We are Illogical 

The Okanagan- My Home
Today, as I write, ‘We are illogical’, I have arrived in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦. Throughout the fall and winter months you’ll find me feverishly writing science-fiction thrillers and assorted screenplays, such as BLACK ANGELS (ready for release) and short stories, like Android Alisha. But during the months of June, July and August, you’ll find me at my summer home, partaking in outdoor activities within our Canadian oasis, well known by celebrities across North American. In fact, as we speak, there’s a couple of filming crews setting up in Kelowna, BC. This may be the summer home for the rich and famous, but to me, it’s simply where I was raised as a kid. It’s indeed my home. For Canada 150 or your next vacation I highly recommend you take a visit to the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada 🇨🇦.

Black Angels by Bari Demers

My creative art of writing can be referred to as the ‘Vincent Van Gogh art-impressionist-style’, left with secret hidden messages throughout each paragraph. Writing is an expression from my inner soul, hoping to make a difference to my readers, as they begin to explore the plots and twists behind my stories.

Throughout my life I have questioned our reality.  The how and why of our very existence is indeed intriguing, leading me to believe the possibilities of a higher intelligence far surpassing our own. I like to refer them as our ancestral GODS, who have left behind visible landmarks and scriptural clues. It’s even speculated the GODS of the Heavens may have altered our DNA and evolutionary timeline, making us who were are today. 

With the ways of our human race, it frustrates me to no end, “Why do we react in such an illogical behavioural pattern, causing physical harm to others, over our proposed belief in religion and/or power ?” 

As Mr Spock would say,” “May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans? I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant.” 

Writing is my passion and speaks out to our foolish ways, thinking we have complete control over everything. Where, in reality, we are nothing more then a small dot in the evolutionary timeline, waiting to be exterminated by the forces of nature, much more powerful then we could ever comprehend.  

Our historical past is extremely violent, as is our present day. From dictatorship to religious fanatics, its remarkable our human species hasn’t yet been terminated. We are indeed an illogical species, forgetting about the needs of the many and too many of us are self absorbed in the needs of the one. 

We are illogical. 

It’s my hope my grandchildren will one day explore the fruits of our universe while building the foundation of their generation into a more stable civilized society expressing the love for others. If not, it’s just a matter of time our species will become extinct, like our predecessors, the dinosaurs. 

Maybe one day, millions of years in the future, another carbon-based species will find and decipher today’s article, taking heed to the warning signs of our demise. THEM, being an advanced civilization who were nurtured by millions of years of unaltered evolution, they may wonder how these savage human beings ever survived at all. 


Maybe today, the younger generation will read this article, realizing the fate of mankind, taking steps to eradicate the diseased virus of being self absorbed and begin a brighter future for all of mankind, where freedom is for all, wars no longer exist and the meaning of peace and love is for everyone. It will also mean we must explore other worlds, in order to remove the hardships of Mother Earth, as our footprints continuously places havoc on our planet’s fragile environment. We can be the loving caretakers of earth 🌏 and other M-based planets we visit, realizing our world is a living breathing entity of life, essential to our own well being. We still have a chance to grow into responsibility human beings with the potential to become caring individuals who takes our ‘footprint’ on earth seriously. If not, we may never repair the harm we’ve placed upon on our own beloved planet, we call HOME. And, if so, we don’t have an right to eject our human-virus onto other planets

Kelowna BC by Bari Demers
We are illogical but we can learn to be so much more. Sadly, we have the potential, but never seem to use it for the betterment of mankind. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and storyteller 

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May The 4th Be With You

May The 4th Be With You
May The Fourth Be With You – Peace to All 👽   From the intergalactic government of Alien Species – This is an Emergency Update

We, the intergalactic government of Alien Species require your undivided attention. You are NOT alone! Your Sun Star is about to cause havoc on your blue planet.  

You must evacuate immediately – This is not a test!  

