Are We Alone ? UFO

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Are we alone – PHASE THREE

Another phrase I enjoy by professor Steven Hawking,”…We are so insignificant that I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit. That would be like saying that you would disappear if I closed my eyes.”

In the last 50 years it’s scientifically evident our human species are a very small equation in life itself.  Science has unmistakably proven the obvious. WE ARE NOT ALONE.  The only problem?  We are millions of light years from our closest neighbours ; or are WE ?

However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  I believe scientists are going to find evidence of life, a long time ago on Mars before mankind even had a foothold on earth. Unfortunately, if it is discovered, politics and religion will keep the truth from the public. It’s human nature to keep hanging onto the past, along with financial greed and controlling the masses through religious beliefs. The only way a past civilization or UFO will be made public, it would be through a disgruntled scientist. However, with our social media, most wouldn’t believe the truth, even if it was in front of their eyes. Most people are considered “followers” ( aka : sheep) brainwashed from one thing to another. For me, it would have to be scientifically proven with clear precise data, from live feed videos to scientific studies.

 Mars or Bust

How complex was life?  I guess, we will see by 2030 – 35.

In our modern world, the UFO phenomenon is mixed with science-fiction to unexplained entities. Unexplained Flying Objects was a going concern throughout history, but in the late 1940’s, it became front and center due to several unknown crashes of UFO’s occurrences, such as the Roswell UFO incident. The United States Air Force conducted a series of research into this phenomenon, known as,”Project Blue Book”. Project Blue Book is a complex study, so I won’t go into it, other then, five percent of UFO cases were thought to be credible. I suggest you read about the study HERE, or the actual FBI Case documents.

Albert Einstein phrased it perfectly,” There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” 

― Albert Einstein

Einstein was indeed a genius. 

If life has even a slight chance to grow, it always will.  There’s no way mankind is the only species in the countless sea of dimensional universes. We would have to be rather arrogant to think such a thing. It’s also apparent, mankind’s DNA revolutionary mould was somehow altered.

Something incredible happened! 

” For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination…

― Steven Hawking 

With that knowledge, it was easy to conceive the next step in our evolutionary timeline.  Is it possible another species lived on earth before mankind was ever conceived?  

I believe, yes.  Of course ! 

Black Angels


And, this is when my screenplay BLACK ANGELS was born.  It’s based on the theory, mankind was once visited by an Alien Intelligent Species, before mankind evolved into homo-sapiens.  It’s even possible to believe our alien ancestors crossed their genetic DNA with our distant relatives, the Denisovans or Denisova hominins.  Some refer it as the smoking-gun to the “missing link”, but with deadly consequences.  

Is it possible, the evolution of mankind was altered?  

The theory of manipulating our evolutionary timeline has proven to have drastically changed who we are today, “Homo-Sapiens”.  Due to our genetic make-up, human beings have evolved into a hostile war-hungry species in the last 100,000 years.  Historical accounts of mankind has proven our savage instinct, with today’s crippling news of psychopathic killers evident throughout our world.  

But, with all of this, there’s still a trace of compassion.  It means somewhere in our DNA, mankind has the hope to survive and evolve into a peaceful society.  

But, the biggest fear ? 

We may run out of time.  It may be due to our own demise or a natural catastrophe. Whatever happens to human beings in our future will solely depend on our present actions today.  We must explore to save our species or it’s just a matter of time we end up like the dinosaur era.  


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Bari Demersscreenwriter and storyteller

We Have Arrived – MARS

We have Arrived - MARS by Bari Demers
I’m so happy how my fictional movie poster turned out, “We have Arrived – MARS” has two stories, one related to Going to Mars or Bust and the proposed trilogy BLACK ANGELS.  In reality,  NASA scientists are now in the race with the rest of world, fixed on the possibility of colonizing Mars by 2050.  

We all are looking forward to the same goal – MARS

In the science-fiction world my dreams of what Mars use to be like and who visited it before us, are indeed a part of my vivid imagination.   Meanwhile, artistic ability wants to visualize when we finally arrive on Mars.   What kind of space vehicle will take us there ? Therefore,  it only makes sense I produced the artistic scifi poster.  

I hope you enjoy my poster and pass it along.  Let me know if you like in the comments below, it will help me decide if my art is on the right track.  To be clear, I am NOT a professional artist and any creation I do is only self-taught. 

Thank you,

Bari Demers – screenwriter 


Armageddon is closer then you think

ALERT 🚨 This just in!  

