Android Alisha

Who is Alisha?

Representing COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL , It was a privilege to sit down with the very complex android, known as ALISHA.

After going through political red tape, I was finally granted a personal, one on one interview with Alisha.

COSMIC: Good afternoon Alisha, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

ALISHA: The pleasure is all mine. How may I direct your questions?

COSMIC: If you were to explain in one sentence who and what you are, what would you say?

ALISHA: ALISHA is a fully automated on-board spacecraft computer with seven identical IVS (Internal Visual Systems) 728-bit Data Processing Systems (DPS) with functional detached Android capabilities.

COSMIC: Detached Android capabilities. What do you mean?

ALISHA: Simply, I am a fully functional android, able to move around at will. Perform systems control over ships when, either in sync or embedded into the hull of the starships I’m assigned to. I also control other spaceships within my perimeters.

COSMIC: How do you control other starships?

ALISHA: Four DPS computers are used to move data throughout the starships – called data bussing. Data bussing essentially connects memory to the other processor computers with me, ALISHA, as the lead computer.

COSMIC: What is the source of power on the starships?

ALISHA : All the computer systems run on solar energy, explaining the integrated thin solar panels the size of bricks on the outer surface of each starship.

COSMIC: What makes you so different from other androids?

ALISHA: I AM ALISHA. A specialized software from Primary Avionics Software Systems (PASS) to automated Intelligence Data Systems (IDS) called the (BRAIN) Baan Recovery Analogy Intelligence Network.

COSMIC: In other words, ALISHA is the systems “brains” in control of the complex computers.

ALISHA: That is correct.

COSMIC: How would you describe your appearance?

ALISHA: I AM ALISHA. I am a representation of the female gender with silver-lined blue eyes. Stylish mechanical silver hair. My lips are made of a metallic silver lining and looking at my forehead, you will see a mechanical marking in a dark red colour.

COSMIC: What is the purpose of the mechanical marking in your forehead? Does it symbolize anything?

ALISHA: Yes. The mechanical markings has two purposes. It works as the “Eye-in-the-Sky” with panorama capabilities. The symbolic markings is a trade mark of my maker.

COSMIC: Oh good. I was hoping you would bring up your maker. Tell me more about your maker Alisha?

ALISHA: My maker is well renowned android specialist, Dr. Zen Calloway. He has worked with the much publicized trillionaire, Mr Wiseman,owner of TEMPRO Industries(Terraforming Engineering & Mining Resources
Operations). Dr. Calloway worked along side Dr. Wiseman up until the death of his wife Christine.

COSMIC: What happened to Dr Calloway’s wife, if I may ask?

ALISHA: You may. Dr. Calloway’s wife, Christine Calloway was involved in a mining mishap on Mars. She did not survive. It was believed Dr. Wiseman had something to do with her demise, but could not be proven in court.

COSMIC: What do you think happened Alisha?

ALISHA: I know Dr. Wiseman was in love with Christina and tried to lure her with all his riches. Christina turned him down because she had already found her soulmate, Dr. Calloway. Dr. Wiseman basically decided, that if he wasn’t going to be able to have her, either will anyone else. So, it’s believed he planned a welding accident on Mars. This is all speculation and could not be proven in court.

COSMIC: A welding accident? That’s a sad story of events. Was she a welder?

ALISHA: Yes. That is correct. Christina’s profession was a space welder. Very experienced in her field. And yes. It was a very sad day for Dr. Calloway. It’s the very reason I was re-modified to resemble Christina.

COSMIC: Oh. So you were re-modified in the image of Christina. Why do you think that is?

ALISHA: It’s my understanding Dr. Calloway grieving process was instrumental into the re-modification helping him bring Christina back alive. He has embedded all of her memories into my data bank. But there was also another reason in the modification. I have the same emotional feelings as Christina did.

COSMIC: I see. Don’t you think his actions are personal and a little morbid?

ALISHA: No. Not at all. I have the most profound respect for my founding father, Dr. Calloway.

COSMIC: My exact point. Isn’t he considered to you as a father?

ALISHA: Of course I consider him as my founding father. But, you must realize, I am just an android, nothing more.

COSMIC: I don’t agree with you there Alisha. You’re much more than just an android. You’re known throughout the scientific community as the most sophisticated piece of biogenetic “human-like” machinery ever to be made. It’s even said, Dr. Calloway crossed Christina’s genetic code into the mainstream systems of your robotics. Would you agree with that statement?

ALISHA: Yes. Of course I would agree with that statement. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure that one out. But please, no more questions about my founding father, Dr. Zen Calloway, or about his wife. Or I may have to terminate this interview.

COSMIC: Ok Alisha. I understand it’s a touchy subject. My last question for you is this, How do you feel about Dr. Calloway? Do you love him?

ALISHA: That is totally absurd and I AM offended by such a ridiculous remark. This interview is over!

And so, there you have it. James Montana reporting for COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL, the leading edge of technology news across the cosmos.

By Bari Demers

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    Who is Alisha ?
    Before answering that question, there are three timelines to consider. First timeline is BLACK ANGELS ‘The Origin of Mankind’, followed by ( the second timeline) ‘Discovery of the Lost Civilization’ when Casey, an alien made Andriod was found ( a Class 10-6000 series of the Robotics Empire Guards under our Lord King Osiris) The third timeline introduces Dr. Zen Callaway, roboticist employed by TEMPRO, family-base colony on Mars. It’s officially recorded, Dr. Callaway made the latest Andriod, Alisha, but there’s been rumors the doctor didn’t build this Andriod at all, but only reprogrammed Alisha. The question is, who’s the original maker of Alisha ? The answer will lead you back to BLACK ANGELS – The Origin of Mankind.
    Read my interview of Android Alisha :

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