We repeat – 

This is not a test – leave immediately!   Your planet is in danger 👽

If you require assistance, our ships will be landing TODAY ONLY ( MAY 4th) in specific regions of your world.  Keep your eyes peeled to the sky.  For directional assistance, please direct your attention to these human earthlings for further updates : 

  • ROMEO of The Swiss State –  Educational Director of the 4th Kind and Special Coordinator for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • MARK of The California State – Legal Council for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • ABBE  of The Star Wars Pilots Federation and Special Forces Administrative Technical Science Writer 
  • GRAHAM the Star Wars Adviser and Western Alien Coordinator of the Star Trek Division 
  • V JOHANNSEN  – Secret Agent Coordinator for all Intergalactic Species, referred as the V FORCE
  • TIANNDRA – The QUEEN of  SIRUS 5 and Special Administrative Council for the Western World of Alien Species
  • GG  GLADY’S  –  Top Secret Coordinator,  referred to as the GG FORCE Coordinator 
  • ERIKA of The Germaina Divison  and Administration Advisor for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • TRISHA – The ENFORCER and Chief Commander and Special Forces of the Combat Ops Officer
  • ROBERTA VILLAVECCHI –  Special Science Director for NASA and the Intergalactic Government. The official Go-Between Adviser and recently the Dirctor of the Heavens Above.
  • ROGER – Regional Art Director for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • ROBERTO  and  JIM – the European Director and Coordinator for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • ADAM PASS – Director for Intergalactic Photography and Video Feed
  • LOURDES THE GREAT COMMANDER – Executive Director, Environmental & Energy, including Safety Director for the Intergalactic Spacecraft Fleet
  • TESS THE SCIENCE DIRECTOR and Regional Officer for the United States Secret Service and Coordinator for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • KERRY – The MARS ELIMINATOR and the Intergalactic Commanding General for Galactic Warfare 
  • ZACK – Engineering Adviser and Coordinator for Architectural Development 
  • BRADLEY THE ORGANIZER and Undercover Secret Agent for the Alien Intergalactic Government
  • JULIE THE DISTRICT ADVISOR of the State of  Florida, for the Alien Intergalactic Government 
  • PATTY – The Canadian and UFO Director of the Third Kind 
  • CAMILLA CORONA – SCIENCE DIRECTOR of PLANETARY DISCOVERIES and  Special Science Officer for Little SDO and Foreign Advisor  
  •  OBI-WAN KENOBI –  GENERAL of  the STAR WARS Administration and  JEDI    
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG – Top Adviser for the REAL Intergalactic Alien Facebook Social Media 
  • BARI THE GREAT ONE – Alien Coordinator of the Third Kind, Science-Fiction Director and BLACK ANGELS extraordinary 

IF  YOU cannot reach any of the above, contact Twitter handle @jrobbmontana otherwise GOOD LUCK! 
If we inadvertently left someone out please report it to Alien Coordinator of the Third Kind, Bari Demers.  He would be happy to add you to the list ! 

We repeat- 

THIS IS NOT A TEST  –  leave immediately! Your planet is in danger 👽

This is a broadcast of the Emergency Intergalactic Government of Alien Species 
May the Fourth Be With You and have a good day 
By Bari Demersscreenwriter and storyteller 

– Please NOTE : If you are trying to contact Alien Coordinator Bari Demers – we understand he just slipped out for something he calls his “workout session”. We are clueless to what that actually means. Give him a couple of hours and he will get back to your message
This is the Alien Director of the Intergalactic Division of Alien Species – transmission out ! 

May The Fourth Be With You
– Peace Out ! 

The Egyptian Gods leave behind Clues

The Egyptian Gods leave behind Clues

The Egyptian Gods by Bari Demers
All the work and art I produce relates back to my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Today isn’t any different, as I’m fascinated with ‘The Ancient Egyptian Gods’ and the ‘Discovery of King Tut’ himself. 

The behind-the-scenes of BLACK ANGELS started way back in 1980’s, when I started questioning, “Where did we come from and why are we such a destructive race?” 

The clues were out there. I just had to find them. 

Originally, with an Italian/French background, my youth was brainwashed into the Catholic faith. But, after years of observing this religion, I wasn’t satisfied with its religious doctrines, as my thirst of knowledge was never answered truthfully.  

Therefore I went on a five year journey of discovery, studying religions, from Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, The Salvation Army, to the Bahá’í Faith.  

Intrigued by the Bahá’í faith, I began studying its origin. 

