Soul Savior

Soul Saviour

Let’s say for a minute there’s a GOD. What if it was all true?

My next story reflects that possibility…


My name is Chris. I’m a Soul Savior.

“Hard to believe the story I’m telling you, but it’s as real as you can get!”

“Seriously?!” Interrupts Agent Thomas,” Are you sure you want to stick to that story?”

FBI Agent Thomas R. Jefferson is your typical “in-your-face” interrogator.  You know, the bully G-Man type.  Without very much imagination, he resorts to the interrogation Tactics Manuel, Section A-103 : How to make your perpetrator feel uncomfortable by getting into their personal space.

Thomas is a big man, in his late 40’s, sitting on the table, inches away from his captive, Christine Michelle Franklin.

Christine an attractive young woman in her early 30’s, striking green eyes with shoulder length blond hair.  She was considered one the best athletic runners during the Olympics, until stress lead to anxiety and depression.

“Yes, I’m sticking to my story, after all it’s the truth!,” Chris gives a blank stare, perturbed by the constant interruptions.

She continues,”All you have to do… is just listen to me for…”

Agent Thomas interrupts,” This cockamamie story is ludicrous… to say the least.”

Chris patients was running out, but she knew a few tricks up her sleeve. Tears are most convincing. Her bloodshot eyes begin welling up. Composing herself the best she could, stares directly at the Agent, “LOOK! I’m trying my best to explain to you the whole story, if only you would stop interrupting me..PLEASE!”

Agent Thomas grins,” I must say, I’m enjoying your spunk.” He backs off.

He decides to sit directly across from her, crossing his arms onto his fat belly, unconvinced of such a story,” Ok… I’m listening, but you must agree, this whole story sounds kind of nuts. Really now, just look at it from my point of view, for just one minute.”

Chris tries her best to wipe the tears, considering her hands are chained up to the desk,” Don’t you think I already know that? Trust me! I’m telling you the truth!”

Agent Thomas leans over backwards in his chair, reaches for a box of tissue on the small table against the double-sided interrogation mirror, gently places the box in front of her,” I mean, really…” He fumbles into his folder,” Christine is it?”

Chris nods.

10 years of interrogation behind his belt, Agent Thomas knows all too well the good guy, bad guy routine, but today with his partner not showing up, he has to play both sides. He rubs his double chin for a second, as if in a transit state, starring intently on Chris, as she reaches for the soft tissue. Like a blood thirsty hound, the slimy Agent admires her as his new eye-candy. Whatever fantasy he was thinking up in that deranged head of his, it was defiantly inappropriate.

Agent Thomas smirks,” Ok. Let’s go through this one more time. You’re trying to make me believe that YOU ARE from the future, AND – By some miracle you ended up in our timeline? AND by help from…I can’t believe I’m saying this…a GOD like figure? Is that correct? Did I miss something?”

Chris tries her best to sit back in the most uncomfortable chair ever,” Yes. That’s exactly what I’m trying to tell you.”

“Com’on! Do you realize how crazy that sounds? If I wasn’t such a nice guy, I would have locked you up with the loonie toons a long time ago.”

“Why haven’t you then? Agent Thomas…is it?” Smirks Chris

“Let’s not be cute!” Thomas barks,” I don’t think I like your tone.”

“What kind of tone are you looking for?” Sam forces a smile. She always been the sarcastic type,” Would you rather I play the submissive female? Is that something that would suit your taste?”

Agent Thomas is caught off guard, red face with embarrassment. He can’t stand smart asses, it makes his blood boil. Outraged, he stands up abruptly, flipping his chair over across the small room,” CUT IT OUT!”

He gets his face inches away from Chris, spraying his spit,” YOU are in BIG trouble! You had better stop this charade, RIGHT NOW! If you know what’s good for you.”

Chris is uncomfortable, but doesn’t show it, starring blankly ahead.

She quietly wipes the spray of spit from her face. Christine knows all to well a control seeker, when she sees one. She’s seen it so many times before, most recently was her ex. Someone with authority, using it to suit his selfish thirst for power.

“Listen.  Are you ready to hear the rest of my story?” Chris glances at this horrible man. My god, she thought, this sorry excuse for a man is going to have a heart attack for sure. Or maybe something worse.

Agent Thomas places the tumbled chair back in place.

He turns the recording device back on,” Alright, let’s hear it.  The truth this time!”


It all started after the death of my child, Jenni. I was totally devastated!

Oh god, my little girl, only 4 years old, robbing her the right to experience life itself. How can there be a god when he can’t even look after our children? Seriously…we’re in a Living Hell.

It’s not fair!

No parent should ever see their child die before them, it just not right. They say in time, you get over it. I don’t believe it at all. You never get over it!

Weeks after the funeral my depression spiralled into an all-time low, losing my fight to live. Laying motionless for days in bed, with no one to console me. No family and just divorced had its drawbacks.

