A Special Thanks To My Friends

My project this past week is related to PART ONE of the video pitch for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Writing is where I feel comfortable, so when tackling a video, it’s great to have a helping hand from my friends. 
I would like to thank the generous opportunity by Adam Pass, Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson, including NASA and Dan Pogrebnoy.  

Without them, I would never be able to present awesome photos, scenic film clips or the concept art illustrations. Their generosity has made a big difference and I am very grateful.

ADAM PASS is a Professional Visual Arts Photographer. I had the opportunity to see Adams work during their team expedition of the Adobe Pre-Photoshop World, in Nelson, Nevada. Their adventure took them into Death Valley, California ( approximately a two hour journey northwest of Las Vegas). Impressed by Adams artistic abilities and skills, I was motivated to write this article, showcasing Death Valley’s desert terrain, featuring his work.  

You know that immediately feeling when you come across a gifted talent artist? 

Well, Adam’s work is exactly like that. Not only are you moved by what you see, but what you feel. Without physically being at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes myself, Adam captured the very moment when the desert displays it’s serene beauty – Breath-taking!

Take the opportunity to learn more about Adam Pass. 

ROMEO DURSCHER – Oh what can I say about Romeo ?  

He’s one of the most kindest I can honestly say I have met on social media, without actually meeting in person. Yes, you heard correctly. The first time I virtually met Romeo was during the amazing broadcast launch of Little SDO, heading to study our one and only, life-giving star, our Sun.  

Little SDO is a Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, sending back NASA incredible valuable information, videos and amazing photos of our Sun. Including life-saving data for our astronauts, the countless satellites orbiting earth and the real effects of a CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection) on earth.

Romeo was the Senior Manager of Little SDO for 13 years, including an important part of the Education and Public Outreach Team, educating the public and reaching out to kids about STEM ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) through the use of Camilla Corona.

When I first approached Romeo on NASA’s Little SDO Facebook page

I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical, unsure of his response. In regards to my research, I asked about the science behind Little SDO and the effects of earth from our Sun. 

Truly, I expected the typical generic answers, but Romeo was different.  

He took the time and patience to educate me throughout the years. Indeed, his patience was tested. I found a true friend where art and science works in harmony.

With his passion in science, he took the time to educated us with the humor of Camilla Corona. With that, I too joined in with my “take” of humor, showcasing that little rubber duck of science. Along the way, a group of fans have collaborated together across the world, like our friends, Virma ( the V Force) and her sister, Glady’s ( GG – the Supergirl ), Jim ( the Area 51 guy ) and Gayle ( the Australian American Corespondent ) and so many more, I’m afraid I would need six pages to express all the fans.  

But you know who you are, and I’m enjoying the Facebook friendship.

Today, Romeo is an DJI Educational Director, working across the world with DJI Global. You most likely saw Romeo on “Good Morning America” and didn’t even realize it. But once you recognize Romeo again, you’ll most certainly say,”Hey? I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before!”  

And most likely, you have.  I like to call Romeo – The Adventurer Guru

Romeo’s long time friend, Mark Johnson both collaborate with the operation of Visual-Aerials. Their website says it best,” Mark Johnson and Romeo Durscher are two long-time California friends who recently discovered a shared passion for the joy of piloting remote-controlled “cam-copters.” Aerial Visual is the adventurous side to flying drones. 

MARK JOHNSON is Principal and chief creative officer of Visual Law Group, a litigation communications and forensic animation firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Mark is also a founding partner in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles.

Introducing myself to Mark, it wasn’t long before I was greeted by a compassionate man. After knowing Mark through social media, I soon realized we both shared a dark sad past. We both have had the misfortune of losing a child. With me, i lost my daughter, Jenni and Mark loss his son, David. Any parent loosing their child knows this is an unbearable painful experience, effecting you for the rest of your life. They say you will eventually forget as life moves on, but that analogy is simply not true. We, and many other parents, are in this club we never ever wanted to be apart of in the first place. But it does give comfort to know Mark and I are not alone. 

I’m always heading down to Vegas on a yearly bases and I know Romeo and Mark make frequent pit stops into Sin City offering workshops on flying DJI drones, from safety, regulations to the fun part, taking valuable video footage and superb aerial photography. It could be, one of these days, we may all meet in Vegas. I’ve yet to get my hands on a DJI drone. They sure look like fun ! 

UPDATE : 2017 

Mark just recently got engaged to a wonderful person, Abbe Lyle.  Abbe is a professional photographer and member of:

  • PPA – Professional Photographers of America
  • NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  • WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
  • AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics

What I know of Abbe on FB she’s certainly a great match for Mark and what I read, she’s compassionate and a caring person. Thank you for your new friendship, Abbe 😎 

I would like to say : Congratulations to Mark and Abbe ! 

Mark and Abbe love going to Las Vegas as much as me and I suspect one of these days we’ll all meet up in Vegas baby 😎


Talking about Vegas, my wife and I have visit Vegas as part of our regular holidays since the 1980’s. We are considered “Vegas Lovers” intrigued by the city that never sleeps, the comfort offered by the mega corporate hotels, the fine dining options and world-class entertainment. My Facebook page Vegas Reviews says it all. When I first started Vegas Reviews, it was more about reviewing the good, bad and ugly. 

But now Vegas Reviews has developed into more about expressing about the FUN we have in Vegas, showcasing 1000’s of photographs and countless useful tips. Our emphasizes concentrates on giving good reviews to ONLY the best wonderful resorts in Vegas. If it so happen we had a bad experience, we just simply never talk about it. From there, you can pick and choose from the very best list, dependant on your lifestyle or pocketbook. 

Come join us on my Facebook page for the endless fun in Las Vegas!  


My appreciation also goes to NASA’s library of valuable information. NASA courtesy offers its viewers use of royalty- free video clips, as long as they are NOT commercial related. Thank you NASA! 

Last but defiantly not least, is DAN POGREBNOY. An amazing artist for his science-fiction artwork, known as concept art illustrations. I must point out that his work is available under this copyright format, in order to share. His artistic ability would be an asset to Hollywood productions and Dreamwork Studios. 

Check out more about Dan Pogrebnoy


Without the helpful generosity of my friends, I wouldn’t be able to make my video’s. I’m presently working on PART TWO of my BLACK ANGELS PITCH, where you will see some impressive aerial photography by Romeo and Mark. Whereas, in PART ONE , is the remarkable photographs by Adam Pass. Thank you once again Adam Pass for allowing me to exclusively showcase his amazing photography. 


Without further ado, here’s my video – BLACK ANGEL PITCH – PART ONE. I hope you enjoy. 

by Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer

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