Our Human Entanglement

Our Human Entanglement


Anyone who knows me understands how I love writing science-fiction stories ; as well I’m recently in competition to have the opportunity to be ( if you will ) ‘under the wing’ of producer, actor and director, Ron Howard, through Imagine Impact. It’s my hope to better understand the filming aspect of Hollywood.

I know, I know, it’s like winning a lottery – BUT you can’t win if you don’t DO. As Yoda quoted “ Do or Do Not. There is No Try.”


Anyhow – I’m also grateful for my family and those who make an effort to be my friend. It means a lot to me and helps me grow into a better person. Writing science-fiction helps me release my inner self, searching for either a better future or ( if we continue along the path we’re all on ) the consequences of our actions.

Recently I’m intrigued with Better Call Saul ( a spinoff from TVSeries Breaking Bad ). Patricia and I are totally captivated by its unique artistic plots. Each time I watch ‘Better Call Saul’ I’m reading the credits. One of the credits that sticks out the most is Executive Producer Mark Johnson. I’m all about similarities or coincidences, meaning somehow or someway, we’re all connected. You could say we meet for a reason OR , another way to express it, ( in the science community) “Quantum Entanglement”.

Therefore, when I see Executive Producer Mark Johnson, I immediately think of my FB friend, Mark Johnson, lawyer and CEO of Visual Law. As quoted, “ Mark Johnson – Principal and chief creative officer of Visual Law Group, a litigation communications and forensic animation firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.”

Incredible, Mark is also into making films, founding partner in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles.

I realize the Mark Johnson of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ isn’t the same Mark Johnson friend, but I believe it’s some kind of entanglement of our universe, leading us along a path together.

Call me crazy (if you like) but I love thinking, there’s a reason we are engaged with others, no matter the distance. As a science-fiction buff, it’s frightening clear how our lives are intertwined.

SO – on my Twitter post I said this :

1/ 11 We all know Executive Producer Mark Johnson of AMC Breaking Bad and spin off, Better Call Saul, BUT did you know he produced #Rainman under partnership with Levinson ? #Filmmaking

2/11 With the collaboration of Mark Johnson and #Canadian producer Michelle Maxwell MacLaren of Vancouver (XFiles and Game of Thrones) Vince Gilligan created breaking bad.

3/11 #BreakingBad #Directors started off w/ Vince Gilligan, but had many others, such as Michelle MacLaren, herself and famous actor Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White)

4/ 11 Then came the spin off of #BetterCallSaul ( now starting it’s 4th Season) AMC has hit it on the mark w/ #BreakingBad and BetterCallSaul – both #TVSeries are extremely entertaining w/ the most professional team in show business.

5/11 I have become so involved w/ watching #BreakingBad and #BetterCallSaul , watching each series several times for enjoyment. Each portraits great detail, ingeniously hiding a “MacGuffin” ( term, popularized by film director #AlfredHitchcock ) aka #PlotCoupons

6/11 #BreakingBad and #BetterCallSaul are both excellent TVSeries to learn the craft of #Filmmaking to #Screenwriting . And, to make it even more interesting…

7/ 11 #BetterCallSaul showcases outstanding #actors @MJMcKean @mrbobodenkirk @rheaseehorn @PatrickFabian, each playing lawyers. Interesting…

8/ 11 I personally know a real lawyer ( Yes, you guessed it) Mark Johnson, w/ a team in San Jose, California who specializes in 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry for litigation. You can see Visual Law Group for yourself.

9/ 11 What makes this name similarity so incredible, my friend Mark Johnson is also involved in #makingfilms partnering in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles. (www.fatmonsterfilms.com) I know, it’s just a coincidence, but hey ! I’m always intrigued w/ how we are somehow connected to this universe of ours.

10/11 Mark and I have a connection, each of us never wanted. We both loss a child. He loss his son David and me, I loss my daughter Jenni. It’s a group you never want to be apart of – parents loosing a child.

11/ 11 So, #wrapitup When I see Executive Producer Mark Johnson on the credits of #BetterCallSaul it makes me think how we’re either connected by similarities or maybe it’s Quantum Entanglement 😎 👽 #TwlightZone #science or #scifi Cant wait to see Season 4 #BetterCallSaul

In conclusion I would be grateful if you would indulge with me in this crazy world we live in. I’m truly grateful for all my connections here on FB , Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. It’s an unforgiving world we live in. Our journey is indeed a struggle, but I hope we can make a better world by sticking together, encouraging each other in success and unexpected tribulations. Whatever you’re going through, I hope you understand, we’re all together, fighting for the same things.

