The God Theory

The Gods ruled the Earth by Bari Demers
Can mathematics solve the age old question: Does God exist?

You be the judge…

Please Note:

The subject of God and various religions around our world today will always be a controversy subject. If you’re an atheist, this subject is not for you to consider. Please leave constructive “nice” comments. You know the saying,” If you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything at all.”

All my life I believed in the existence of a God for personal reasons. But unfortunately after studying an array of worldly religions, I feel mankind has the tendency to add greed, distrust and power into the mix, placing religions out of the equation.

Born into an Italian family, the Catholic faith was automatic, attending Sunday Mass, all in respect for my mom. At a young age I was taught everything under the assumption our bible was the true word of God.

John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

My believe in the God doctrine was built under a strong foundation with confession, communion and weekly bible studies. With encouragement from my mom I decided to become a Alter-boy, believing the church is indeed the house of God, the most sacred place on earth.

Until one Saturday afternoon, during our regular meeting with the appointed high-priest. He waltzed into the sacred church smoking the latest brand of cigarettes and swearing like a trooper; it was on the that day I started questioning the role of mankind and religion.

In my teens, seeking the “Truth and Light” of God, I study with various religions, from Jehovah Witnesses to the Mormons. Each religion failed miserably due to its doctrine. All was lost after years of listening, waiting to hear from God, until one horrifying day.

The year started with celebrations!

My wife and I were proud parents of our first born child, a little girl we named Jenni.

Life was good until the day Jenni became sick. The doctors tried their best, but couldn’t cure her. The night I held her in my arms I could feel the life (living soul) leave her little body. If you’ve ever experience this moment, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The devastation of loosing your child is insurmountable, crushing the very fabric of life within your soul.

One minute, Jenni was alive.

The next, you can feel when the body becomes nothing more than a “lifeless shell”.

In horror of loosing our child I felt anger towards God. How could he possibly allow this to happen! But, I never forgot the feeling of the “force of energy” leaving Jenni’s body.

It was then I remember the words of Albert Einstein, when asked if he believed in God. He said,” I believed in the “pantheistic” God of Baruch Spinoza, but not in a personal god.”

Meaning, he believed our dimension extensions of universes and it’s laws of nature are somewhat controlled by the hands of a divine power.

With Einstein’s above statement, it made me think about our overall journey. Could it be, even though our physical bodies journey ends with death, is it possible the “energy” (our soul) travels or merges within the laws of nature?

I was taken back by his very words, knowing there’s possibly more to Life than just plain death. Could his theories of relativity prove this? Not a brilliant mathematician like Einstein, I began the long road to researching this theory, calling it “The God Theory”.

To understand the whole picture I must relate back to physics. And who better understands the fundamental law of physics, but Albert Einstein.

In 1905, Albert Einstein change the laws of physics through his mathematical equations using his Relativity Theory. That same year he came up with “Golden” equation of all times, sparking scientist to this very day to prove or disprove his theories.


1 E is in relationship to Energy
2 M equates to Mass
3 C defines the Speed of Light

Before Einstein’s equation, scientist believed mass and energy were viewed as completely different entities. Albert Einstein proved otherwise.

It’s now known throughout the scientific community if “mass” speeds along trying to reach the speed of light, the “mass” increases and becomes heavier. The “energy” within the “mass” increases too and are the same. If the particles of energy ever reached the “speed of light” it would become infinite (boundless amount of energy), which is impossible, because the “mass” only has a certain “amount of energy”.

This is why it’s impossible for us to physically reach the “Speed of Light”.

Each particle of mass has only a certain amount of energy. Or another way to think of it, “mass” is a container holding a certain amount of “energy” within it.

But, depending what you do with this mass, it can provide an explosive amount of energy, like the results of mankind’s “atomic weapon”. Fortunately for us, mankind uses this power for peaceful applications.
For now.

So, what has this to do with “The God Theory”?

Think of our human body as a “container” holding a certain amount of “energy”.

Where does all this “energy” go when the body dies?

It’s my belief the “energy” within us is released back into the laws of nature. This is why we can never see our friends or family after death. Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”.

1 John 1:5
” This is the message we have heard from him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in him there is no darkness at all.”

Maybe that’s what Jesus meant when he said :

John 14:6
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The bible can be interpret into so many different ways. This is the reason why we have so many versions of the bible and religions on earth. Not to mention the fact, there’s a few scriptures of the original bible missing since the Roman’s became Christians, changing the format as we see it today.

After years of deciphering religions, the bible and the law of physics I have come up with my theory of understanding the Devine Power of God.

The God Theory:
Pure energy reaches the “entity of light” and becomes part of that “light”. Within the “light” we become one. The “light” is governed back into the laws of nature by an “Spiritual Force Entity” known as God. The very fabric of nature and life is repeated into infinity. Born and reborn.
Our natural “Dimension Universes” are governed by the same theory. Each Universe is born, it dies and another is reborn in its place. Same with our galaxies, stars and planets.

They all have to obey the very “Law of Physics” which never can be changed. It will always be the same equation but what’s an equation without the particles?

What’s a universe without the pull of gravity?

In other words, to make something, you must have the “material” to make it. Scientists a few years ago were proclaiming they produced the “God Particle” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). With their collider they smashed atoms into each other in order to prove the theory of the Higgs boson, which is suppose to be the mechanism giving mass to objects on an atomic scale.

Even if they do come up with the “God Particle” it still needs to be made with something; nothing is made out of thin- air.

Remember earlier saying I believe in God for personal reasons?

This is where you either feel the force of God or you don’t.
Maybe this is where Stars Wars came up with the famous line, ” May the force be with you”. I know this may sound humorous knowing all to well, it’s just a movie, but think about it.

Have you felt a Spiritual Force within you?

Throughout my life I have felt a spiritual force within me when I most needed it. When things haven’t been going well, solutions have come up out of the blue. Or surviving an accident where your “number” should of been up. Things you can’t physically explain. And you feel this entity or power over you.

And then there’s the question of an evil force. Does it exist?

Just look around you today and throughout history of the human civilization. The overall devastations of war, calculating evil deeds through the sanction of their religion, power and greed of mankind since the dawn of man. Unthinkable genocides of a whole race of people only triggered by hate.

So, yes. Evil does exist.

The God Theory extends the barriers of our physical universe as well as asking us the age old question:

Are we alone?

We’re definitely not alone in the universe. Astronomers along with astrophysics are now finding M-Planets possibly capable of sustaining life. It may be just the beginning, but I believe we are getting closer to the truth.

I also believe we could have easily been visit by another intelligent species long before man had a foothold on earth.

We always like to think we’re the smartest creatures who control our destiny. In fact, in the clock of civilization we have barely started. Who knows how many other intelligent species have visit us in the past or, on some distant planet, are more advance than us right now. If mankind lives long enough without destroying ourselves first, we may find out the truth through science and technology.

But who or whatever is out there, we all have a God. It’s God, who’s the puppet master of us all.

By Bari Demers


13 thoughts on “The God Theory

  1. you’re touching a sensitive theme here… with the wisdom i acquired until this age i believe in the freedom of mind, and i appreciate people with principles who are walking straight, no matter what their beliefs are…

    1. Yes, It’s a bold approach. It was in conjecture to my daughters stating she is an atheists. I have a hard time believing this through my own experiences in life.

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