Westworld – The Adversary speaks to the Fans 

Canadian Version of Westworld Gamer interactive Clues
Warning : Spoiler Alert for the TV Series Westworld 2016. 

OMG ! Did you see what I saw ?!  In Episode 6 – The Adversary ? 

Bernard heads down to Level 82 to further investigate the GPS coordinates of the estranged (stray) host. Leading into the darkness of the security level, his light beams across the forgotten past of so long ago. Inadvertently, his four-pack flashlight beams onto a past android model, which ( if you saw the 1973 movie) resembles the form of the original MiB, Yul Brenner. It’s slight and so cleverly done, it quickly imposes the idea of the old robot played by the famous Yul Brenner. 

Brilliant! Just Brilliant! 

As a writer I would love to see the teleplay of each episode of Westworld. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are spot on, leading us viewers deep down into one of the most science-fiction thrillers in a long time. 

I mean, I’m hooked ! 

We’re only into the 6th episode and it’s blown away my expectations. So far, the TV Series offers an exemplary storyline, edging us forward into a deeper maze of wondrous exhilaration. I’m sure Michael Crichton would be impressed by the remake of his 1976 film. 

Truly, we’re into the WOW factor! 

The fact, Johnathan Nolan took Westworld one step further, releasing an interactive role game version, where guests play out their desires and fantasies, is in itself a cool adaptation from the original film.  

AND the cast members – whoa! 

A well thought out execution of brilliant actors, from my favourite @Anthony Hopkins to Jeffery Wright (@jfreewright) Ed Harris @evanrachelwood @jimmisimpson @benbarnes @thandienewton @AngelaSarafyan @shannonwoodward @Louis_Herthum, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth (@Hemsdog), Sidse Babett Knudsen and list goes on ! 

The direction of each role carries the storyline forward with drama and suspense. Suspenseful when Elsie Hughes ( played by talented Shannon Woodward) digs up hidden clues and becomes abducted by (I believe) Arnold. Before taken, she warns Bernard that his lover, Theresa Cullen (the parks terse operations leader) may be responsible for smuggling out data from the uplink hardware. 

Remember Arnold? 

Dr Ford’s partner who supposedly died over 34 years ago, is continuously mentioned throughout the story. To me, it appears he’s going to make his entrance in Episode 7. 

Well ? That’s my conjecture anyway. 

It’s also revealed Dr Ford has an old family of hosts, completely out of circulation, specifically for Dr Ford’s enjoyment. Bernard’s previous investigation lead him to a home setting in the far area of the park, discovering Dr Ford’s secret. Surprisingly to Bernard, he has no control over these older host models. Strictly operated by the whim of Dr. Ford. Bernard is deeply concerned for his mentor and friend. 

Oh boy!  

The plot surely is stirring thicker and thicker, into a bloody evil of darkness and despair 😩.  

Oh ! We can’t forget about madam Maeve either (played by the wonderful actress, @thandienewton), who has now achieved awareness beyond the fantasy of Westworld Park.  She cleverly entices worker Felix, to help her achieve a smarter program and explore the real world outside Westworld. At first, Maeve is taken back by the fact she’s nothing more then an android, programmed by a set of linear programs. But with her new upgrade (increasing her robotics intelligence), it will be very interesting to see where she goes from here. 

The new and improved Westworld is indeed intriguing and I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday ! @WestworldHBO by Johnathan Nolan and @lisajoynolan, @bad_robot ( J. J. Abrams) 

Join my Westworld Gamer Manual – a fun interactive fan based manual for all gamers looking for clues into the new TV Series Westworld by HBO.  

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By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer. 

Westworld – The MiB Theory

Warning : Spoiler Alert for the TV Series Westworld 2016. 

Following up from my last theory regarding Dr Robert Ford of Westworld I approached a scene interaction with the MiB and Dr Ford towards the end.  Please have a look at it HERE

Otherwise I will assumed you have read it. Carrying on with the MiB ( Man-in-Black) on Westworld, I wanted to give some key points and clues in regards to the MiB. 
From my previous discussions on the MiB, we can already conclude the MiB is NOT William from the past. We are going to go on the linear theory where the MiB is the oldest gamer, since Westworld opened over 34 years ago. 

We also understand the MiB is looking for the TRUTH within the MAZE. The maze is the centre of the truth revealing the whole game. But the truth we seek, may lead us into a more darker path of evil. 

You know the old phrase,” Be careful what you wish for, it just may become true.” 

Interesting, we now know, the MiB saved the park from some disaster where Arnold had died, over 34 years ago. The MiB had also started a Foundation for, (I believe) his daughter. We now know his foundation is popular in the real world as we learn from a couple of fans who approached him, trying to compliment the foundation for saving one of the fans sister. 

It’s been speculated the Foundation could possibly be related to Westworld somehow, and just maybe his Foundation offers a cure for loved ones sure to die ( perhaps by a deadly disease) by inadvertently giving their loved ones a new body, with their consciousness in tact. In fact, they’re suggesting the MiB is providing a copy of their loved ones by the use of the 3D printer you see in the beginning teaser of the show. 

In order for this to be true, it would mean the MiB, Dr Ford and Arnold worked together, from the very beginning.

Also, with the MiB saving the park from disaster, there’s a clue here, where we are lead to believe it’s Arnold’s fault. Apparently he wanted to destroy the park before it started, but I’m sure we are lead down the wrong path. Again, if you read my last blog you’ll realize, it’s possible Dr Robert Ford is Arnold’s prototype android.  

Whatever may be the case, we are surely being lead down the rabbit’s hole by Alice in Wonderland. The dark path of illusions, misconceptions and deceit, mixed with an artificial consciousness deep within the androids, could lead to certain chaos

It’s an awakening! 