All that I ask is that WE are good to each other.

Thank you,

Bari Demers

Our Journey with Stephen Hawking and Friends

Stephen Hawking quotes
The article by USA TODAY mentions,”Physicist Stephen Hawking is more convinced than ever that humans are not the only intelligent life form in the universe.” 

Oh I so agree ! 

I admire Stephen Hawking – his brilliance is without question. His witty interaction with us common folks (like me) is enjoyable to see.  Unfortunately I wasn’t born with the intelligence Professor Stephen Hawking naturally possess.  Like Mr. Hawking, we can be born with physical limitations hindering our journey on earth.   Fortunate for us, Stephen, ( if I may be so lucky to know him by his first name…sign) limitations has never stopped him from overcoming challenges to pursue his journey, studying dimensional universes and interacting with the world through the incredible linear tool of mathematics. 

Like Stephen, we all try our hardest to fit into the journey of life, presenting the world a digital footprint of ourselves. In return we hope our lives on earth will make some kind of impact, no matter how small or hard the journey is.  I personally consider Stephen Hawking a “Super Hero” featuring strengths of endurance, wit and the ability to allow us to see the universe, through his brilliant mind.

It’s certainly a gift.

If you ever had the chance to watch the original (1990) science fiction film, Total Recall, you might remember the scene where hero Douglas Quaid finally meets up with mutant resistance leader, Kuato. It’s here where Kuato helps Quaid unlock his secret past and reveals the purpose of a reactor built by an ancient Martian species millions of years before.

The famous dialogue by Kuato, as he mind-melts with Douglas Quaid (actor Arnold Schwarzenegger), ” Open your mind…open your mind…open your mind!” , is indeed how I refer dear Steven Hawking.  

He takes the time to “Open Our Minds” to the wonders of our dimensional universes, so we may understand the complexity of our natural cosmic plane of existence, including the mysterious Black Holes. This alone is an accomplishment in itself, never mind his own personal physical limitations, he has been dealt with, all his life. 

Mankind should listen to the warnings from Stephen Hawking, as we may one day be over-ruled, causing our own holocaust of humanity.

We can all learn from Stephen Hawking and realize, in the end, we are all placed on earth for a reason. It’s up to us to unlock the mysteries of life using our very own unique gift, hidden with our GEO ( Gene Expression Omnibus) DNA.  It’s vital,  we overcome our limitations, striving for a better YOU, opening a new book of adventure

Our very own book of gifts, just waiting to be opened.

Once you know your gift, you have the opportunity to share it with the rest of the world.

Romeo Durscher
And this is where I like to mention our friend Romeo Durscher, another brilliant mind, who has taken the time to share his experiences with all of us.   His determination of excellence and adventure across our world surpasses anything I will ever experience in my lifetime. His commitment to share with us his worldly adventures with a humbling attitude, enriches our lives immensely.  

What makes Stephen Hawking and Romeo different from the rest ? 

Their intelligence far exceeds anything I’m personally capable of achieving, but they both take the time to bring their experiences down to our level of understanding. 

Why would I say this ? 

In my lifetime (60), through my life experiences and careers, I have met brilliant engineers, doctors, architects, professors and scientists who simply can’t relate to the average person. They think on a linear logical sense. Their intellect can easily be described as a “computer processor” who become frustrated when you can’t understand their level of reasoning. 

So when I meet incredible people like Romeo, I’m thankful to be able to associate with him on his social feed. To take the patience and time to explain the technical aspects, (through his career with NASA and now DJI) at our level of understanding, is indeed a blessing. 

Maybe one day Romeo will meet Professor Stephen Hawking, because I’m sure the two of them would have a lot to talk about.  They might talk about the possibilities of receiving a signal from a planet like Gliese 832c, discussing our outcome. Or, how cool it would be, to see DJI drones record data and showcase remarkable videos back to Earth. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing ?! 

Anyway, thank you so much Romeo and Stephen Hawking, furthering our search for the truth in our little universe, enriching our thirst for knowledge, and to be able to understand it on our level. 

I truly appreciate it. 


My passion is writing, from the beloved science fiction to real conflicts in our lives. It’s my hope you enjoy my passion and join me on my journey of scifi, like my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS.  My journey of who we are and where did we come from, even though it may seem like science fiction to you.  