In a fit of rage, I screamed at the top of my lungs,” WHY GOD! Why? How can a god allow this to happen?”

The room spiralled out of control, it must of been all the drugs my doctor prescribed. Doctors! I hate them all, such pompous assholes. They think they know it all, with their god-like attitudes. I’m sick of them saying,” Take this, you’ll feel better in a couple of weeks.” Really, how the hell do THEY know how I feel ? For Christ sakes! I just lost my child.

“GOD!” I screamed even louder.   Maybe atheist are right after all.

I had to get up and out, maybe fresh air and a nice long run would do the trick.

Forced myself to get dressed.

Just combing my hair was such a long chore. At least my lululemon outfit makes me feel good.

Taking a deep breathe, opening the door was a big deal.  My head softly hit the door intentionally,” You can do this…com’on Chris…” Tears streamed down my checks.

Oh god, my hands are sweaty. Who would of thought going outside was such a hard task,” One step at a time,” I thought.

Slowly opening the door, I remember it was a nice sunny summer day.

Neighbours were going about their daily routines for a Saturday afternoon. You know, lawns are being mowed, kids playing across the street with their dog barking. While mothers kept a watchful eye out, attending to their prized flower beds.

“Huh…Some neighbours!,”I thought. Not one of them came over in my time of need.

Remember pulling my hoodie over my face, trying to make myself invisible, quickly ran down the street to the community hiking trails.

Prefect scenic spot to run off my troubles, overlooking the California coastline.

It was here I noticed a young man, say in his 30’s? You know what I mean? Your typical good looking man, fit, about 6 ft tall and handsome as hell. With his shirt off it wasn’t hard not to notice his six-pack, ripples of muscle to attract any female. It looked like he was running for some distance, streams of sweat was way too obvious.

He stopped me quick in my tracks, ” Excuse me Miss, can I bother you for a minute?”

I smiled,” Yes?”

“It seems I have lost my water bottle, would you happen to have some water with you?” said the young man,” if it’s no trouble?”

I’m thinking, Ewwwww…What a strange request. A complete stranger asking to drink from my water bottle. Not only did I have anxiety but the thought of someone’s germs, made me cringe.

I said,” Uh…I guess so”, reluctant to hand over my precious water.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wipe away my germs,” the young man smiled, ” By the way, my name is Gabriel”, as he reached for the bottle.

“Oh yeah. Like in Gabriel…the Angel?” I smirked.

“Yes. That’s correct. Exactly like the Angel of God,” smiles Gabriel, taking a slug of water. He passes it back,” Thank you, I needed that.”

“No problem,” I said, still puzzled by his name,”I’m Chris. What Angel of God needs water?”

“Good one! I guess I deserve that,” Gabriel chuckles,” Glad to meet you Chris!”

Gabriel extended his hand to shake.

I didn’t return the favour, something didn’t seem right.  It’s then, what happened next, made me completely loose it.

He said,”You look concerned? Or is it because you lost your child?”

I was in complete shock –  WTF. Quickly backed off, scared, “What?  Who are you!” How the hell do you know that?  WHO ARE YOU!”

“I’m Gabriel,” he said.  His eyes starred intently, as if he could see right through me. He then said,” Told you, I’m God’s Angel. You must of heard of me…”

“OK. THAT’S ENOUGH!” frightened,” This isn’t funny!”

Using caution, I Backed up.

Not sure why I placed my hands on my hips, maybe it’s just a female trait, don’t know.  But one thing for sure, this was enough, so I told him so,” You know what?  Just leave me alone.  I don’t need this right now!”

Uncontrollable streams of tears rain down my face.

I quickly raced off at full speed down the dusty trail, checking back for a quick glimpse, making sure he wasn’t following. Ran for a good mile before slowing down. Panting heavily, my stop ended up with the most beautiful view of the valley below, overlooking the ocean. Not sure if that was just coincidence or planned. But whatever it was, I over did my run, bending over in pain, gasping for air. Something’s wrong, this isn’t like me.

What happened next, is kind of unbelievably.

Out of nowhere, that Gabriel guy appears.

Freaking out, I screamed,”OMG! YOU FREAK. LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Relax Christine,” He said in the most calming voice,” I’m not here to hurt you.”

“What do you want from me?!,” I questioned, getting into my defensive pose,” Don’t come any closer! I know martial arts.”

“Yes, I know,” He grinned,” Tae Kwon Do …is it?”

Now, how the hell did he know that?  My god, I was ready for anything at that moment. Trust me, if he took just one more step, I would of sucker punched him good!

Working for the CIA on occasion as a desk clerk, I had to ask if he was a CIA Agent.


Gabriel was delighted by my questioning. He started to laugh so loud.

Didn’t know what to make of it, so I yelled at him,” You really think this is funny?”

