Today Patricia and I pay remembrance to the passing of our Little girl Jenni. Nov 5th 1980 was and still is one of the most horrific days of our lives. We were living in Calgary; me a young architectural draftsman for UMA ( Underwood & McLellan Associates ) during the day, and Patricia working nights as a bartender for an established high-end restaurant. We couldn’t afford daycare or a babysitter in those days, so we “make do” with the little income we had.

Living in the “Bowness” community just a few minutes from Bowness Park in the neighbourhood and former town in west Calgary, Alberta.

We rented a two bedroom basement duplex a few blocks away from Bow River. Just South of us the city of Calgary was in the process of building the Canada Olympic Park (COP), formerly known as Paskapoo Ski Hill. Canada Olympic Park was one of the venues for the 1988 Winter Olympics, being the primary venue for ski jumping, bobsleigh, and luge.

And — that was the reason WE were in Calgary in 1980. UMA Engineering Firm had one of the contracts to begin designing the Canada Olympic Park, including Site Plans as far away as Kananaskis Country. I was called in from Edmonton UMA firm to begin the 8 year process of planning and development of this huge project. At the time, I was just a Junior architectural draftsman, hand-drawing architectural plans, per instructions from the highly trained Architects and Engineers.

So — the three of us moved to Calgary to further my career as an architectural draftsman. Our first months in Calgary was a happy one. Patricia, Jenni and I would explore Calgary sites, such as the Zoo and the Heritage Park Historical Village where Hollywood western movies were made, such as the classic “ The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford“ starring Brad Pitt ( Jesse James) and Casey Affleck ( Robert Ford).

I remember carrying Jenni around in a kangaroo front pouch so she would be able to see the sites of the Heritage Park Historical Village. Less then a year old, Jenni eye expressions would dictate to us she enjoyed our weekend outings. One weekend we even had the opportunity to visit the town of Banff.

Everything was going well until one evening Jenni seemed more agitated then what we considered normal. As any frightened parent, I phoned our local doctor. Concerned, he made a home visit ( which is totally unheard of these days). He noticed a rash on her body, which seem unusual but not overly strange for babies of her age. He said,” If it persists, take her to the Foothills Hospital and we’ll do a complete check up.

The next evening Jenni became even more agitated with a spiking fever. Her eyes were red and the rash became more announced. It was then I phoned Patricia ( who was working nights) and explained I’m going to take her to emergency at the Foothills. Getting to the hospital, Patricia met me. As any worried parents, we wanted answers. They admitted Jenni ; after trial & error, and many specialized doctors, everyone was totally baffled to why Jenni’s temperature increased to an unsafe level. Every day and night, Patricia and I took turns being there for Jenni. The nurses would cool her down by using cool baths and a constant fan by her bed. No matter what they did Jenni’s temperature became critical. The both of us were complete distraught to the point of exhaustion. It didn’t matter, we would never leave Jenni alone. We held and hugged her as much as possible to show her, everything would be ok, and that, we were there for her.

That evening, it was my shift to be with Jenni. I gave Jenni a cool-down bath and held her some more. She began to show signs of improvement. Jenni was hungry ! That indeed is a good sign, I thought. So I was able to feed her. I remember she smiled at me with contentment.

The nurse came in, urging me, that maybe it’s a good time to go get some rest. Nodding in agreement, I decided she was right. Before putting Jenni back to bed for the night, I kissed her on the cheek. She really looked content, however I noticed her little fingers looked bluish then normal. Concerned I went to the front desk where an Intern was stationed. Explaining what I saw seemed unusual, he just looked at me with his arrogant stance and said,” Are you a doctor ?”

I said,” No. But maybe we can call our doctor ?”

This redhead seemed determined to piss me off, flatly refusing to call my physician. The nurse came over and encouraged me to go home and get some sleep. Shrugging my shoulders, I nodded, but was discouraged over the response of this intern. I knew he thought me as this young kid in my twenties who didn’t know what I was talking about. Giving up the argument, I went home.