JAMES MONTANA SCRIPTS is my attempt to open your eyes, follow our dreams and share the emotionally turmoil which makes us human.  

As far as Aliens and the age old question, “Are we alone?” 

It’s pretty crazy to think we are the ONLY intelligent species throughout our own cosmic universe. We know within our vast Milky Way expanse, it’s still impossible to reach end to end, using our present technology. 

But, in time, who knows what the future will bring.  

Until then, I will always heed the words of warning by Professor Stephen Hawking,” We should be wary of answering back,” he said. “Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus — that didn’t turn out so well.”

AND – 

I will keep enjoying Romeo’s journey across our amazing world, learning the limitless ability of our technology, using DJI drones.  

May we be seeing DJI Drones on Mars in the near future Romeo ?  


True Friends are important in your social life.  I’m grateful to have met Romeo, Mark, Abbe, Robyn, Adam, Jim, Virma (otherwise known as the V force) and GG (Gladys Georgina Santos).  

Our dear friend Robyn has been quite ill lately and I wish her a speedy recovery.  After all she’s a Rocket Scientist

In the real world, I wouldn’t have met any of the above, if it wasn’t for Facebook. To actually have a chance to meet Professor Stephen Hawking, would be pretty amazing, to say the least. 

It’s on my bucket list. 

Have you met Professor Stephen Hawking?   I would love to read your story. 

I hope you enjoy my stories from Dreams to Reality.  If you do enjoy my work, please share with your friends.   BTW – Lets get to MARS soon! 

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer

PS Romeo replied to my question above, “May we be seeing DJI Drones on Mars in the near future Romeo ? ” 

He told me,”Oh Bari – Stephen is an amazing individual. When I was a kid I was afraid of him and his brilliance.  And I would love to meet him and just say “Thank You”.  He has inspired so many people and changed the way we are thinking.  And as much as I would love to see a drone on Mars, I wish we could just get our stuff together down here first. ;-)” 

I agree with Romeo – the conflicts between mankind must be resolved.  It’s essential for the betterment of mankind.

A Special Thanks To My Friends

My project this past week is related to PART ONE of the video pitch for my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Writing is where I feel comfortable, so when tackling a video, it’s great to have a helping hand from my friends. 
I would like to thank the generous opportunity by Adam Pass, Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson, including NASA and Dan Pogrebnoy.  

Without them, I would never be able to present awesome photos, scenic film clips or the concept art illustrations. Their generosity has made a big difference and I am very grateful.

ADAM PASS is a Professional Visual Arts Photographer. I had the opportunity to see Adams work during their team expedition of the Adobe Pre-Photoshop World, in Nelson, Nevada. Their adventure took them into Death Valley, California ( approximately a two hour journey northwest of Las Vegas). Impressed by Adams artistic abilities and skills, I was motivated to write this article, showcasing Death Valley’s desert terrain, featuring his work.  

You know that immediately feeling when you come across a gifted talent artist? 

Well, Adam’s work is exactly like that. Not only are you moved by what you see, but what you feel. Without physically being at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes myself, Adam captured the very moment when the desert displays it’s serene beauty – Breath-taking!

Take the opportunity to learn more about Adam Pass. 

ROMEO DURSCHER – Oh what can I say about Romeo ?  

He’s one of the most kindest I can honestly say I have met on social media, without actually meeting in person. Yes, you heard correctly. The first time I virtually met Romeo was during the amazing broadcast launch of Little SDO, heading to study our one and only, life-giving star, our Sun.  

Little SDO is a Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite, sending back NASA incredible valuable information, videos and amazing photos of our Sun. Including life-saving data for our astronauts, the countless satellites orbiting earth and the real effects of a CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection) on earth.

Romeo was the Senior Manager of Little SDO for 13 years, including an important part of the Education and Public Outreach Team, educating the public and reaching out to kids about STEM ( Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) through the use of Camilla Corona.

When I first approached Romeo on NASA’s Little SDO Facebook page

I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical, unsure of his response. In regards to my research, I asked about the science behind Little SDO and the effects of earth from our Sun. 

Truly, I expected the typical generic answers, but Romeo was different.  

He took the time and patience to educate me throughout the years. Indeed, his patience was tested. I found a true friend where art and science works in harmony.