“A man named Arnold was the original settler of these parts. He created a world where you can do anything you want, but you can’t die. No matter how real this world seems it’s still just a game. But then Arnold broke his own rule. He died right here in the park, except I believe he had one story left to tell. A story with real stakes, real violence. You could say I’m here to honor his legacy.” 

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

Westworld – Purgatorio To Hell?

Westworld- the new reality
Episode 5 – Contrapasso

Westworld Worldly quirks are indeed beginning to take a turning point with Episode 5.  

It begins with Dr Robert Ford (played by esteem actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins ) telling a story about his childhood greyhound pet (who after years of chasing a piece of felt on a stick) was set free from his collar, only to chase down a stray cat and kill it in the most horrific way. 

Dialogue: Dr Ford,”…to the horror of everyone, he killed that little cat, tore it to pieces…and then he just sat there…confused. That dog has spent its whole life, trying to catch that…thing. Now it had no idea what to do.” 

We can relate this scene as a metaphor, setting us up with our relationship to Delores, (the oldest robotics host) whose been caught in a continuous loop, outlined by her program. It’s apparent Delores will finally breakout of her loop, inadvertently reprogrammed by an outside source. 

We are lead to believe, this outside source appears to point to Arnold, (past partner of Dr Ford) who unfortunately died in the park, over 34 years ago. It’s the exact same source, triggering the MiB ( Man in Black) to search for the maze. It’s clear, Delores and the MiB will both find their freedom when they reach the end of the maze. In fact, you could say they’re on a mission to find the truth. 

BUT – Dr Ford is not amused 😒.

You get this impression, even though Dr Ford appears to be seemingly at ease with complete control over his world ( Westworld) on the outside, it appears underneath, there’s an increasingly disturbed feeling, stirring within him. We get this impression, it’s quite possible, Dr Ford is hiding something and trying with all his might to prevent the past from revealing itself. 

His arrogance of power is truly evident. 

Is Dr Ford concerned of what might happen if the truth gets out? Will the same thing happen to the humanoid robots, getting loose and finally taking revenge on its guests, in the most horrific way? 

Of course, these are assumptions, and we can’t really say where the writers are taking us, only that we’re intrigued by this most amazing adventure of Westworld

In Scene Two, I would like to point out where Delores is, in the middle of a graveyard.  Does it have any significance to the rest of the story ? Was the close-up scene of the countless bells resting on the rows of wood crosses, a small teaser of things to come? 

Did you know the reason behind the bells tied to the crosses?  

In the earlier days of the Wild West, it was a possibility to mistakenly pronounce someone dead and bury them in haste, when in fact they weren’t. So in lieu of this mistake, they use to place small crafted metal or ceramic bells on the crosses, with a string ( or chain) attached to each bell, leading down inside the coffin of the presumed dead. This way, if the person inside the coffin came back to life, they still had that last chance to grab that chain (attached to the bell) and ring it to warn others, that they had just been buried alive. 

Whoa! Can you imagine being buried alive by mistake?!

Anyway, moving along…

While Delores is standing in the middle of this grave, she hears a whispering voice, that says,” Find me!” She closes her eyes saying,” Show me how?” A whirlwind of images come to light, but quickly she’s broken out of the trace by where she is.  

William asks her,” Are you alright?” 

Delores says,” Of course. Did I do something wrong?” 

William, “Just earlier…I thought you were talking to someone?” 

Delores smiles,” Must of been the wind.” 

It’s certain Delores is following her loop pattern( to a point), but at the same time, is secretly seeking out answers to the questions. She hasn’t completely trusted William, as of yet. 

William is also fighting his personal demons as he finally meets head-to-head with his arrogant brother-in-law, Logan. Without going into ever scene, let’s just say William has had enough of his brother-in-law and after going down the path with Logan’s wishes, including the Wild West Orgy, William finally breaks loose from Logan’s grips, telling Delores,” It’s a sick game and I don’t want to be part of it.” 

This scene is directed victoriously by (I’m assuming) a women’s touch (possibly written by Lisa Joy herself ) as Delores expresses herself to William. 
Delores, “…but together…( in tears, embracing William ) I know we can find a way out.” 

William,” How can you be sure?” 

Delores,” There’s a voice inside of me, telling me what I have to do. And it’s telling me I need you!” 

Followed by a passionate kiss. You know that kiss. It’s the kiss where you know you have met your soul mate? Yup – that kiss. 😳  

On that note I think Executives Producers Jonathan Nolan, his wife Lisa Joy and J. J. Abrams must be ecstatic with the growing success of the new Westworld. It may of just been coincidence, but the interaction of actors Jimmi Simpson ( playing William) and Evan Rachel Wood (playing Dolores) have both hit it, right on the mark. You can feel the chemistry as it happens.

This indeed is good acting! 

As soon as Delores and William take on this most powerful scene, suddenly all hell breaks loose. William thankfully leaves Logan to fend for himself, taking off with the beautiful Delores. 


Interesting, our rising star, Elsie Hughes (Westworld’s Programmer) determination has finally paid off. She finds a laser based satellite uplink component in the arm of the last host who attacked her( in the pervious episode). It appears her paranoia is warranted after all, and further investigation by her and Bernard will most probably happen in Episode 6. 

Elsie confirms Bernard was right after all and says,” …Orion Belt has three stars, not four. Our friend wasn’t drawing stars…it was drawing a target. Someone has been using our host to smuggle that out of the park.” 

Earlier it’s probable, Delores may have found the same components in her arm, but we aren’t sure if it was a dream or reality. 

The next powerful scene…

Dr Robert Ford also confronts the MiB, expressing his control over the Park, which really doesn’t faze the MiB. Instead the MiB says,” How I’m doing Robert? Any closer to finding what I’m looking for?”

Dr Ford,” What is that…exactly?” 