We have 1 billions years before the Sun’s slow expansion will cause the temperature at the surface of the Earth to rise.  According to BIG THINK

  • Oceans will evaporate, and the atmosphere will become laden with water vapor, which (like carbon dioxide) is a very effective greenhouse gas. 
  • The oceans will boil dry and the water vapour will escape into space. 
  • In a billion years from now the Earth will be a very hot, dry and uninhabitable.

Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking urges everyone to realize, it’s time to free ourselves from Mother Earth.


“I believe that the long-term future of the human race must be in space. It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million. The human race shouldn’t have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet. Let’s hope we can avoid dropping the basket until we have spread the load.”


Armageddon is closer then you think. According to Stephen Hawking, we actually have between 100 years to the next 1000 years, before a nearby supernova, an asteroid, or a black hole will do us in. 

AND – 

It’s already noted, there’s a Black Hole only 1600 light years from earth. In light year standards, that’s practically in our backyard. At first, scientist believed that the nearest black hole to Earth was the one at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. But recently they have discovered a new BLACK HOLE known as a micro quasar. It’s named V4641 Sgr and it was located in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way. When it was first discovered in 1999 they had thought it was another star. However, upon closer observation, it was noticed its brightness is six times greater than when first observed through radio telescopes. It’s now confirmed to be a closer BLACK HOLE only 1600 light years away from Earth 🌏.

BUT – 

There’s hope for mankind after all.  

Our Earth is 4.2 light years from Proxima Centauri. Once scientists figure out ( and they are working on the problem right now) how to make a space engine travel at the speed of light, so we can be in Proxima Centauri in 4.2 years.

AND – 

There is other good news. Mars can be inhabited within the next 25 years, if we push all our efforts into it right NOW! Also, as said, the nearest M class planet to Earth is within reach, our neighbour Proxima Centauri. If we spend all our time getting mankind to other planets before our time runs out ( bad case scenario, 100 💯 years ) it’s possible we may save the human race. 

Otherwise, we WILL be another statistic, just like the Dinosaurs.  


Not all of mankind we be saved. It’s predicted the wealthy and the prominent few will survive on other planets, considering the fact they don’t waste their time with ridiculous efforts on politics.  

As far as you or me ? 

Well, I’m sorry, we’re OUT-OF-LUCK.  

In other words, our grandchildren may see the end of civilization as we know it. 

By Bari DemersScreenwriter, storyteller and freelance scifi writer 



Wikipedia – Proxima Centauri 

Going to Mars or Bust 

Red Sandy Lake Resort by Mars Hilton

Photo provided by NASA – click on photo

Recent evidence of a past Lake on Mars – If they would named the Lake, it could of been called Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa by DreamStar Mars Hilton International. 

I can envision the universal Ad now : 

Are YOU looking for an out-of-this-world experience?   Have you dreamed of vacationing on Mars ? 

Well – Stop dreaming !

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars

Start packing your bags and come visit the most talk about phenomenon on Mars, the incredible Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa, said to increase your age by as much as 10 years ! 

This exclusive offer is only provided by the luxurious 5-Star DreamStar Mars Hilton International Hotel. 

Enjoy the seasonal Martian weather as you seamlessly float on the surface, relaxing within our rejuvenating tempered Martian waters, regarded as no other form of H20 anywhere in our whole Solar System. In the evening, take in the resin reddish skies with spectacular sunsets, unique only to Mars.  

They are out of this world!

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Included in our luxury vacation package : 

  • First Class round flight to Mars 
  • 4 Nights Accommodation at the incredible DreamStar Mars Hilton International Hotel
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  • Digital download copy of MARS TODAY 
  • Enjoy our daily two course fine dining experience at the well known universal REDS gourmet restaurant. We provide a complimentary ride (on our newest streamline star shuttle) to the top of the impressive Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars, the largest in our Solar System. Valles Marineris, extends over 3,000 kilometers long, crossing a span of 600 kilometers and over 8 kilometers deep. Enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the stunning Martian landscape as you indulge in a fine selection of gourmet entrees, such as our featured roasted wild Martian boar with juniper jus, served the wild Martian rice, prepared by the esteemed culinary Michelin five-star Chef Bari, himself.
  • Receive full complimentary access to all the facilities including Mars unique rejuvenating  Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa. Scientists have recently revealed, the waters of Mars brings back your youth by as much as 10 years! 
  • A complimentary Satellite controlled wifi, featuring blockbuster shows by HBO MARS

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER for only : $28,000 credits per person. 