Must of started shaking, unsure what his next move was going to be, so once again, yelling,”WHO ARE YOU?!”

You could tell he was trying to get hold of the situation, he said, “Listen Christine…relax. Look. You’re not catching me at my best. I am the one and only Gabriel. Yes. The Guardian of God. You have nothing to fear from me Chris. I’ve been sent here to answer your question.”

I was baffled. What question? Couldn’t think.

This is when he said something about proving himself.

Like yeah right!

I said,” Yeah, sure buddy, go ahead, make your move. It will be your last one!”

My adrenaline kicked in, I was more than ready.

Gabriel gave out a deep sign, saying,” Ok then, I see faith isn’t going to be enough.”

He lunged towards me.  Instinctively stepping back, I loss my balance, falling to what seemed to be my death among the jagged rocks below.  Even though death was inevitable, all I could think of, was how beautiful the ocean looked in the distance.  How crazy is that, but I felt peace for the first time in a long time.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Gabriel grabbed me.

Like that, he snapped his fingers. Within a micro second, we appeared in the most colourful garden. But, the thing is, I’ve never seen these colours before. Trust me, I was stunned!

Remember saying,”Where are we ? How the hell did you do that?  What the hell is going on?!”

Anyway, something along those lines. The rest is surreal.

“We are here. Gods sanctuary,”Gabriel annouced,”You ARE between the realms of reality and your dreams. You are within God’s Kingdom.”

I couldn’t speak; it was just overwealming to say the least. Not to mention Gabriel had turned translucent…

“Wait a minute! Translucent?! ,” Interrupts Agent Thomas,”Did you really say translucent? Com’on!”

Agent Thomas reaches for a smoke. Lights it.

He continues,”Come on now! Who in the hell is going to believe that? For crying out loud. Oh sure – POOF! I’m now in heaven. Seriously? You have to be kidding me!”

“Listen!”, Barking back,” I said it’s important to let me tell the whole story.”

Chris takes a long breath, trying to control her temper.

She continues,” Listen to me. There’s more. A lot more, Ok?”

Agent Thomas sits back, waves up his hands,” Whatever! It’s your statement.”

He leans in closer, eye to eye. Agent Thomas instructs,” Just let me warn you of the consequences! Remember, what ever you say…Chris…may be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?”

“Yeah. Whatever,” Chris sneers back,” Can I continue?”

“Please, go ahead,” Agent Thomas chuckles,” It’s your funeral.”

As I was saying.

Gabriel turned translucent. He said in the most calming voice,”Christine. I’m here to answer the very question you’ve been asking God the past three weeks. Do you remember?”

Of course I remembered,” What kind of God would let children die?” Yes. I remember it well.

He told me not to be afraid.  Then he said,” I’m the messenger of God, the Alpha and Omega. God all Mighty has heard your cries for help. I’m here to carry out his message for you.”

I though, WTF. How in the hell can you help me out, so I said,” Can you bring back my baby?”

It was then I saw a little girl (around 6 years old) running towards me from the distance. I remember how magical it was, it seemed she was running in slow motion through the most beautiful field of wild flowers. The flowers were actually sparkling, like the stars above. Couldnt believe my eyes.

Chris pauses.

Chris breaks down in tears,” OH GOD! The colours were so beautiful. You could actually feel the colours flow through you. Squinting in the distance, the little girl was coming closer. NO, it cant be. She looked exactly like Jenni.  Rubbed my face to make sure.


Couldn’t believe it, but there was Jenni !

Needless to say, had to ask if I was seeing things. Was I really seeing my little girl?

Remember Gabriel saying something, like “I can’t bring Jenni back on earth, but we can let you see her one more time, just this once.”


Trembling, had to ask how this was possible? I mean she was only 4 years old, when I last held her in my arms! How’s that possibly?

Gabriel told me, “Nothing is impossible Chris. If there’s one thing mankind needs to learn, nothing is impossible!”

All I can remember was falling to my knees, madly hugging her tight, never letting go. I looked at my baby girl, removing a strain of golden hair from her eyes,”Jenni? Is this really you?”

Never ever forget Jenni’s response,”Yes mommy, it’s me mommy! I’m all better now.”

Broke down crying, sobbing, holding Jenni close to my heart.

Gabriel told me,”You see Christine, the innocent will always have a place in Gods heart. And so shall the meek. They will posse happiness and never ending joy.”

I thanked him over and over and over again, quickly asking him if Jenni could stay with me?

He said, “No. Unfortunately that’s not the way of things. You see, it’s important we live out our lives first. Think of us, as if we were a moth, who turns into a beautiful butterfly after its transformation. You haven’t transformed yet.”

I was devastated all over again, couldn’t possibly leave her again.

It was unbearable!

Remember never letting go, saying,” Can’t you see what I’m going through?”