Teddy interrupts by saying they’re looking for a man named Wyatt.

It appears, MiB isn’t impressed with the new narrative of Wyatt and says,”…is he just another stooge for the tourist to mount on their wall at home or have you made a worthy adversary? Someone to stop me from finding the centre of the maze.” 

Dr Ford,” And what are you hoping to find there?”

MiB,” … I think there’s a deeper meaning, hiding under all that, something a person who created it, wanted to express…something true.” 

Dr Ford,”Well, if you’re looking for the moral of the story, just simply ask.”

MiB,” I need a shovel…man I’d be asking died 35 years ago, almost took this place with him, almost but not quite, thanks to me. But maybe he left something behind.” 

As the MiB takes out his long knife about to find the answers within the belly of Dr Ford, his loyal pet,Teddy grabs the knife with his bare hands. This simply move makes me wonder if Dr Ford is indeed human after all ? Just maybe he too is an android. An interesting concept to plunder about, as we keep watching Westworld. 

Let’s note here : This scene is why some viewers think William and the MiB may so happen be the same person. The timeline is obviously mixed, to confuse us, but did William turn into the MiB over time ? William originally entered Westworld with a “white hat” with the impression to add the good back into humanity. I get this idea, the real world (outside the park) has turned into this most evil place. Don’t you think actor Ed Harris makes the prefect MiB? 

Finally –

On top of everything else, Maeve has confronted her demons too, as she awakes to one of the engineers, “Hello Felix…its time you and I had a chat.” 

Whoa! Nice way to end episode 5. 

The cast, the director and producers have certainly worked hard to make Westworld the most intriguing science fiction thriller TV series, ever! You can tell each actor was carefully picked to create such an awesome story.  Checkout for more clues

By Bari Demersscreenwriter of BLACK ANGELS and freelance writer 

BTW – I still think Westworld is on a world all by itself and hopefully in the next season, we just may find ourselves on another planet with a new amusement park…let’s say Roman world
Also, the meaning of Contrapasso relates to the punishment of souls in Dante’s Inferno, referring to Purgatorio. Isn’t that amazing ! Pay close attention to the headings. They too provide some interesting clues.  Is Westworld Purgatory? 



HBO’s WESTWORLD is increasingly curious with fan’s rampant speculation throughout social media. The script is well written, leaving subtle hints or clues. 

This is exactly what Westworld Director Jonathan Nolan wants to hear from his fans. Did you know the writing team is a family affair? Johnathan’s brother, Chris is writing, as well is his wife, Lisa Joy. Chris also help write Interstellar ( which I may add, a part of the movie was filmed in Alberta Canada) and The Dark Knight.  

Westworld continuing Episodes 3 and 4 are indeed worldly quirks to think about – It raises questions we’ve been asking ourselves for sometime now : 

  • Is reality just a vivid imagination?  
  • Are we in a program clearly stated in the Matrix Trilogy films.
  • Will we be able to control Androids or humanoid robots?  This question was raised in both movies, I Robot and back to the original film, Westworld in 1973. 

In the future, will humans be able to upload our consciousness or transplant our existing brain into a Android Skeleton body, without the fear of dying ?   This is a possible invention for our future, where MAN can live inside a Android Skeleton body after his organic body fails.

It really makes you think! 

  • What will be the political outcome of future robots and will they have the Freedom of Rights, we humans so dearly hang on to? 
  • Will Robots revolt and take revenge on humans?  It’s a possibility. 
  • Can robots take over the world, like in the Terminator films? 

All of these are valid questions in our real world, but what about the growing fanbased questions and concerns in the HBO WESTWORLD TV Series?  

Possible Theories by Fans : 

  1. Is GUEST William from the past, possibly becomes the MIB (The Man in Black ) in the future? (This is unlikely but interesting, never the less)
  2. We assume the timelines are relatively in sequence, but we find the timelines could be the past or future.  (At this point in time, it’s hard to distinguish).
  3. We can see hosts Maave and Delores are now questioning their existence. It’s assumed they will soon FREE themselves from the game all together. (How will character’s Maave and Delores push past the fact they’re robots. It will indeed be interesting to see the outcome).
  4. We are lead to believe the WESTWORLD Park is far away from everything else. You could even come to the conclusion they are on another world. (Character Bernard talks to his wife as if transmission could be light years away). 
  5. Character Elsie Hughes ( a Programmer working closely with Bernard). She appears to me as witty and determined. As a clever girl, she won’t take no for an answer. She’s very concerned with the abnormal behaviour of the HOSTS, coming across a serious problem with a stray host (robot) who attacks her defence personnel, character Ashley Stubbs, head of security. Before their attack by the stray host, Ashley points out the sketched markings to Elsie( left behind in camp by the host) are possible from the belt of the Orion constellation, which is located on the celestial equator. 

This last piece could be mean something.  If you discover the Orion constellation you will realize the rectangular shaped constellation consists of four stars —Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Saiph.   The three stars (approximately in the middle) of Orion’s Belt—Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.  

So – what does this mean ? Is it a quest for another planet ? Can WESTWORLD be located on different planets throughout our the Milky Way Galaxy?  

In the original WESTWORLD ( 1973 film) there were Three THEME PARKS

  1.  West World
  2. Medieval World 
  3. Roman World. 

Is it possible Westworld is on one planet and Medieval World, along with the Roman World ( showcasing the ancient Roman city of Pompeii) will be on their very own planets?

Indeed, it will be interesting to see where each episode will takes us. What I’m figuring is, the First Season will be all about West World, while the adjoining Season Two and Three will lead us to the Theme Parks mentioned.  ( I hope so 😎) 

BUT – it’s also mentioned the sketch of Orion is incorrect due to there’s four points along Orion’s Belt, instead of three.