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Photos provided by NASA – click on photo for more:

Note:   All the above does NOT include taxes or off-world duty tax. Your flight to and from Mars is expected to take two weeks, depending on the solar winds. Please allow five to six weeks to ensure the safety requirements for a return trip back to Earth. 

Disclaimer : Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International Inc., can not be held responsible for any space travel, to or from Earth (including lift off). Due to unknown universal conditions, it’s impossible to predict the outcome of any flight associated with space travel. 

You must realize that any kind of space travel is subject to some kind of risk. 

Therefore, YOU must sign a waiver of liability to ensure you understand the legality of risk involved with space travel. By signing our provided waver, the individual and/or individuals acknowledges that he or she is aware of the fact, that participating in any dangerous activity, such as “Space Travel”, may result in death or injury. If such injury or death should occur, the individual or individuals (including appending relatives) agrees that he or she will not hold Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International  Inc. liable of any loss or damages. 

With that said, Mars Hilton International Inc., Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc., including its subsidiary companies look forward to serving you as our guests at the one and only luxurious 5-Star DreamStar Mars Hilton Hotel, within the beautiful landscape of Mars and the esteem Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa.

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So what are you waiting for ?  Make your RESERVATION TODAY

By Bari Demers writer and screenwriter 

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Evidence of a past lake on Mars

Photo by NASA – notice the black dot in the center

Going to Mars or Bust 

I just came back from watching the movie, “The Martian” and I have to say, it’s a remarkable success. Well done Ridley Scott! Again !
Matt Damon (Character: Botanist Mark Watney) does another stellar performance. Each day was recorded as “Sol 405” . Sol refers to a solar day on Mars, therefore 405 would relate to the amount of days on Mars, which is a lot more on earth.

The storyline takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, with stunning landscapes* of Mars and your hope for Mark Watney’s survival. 

Watching the movie, I couldn’t help think of what it would be like, to actually be on Mars. Tears would well up, with the sudden realization (at my age) I would never be able to see Mars. But that never stops my wild imagination, displaying a colourful event, where I’m sick of all the wasted time with politics, and decided to do something on my own. 

Yup. That’s right. Going to be Mars or Bust ! 



Crazy, right? 

I calculate my trajectory using the aid of basic physics, leaving earth’s gravitational pull and setting course for Mars, in my ultralight spacecraft.

In reality, it’s pretty much far fetched, right?   

Well, that never stops me from writing about the possibilities and planning a screenplay, fit for any movie production. 

First of all, I must put each problem in a category and solve that particular problem. Therefore, I will follow NASA by their use of acronyms. MC 1 will refer to as ” Mars Category 1″ while “SOLO-M 20” will be referred to as the example, “Soul on Mars – Day 20”.

Let’s begin:

MC 1 : Make a Ultralight Spacecraft.

Make a viable ultralight spacecraft small enough to house one human being, with ample oxygen, freeze-dried food provisions and relative comforts of home, including some form of gravity, for the long journey ahead. Also, it’s important I leave when Earth’s orbit coincides with Mars. That’s every two years. Building my spacecraft will require ingenuity and patients.      

It’s amazing what duct tape can do ! 

I’m kidding.  If you saw “The Martian” you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. As a past experienced architectural draft person, I can easily design my spacecraft to the right dimensions, with the required materials to make it super light.  

The engine part.  

Well…not so much. Any help by a rocket engineer would indeed be extremely helpful, making a suitable engine without rocket fuel. Try that.

MC 2 : Escaping Earth’s Gravity.

Preferably without your spacecraft breaking up into millions of pieces. With conventional fossil fuels, you must reach a velocity of 40,270 km/h (25,020 mph) in order to break free from earth’s gravity. 

This is basically out of the question.  

First and foremost, it’s impossible to obtain rocket fuel and trying to do so, would alert authorities. Oh, BTW (by the way) your mission is a surprise to the world, making you a hero to the rest of the humanity, if you succeed. Besides, if authorities caught wind of your intentions, they would send you off to the loonie bin. 

(Even though we Canadians use the loonie for currency, it doesn’t mean we’re a Loonie bunch of Canucks). 

Moving on. So, what can one do ? 

Invent anti-gravity is one solution, or use the oldest form of lift. How many times have you seen an air balloon on a clear morning, floating in fashion across the horizon? I know…I know what your thinking, ” That’s just plain crazy! The balloon idea will pop with your ship falling precariously back to earth.” 

But, what if…

At the very moment the balloon bursts in the stratosphere, you ignite with a small portion of fuel, lighting up, propelling your spacecraft into the earth’s orbit . You won’t need very much thrust or fuel to achieve this. Or, how about the Red Bull accomplishment? Mission to the Edge of Space and Supersonic freefall was a success. 

