Gord Downie – a Tribute 

Photo by The Tragically Hip

You know the moment when you’re listening to a song for the first time and it hits you like brick wall ?  Feeling the deep message inside, bringing tears of emotion.  

Immediately you realize the artist or artists are unique from the others. 

When I listen to songs by The Tragically Hip, it sends chills down my spine. I’m in the mode, feeling the power of leader singer, Gord Downie. It’s a magically moment that stays with you forever.  

What’s forever ? 

Forever within our human equation means it’s a legacy of a person or persons, who (by their music, book or movie) will last forever. I wish I could say the same for humans, but unfortunately that’s not the reality of our aging biological shells.  

AND – sadly, for Gord Downie, his fight to live is front and centre.

The Tragically Hip just did their last musical #ManMachinePoemTour as Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer.  MESSAGE FROM BAND

Supporting their 14th album release, the Man Machine Poem Tour, the band kicked off in Victoria, BC, all the way across Canada.  They ended their tour on August 20th in Kingston, Ontario; Gord Downie hometown.  Lucky for all Canadians, those who couldn’t show up in person were allowed to see the performance, on CBC, live in Kingston, Ontario.  

Artists across the world gave their tribute to Gord Downie’s last tour. 

In Chicago, for example, musician Eddie Vedder honoured the band at a Pearl Jam concert, saying “There’s something going on up north of the border tonight, and it involves somebody that we can say is a family member … and I just want to send them our energy … and wish the best to Mr. Gord Downie. We love you.”  READ MORE …

AND – Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended the concert, in person, with a warm hug with Gord afterwards, saying,”Thank you, Gord. #courage” on his Twitter account.

It’s extremely sad when a talent person will not be with us any longer because of some damn cancer! It brings tears of sadness to me, as I’m always fighting the death of my first born, Jenni Michelle Demers. 
Life is just NOT fair! 

In the end, all we can do, is remember their legacy on earth.  As for Gord Downie, we have the opportunity to hear his voice forever, with songs like, ” New Orleans Is Sinking”. 

Forever is forever, if it’s in your heart.

By Bari Demers 

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