Now this interests me too, because if you follow past Orion’s Belt, it will lead you to a fourth star named Sirius. This immediately leads into my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Of course, it’s impossible to believe Jonathan Nolan knows anything about my screenplay. 

Moving on – 

It’s my belief, in the Westworld’s first season the MiB ( Man in Black) will eventually find the route of the maze, he so desperately needs. It’s obvious the MiB is an experienced Gamer ( I have calculated with 30 years of experience he’s spent approximately $7 million throughout the years). We now know his foundation is well known in the real world as a couple of fans approached him, trying to compliment the foundation for saving one of the fans sister. Surprisingly, MiB is NOT impressed with the fans and basically tells them so in a harsh dialogue,”This is my f—ing vacation,” going on by threaten them, saying he would cut their throats.  

Apparently he doesn’t want anyone interfering with his game. 

It’s also suggested, MiB could have an insider who’s helping him to achieve his goals. In essence, there’s already a growing group of viewers suggestions stating the “Men in Black Theory”.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of the MiB. 

There’s also another theory. 

It’s possible an INSIDER of the Park is responsible for changing the robots goals, giving them their own consciousness. Could it be the illusive Arnold who (according to Dr Ford) is suppose to be dead? 

MiB Dialogue: “A man named Arnold was the original settler of these parts. He created a world where you can do anything you want, but you can’t die. No matter how real this world seems it’s still just a game. But then Arnold broke his own rule. He died right here in the park, except I believe he had one story left to tell. A story with real stakes, real violence. You could say I’m here to honor his legacy.” 

So my question : “Is Arnold really dead?” 

In case your not up on Arnold, he was a partners with Dr Ford (in the beginning ) creating Westworld. It appears (according to Dr Ford) Arnold became to emotionally close to his creations, as Dr Ford only relates the robots, simply as a tool or machine. We all know Dr Ford is extremely powerful in making the final decisions and warning  others not to stand in his way.

And finally, who’s this Wyatt? 

Is Wyatt the final goal to the puzzle? Is Wyatt somehow related to Arnold? Will the MiB gets his answers once he meets up with Wyatt.  Surprisingly enough, it’s Dr Ford who uploaded a new program about Wyatt into Teddy’s collective circuitry head of his.  

And on that note. 

Poor, poor Teddy Flood, the host who’s always in pursuit of Delores. Unfortunately he will never get his girl and always ends up either dead or prey lose to death.  

This being said, will Teddy one day get his revenge?  

The first season of HBO’s Westworld is going pretty strong and hopefully it will continue. Not like it’s counterpart, Beyond Westworld ( in 1980) who’s short-lived TV series was supposed to follow by the two great films, Westworld and Futureworld in 1976. 

Unfortunately for Beyond Westworld, it only lasted five episodes. Im excited for the new HBO’s Westworld and I dearly hope it doesn’t have the same fate. As we are headed into the five episode, it’s obvious we have surpass its counterpart Beyond Westworld.  

The new HBO Westworld is certainly going places and I’m so happy for that, as most science-fiction films don’t usually have a good record in the film industry. But with Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens Trilogy, the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain American and The Martian film, just maybe with the new millennials generation, there’s finally a new hope and drive towards SCIFI

One day I hope to see BLACK ANGELS as the next blockbuster science-fiction film.

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

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Warning: My narrative description of HBO’s TV SERIES WESTWORLD may outline spoilers for the first two episodes.

You’ll find I’m breaking down the TV Series WESTWORLD within my thoughts, describing the scenes through each ACT, giving my  idea of possible CLUES (or hints) of the storyline. It’s my own personal perception of the science-fiction fantasy WESTWORLD on HBO. 

YOU CAN JOIN me by discussing your point-of-view of where you think the storyline is headed and maybe you know of a clue I missed.  This exercise is for everyone interested in science fiction, script writing or your interest in the new TV Series WESTWORLD.

Let’s continue with Episode 2 – CHESTNUT  


Delores is awaken by the instructions of Bernard’s voice,” Wake up Delores.” She begins to sleepwalk outside in her yard.  

Bernard’s voice whispers, ” Do you remember?”


A couple of NEWCOMERS come into WESTWORLD showcasing the Entertainment Park’s entrance, for the clients.  They are each met by a host who escorts them to their prospective room. In this room they decide to pick who they want to portrait, a good or bad person.

(Ben Barnes) and WILLIAM (Jimmi Simpson) enter, with LOGAN as a repeat customer.  

LOGAN basically screws his way from one host to another as WILLIAM is looking to interact with the hosts.  


Once again we meet character ELSIE HUGHS (Shannon Woodward) who we know is a PROGRAMMER resetting or reprogramming the ANDROIDS.  

In this ACT we learn ELISE is quite concerned that possibly PETER ABERNATHY ( Louis Herthum ) Dolores’ father, has most likely corrupt DELORES program. 

You sense her concerns are valid. 

She wants to recall Delores, but it’s here that Bernard becomes on the offensive, stating that Delores has been cleared and maybe the stories should be best left to the guests. 

Elise is taken back from his response.


We perceive Dolores is changing, as a FLASHBACK reveals a past massacre in the town of Sweetwater. As we have already met MAEVE MILLAY ( Thandie Newton) in the first episode, we already know she’s a HOST MADAME for the busy Saloon.  She meets up with Dolores, breaking her out of the slumbering flashback.  

It’s here Delores whispers, “…these violent delights have violent ends.” 

Maeve is taken back from the response.


We meet up with the MAN IN BLACK again.  He’s getting closer to his goal, when he meets up with an OUTLAW HOST, known as his old friend LAWRENCE (played by Clifton Collins Jr.).   The MAN IN BLACK saves Lawrence from a hanging, killing all the other hosts, in doing so.  

Lawrence has no recollection of this stranger.  


