The Harmon


When I took the above photo, it was only with my iPhone. Unfortunately that day I didn’t carry my Nikon. I Love the reflection of the Cosmopolitan on The Harmon Hotel.

Interesting story of The Harmon residence in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During 2008, construction was suddenly stop on the 26 floor due to apparent defects. The outside appearance doesn’t give any trace of structural chaos. However construction problems were recorded by the Clark County inspectors, unfortunate for such a beautiful architectural building from the outside.

The Harmon residency is presently in the hands of the courts, each party blaming the other, a long legal battle no one would ever want to partake. Well, except the lawyers.

As my first career, starting off as an architectural draftsman, I can imagine the stress left to the architects Foster & Partners. Such a beautiful building used as an expensive billboard along with the staggering cost of $275 million, only left in limbo.

I hope the fate of The Harmon Residency turns around and becomes a sound structure in the near future. It would be such a shame to tear it down, but it’s in prime real estate, owned by the MGM Resorts International and it’s shareholders.

The enormous cost to rebuild is twice of its original price tag and I’m thinking it serves as a good tax rebate.

But, let your imagination harness the possibilities of what The Harmon can become.

As a screenwriter today along with my past architectural experience, I imagine The Harmon as a theme science-fiction hotel for Star Wars, Star Trek or even the Alien Trilogy. Or how about the Marvel Comics theme with each floor, lounge and restaurant showcasing the super-heroes, such as : Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, X-Men, Batman and Spider-Man.

The casinos would have a blast offering slot machines from the above super-heroes. After all, let’s not forget we’re in Vegas! The marketing is endless, bringing in a large crowd of followers from across the world.

The future of The Harmon depends on the Judges and the American legal system. But if it were up to me, this architectural wonder would become a safe haven for Star War fans. If Walt Disney can make a dream come true, so can we.


The Harmon is close to been completely dismantled- June 23 2015.

August 27 2015 – The Harmon has been dismantled 

By Bari Demers

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