With his passion in science, he took the time to educated us with the humor of Camilla Corona. With that, I too joined in with my “take” of humor, showcasing that little rubber duck of science. Along the way, a group of fans have collaborated together across the world, like our friends, Virma ( the V Force) and her sister, Glady’s ( GG – the Supergirl ), Jim ( the Area 51 guy ) and Gayle ( the Australian American Corespondent ) and so many more, I’m afraid I would need six pages to express all the fans.  

But you know who you are, and I’m enjoying the Facebook friendship.

Today, Romeo is an DJI Educational Director, working across the world with DJI Global. You most likely saw Romeo on “Good Morning America” and didn’t even realize it. But once you recognize Romeo again, you’ll most certainly say,”Hey? I’m sure I’ve seen this guy before!”  

And most likely, you have.  I like to call Romeo – The Adventurer Guru

Romeo’s long time friend, Mark Johnson both collaborate with the operation of Visual-Aerials. Their website says it best,” Mark Johnson and Romeo Durscher are two long-time California friends who recently discovered a shared passion for the joy of piloting remote-controlled “cam-copters.” Aerial Visual is the adventurous side to flying drones. 

MARK JOHNSON is Principal and chief creative officer of Visual Law Group, a litigation communications and forensic animation firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.  Mark is also a founding partner in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles.

Introducing myself to Mark, it wasn’t long before I was greeted by a compassionate man. After knowing Mark through social media, I soon realized we both shared a dark sad past. We both have had the misfortune of losing a child. With me, i lost my daughter, Jenni and Mark loss his son, David. Any parent loosing their child knows this is an unbearable painful experience, effecting you for the rest of your life. They say you will eventually forget as life moves on, but that analogy is simply not true. We, and many other parents, are in this club we never ever wanted to be apart of in the first place. But it does give comfort to know Mark and I are not alone. 

I’m always heading down to Vegas on a yearly bases and I know Romeo and Mark make frequent pit stops into Sin City offering workshops on flying DJI drones, from safety, regulations to the fun part, taking valuable video footage and superb aerial photography. It could be, one of these days, we may all meet in Vegas. I’ve yet to get my hands on a DJI drone. They sure look like fun ! 

UPDATE : 2017 

Mark just recently got engaged to a wonderful person, Abbe Lyle.  Abbe is a professional photographer and member of:

  • PPA – Professional Photographers of America
  • NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals
  • WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International
  • AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics

What I know of Abbe on FB she’s certainly a great match for Mark and what I read, she’s compassionate and a caring person. Thank you for your new friendship, Abbe 😎 

I would like to say : Congratulations to Mark and Abbe ! 

Mark and Abbe love going to Las Vegas as much as me and I suspect one of these days we’ll all meet up in Vegas baby 😎


Talking about Vegas, my wife and I have visit Vegas as part of our regular holidays since the 1980’s. We are considered “Vegas Lovers” intrigued by the city that never sleeps, the comfort offered by the mega corporate hotels, the fine dining options and world-class entertainment. My Facebook page Vegas Reviews says it all. When I first started Vegas Reviews, it was more about reviewing the good, bad and ugly. 

But now Vegas Reviews has developed into more about expressing about the FUN we have in Vegas, showcasing 1000’s of photographs and countless useful tips. Our emphasizes concentrates on giving good reviews to ONLY the best wonderful resorts in Vegas. If it so happen we had a bad experience, we just simply never talk about it. From there, you can pick and choose from the very best list, dependant on your lifestyle or pocketbook. 

Come join us on my Facebook page for the endless fun in Las Vegas!  


My appreciation also goes to NASA’s library of valuable information. NASA courtesy offers its viewers use of royalty- free video clips, as long as they are NOT commercial related. Thank you NASA! 

Last but defiantly not least, is DAN POGREBNOY. An amazing artist for his science-fiction artwork, known as concept art illustrations. I must point out that his work is available under this copyright format, in order to share. His artistic ability would be an asset to Hollywood productions and Dreamwork Studios. 

Check out more about Dan Pogrebnoy


Without the helpful generosity of my friends, I wouldn’t be able to make my video’s. I’m presently working on PART TWO of my BLACK ANGELS PITCH, where you will see some impressive aerial photography by Romeo and Mark. Whereas, in PART ONE , is the remarkable photographs by Adam Pass. Thank you once again Adam Pass for allowing me to exclusively showcase his amazing photography. 


Without further ado, here’s my video – BLACK ANGEL PITCH – PART ONE. I hope you enjoy. 

by Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer