly capable of sustaining life. It may be just the beginning, but I believe we are getting closer to the truth.

I also believe we could have easily been visit by another intelligent species long before man had a foothold on earth.

We always like to think we’re the smartest creatures who control our destiny. In fact, in the clock of civilization we have barely started. Who knows how many other intelligent species have visit us in the past or, on some distant planet, are more advance than us right now. If mankind lives long enough without destroying ourselves first, we may find out the truth through science and technology.

But who or whatever is out there, we all have a God. It’s God, who’s the puppet master of us all.

By Bari Demers