Who is Don Johnson?

Do you travel to Vegas often?

Well if you have, it’s hard not to know about Don Johnson.
Ask any gambler who Don Johnson is, they will instantly laugh at you and ask,” Where you been the last five years, living on the moon?”

Mr. Donald Johnson is what casinos call a “Whale”, usually a welcoming patron to their establishment.

A Whale or Highroller are those who will bet large amount of cash in the casino, sometimes as much as $100,000 per hand playing blackjack, for example. In turn the casino will comp (compliment) their guest with lavish rooms, free limo, shows, drinks and fine dining during their stay.

In most cases the casinos have the overall advantage or, odds are in their favour when it comes to anyone gambling. Nothing is free!

But in Don Johnson’s case, he’s known as the “Killer Whale” feeding off the casinos with his winnings. In 2011, Don Johnson won $15 million in Atlantic City simply because he stacked the odds in his favour before entering each establishment. Basically bringing down the house.

Mr Johnson ! Mr Johnson, can I get a selfie with you?

You might say he’s a celebrity of sorts, but I can bet the casinos wish they never met him!

Fortunate for Vegas, the rest of us aren’t as clever or well trained like Don Johnson. Myself, Vegas hotels love to see me because I’m always playing the slots. I look at it this way – I’m there to have fun, not to make money. And by chance if I do win, usually it goes right back into the hotel by rewarding myself with an evening show, a tour to Grand Canyon, a spectacular fine dining experience or a limo ride down the Vegas Strip.

Sorry Don Johnson, it would take a miracle to train me to win!

If you’re thinking to go to Vegas, just to make money, think again. Mr Johnson is very experienced and obviously good at what he does.

New Offerings

Back to reality, Highroller’s are becoming fewer and fewer in between as the economy still struggles financially. After the deep global recision of 2008, Vegas establishments were shocked into reality, almost losing their shirt in over-development. Sin City’s mega hotels had to reevaluate their overall strategies in order to survive.

Today, new development has once again sprung up, with plans well into 2018. New hotels are beginning to open up, such as the recent grand opening of SLS. And just last month, Australian billionaire James Packer is planning for a mega hotel replacing the New Frontier real estate.

Taking this all into perspective, you really don’t have to worry about Vegas at all. It’s just different players into a new era, with the old players fighting for ever piece of the pie. Worried CEO’s are trying other strategies to help bring in a profitable bottom-line.

The New Market – Loving Vegas

When we think of thousands, Vegas establishments are thinking of millions. How can we get millions of profits back into our establishments ?

Marketing is the key to success and the new social platform is playing an important role. Just using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram can easy grab millions of viewers who have one thing on their mind, ” Where is my next vacation going to be?”

With today’s high stress life-style most of us would burn-out if it weren’t for a quick vacation to let loose. What better place then Vegas! It certainly is affordable. Loving Vegas!

By Bari Demers

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The photo below is of Bellagio Las Vegas, which I captured while at the top of Paris, Las Vegas Effiel Tower.


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