After Maeve’s encounter with Delores, Maeve begins to see things ( a flashback).  It’s evident Maeve has been effected. 


Bernard secretly questions Delores 

Bernard brings Delores back-on-line asking her if she remembers their last conversation. 

Here’s their DIALOGUE :

DELORES : Yes. Of course.
BERNARD : And you haven’t told anyone about our little talks?”
DELORES: “You told me not to.” 
BERNARD: ” Step into annalist please… How many interactions have you participated in since we last talked?”
DELORES : ” 138 encounters including this one.” 
BERNARD : ” And has anyone altered or updated your core logistics in that time?” 
DELORES : ” No.” 
BERNARD : “Resuming…I think it would be best if you not mention the things we’ve been talking about.”
DELORES: “Have I done something wrong?” 
BERNARD: “No. There’s something different about you, about the way you think. I find it fascinating but…others may not see it that way.”
DELORES: “Have YOU done something wrong?” 

Bernard is concerned of what she just said. He’s basically paranoid, thinking someone or something is meddling with her program. 

BERNARD: “Turn off your vent log please, erase this interaction. Confirm.” 

He tells Delores that she better get back before someone misses her.


The menacing MAN IN BLACK keeps moving forward towards his quest. So far his brutality of the HOSTS are evident. It raises concerns with a security personnel, who reports the MAN IN BLACK to his superior, ASHLEY STUBBS (played by Luke Hemsworth) whose head of security for WESTWORLD.  

Without lifting an eyebrow, ASHLEY says, “That gentleman gets whatever he wants.” 

The MAN IN BLACK, with 30 years under his belt of vacationing time at WESTWORLD, allows him whatever he wants. Who cares if he’s slaughtering every host he meets. We get the picture the MAN IN BLACK has spent approximately (basing on a 10 day vacation) $400,000 each year for the last 30 years.  

That’s 12 million dollars! 

I guess he can do pretty much what he wants to do…or does he?   Sounds like a Donald Trump.  Maybe there’s a message here? 


The MAN IN BLACK is getting closer to his goal, as he threatens Lawrence and his family. After the MAN IN BLACK eliminates the OUTLAW BANDITS and kills his wife, he points the gun at his young daughter.

It’s then, the daughter HOST reveals the entrance to part of the MAZE, saying,”Follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs.”

The MAN IN BLACK knows he’s on the right track. 

Lawerence tells the MAN IN BLACK he has what he came for…now go home.

MAN IN BLACK : No, you don’t understand Lawerence. This time I’m never going back.” 


DR FORD heads up from the underground LAB to the Story Setting of the WESTERN DESERT. He has a quaint talk with a HOST portrayed as his younger self.  It’s here he reveals a small glimpse of his secret project.  

As the VIEWER, your curiosity takes hold. 


This verbal CODE offsets MAEVE to the point she suddenly awakens during a routine surgery in the LAB. She startles two robotics engineers as they preform a routine surgery on her.  

A chaotic scene develops, where she runs away within the other parts of the LAB.

She can’t believe what she’s seeing, as she notices other HOSTS in compromising screwed-up pieces. The engineers finally catch up, sedating her. One of the engineers thinks he forgot to turn off the android, but in reality, you know that’s not true. They both cover each other’s actions, saying,” Don’t speak a word of this!” 

CUT TO :  

We are back with Delores being awakened. She finds a gun buried on her property. Next morning she discovers the gun in her chest-of-drawers. She sort of remembers, thinking last night was just a dream. Except the gun is real. She’s confused and places the gun back in the drawer.


There’s a big presentation by dialogue script writer MR LEE SIZEMORE.  LEE is just waiting for DR FORD to acknowledge his artistic storyline ODYSSEY ON RED RIVER, but to his dismay DR FORD says (point blank) “NO!” 

He describes LEE’S narrative as a cheap titillation underestimating the guests. 

Dr Ford explains to Lee there’s more to a GUEST then meeting up with a HOST. It’s the connection. 

DR FORD : “There not looking for a story who tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.” 


During DELORES regular script routine, she heads across town after her daily shopping. She places her bought items into the pack on the horse, and like clockwork, a can of sweet condensed milk drops to the ground. This routine is her typical script, where she either interacts with the NEWCOMERS or another HOST, preferable interacting with TEDDY. 

Teddy script is to interact with Delores on a regular basis, trying his best to look after her the best he can. Unfortunately he gets killed a lot of the time.

So this time she meets up with William.  William feels a connection. 

In the background Dr Ford says,” The only thing your story tells me, Mr. Sizemore…is who you are.” 

Mr. Sizemore asks him, ” Wasn’t there anything you liked about them?” 

In turn, Dr Ford points at the boots on one of the host and asks,” What size are those boots?” 


Bernard and Dr Ford are back in the desert. Bernard let’s Dr Ford know the board members are getting impatient and were promised a new storyline soon. 

Dr Ford says,” They shall have one. Something I’ve been working on for sometime. Something quite ORIGINAL.” 


  1. Dolores and Maeve have both been effected by the verbal CODE. This may mean serious percussions in the near future. 
  2. Bernard is having secret meetings with Dolores, but in this episode you are unclear of his motive.
  3. You get to really understand  just how different Ford and Bernard’s perspectives are when it comes to the hosts, with Bernard having an underlying emotional connection he can’t break, while Ford is much more detached.
  4. You sense the employees are stressed out. It could be long hours and away from their family. But when a problem arises, each department passes it along to the next. No one seems to be taking responsibility. 
  5. We know the MAN IN BLACK isn’t ever going back home…but why?  Where exactly are they ???   Another planet maybe ?  Does he have a deadly disease and is he dying ? Maybe the MAN IN BLACK wants a new body, like an Androids body, that will last him forever. Is that why the MAN IN BLACK is so focused in finding the MAZE ? 
  6. Dr Ford is planning something in the desert of interest, but you aren’t sure what that is, as of yet. Could it possibly be another THEME

The Androids are becoming conscious, meaning they are starting to remember their past activities and the cruelty of its creator, using them for the mere enjoyment of the wealthy few. I smell a revolution soon #WESTWORLD


By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer

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Westworld- the new reality
Westworld Art work by Bari Demers

Warning: My narrative description of HBO’s TV SERIES WESTWORLD may outline spoilers for the first two episodes. 