He consoled me, by saying,” I understand Christine, but all in good time. Don’t worry, Jenni is in a good place. She will wait for you. Trust me when I say, time and space has no meaning here. To Jenni, she will see you in a couple of hours. While you will go through a lifetime on earth. ”

He could see I wasn’t going to let her go, for whatever reason he had.

It was then he snapped his fingers again.

It was like going in and out of time itself.

I pleaded with him, saying,”NO! I won’t let go! PLEASE. NO! Not again. Please, I can’t do this…”

Before finishing my sentence, we were back on the hiking trail.

Crying, I was totally exhausted, asking Gabriel,” What do you want from me?”

And then I remembered there being a bench. Strange, never seen it there before. He motioned me to sit down.

It was then Gabriel said,” “I don’t want anything from you. Actually God wants to give you one of his most precious gifts.”

” A gift? What kind of gift?”

I was more then done for the day, what did he mean by a gift?

This is what he said, which I still can’t believe today, buts it’s true!

“Christine. God is giving you the opportunity to save others souls. He wants you to see how difficult it really is. Who to choose and who not to choose.”

He paused what seemed like forever, then said,” I mean, who’s good or not so good. This power he’s giving you is the most precious of all the powers he has. It means you must choose who’s souls are going to be saved and which souls will dissolve into nothingness. Do you understand?”

“Nothingness?” I questioned.

“Yes,” Gabriel says,” Nothingness means exactly that. Some call it hell, atheists refer to it as the end of life all together. In a way, they’re correct. Those souls aren’t saved? They dissolve into nothing. As your biological shells rot back into the ground, turning into dust…so will black souls with no heart.”

Suddenly things became weird.

Well, as weird as it can get. I felt weird all over. Like a strange calmness came over me.

I wasn’t scared, sad or fearful anymore.

He could see it in my eyes, puzzled.

He told me not to worry, that I have been touched by the Grace of God. And, most importantly, I was now a Soul Savior. It was up to me to make the right judgements on earth, only.  Gabriel explained to me, this earth was one of many throughout the universes.

Speechless at first, asked,” How does it work?”

He explained to me it was easy, but with a big responsibility.  I had to be more aware of my surroundings.

For example, If someone I knew or a complete stranger suddenly dies, it’s up to me to decide if that person was a good soul. It was up to me to decide, save that person’s soul or not.  All you would have to say,”Save their souls Father”, and that’s it.

Wasn’t sure it was a good idea for me to play God, didn’t think I could handle all that power.

I mean, where do you draw the line?

Gabriel told me not to worry, he would be there if needed.

Oh yes, another thing he told me, apparently I have the power to go back in time.

And so, here I am.

Agent Thomas isn’t impressed with such a crazy story.

He whispers,”Fruit Loops!”

“What was that?” Chris quizzed, even though she heard prefectly well.

Agent Thomas gets off his chair. Picks it up, throwing it at the mirror. He then proceeded to yell,” YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME SISTER! Listen and listen really good! If you think for one minute I’m going to believe this crap, you have another thing coming! As a matter of fact, I’m going to make sure you’re locked up in that loonie bin after all, cuz you are just plain NUTS!”

“Well, I guess, you’re just going to have to have faith,” Chris grimaces the thought what she must do next,” Remember I said that Gabriel will be there to help me out?”

“Yes. Yes. So what of it?” Agent Thomas paces around the room. To think he just spent the last 6 hours listening to all this crap, when he could of been at his favorite strip bar.

“Well, just look,” Chris grins, her eyes are fixed on something behind him.

“OMG! You will never give up, will you?!” Agent Thomas has had enough.

He turns around.

It’s Gabriel.

Gabriel smiles,” OMG…indeed.”

“Oh. I forgot to tell you one more thing Agent Thomas,” Chris says sarcastically,” I also have the power to know when someone commits murder.”

Agent Thomas is outraged,” What the hell are you talking about ?”

“By the way?” Chris says softly,” Have you seen your partner lately, Agent Thomas?

By Bari Demers

This unique story of mine would make an interesting TV Series – The Soul Savior – if you think so – contact me. [3500 word count ] – I have the screenplay (30 page ) for short indie film, if you like to seriously see it.

This short story is based on my daughter Jenni Michelle Demers, who died way too soon. As well Chris was a dear girlfriend of mine. Throughout my life I’ve experienced too many drastic events, changing my life forever. It was a crossroad of events that changed my life and I placed a little of that experience in my storyline.

I always though,” What if God gave us a choice of how to control our souls.”

I’m not a religious person, but I do dream about seeing Jenni again. You could say I’m Spiritual.

Thank you for reading…

[Sometimes in life you’re at Crossroads; not sure where you’ll take your life or where life will take you. There’s at least one drastic event in our life, changing everything.] BMD

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