Armageddon is closer then you think

ALERT 🚨 This just in!  

We have 1 billions years before the Sun’s slow expansion will cause the temperature at the surface of the Earth to rise.  According to BIG THINK

  • Oceans will evaporate, and the atmosphere will become laden with water vapor, which (like carbon dioxide) is a very effective greenhouse gas. 
  • The oceans will boil dry and the water vapour will escape into space. 
  • In a billion years from now the Earth will be a very hot, dry and uninhabitable.

Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking urges everyone to realize, it’s time to free ourselves from Mother Earth.


“I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space. It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet. Let’s hope we can avoid dropping the basket until we have spread the load.”


Armageddon is closer then you think. According to Stephen Hawking, we actually have between 100 years to the next 1000 years, before a nearby supernova, an asteroid, or a black hole will do us in. 

AND – 

It’s already noted, there’s a Black Hole only 1600 light years from earth. In light year standards, that’s practically in our backyard. At first, scientist believed that the nearest black hole to Earth was the one at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. But recently they have discovered a new BLACK HOLE known as a micro quasar. It’s named V4641 Sgr and it was located in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. When it was first discovered in 1999 they had thought it was another star. However, upon closer observation, it was noticed its brightness is six times greater than when first observed through radio telescopes. It’s now confirmed to be a closer BLACK HOLE only 1600 light years away from Earth 🌏.

BUT – 

There’s hope for mankind after all.  

Our Earth is 4.2 light years from Proxima Centauri. Once scientists figure out ( and they are working on the problem right now) how to make a space engine travel at the speed of light, so we can be in Proxima Centauri in 4.2 years.

AND – 

There is other good news. Mars can be inhabited within the next 25 years, if we push all our efforts into it right NOW! Also, as said, the nearest M class planet to Earth is within reach, our neighbour Proxima Centauri. If we spend all our time getting mankind to other planets before our time runs out ( bad case scenario, 100 💯 years ) it’s possible we may save the human race. 

Otherwise, we WILL be another statistic, just like the Dinosaurs.  


Not all of mankind we be saved. It’s predicted the wealthy and the prominent few will survive on other planets, considering the fact they don’t waste their time with ridiculous efforts on politics.  

As far as you or me ? 

Well, I’m sorry, we’re OUT-OF-LUCK.  

In other words, our grandchildren may see the end of civilization as we know it. 

By Bari DemersScreenwriter, storyteller and freelance scifi writer 



Wikipedia – Proxima Centauri 

Going to Mars or Bust 

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