My introduction of WESTWORLD is through the eyes of a screenwriter, concentrating on plots, sub-plots and dialogue related to the Acts, the Establishment, the set-up, the inciting incident, contemplation, turning point, acceleration, obstacles and raising the stakes to a crisis. 

Unlike a film, TV series have a progression of ACTS, each broken by a commercial. TV series begin with a TEASER, and then follows up with ACT 1 to 5, giving the latter some kind of CLIFF HANGER or possible CLOSURE


Westworld is a Recreational Adult Park strictly for the wealthy few, who can afford $40,000 per day. The rich guests get to interact with humanoid robots, in order to enrich their lives. 

Having watched the original movie back in 1973 I already expect something pretty extraordinary, to say the least.

Let’s begin – 


The TEASER gives you a glimpse of what’s about to come. The credits introduces executive producer Johnathan Nolan along with Lisa Joy, J. J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub and Bryan Burk.  


In the First Episode we meet some of the NEWCOMERS ( the rich clients) and HOSTS ( humanoid robots) of the recreational Adult Park called Westworld.  

We immediately get a feel for the old western town of SWEETWATER, where the action begins.

We are introduced to TEDDY (James Marsden) and DELORES ( Evan Rachel Wood).  It’s hard not to become attached to the both of them. Right away, I begin to feel sorry for the robots designed to please its guests (NEWCOMERS). 

You meet THERASA CULLEN ( Sidse Babett Knudsen) the WESTWORLD Park acting CEO Operations Director. She coordinates everything in the park, making sure the guests are handle properly, the staff do their job and reports directly to DR FORD and the shareholders. 

You also meet (ironically) MR LEE SIZEMORE (Simon Quarterman) a director for the script and storyline, giving direction to the HOSTS. His character is arrogant and, his interaction with fellow employees is very abusive. You can tell he’s conceded, just waiting for recognition for his creativity. (Right away, I find his character annoying) 

ACT TWO : THE SET-UP – It’s not long and we are also introduced to the creator DR. FORD (Anthony Hopkins) and counterpart BERNARD (Jeffrey Wright ). 

We get a feel for behind-the-scenes, introducing how they manufacture the robots.

There’s a hint, that these two prominent Robotics scientists react differently to the Androids. 

We get this feeling that Bernard has an emotional view of the Androids, most specially, DELORES ( the oldest robot ). Even though he feels compassion, he doesn’t want Dr Ford to catch wind of his feelings, as his last partner didn’t last very long ( Episode 3). In fact, he died – interesting! 

In comparison, Dr Ford has no emotional ties to his creations, using them only as instruments in his overall experiment. But, in the same breathe, you respect Dr Ford. ( Who doesn’t highly admire and respect Anthony Hopkins!) 

ACT THREE : THE INCITING INCIDENT – Within 20 minutes of the show you quickly realize there’s a serious problem with Two HOSTS.  

Both of them seem to have gone haywire.  

The first one I like to refer as the MILK BANDIT, because he drinks and pours a bottle of milk on his victims. The other HOST is PETER ABERNATHY ( Louis Herthum ) Dolores’ father, (referred to as daddy) goes astray by inadvertently accessing a different code after discovering a photo hundreds of years ahead of the western timeline. 
Stuck on the photo, it triggers his program changing it by a verbal code, saying “…violent delights have violent ends.”

Westworld Artwork by Bari Demers

ACT FOUR and FIVE : This CODE forces Bernard and Dr Ford to have another look at Delores daddy. They learn the CODE may have deadly consequences, when host Peter Abernathy threatens Dr Ford by quoting Shakespeare and vowing revenge upon his creator. They decide it’s best to decommission PETER ABERNATHY, as well as the MILK BANDIT

You can tell something is bothering Bernard. Dr Ford has patiently taught Bernard his craft, from development and intellectual standards, to the full operation of the HOSTS (aka ANDROIDS).   

The dialogue is cleverly like reading Shakespeare:  

BERNARD “You taught me how to make them , but not how hard it is to turn them off.” 

DR FORD ” You can’t play God without being aquatinted with the devil.” 

Bernard feels there’s an outside interference in regards to the hosts gone astray. It doesn’t seem feasible a photo would be the cause for a host to go off script. He thinks it could be some sort of conspiracy, possibly sabotage.

DR FORD ” The problem Bernard, is that you and I do…is SO complicated. We practice witchcraft…we speak the right words and we create life itself…out of chaos.”


We meet the MAN IN BLACK (a wealthy client) whose on a quest (played by Ed Harris) seeking the secret level of the game, somewhere hidden within the deepest level of the MAZE. You know he’s been in WESTWORLD a few hundred times. His dark goals feverishly uses HOSTS in anyway he pleases (from mass killings to raping) to find the answers to his quest. 


  1. BERNARD finds errors (MISTAKES) in DR FORD reverie code, giving HOSTS subconscious access to past DARK memories.
  2. The MAN IN BLACK is trying to access the secret hidden GAME
  3. DELORES tells BERNARD she wouldn’t hurt any living thing, but at the end she casually kills a fly. 

EPISODE ONE is indeed off to a good start. Let’s continue with EPISODE TWO

by Bari Demers Screenwriter and freelance writer 

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Westworld- The New Reality


I’m very excited to see the new TV series Westworld, originally written and created by no other than Michael Crichton.  