Its religious beliefs were founded by Bahá’u’lláh in the 19th century Persia. It was in defiance to the radical Islamic doctrines and unfortunately Bahá’u’lláh himself was imprisoned and exiled. Like any contradictory religion of its time, the controlling powers-to-be considered the Bahá’í faith blasphemy and was severely dealt with.  It’s really not any different today with our continuing saga of complete turmoil within this hostel environment we all live in, just because of our differences in todays religions.

Their religious beliefs revolves around the theory that Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad were divine messengers, including Bahá’u’lláh himself. Most importantly, Bahá’u’lláh was surrounded by the idea of having a peaceful existence for all of humanity, even though to this very day, we still haven’t achieved it. Unfortunately peace into today’s society is such a taboo thought, due to worldly radical (religious) doctrines, exploiting control over their insane beliefs. 

After careful consideration of each religion, they all failed miserably, one by one. All are led to CONTROL and subject to some sort of financial gain. In the end, it was painfully clear to me, all manmade religions are clouded by one form of greed or another. 

It was inevitable. 


After my religious undertaking, I eventually decided to do more research about the Syrians, Persians, Egyptians and Roman historical accounts. The discovery of the Sirian, Persian and Egyptian Gods led me to a more profound answer to our very existence. From there (in about 1995), I started writing a series of screenplay drafts devoted to the theory, mankind was visited by ancient visitors, only referred to as the ‘GODS OF THE HEAVENS’. Even though my screenplay is a science-fiction horror genre called BLACK ANGELS, it’s based on historical accounts of scriptures, including hieroglyphic scripts and biblical prophesy, where’s it’s the understanding mankind was genetically altered prematurely from our relatives, the Denisovans or Denisova hominins, changing us into a smarter race of human beings. 

However, as this is referred to as the smoking-gun to the “missing link”, it’s without deadly consequences. 

Today, humans may be intelligent, but consider the normal evolutionary timeline, we have quickly become a dangerous species, suited more for war then peace, fighting our inner demons along the way. Discouraged by the fate of mankind, I eagerly plowed through the historical timeline of the Egyptian Dynasty, knowingly all to well, they were only representatives, trying their best to duplicate the existence of the GODS, themselves. A good example of this is when I recently discovered my own treasure of historical artifacts through tedious research of the Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut. With this information I discovered an array of valuable historical artifacts with an amazing story behind the secret Egyptian King, the illusive boy with the golden mask. 

Here’s my discovery – 

King Tut's Chair


The Discovery of King Tut Exhibition came to North American from 1976 – 1979, showcasing Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings between the tombs of Rameses II and Rameses IV. 

The fascinating historical accounts go like this:  

Incredibly, local robbers entered the tomb twice, but each time failed to find any treasures. However, in 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter found four secret chambers completely intact. For years before the discovery, Carter’s patron, Lord Carnarvon painstakingly inspected every inch in the Valley of the Kings, telling his colleague the Tutankhamun’s tomb had nothing of interest. 
But on November 22, 1922 Carter discovered one chamber, and within this chamber hide two more chambers. Inspecting the last chamber, he noticed a tight corridor leading to yet another chamber. 

As stated by the Canadian Museum of History, “This chamber was heavily guarded by two black sentry-statues, representing the royal ka (soul) and symbolize the hope of rebirth — the qualities of Osiris, who was reborn after he died.” 

Carter’s persistence had finally paid off, finding the fourth and last chamber, exposing the secret burial chamber and unfolding the legendary tomb of King Tutankhamun (the boy behind the golden mask). Within these walls, the room exposed priceless golden treasures, known as the greatest archeological findings of the 20th century. 

For my own personal interest, It would have been remarkable to be able to see these historical treasures in person, but unfortunately, King Tut treasures weren’t available during the 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver, BC, that my wife and I attended. However, what we did see was still pretty cool, featuring “The Great Pharaoh Ramses and His Time during EXPO 86.” 

Even though these impressive artifacts captivated my interest, it just isn’t the same as the real exhibition from 1976 – 1979, where it’s last visit was at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario. During this time period I was busy raising a family and too broke to even think of visiting Egypt, where the artifacts remain to this very day.

Indeed, King Tutankhamun Eighteenth Dynasty is an amazing timeline in our history.  