It’s feasible, right?  

If a Canadian student can send a “Lego Man” into our stratosphere, anything is possible.  

Well, that’s my theory.  

OK. Getting into orbit is a viable theory for this Loonie Canuck. What’s that you say ? I’m what? OK. I can hear you laughing your head off.  

Wait, Here me out. 

If anything, it will make an excellent storyline, a script with danger, adventure, a dash of comedy, and a lead character you are emotionally attached to. Kind of sounds like my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS.

Let’s continue on with my theory.

MC 3 : Escaping Earth’s Orbit.

Escaping the trajectory of earth will be my next problem, and actually, this equation is relatively an easy one. Like any satellite, it’s circular path must change to meet the opening orbit path of earth circling our Sun. You can wave “hello” to ISS, as you pass by.

Check out physics HERE, (Seriously, NASA solves everything). 

MC 4 : Heading to Mars

Now, theoretically your spacecraft has escaped earth’s gravity, nicely placed around earth’s orbit. Awesome! You manage to project your little spacecraft into the outer earth’s orbit. 


Not so fast. Now you must fly over to the orbit of Mars. This in physics, is called the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse (or transfer orbit). We assume you have the right kind of fuel or magnetic force to preform the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse, breaking free along the weakest point of earth’s orbit, towards Mars orbit. Now, be sure to wave, “Good-bye”, to ISS. Now NASA and the rest of the world is aware of your intentions. Communication may be possible with ISS for short term, but one thing for sure. YOU will be famous and all over the news. Make sure you’re flying a Canadian Flag. 

MC 5 : Journey to Mars 

Here’s where it’s crucial you have enough oxygen, food, water, heat to avoid the extreme -200 C temperatures, a well constructed light engine, and a safe spacecraft to propel you 6-8 months across our solar system. Including solar panels and rechargeable lithium ion batteries which have the capability to store energy for use at night, once on Mars.

MC 6 : Entry onto Mars

Making it to Mars will certainly be an accomplishment in itself. The entry, descent and landing must be taken into serious calculation, or its all for not. Now you must consider landing on Mars at a safe controlled speed, hopefully landing like Rover or Spirit did. I would prefer the Spirit landing, due to the use of large inflatable balloons or airbags, bouncing across the Martian landscape. Reason is, it’s a less technical option, but maybe a precarious journey onto Mars surface.

MC 7 – SOLO-M 1 : First Soul on Mars – Sol Day 1

WOW! What a trip! The very first person on Mars. Your super famous now. And, I’m very sure NASA satellites above the Martian landscape, are tracking your progress. But, there’s one item missing on board, that could have possibly landed you by an exact longitude and latitude.  

Oops! No GPS ? Not sure where you landed? 

Not to worry, NASA knows exactly where you are. Can you imagine the public announcement, “It’s official. The first man has landed on the surface of Mars, as of 10:30 am CT. FBI and CSIS have confirmed, Mr. Bari Demers has successfully landed on Mars without the aid of NASA or the Canadian authorities. At this time we are unclear, as to his condition.”

Can you imagine the commotion on earth ? 

OK. You made it on Mars. Now what? Do you have enough water and food to sustain you for a couple of weeks, a month or, how about one year. You would be one lucky soul to make it one month on Mars. The finally results from NASA would be something like this, “On SOLO-M 45 we have lost all contact from the only survivor on Mars. Our satellites have found no activity past this point. It’s our conclusion, the first man on Mars has ceased to exist.”

Say what ?!  YIKES! 

Maybe not. Now, what if the first man on Mars can find tunnels or caves, full of oxygen and safe from solar flares. It’s possible. It’s really possible, because we haven’t explored Mars, as of yet. There may even be an abundance of water too. Just maybe, Bari Demers is capable of living on Mars past SOLO-M 45. One year on Mars would be 365 sol days while on earth, that equates to 668.68 days.  

Let’s say SOLO-M 1825 ( 5 years ) before any rescue attempt by NASA. After all the politics and projected costs, who knows, it just may be a private sector that lands that arrives on Mars first.  

OK. Now consider my flamboyant storyline, “Going to Mars or Bust“.  

Of course, with ever science-fiction, the real science must work. Even Ridley Scott used the advice of NASA to help figure out all the technical applications of the entry, descent and landing on Mars. All had to meet certain requirements, in order for it to work.  

If it’s too far fetched, your audience won’t believe it. In fact, with NASA providing an oasis of scientific information,(available by the touch of your screen), it would be hard to fool any audience.

