Canada vs America – The secret love affair

What do Canadians think of the American election

 Interesting headline, but realistically no one cares what us Canadians think. With a Canadian population of over 35 million (according to the 2015 census) and the Americans around 320 million, it’s understandable the American giant has little patients for Canada, right? 

Or do they? 

Basically, if we keep our nose clean, play hockey and spend our money in United States, then everything should be kosher, right? 

Well, believe it or not, it doesn’t work that way.  

Americans and Canadians are both effected by the overall economics, if we like it or not. We are both glued-to-the-hip because of the valuable resources on both sides of the border (and if you can’t see it ) our cultures closely mimic each other. 

And, so far (thank god) the-powers to-be know that!

Water, electricity, lumber, gold, oil and livestock are constantly being sent south to keep the American country in check. As a matter of fact, an American owned meat processing plant, known as Cargill, in High River, Alberta employees over 2000 people while harvesting 4000 beef cattle per day ! All the cattle are shipped locally to Cargill from our Canadian ranchers throughout the year, to be processed, with 45 percent of the harvest heading back to the United States. Twenty percent heads to Japan while the rest is marketed here in Canada. 

You do realize it’s quite a challenge to feed, cloth and shelter 320 million people, right? 

It’s an agreed partnership understood by both countries.  
As agreed : “Under the MOU, Canada and the United States plan to cooperate on initiatives, including: sharing of knowledge, technical information and research plans to improve environmental practices in conventional and unconventional oil and gas development; enhancing the reliability and security of the North American energy infrastructure; supporting the advancement of an efficient and clean electric grid; enhancing coordination on energy efficiency standards; facilitating increased use of natural gas in the transportation sector; collaborating to reduce the cost of carbon capture and storage (CCS); and engaging in regional and multilateral dialogues on energy and environmental issues to advance shared.”

It’s also agreed, we will keep the power, water and fuel flowing across the border, to sustain the quality of life for Americans. It’s important we work together. Otherwise, both economies will begin to crumble like a set of dominoes. Everyday, hundreds of millions of goods and resources are quietly exported across each border. 

The American Flag at Bellagio, Las Vegas Photo Credit : Bari Demers

Both countries understand the commitment to each other.  

Could United States take over Canada by force ? Of course they can. Our small ill-equipped armed forces aren’t any match for the Americans. But, we all know that would never happen. It wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest, worldwide.

Is Canada and United States worried who gets elected? 

Damn rights they do! It will effect over 375 million people across North America. Any change to the balance of our economics will have dreadful consequences to everyone concerned. So, if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, it will make a big impact on everyone.   Just like the Americans, Canadians too are scared in loosing their way of life.  

Will our new young Prime Minister make an impression ? 

The warm welcome of the United States of America by President Obama, inviting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family to the White House state dinner, is without a doubt, an honour. Obviously, the President of United States must be impressed by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to roll out the red carpet. 

Look. I’m very proud to be Canadian and happy we have such good neighbours. 

But, even though you have a few rednecks on each side of the border, ranting how terrible each other is, most Americans and Canadians work well together. We always refer our American counterparts, as our friendly neighbours, as they do the same to us. I personally have some great American friends who value Canadians as close partners, doing business on a daily basis.  


But, as a Canadian, I’m always hurt when someone puts down our country.  Then I realize where it’s coming from. Uneducated and the uninformed will sound off, without checking the facts. They feel so powerful behind their little computer, trying their best to disrupt and lash out on others. 

It’s a sad state of affairs. 

Truly their lives must be empty and constantly filled with hate. There’s usually two things that drive people to do things they would not normally do in public. It’s either power or a lack of judgement, fuelled by the lack of education. Unfortunately, the media enjoys hearing people rip each other apart with their social rants, only for better ratings.

Most of us Canadians are a friendly bunch who are willing to give the coat off our backs, to help others. Sure, we love our beer and the favourite sport is hockey and sometimes it’s damn cold in the Great White North, but it doesn’t mean our hearts are. In the most part we are a peaceful country, loving the great outdoors and (if rich enough) enjoy our winters in Arizona or Hawaii.  

As far as hockey is concerned, you must realize, most of the hockey players (stars) come from Canada, right? And most of the football players in the CFL are American players, right ?  

It’s important to look at all the facts and make a rational decision. Because each decision effects the way we live, our safety and the future of our children. 

Canada verses America – it’s the secret love affair.

So, if Americans want to come up here to Canada for a longer stay, you are most welcomed. Its Canadian nature to help out others, when in trouble. That’s what Canada is about. That’s who we are. We were brought up to respect and treat others, as we would like to be treated and respected.  Canadians, like the people of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia were there welcoming stranded American travellers on September 11,2001 into their homes. The community of Cape Breton and the rest of Canada will always welcome Americans, be it a visit or stranded.  You’ll always have a home to go to.

As a Canadian, we also want to be welcomed. And Americans have welcomed us so many times before, from the fun city of Las Vegas to the warm states of Florida, Arizona and Hawaii.  We thank you all for your warm hospitality, it’s very much appreciated.   

Photo Credit: Adam Pass

The only thing I wish for in Canada?  

It’s important our historical culture of the French and English influence stay as it is. It’s our history and way of life and we can’t see it disappear.  Along with First Nations People, it’s important to respect their heritage.  After all, they were the first to welcome us all.  So, but away your difference and grow together.

Also, we must all be proud Canadians FIRST with heritage coming in second. If not, we will become nothing more then a mix-match country with no direction and complete chaos. The group of people breeding the most will dictate the laws of our country.  

And that’s just plain dangerous.  

As well, religions should never dictate or infringe on others way of life. That just leads to power, controlling the masses. With a majority in ones religion, they too can enforce their law, just by becoming a member of parliament. With enough support, the radical group can be elected as a Prime Minister. From there, it’s just a matter of time, their laws control the very freedom our ancestors so dearly fought for. 

If you’re going to live in Canada and be Canadian, then you must love our country and be damn proud YOU are Canadian.

We are Canadian, strong and free.  For now. 

By Bari Demers 

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