To me, after years of studying various religions, reading and seeing historical artifacts, it became clear everyone, everywhere in history tried their best to imitate the GODS, but all fell short to duplicate our ancestral legacy. You can pretty much tell, their technology and architectural buildings weren’t up to snuff to the true GODS, they wanted so bad to replicate. 

In addition, ever since the missing-link, the peculiar advancement of our human brain (within a short evolutionary timeline) and the ever increasing violence from our savage instincts, it leads me to believe we weren’t alone in the beginning, during the birth of our homo-sapiens existence.  

On top of it all, it’s still a mystery of what happened to our fathering ancestors and exactly why did they leave ? Where did they go ? It has left us humans baffled with speculation, only to search for more answers. It’s possible we might find the truth, as mankind takes on a new adventure, searching beyond the safety of mother earth, heading towards another mystery, MARS.  

Maybe, once we reach Mars, all our questions will be answered. Or, just maybe, my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS already tells the story of our ancient ancestors, only referred to as ‘THE GODS OF THE HEAVENS’. It’s now up to Hollywood to bring us closer to the truth by releasing my screenplay BLACK ANGELS

By Bari Demers – screenwriter 


Black Angels Background 

Bahá’í Faith

The Egyptians by Timothy Reid

Exhibitions of artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun Tour Egypt 

Canadian Museum of History 

James Montana Scripts 

Family is Family

Love and Cherish Family Forever

Never underestimate FAMILY.

A Mom and Dad are the heart of the family who ask for little in return.  They ARE usually the ones who are taken for granted. 

A Mom and Dad are those who give valuable lessons, only to be ignored.  

A Mom and Dad will steer you away from harm, even though you may think they are being too tough.

A Mom and Dad are the ones YOU fall back on when the world closes their doors behind you. 

A Mom and Dad will teach YOU of the harmful drugs out there, in fear that your friends may convince you to try them. Even though these “friends” of yours won’t care when you become dependent on them.

A Mom and Dad may seem like a pain in the butt sometimes, but they’re the ones who will pick up the pieces after ALL your friends are long gone.

A Mom and Dad will LOVE YOU unconditional, even when you inadvertently hurt them. 

SO – Next time someone says,”Sometimes family is stronger then BLOOD” ask those family-stronger-then-blood if they’re willing to : 

  • Help you out in a pinch
  • Outright give you a vehicle without any questions asked or demand of payment 
  • Give you monies without payment 
  • Look after your kids when no ones else will look after them 
  • Help you out with food when your cupboard is empty 
  • Ask you to come over so they may serve you a three course meal 
  • Take you out to a fine restaurant at their expense 
  • Pay for your gas or maintenance on your car they gave you.

A Mom and Dad work tirelessly to make sure their children and grandchildren are looked after from the time they are born to the day they die. AND I say die, because the reality of life may be your child will die before the parents.  

A Mom and Dad may seem to hide in the background, never asking for praise, but believe you me, never ever take your FAMILIES BLOOD for granted, because one day it may come back and bite you in the butt. 

Yes. It’s true. One day when your Mom and Dad are old and they no longer will be able to look after themselves, that is the time YOU will have to step-up-to-the-plate, willing to take responsibility for your parents, only because YOU want to and you LOVE them. 

LOVE may be the only thing thicker then blood, because that’s when a child grows into a responsible adult, who finds a partner they LOVE. It’s this time in life when they LOVE each other so much, they become ONE. It’s then they continue the journey of looking after their own responsibilities in life, having children to express their LOVE for each other.  

BUT – sometimes a partner today doesn’t necessarily mean their madly in love for each other. It may mean they are compatible in so many ways. They are a union of understanding each other. They are a seamless BOND, unlike the conventional marriage of a man and women.  

This is the ONLY comparison to a families bloodline.  

So, PLEASE – next time you think your parents are being tough on YOU, just realize they are looking out for YOU in your best interest. A Mom and Dad are painfully behind-the-scenes caring for your welfare, even though YOU may NOT respect them.  

The last thing any caring parent wants to see happen to their child : 

  • End up dying before the parent
  • Finding out their child is dependant on drugs
  • Finding out their child is homeless 
  • Finding out their child is in a “vegetable” state after a horrific accident. 
  • Finding out their child is in jail because of stealing or worse.
  • Finding out their child is left dead in a gutter.

These are the worse fears of any parent and it follows them to the day they die. 


