Las Vegas Fun

The Dream:

My dream jet streams off to Vegas, in all things, a private Lear Jet. Near to my destination it’s not hard to see the bright colourful lights below. My face pressed up against the pressure framed window I quickly confirm my curiosity.

The white jet (not sure why I’m dreaming white) lands seamlessly onto the runway only used for executives or stars. It’s like I’m watching this all as third person.

It dawns on me they must have the wrong person on their flight plan simply because there is no way I could possibly afford such a ride. But no, the stewardess greets me as we land,” We have landed in Vegas, thank you for flying Quality Air. May I take your glass Sir?”

It’s all like tunnel vision when It comes clear my hand is sloshing the ice around. Well, so far I’m loving this dream.

I jump ahead of scenes as if I’m watching a movie. Seconds later driving down the strip in a gigantic limo passing by what looks like The Mandaley Bay Resort.

Huh. Ok. Guess I’m not staying there.

Once again my dream shoots ahead with the driver opening the white car door (there’s the colour white again),peering out it’s clear I’ve arrived at The Wynn & Casino Resort, Las Vegas.
Quickly ushered into the lobby greeted by the house guest,” It’s a pleasure to have your stay with us. How was your flight? ”
“Relaxing,” I remember saying.
Seconds later I’m inside the lobby of the Aria & Casino Las Vegas. My mind realizes the transition thinking how strange is this dream. Next I’m looking over the Vegas Strip from the 27th floor. I’m memorized by the nice panoramic view.
It’s then I wake up…

The Reality:

I’m dreaming of Vegas means only one thing, it’s time to visit Vegas once again. Since 1989 my wife and I try our best to plan our trip every year,if not twice a year, which is a big commitment living in Canada. The costs for Canadians traveling for any adventure easily starts with a price tag from $1500 – $5000 depending how long you want to stay and what entertainment interests you. Sure, I’ve heard this before, go for only a couple of days and it won’t cost as much. But with any holiday, we like it to last at least a week, simply because our next stay may not happen until the following year or god forbid two years.

Our motto,” Get the most out of each Vacation”

You may ask,” Why go every year? There must be other great vacation destinations. There are, but at what cost?

We had the privilege of traveling to Hawaii but now the costs are reaching serious coin. On average an Hawaiian trip costs Canadians between $5000 – $15,000 for a ten day stretch. My American friends find it hard to believe these prices as a full trip will cost them only $3000.

Canadians are plague with the Great White North Sunshine Tax, meaning if we want to enjoy the sunny destinations expect to pay for it.

And there you have it why we like to spend our time in Vegas, of course
exercising caution when gambling.

Las Vegas can be an affordable stay for regular folks offering reasonable priced rooms along with great food and entertainment. Vegas changes throughout the year with an array of events to keep you fully entertained, from free exhibits showcasing the Bellagio Conservatory or it’s musical fountains to T.I. (Treasure Island) featuring the pirate battleship called the Sirens Cove.

With any vacation you have to shop around looking for the best deal that will suit your lifestyle. West Jet offers Canadians reasonable packages with upgrades already on their website. Sometime I will use a particular Vegas Hotel offerings and book the flight separately, but so far West Jet deals compare evenly with each hotel.

Here are some important rules or tips I have learned from experience:

1.Take Vegas in strides, in other words don’t try to see all of Vegas on your first trip.
2. Plan ahead is essential to making your stay enjoyable. Set a budget and stick to it!
3. The Vegas scene can be overwhelming if you don’t use caution when it comes to gambling.
4. Planning your stay with events, entertainment and tours before you leave helps exercise commitments instead of ending up all your savings in the casino.
5. Of course relax, have a good time and try out the variety of restaurants and shows like Shania Twain or Cirque Soleil.
6. Just remember each hotel, including Caesars Palace, all have daily resort fees ranging from $20 – $30 per day on top of what ever your cost is for your room.
7. Be prepared to also pay $100 per day if you tend to charge items to your room. Each hotel will refund what ever you don’t spend, but it can be a shocker just after you check in and your credit card is charged for the total of days you plan on staying. For example, the cost for seven days was just over $700. But once again if you don’t spend $100 per day on room charges, it’s refunded.
8. It’s getting to the point where there’s no need to charge items to your room. In the past it would of been to your advantage because the more you gamble, the more the hotel will comp (complementary).
9. The complimentary service has decreased considerably in the past year. Two years ago I would charge my restaurant and entertainment bills to my room with a nice comp of $400 paid for by the hotel. In 2013 I did the same amount of gambling and only received $56 in comp (and no I didn’t use any free room offers either).

And there you have it. The main rule is to HAVE FUN!

Only spend exactly what you can afford or you may go home extremely disappointed. If you do win think of it as a bonus.

Vegas Hotel Corporations are becoming too clever with the constant changes with their membership cards in order to confuse us, the customer. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of it. But I do use caution and plan ahead. Las Vegas to me is considered my adult play-land featuring 24 hours of FUN.

[If you have constructive ideas to share, please let’s us know, we love to hear. I have a “Just For Fun” Facebook page not at all associated or related with any hotels or their partners. I’m just someone who loves everything about Vegas and going since 1989. Yes – a customer. The photo below is one of thousand of photos I have taken]


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