The minute I got home, I received a emergency call from one of the nurses, that I had better get back to the hospital as soon as possible. She told me Jenni experienced a cardiac arrest and unfortunately the doctor on-call could not revive her.

Completely in rage, I rushed back to the Foothills hospital in dismay. By the time I arrived, Patricia was holding Jenni in her arms, crying intensely.

Our little Jenni didn’t survive. We were in complete sorrow. Weeks later, we learned Jenni died of severe complications from an unknown disease called Kawasaki disease, also known as mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome.

You can read more about the condition here

The point of all of this is :

1. The time we had with Jenni will be cherished the rest of our lives.

2. Physicians should pay attention to the parents. We may not have the training, but we may have some valuable information that could assist the doctors on call. In Jenni’s case, the bluish fingers could of lead the emergency doctors to act. But due to the arrogance of one intern, Jenni died.

3. If the Kawasaki syndrome is caught in time, death is preventable. Apparently survival rate is 90 percent.

4. Kawasaki disease had puzzled doctors for over 150 years, until recent years. “Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki, who first described what is now known as Kawasaki Disease (KD), and recent reports of a multisystem inflammatory disease in children associated with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (MIS-C), makes a review on KD and MIS-C timely. Kawasaki Disease is a systemic vasculitis with predilection for coronary arteries occurring mostly in early childhood. The main features are high fever, extensive skin rash, cheilitis with red, cracking, bleeding lips and strawberry tongue, conjunctivitis, erythema and induration of hands and feet, subsiding with periungual peeling, cervical lymphadenopathy, and coronary artery dilation/aneurysms.

Due to the COVID virus, Kawasaki disease was brought front and centre, because both coincide with each other. “Atypical Kawasaki disease, Kawasaki-like disease, Kawasaki-COVID-19, paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2, macrophage activation syndrome, myocarditis, toxic shock syndrome.” Read more

5. Kawasaki disease is said to be more prominent in children of Asian descent. However, we are not even close to Asian. Just recently, due to the COVID virus more Caucasian children have the Kawasaki disease symptoms. The earliest record symptom was, believe it or not, from London, when, in the year of our lord 1870, a seven year old boy died of this unknown disease. Interesting, Kawasaki disease is prone to attack younger children five years old and younger. It’s strange the symptoms started with a seven year old Caucasian boy. This proves this syndrome isn’t clearly understood, as of yet.

6. The loss of a child is extremely traumatizing to all parents involved. Life goes on, however you never forget such a loss.

7. Time never makes a difference in relationship to the loss.

8. The graphic digital drawing above is what I would like to perceive Jenni’s soul exploring the Cosmic Universes like the fictional, Jedi Rey Skywalker of the Star Wars saga. If Jenni had a chance in life, what would have she achieved?

Today, we have two wonderful daughters, Tianndra and Trisha. They never met Jenni but I believe if they did, would have loved her the same as we do.

In Conclusion, Patricia and I will keep thinking and remembering Jenni’s birth to the day we lost her. As a parent, you’ll always have that worry of your children, hoping they will succeed past you. We worry, we love and we hope.

“May The Force Be With Her Soul Exploring The Afterlife”

Rest In Peace Jenni – We miss and love YOU forever.

Love Bari and Patricia Demers 💕



Welcome to my story “Loop”. I decided to combine two different formats, from the conventional writing of a story and mixing it with the screenplay format. By no means is this new format acceptable by each industry. However, I thought to add both, so the reader can experience a screenplay and book story all-in-one, just for fun.

Please enjoy my story :





“So much has changed in the last five hundred years since our last Trans-Universal Jump. I expected Human Species Catalogue 4060 – 7274367 would have progressed substantially by now,” Queen Siri XIII – Lord of The Living God said, looking over the video transcripts.