Your MOM and DAD are there. THEY are the ones that really care about YOU.  Never ever think your friends are thicker then BLOOD, because the truth-of-the-matter is, they aren’t! 

SO – remember these words because just maybe your words may HURT your parents, without YOU realizing it…or maybe you do and you’re taking your parents for granted. 

AND – Last but NOT least, take heed to what your parents are trying to educate YOU towards; towards a better human being.

One day, being no fault of your parents, they may ask YOU for help, only because LIFE has sent them a hard curve. Whatever may be the circumstances YOU will help your MOM and DAD, because now YOU have grown into a responsible human being who LOVES your MOM and DAD unconditionally.  

It’s the circle of life. 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter (BMD) 

The Rant of Demons 

The Underlying Truth by Bari Demers
The Rant of Demons are all around us, fear they may be pointed out in public. 

Recently I received a couple of deranged comments about my story on Twitter. Here on WordPress, you can’t get away with such comments, as your words wouldn’t see the light of day. Instead, like the people they are, they stoop to low insults on their twitter feed. Because I was brought up to always be respectful, I will restrain the urge to make a sarcastic retort, but I will say this : 

First of all, it’s my opinion of the case.   

Secondly, my style of writing is sometimes referred to the art of Picasso because of its dark content. Those with dark thoughts will surely come out of the depths of hell, lashing out like the demons they really are. 

If I were religious I would say, “Out of the Depths I Cried to You, O LORD.” 

With that said, even though I consider myself spiritual, my thoughts are far far away from the grasping hands of man-made stories from the Bible. 

Thirdly, the people offended are those who believe Amanda is guilty. 

Interesting they’re from the UK. Instead of giving their intelligent view of the case they resort to petty demeaning remarks. It quickly shows the character of the person or persons, lacking education and most likely are a bully in the real world. 

Freedom of discussion isn’t even in their vocabulary.

If they seriously looked into the case without their clouded judgement, they’ll soon realize Amanda and Raffaele are indeed, not guilty! 

Guess I should be proud. 

For any of my stories to stir criticism simply because I have a different opinion, means my words are attacking the very soul you’re made of.  

It means my point hits you to the core! 

But frankly, I could do without the bullying tactics by unintelligent Homo sapiens, ranting their incoherent blasphemy. Ironically, Homo sapiens in Latin refers to “wise man”. Let’s be wise about our remarks, instead of being fuelled by senseless rage. 

It just makes one look like a baboon. 

BTW – Those ranting ? They’re the same trying to sell a book (I use this term loosely) about Meredith Kercher. It’s a fact these individuals are callous enough to expect profit over the demise of poor Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher. Exploitation at its best! 

Evil awaits its unsuspecting victims. 

If you haven’t read my story, read it here : An Evil Awaits its Unsuspecting Victims

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer   

PS My deepest condolences to Meredith’s family. No one deserves such tearful agony from the hands of a monster. I too have lost a child and it will always torment my heart and soul.  

Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher

Westworld – The Adversary speaks to the Fans 

Canadian Version of Westworld Gamer interactive Clues
Warning : Spoiler Alert for the TV Series Westworld 2016. 

OMG ! Did you see what I saw ?!  In Episode 6 – The Adversary ? 

Bernard heads down to Level 82 to further investigate the GPS coordinates of the estranged (stray) host. Leading into the darkness of the security level, his light beams across the forgotten past of so long ago. Inadvertently, his four-pack flashlight beams onto a past android model, which ( if you saw the 1973 movie) resembles the form of the original MiB, Yul Brenner. It’s slight and so cleverly done, it quickly imposes the idea of the old robot played by the famous Yul Brenner. 

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! 

As a writer I would love to see the teleplay of each episode of Westworld. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are spot on, leading us viewers deep down into one of the most science-fiction thrillers in a long time. 

I mean, I’m hooked ! 

We’re only into the 6th episode and it’s blown away my expectations. So far, the TV Series offers an exemplary storyline, edging us forward into a deeper maze of wondrous exhilaration. I’m sure Michael Crichton would be impressed by the remake of his 1976 film. 

Truly, we’re into the WOW factor! 

The fact, Johnathan Nolan took Westworld one step further, releasing an interactive role game version, where guests play out their desires and fantasies, is in itself a cool adaptation from the original film.  