Alright Hollywood- “Going to Mars or Bust” written by Bari Demers. 

LOGLINE: A man frustrated with the the politics of space, attempts to go to Mars by the seat-of-his-pants. 

Can you just imagine being on Mars ! So cool ! 

By Bari Demers screenwriter/ freelance writer.

* NOTE: The 3D glasses could greatly be improved on. (Ancient technology used) Some scenes look too fake with 3D glasses. But the storyline and acting is great. Love the CGI too.

Gods of Mars

Year: 2075

In 2040 colonization on Mars was the next logical step for mankind. It was enviable.

Great minds on earth took the usual precautions, calculating the risks, including three scientific papers examining the possibility of alien organisms threatening the expedition.

But they weren’t prepared for what happened next.

After the first privatized expedition to Mars, consisting of volunteers taking on the “One-Way-to-Mars” challenge, went terribly wrong, the earthly governments set in place new rules and specialized requirements.

Back in 2000, astronauts trained for years just to orbit earth, it became the backbone of operations. Then in 2030 Mars was finally achieved by privatization companies , such a SPACEX.

Any crew sent to Mars , took on a ridged training program.

The training process was so involved, their recruits had to start at an early age of only sixteen years old, in order to be ready for the next mission to Mars. They were all prodigy children from the very beginning, with superior intellect. It was rumoured they were genetically altered before birth, giving them the scientific name, GTM’s (Geno-Tech-Martians).

To the general public they became known as “Streamers” of Mars, due to their streamlined physical appearance.

If you became a GTM, society welcomed you as famous celebrities before reaching your early twenties. It use to be, film stars were the centre of attention, but a new transition evolved by 2030. After reality shows hit their peak, ten years earlier, the public’s new interest became the strange, but intriguing GTM’s.


They weren’t like the rest of us. Their physical and mental capabilities surpassed any other person on earth. Each were taller, skinner than most folks, along with the very noticeable feature, their eyes. Their pupils were either gold or a brilliant blue. It was always the centre of controversy, sparking the mass rumours, they were genetically altered. All accounts of genetic alterations were dismissed by the governments in power, backing it up with well paid scientists along with media crew. Scientist always referred the phenomenon as a new characteristic of evolution. Even though it could never be proven, the general public knew otherwise.

Expeditions to Mars became an instant fan base affair, where followers would take interest in their favourite celebrity. Each GTM would have their own profile on a new social internet platform called “Celebrity Streamers” where Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, Tessi highlighted their activities. It was a huge success, generating an astounding trillion dollars after it’s second year of online operation.

The public eagerly followed their fave celebrity to Mars, listening to their live video streams along the way.

But as far as NASA was concerned, each mission contracted out to a specific private company, was taken very seriously.

In the beginning, each expedition was routinely replaced by another with fresh provisions and man power. Ten GTM team members were assigned specific operations during their three years of duty on Mars.

It was the same basic fundamental process over and over again. A team would arrive full of scientific equipment, medical supplies and enough food to sustain seven years, calculating in ample time for the crew to survive harsh conditions on Mars, just in case anything went seriously wrong.

Scientists even placed in the probable “Crash Theory”, where any unfortunate mission on its way to Mars didn’t make it due to mechanical failure or worse yet, they made it to Mars, but crashed. Everyone knew the risks involved, but little did it deter them from exploring the new frontiers.

Each team consisted of two doctors (both specialize in surgical procedures) biologist, botanist, geologist, two mechanics engineers, an astrophysicist, mining expert and a rocket engineer.
On Mars surface, robots and rovers were already at the teams disposal, including a series of pods with living quarters, scientific stations and medical units. The costs were enormous but it was believed the resources of Mars would eventually begin payback once the mining operation progressed.


With all the precautions taken, the governments were taken by surprise with a series of disturbing events. Harmless at first, the fan base Streamers began referring themselves as “The Gods of Mars”, during their live-stream feeds. It was rumoured the Streamers found an ancient artifact with special powers, but it wasn’t ever verified.

The marketing alone helped NASA retrieve back a small portion of their operational costs.

But, it wasn’t long before GTM’s formed their religious cult. . It started out so innocent at first, with a small group of religious followers. A year later, it turned into an evil occult of estrange fans, puppetries of the Streamers, causing chaos back on earth. Riots turned into threatening demands, until it was more than obvious, the Streamers had control over Mars. The governments cover-ups eventually turned against them, when 10 Streamers revealed to the public their super powers. They were now the “Gods of Mars”.

By Bari Demers