Android Alisha

Who is Alisha ?
Before answering that question, there are three timelines to consider. First timeline is BLACK ANGELS ‘The Origin of Mankind’, followed by ( the second timeline) ‘Discovery of the Lost Civilization’ when Casey, an alien made Andriod was found ( a Class 10-6000 series of the Robotics Empire Guards under our Lord King Osiris).  The third timeline introduces Dr. Zen Callaway, roboticist employed by TEMPRO, family-base colony on Mars. It’s officially recorded, Dr. Callaway made the latest Andriod, Alisha, but there’s been rumors the doctor didn’t build this Andriod at all, but only reprogrammed Alisha. The question is, who’s the original maker of Alisha ? The answer will lead you back to BLACK ANGELS – The Origin of Mankind.
Read my interview of Android Alisha :

Dreams and Reality

Photo Credit : Virma Johannson

Who is Alisha?

Representing COSMIC SPACE INTERNATIONAL , It was a privilege to sit down with the very complex android, known as ALISHA.

After going through political red tape, I was finally granted a personal, one on one interview with Alisha.

COSMIC: Good afternoon Alisha, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.

ALISHA: The pleasure is all mine. How may I direct your questions?

COSMIC: If you were to explain in one sentence who and what you are, what would you say?

ALISHA: ALISHA is a fully automated on-board spacecraft computer with seven identical IVS (Internal Visual Systems) 728-bit Data Processing Systems (DPS) with functional detached Android capabilities.

COSMIC: Detached Android capabilities. What do you mean?

ALISHA: Simply, I am a fully functional android, able to move around at will. Perform systems control over ships when, either in sync or embedded into the hull…

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