AND the cast members – whoa! 

A well thought out execution of brilliant actors, from my favourite @Anthony Hopkins to Jeffery Wright (@jfreewright) Ed Harris @evanrachelwood @jimmisimpson @benbarnes @thandienewton @AngelaSarafyan @shannonwoodward @Louis_Herthum, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth (@Hemsdog), Sidse Babett Knudsen and list goes on ! 

The direction of each role carries the storyline forward with drama and suspense. Suspenseful when Elsie Hughes ( played by talented Shannon Woodward) digs up hidden clues and becomes abducted by (I believe) Arnold. Before taken, she warns Bernard that his lover, Theresa Cullen (the parks terse operations leader) may be responsible for smuggling out data from the uplink hardware. 

Remember Arnold? 

Dr Ford’s partner who supposedly died over 34 years ago, is continuously mentioned throughout the story. To me, it appears he’s going to make his entrance in Episode 7. 

Well ? That’s my conjecture anyway. 

It’s also revealed Dr Ford has an old family of hosts, completely out of circulation, specifically for Dr Ford’s enjoyment. Bernard’s previous investigation lead him to a home setting in the far area of the park, discovering Dr Ford’s secret. Surprisingly to Bernard, he has no control over these older host models. Strictly operated by the whim of Dr. Ford. Bernard is deeply concerned for his mentor and friend. 

Oh boy!  

The plot surely is stirring thicker and thicker, into a bloody evil of darkness and despair 😩.  

Oh ! We can’t forget about madam Maeve either (played by the wonderful actress, @thandienewton), who has now achieved awareness beyond the fantasy of Westworld Park.  She cleverly entices worker Felix, to help her achieve a smarter program and explore the real world outside Westworld. At first, Maeve is taken back by the fact she’s nothing more then an android, programmed by a set of linear programs. But with her new upgrade (increasing her robotics intelligence), it will be very interesting to see where she goes from here. 

The new and improved Westworld is indeed intriguing and I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday ! @WestworldHBO by Johnathan Nolan and @lisajoynolan, @bad_robot ( J. J. Abrams) 

Join my Westworld Gamer Manual – a fun interactive fan based manual for all gamers looking for clues into the new TV Series Westworld by HBO.  

 Sure enjoying the well written story of Westworld – join me on Twitter.

By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer. 

Westworld Theories – The Analogy of Dr Ford

Warning : Spoiler Alert for the TV Series Westworld 2016. 

Speculation has gone wild, as fans try to unravel the mystery of Westworld, rampant with their own theories. We humans are pushing the envelope, thinking outside the “loop”. Pun intended 😉

Here’s my screenwriter’s perception outlined with the main characters on Westworld. 

Today’s blog is about, who I think, Dr Robert Ford is. 


Dr Ford is the best in the west! (pun intended). And there’s the key. He’s a very calculated precise human, or shall I presume to say, Dr. Robert Ford is too human. 

We know in the chronological timeline, according to the interactive dialogue between Delores and Dr Ford. 


Dr Ford,”When was your last contact with Arnold?”

Delores,” Last contact, 34 years, 42 days, 7 hours ago.”

Dr Ford,”Yes Delores, the day Arnold died.” He pauses and then says,” And you have no records of any contacts of him since?” 

Delores,” No.” 

Dr Ford,” What was the last thing he said to you?”

Delores,” He told me I was going to help him.” 

Dr. Ford,” Help him do what?” 

Delores,” To destroy this place.” 

Dr Ford,” But you didn’t, did you?”

Dr Ford goes on to say that nothing has become of those instructions, pointing out Delores has been content with her “loop” for the last 34 years.  

Dr Ford looks concerned, very concerned. He continues,” That’s enough Delores. Yes…I’m sorry to bothering you, but …there’s no one else left who was there, no one that understands, as we understand.” 

Delores program picks up on this.

Delores,” Are we…very old friends?” 

Dr Ford,” No. I wouldn’t say friends Delores. I wouldn’t say that atall.” ( spelled correctly as per slang) 

At this point, it looks like Dr Ford wipes a tear from his eye, gets up and leaves, before anyone can see his emotion. 

When Dr Ford leaves, it’s then Delores stares blankly ahead and says,”He doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him anything.” 