Everyone knows Michael Crichton.

If you don’t, let me refresh your memory. Michael started out as a physician and quickly transformed into the best-selling author, screenwriter, director and producer. Most remember him for his favourite work like Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Sphere, The Andromeda Strain, Disclosure, Rising Sun, Timeline and Prey.  

And there’s more…a lot more! 

Including my prized science-fiction western-thriller, Westworld. The script was written in 1972 with the movie released on November 21, 1973. The production of Westworld had complications due to the strong-arm approach by MGM Pictures (Studios). With a low budget of under a million dollars, there wasn’t enough money to go around. Like any artist, Michael was frustrated, as he had no control over casting, along with constant script changes. Apparently, the lead actors weren’t signed on until 48 hours before production, including the famous Yul Brynner, himself. 

Go figure! 

As said by Michael Crichton, “MGM had a bad reputation among filmmakers; in recent years, directors as diverse as Robert Altman, Blake Edwards, Stanley Kubrick, Fred Zinneman and Sam Peckinpah had complained bitterly about their treatment there. There were too many stories of unreasonable pressure, arbitrary script changes, inadequate post production, and cavalier recutting of the final film. Nobody who had a choice made a picture at Metro, but then we didn’t have a choice. Dan Melcnick… assured [us]… that we would not be subjected to the usual MGM treatment. In large part, he made good on that promise.”*
And to think the film, Westworld was shot in only 30 days. 


Considering the comparison of today’s blockbuster productions, it was quite an accomplishment, to say the least. However, the overall success of Westworld came in two stages. After the original release in 1973, the box offices recorded over 4 million dollars, while the second release in 1976 produced a whopping 7 million in sales. Michael Crichton had made his mark and soon became famous throughout the film industry as an accomplished screenwriter and worldwide novelist. 


When I finally had the chance to watch Westworld, I was at awe over Yul Brynner’s performance, the plot and how my addiction for science-fiction was completely satisfied. As far back as I can remember, I’ve had this unconscionable thirst for scifi thrillers. 

It’s in my blood.

During this time in my life, I couldn’t afford to see film premiers at the theatres, so I had no choice but to patiently wait until a movie presented itself on TV. In the summer of 1979, the opportunity presented itself, when I was getting ready for my two year college term in Kamloops, BC, training for an architectural draftsman. Having to travel from my home (Vernon, BC) to Kamloops every weekend, I soon became familiar with my tedious route. Halfway through my route, it wasn’t hard to noticed a small farm town in the middle of nowhere, named Westwold. Every time I traveled past through this quiet little unincorporated settlement, it seemed deserted. There were buildings, the little church and a school, but surprisingly I never saw any signs of life. 

It was an eerie feeling.

I never thought anymore about it until in the fall of 1979, when in September the TV producers would start off the new season introducing viewers to movies, finally released on television. With my constant thirst for science-fiction, I eagerly waited for the new TV release. Remembering the hype, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the showing of WESTWORLD

I was in heaven! 

As I watched the film, it became apparent I was awestruck by the storyline. In fact, weeks later, you could say I was in a state of euphoria. So much so, my routine visit past WESTWOLD turned into the most peculiar outcome. Taking on the usual corners ( as a speed demon) along the mountainous road with my little foreign car, ( a Mini-Austin, now known as a Cooper) my perspective of this little settlement changed forever! With a completely different mindset, my eyes quickly zeroed onto its first citizens, walking along the roadside, as if in a trance. 

Yes ! You’re right ! Exactly like Robots

My wild imagination took off like never before, as I imagined the citizens of WESTWOLD as humanoid androids. To this very day, I refer the small settlement of Westwold as WESTWORLD, where human-like robots have secretly taken over this slumbering western village, in the heart of the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia. 

My new prospective of WESTWORLD and its relationship to Westwold will always be with me, as I get ready to watch the much anticipated new TV Series, WESTWORLD, premiering on October 2. 2016. The pilot, featuring the wonderful Anthony Hopkins (as Robert Ford), the creator of Westwood, (a futuristic theme park to amuse its unaware guests) is sure to deliver one of the most thrilling science-fiction thrillers in this 21st century. 

Well, this is what I envision will happen,  Westworld – The New Reality. 

By Bari Demers – screenwriter and freelance writer, ” I envision a story and bring it to life” JAMES MONTANA SCRIPTS. 

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Westworld (TV series)
Westworld – The Movie 1973 

The Holocaust Against Humanity

YEAR : 2075

The robotic revolution was upon us.

It was common place to see androids from all walks of life, from space exploration to household protectors.  The world reknown Dr Ford created the first entertainment park called WESTWORLD.

Back in 2015, Steven Hawkins warned us,” Artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”.

But no one took Steven’s advice.

At first androids were clumsy, to the point of even being comical. So, the thought of androids controlling mankind was preposterous, to say the least. All the ‘Terminator Trilogy’ movies heed caution, but again, it was just a bunch of science fiction.

Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Celebrations bringing in the New Year 2045 started off very promising, with new heights to space exploration.

Mankind had finally established a Mars colony after three failed attempts. Galileo III ( predecessor of satellite Galileo) explored our cosmic gas giant Jupiter for a third time. Scientists knew from previous missions, Jupiter didn’t have a land mass like earth, but were amazed to find a massive ocean swirling beneath the volatile atmosphere composed of hydrogen, helium and nitrogen.

The next question on everyone’s mind,” Could life really exist on Jupiter after all?”

After the discovery of sea life on Titan, it was logically the next step to assume Jupiters oceans could also be teaming with an alien form of life.

Exploration was going as planned until the fateful day on July 10, 2045, historical became known as ‘Black Friday’ when everything suddenly came to an immediate halt.