She paused. Her worried look turned into a spark of anger. Her stone-cold eyes pierced the group of commanders, as she walked sternly past each one.

The Queen dressed in the most elaborate gown, hand-stitched with gold lace, draped with integrated see-through material naturally designed by the diamond beetles from planet SIRUS 5. You seen this before ; the ancient Egyptians replicated the GODS to a “T”. Throughout the Egyptian dynasty, their Pharaoh’s and Queens made every effort to copy the original Queen Siri X (the ancestral mother of Queen Siri XII ). The Egyptians went as far as thinking they were god themselves.

The integrate jewels showcased the luxury and importance of Queen Siri XIII. The resemblance of Egyptian Nefertiti, Queen and Royal wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten was indeed astonishing.

Queen Siri XIII ( the true Lord of the Living God) had projected a five thousand year reign. She decided to celebrate her one thousand year anniversary on Earth, for the first time since their ancestors arrival, 150,000 years ago.

[NARRATOR (V.O.) Voice Over of same Scene ( it means you hear the person talking but don’t see him/her in the scene, whatsoever) ]

I know what you’re thinking…

How is it possible one Queen can live a thousand years, never mind entertaining a five thousand year reign ? If you’re thinking of conventional space travel to reach your destination, you are so wrong. Most of us have heard of wormholes and black-holes, but again, that’s not it. Think on the terms of a free-floating “primordial black hole”. That would be a pinhole in comparison to the conventional supermassive black hole ; closes one scientists know of, is located in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy, 27,000 light-years away. However, the pinhole were talking about (believe it or not) is within our very own solar system.

Queen Siri XIII glanced over to the commander in charge ”Didn’t I stress how important this species is to us ?!”

COMMANDER CENTURION 797 (we use capital letters when we first introduce a new character in the scene), bowed his head in submission,” Yes my Queen. Please forgive me my Queen, if I may elaborate…”

Queen Siri strolls over to her throne and sits down. The room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The unsettling silence projected fear within the ranks. Her sparkling emerald eyes pierced her commanders with disgust; she then proceeded to admire her long sharp nails. The Queen snapped her fingers. A young maiden appeared from the background standing within a small brigade of servants. The young girl swiftly kneeled, bowing in front of her majesty. She quickly attended to the queen’s request, polishing her nails with some kind of gold paint solution.

The long wait for Queen Siri to answer Commander Centurion 797’s question, made him extremely nervous. Her anger was evident. It was clear this Centurion had failed his mission miserably. Somehow he must convince the queen he had no control over these pesky spoiled little human species, she adored so much. He must ease her anger. Her wrath was already a fearfully legion, since the Queen Siri XIII reign. It was said her vengeance is so sever, you would rather jump into a pit of molten lava before facing her demise upon you.

We won’t even mention of how she would respond to revenge ; complete horror couldn’t come close to the word described. Rumours has it she had her opponent’s fleshy meat stripped from their bones while they were still alive, then feed it to her sacred royal cat.

Centurion 797 takes the courage, speaking up,” Please my queen, can’t I at least explain what happened?”

“Don’t you dare speak to me without my consent!” said the Queen in an undeniable tone of rage,” Can your little brain of yours even comprehend what you’ve done!”

Centurion 797 quivers with fear,” I’m…I…m…a…I’m sorry. I really am sorry, but…”

“But nothing!” said the Queen spitting out her words,” What can you possibly say that will even come close to undoing the harm that has already been done to these H-U—M-A-N—S !”

She pauses to compose herself, in a calmer voice, she said,” It’s vital this species succeeds. They must! “

Centurion 797 bows before her majesty,” I plead your forgiveness my Queen, Lord of the Living God…please…you must hear me out. It’s a matter of life or death to the human race, altogether. It’s in your best interest to hear what I have to say.”

Queen Siri sits back in her throne. She thinks how brave this commander is ; either that or he’s a complete fool. She ponders in silence, then speaks sternly,” Alright. Just let me warn you, if there isn’t a shred of evidence that the human species are in grave danger, then you’ll wish you weren’t alive. Is. That. Clear.”