This dialogue proves three important points : 

  1. Dr Ford and Delores are the only ones who knows anything about their secret past life.
  2. Delores is as old as Dr Ford, with both being there from the very beginning . 
  3. Delores is being guided by someone else or some thing. 

To me it appears, it’s possible, Dr Robert Ford is a prototype designed by robotics scientists, Arnold. In essence, Arnold is Dr Ford’s protégé, who crafted a specialized android from the very beginning. 

It’s known from past episodes, Arnold was an eccentric brilliant robotics (way ahead of his time) engineer who would closely resemble the behaviour of mogul pioneer Howard Hughes.  

Arnold would alienate himself from the public, in order to produce a robotic humanoid unlike any other robot he’s ever made before. His task was to make an android who could appear and act in every way a human can. You might say he’s a step up from what Delores was. 

In the beginning androids were sloppy mechanical beasts with a set program. Arnold wanted something more, but he knew it couldn’t do it by himself. He needed an advanced android, a prototype capable of thinking as android’s do. Essentially, the android would help him rebuild the sloppy mechanical beasts, using a linear thought, only another android could possibly do. To think of it in another way, consider how we have automated robots who can only make a precise computer chip.

Humans aren’t as capable as a robot is. 

BUT – Before the recreational park, Westworld was about to open, Arnold didn’t calculate in his equation, his prototype android would think of his creator as inferior.

The creator was imperfect or humanly flawed. 

Over 35 years ago, just as Arnold was ready to open the Westworld Park, a terrible thing happened. Like a restaurant, the park opened as a “dry-run” inviting esteemed guests, such as the MiB. A small group of VIP rich guests and investors came to experience this recreational park for the first time.  

During this opening event, Arnold introduced his prototype android as his partner, Dr Ford. As far as the MiB was concerned, Dr Ford was indeed his partner.
Unknown to Arnold, Dr Ford had programmed the robots to revolt and kill the invited guests, including Arnold.  

Remember, Dr Ford thought of his protégé, Arnold as inferior. 

In the end, I believe the opening of Westworld didn’t go as planned, as hosts killed off their guests. And this is where the MiB comes in. He saved other guests from the chaos, but failed to save Arnold, himself. But there was still hope for the MiB, because Arnold’s body was never found. And since that time, almost 35 years ago, the MiB’s quest has been to search for evidence of Arnold, through what he believes to be the underworld known as The MAZE. The maze where Arnold may be located. 

Unknown to the MiB, he still doesn’t realize Dr Ford is an android yet, but he does wonder. This was proven in the dialogue interactions of Dr Ford, the MiB and Teddy. 

In Episode 5 – Contrapasso


Dr Robert Ford confronts the MiB, expressing his control over the Park, which really doesn’t faze the MiB. Instead the MiB says,” How I’m doing Robert? Any closer to finding what I’m looking for?”

Dr Ford,” What is that…exactly?” 

Teddy interrupts by saying they’re looking for a man named Wyatt. It appears, MiB isn’t impressed with the new narrative of Wyatt and says,”…is he just another stooge for the tourist to mount on their wall at home or have you made a worthy adversary? Someone to stop me from finding the centre of the maze.” 

Dr Ford,” And what are you hoping to find there?”

MiB,” … I think there’s a deeper meaning, hiding under all that, something a person who created it, wanted to express…something true.” 

Dr Ford,”Well, if you’re looking for the moral of the story, just simply ask.”
MiB,” I need a shovel…man I’d be asking died 35 years ago, almost took this place with him, almost but not quite, thanks to me. But maybe he left something behind.” 

As the MiB takes out his long knife about to find the answers within the belly of Dr Ford, his loyal pet,Teddy grabs the knife with his bare hands. He stops the MiB from getting close to Dr Ford and most possible finding answers to the TRUTH
And so, there you have it.  

Is Dr Robert Ford a creation by Arnold ? And, if so, is Delores being guided by Arnold after all ?   

Remember Programmer, Elsie Hughes ? 

It appears her paranoia has paid off. She finds a laser based satellite uplink component in the arm of the last host, thinking of possible spies. Maybe it’s the creativity of Arnold and his backup plan to destroy what he created. 

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By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

BTWSir Anthony Hopkins is such an awesome actor! 

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