Life on Earth changed drastically, after our moon barely recovered from the most disastrous collision of any asteroid before it, appropriately named ‘Black Death’.

Black Death hit the side of the moon on July 10, 2045 at exactly 14:01 hrs PST.

It was only 20 meters round, but it’s composition of solid black ore pulverized our lunar satellite at speeds calculated at over 60 kilometers per second. It literally knocked our moon off its axis, catapulting precariously into an irregular elliptical orbit around earth.

The newly formed moon colonies never had a chance.
Earth’s land mass changed drastically due to the new gravitational pulls on our ocean tides. New lands were formed while existing land formations, such as New York, succumbed to the unexpected tsunami waves. Four million souls lost their lives that dreadful day in New York alone, but they weren’t the only ones effected. Vancouver Island, Baja California, San Diego and half of L.A. disappeared. Worldwide, 600 million people were swallowed up by the sea.

Mankind adapted, but Earth was never the same.

Earth was a colder place, as moon dust surrounded our globe, hiding our precious sun. The race for survival and humanity, quickly produced new technology, from automated unmanned vehicles called ‘Spinners’ to more efficient military androids to control the masses.

Everyone marvelled the massive Spinners swirling about, like beacons of stars, preformed to dissolve the dust crystals within our stratosphere. The filtration system effectively allowed our Sun to shine on earth once again.

But, politics had changed for the worst.

After the disaster, worldwide sects of survivalist tried to rule the earth, each with their own fascist dictatorship. Religious groups banned together, forming from the ‘Christian Knight Saviours’ to the muslin ‘Revelation Crusaders’.

All believed they were the RIGHT PASSAGE TO GOD.

It was true, as said in the verse, 2 Timothy 3:1-17

“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.”

Hundreds of thousands died by the sword of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Governments with large enough military forces barely survived, while the weak failed miserably. United States banded together with Canada while all of Europe formed their own allegiance. South America and Mexico became known as the ‘Savages Territory’, completely ruled by drug cartels and sect dictators.

United States formed the strongest military opposition ever seen before.

The newly appointed female President, Christine Jefferson was sworn in as the 60th President of the United States on November 20, 2060. President Christine Jefferson introduced a Bill, referred to as the Committee of Automation, whereby congress quickly approved, in order to begin immediately production of the military androids. It was their only recourse to maintain control of the government.

After a bloody war against the fascist religious sects, it was sworn man made religion would never be a part of mankind ever again. Only a spiritual GOD was allowed within the new DARK society.

With complete military rule, it was hard to believe it could possibly get worse, but it did.

On August 7, 2065 President Christine Jefferson appointed in a new list of judges who were NOT human. The new Supreme Court Judges were athletically logical, and completely android with the most suffocated AIA brain, capable of making any judgement in seconds.

They surpassed human judges a thousand times over.

There were Ten Appointed Judges, each with a selected name:

1. Titan – Judge of Warfare
2. Zion – Judge of Apocalypse
3. Damian – Judge of Deceit
4. Zeus – Judge of All Rules and Final Convictions
5. Athena – Judge of Fairness
6. Aphrodite – Judge of the People
7. Cyprus – Judge of All Land
8. Calypso – Judge of Scientific Discovery
9. Atlas – Judge of High Court
10.Prometheus– Judge of Exploration

The first five years, the android judges did a remarkable job, cleaning up the riffraff of society causing serious harm to others. A select marketing team started a campaign across the world, referred to as :

Androids Now! Securing your countries future. Isn’t it time YOU feel safe?”

The campaign made a bold statement how an android judge would help lock in security, adding a better quality of life. And, as an added bonus, each country who orders in the next 24 hours will receive an army of precision androids, at no extra cost. (*Shipping and taxes NOT included)

Countries scrambled to place in their orders, no matter what the cost! The unruly chaos made it a no brainer.

Soon, without anyone realizing the consequences, carbon copy android judges ruled each and every country across the world. Activists were swiftly silenced where hundreds of thousands mysterious vanished off the face of earth.

Rumours began to spread.

To keep the masses calm, an officially statement was released by Aphrodite herself; after all she WAS the, ‘Judge of the People’. Aphrodite was the most pleasing android of them all, fair skinned, brilliant sapphire eyes, athletically formed female body along with long braids of beautiful synthetic gold hair. Her soft voice added a sense of calmness, captivating any unsettled audience.

It was hard NOT to like her, in fact, most adore her.

Aphrodite announced to her people, ” Please do not be alarmed my children. I’m here to protect YOU and your future. Those in question have been detained in a federally inspected compound secured within an undisclosed area on Mars. Don’t worry, their needs are well looked after. It’s in the interest, welfare and safety of my beloved children.”

The crowd swallowed it up, hook, line and sinker.

It was rumoured the room was filled with a calming drug known as Oxycodoise, a derivative gas forming agent from the original Oxycodone. Like heroin, it’s sedative effects created a euphoric state of complete calmness.

With all the restrictions and techniques used to calm the masses, humans were still hard to control. Officials struggled to control a radical underground group, known as, ‘The Freedom Fighters‘. It was them who whispered the words, “These judges are nothing more than Executioners of the Free World”.

The word, “Executioner” went viral.

Freedom Fighters began spreading the word of fear across the world, stating unruly people were being rounded up and disposed of by means of an electrical gas chamber.

It was said to be the new Holocaust against Humanity.

This holocaust made all other genocides in the past look like a picnic in the park.  By 2070, the Executioners took away the freedom of expression and by 2075, they resolved the governments of the world, bringing in a military ruled government completely controlled by the Ten Judges.

It was named, ‘The United World of Americas’

Mankind was no longer in control of their destiny.  Mankind had become slaves to their own creation.

By Bari Demers screenwriter

I hope you enjoyed my story. Each short story can be adapted into a screenplay.    Contact me here if you found interesting.