Centurion 797 nods in agreement,” Thank you my gracious Queen. I adore your generosity. May you one day seat beside the Lords of the Gods in the afterlife. I honour your patience and forgiveness. “

Queen Siri rolls her eyes. Why must these commanders pretend to suck up so much. Can’t they just do the job they were designed to do from the very beginning, instead of all the boring politics? She snaps back,” Enough already! Just give me the facts, and then, and only then, will I decide my judgement upon you.”

“Yes my Queen!”, the Centurion said,” It’s appears Human Species 4060 – 7274367 have mastered our technology behind the gate of what they refer as ” Dark Matter”. Their team of astrophysicist have finally figured out the equation leading them ( totally by accident I must add) to our back door gate.

“Wait!” Her majesty stands up abruptly, “ Are you telling me they understand our cloaking mirrored universe?”

“Yes, your highness. Not only that, but they have now sent a team of astronauts to explore our hidden door ! “ the Centurion said with conviction,” It’s of grave coincidences to them if they find the key to another universal dimension. They’ll learn the truth and no longer…”

Queen Siri sharply interrupts,” and they will no longer need us. Yes. They’re growing…maybe that’s a good thing. We can’t keep babysitting this species forever, you know…”

“ Yes my Queen, but what if…” Centurion 797 says in haste,” what if they’re not ready? They could release the evil spirits of darkness. It’s quite possible, their inability to understand the phantom between life and death, they may accidentally release the Prince of Darkness, himself. Must I remind you what happened to our ancestors?”

“Must you remind me! “ lashed out Queen Siri, “ How dare you speak to me in that tone!”

“I beg of you my lord queen highness, but this is of the most importance. Even if you kill me, it won’t matter to any of us, if the humans release the Black Angels of Darkness. Opening the pandora box will indeed mean the end to all civilizations across countless universes throughout the cosmic timeline. It would mean timeless implosion of each universe and everything in it. A massive domino effect of no return. The Black Angels of Darkness would systematically tear apart trillions of universes apart, like popping balloons, a …

The Queen carries his words,”…a timeless darkness of hell. Yes. Where time and space will never exist again. It would make the wrath of their God seem like child’s play. It would mean their imaginary devil would become a real entity. Their worse fears wouldn’t even be close to what would really happen. An timeless Armageddon of hell. All souls would disintegrate. No more afterlife. No more hope. No more life, as we know it, would ever exist again. The Blackness of Armageddon would become a continuous loop with no end.”

She heads over to the invisible force-field windows from her Spaceship, overlooking planet Earth, “ It looks so peaceful from space, doesn’t it centurion ? Who would think one tiny species could destroy the fabric of existence. Who would of thought of that when our ancestors transformed their evolutionary timeline ? “

Queen Siri laughs nervously, “ To think our ancestors crossed genetics with theirs, in order to save our species. Now they may destroy us anyway. What have we done…what have we done..”


By Bari Demers – screenwriter and storyteller

Mission to the Unknown- Act 2

Mission to the Unknown

ACT TWO – The unknown always leads to speculation, be it today’s society or three thousand years ago. Mankind has strived to explain the unknown, either by religious manuscripts or by science.

[Note : Before reading please read the beginning Chapter “The Black Stream of Energy – Act 1 ]

It wasn’t any different on May 30th, 2031 either, as astrophysicist Dr James Filmmore sent satellite CANUSA 1 into the unknown phenomenon only three light years away from earth. The whole world watched in awe, as CANUSA 1 entered into the fluctuation of space, only known as Dark Energy ( a cloaked wave of energy). With all the UFO sightings in the past 4000 years, its been loosely speculated, it could be the hide out for our alien visitors. However, the religious community strongly denied such a thing. The scientists were baffled, but were determined to explain this strange phenomenon with the help of science. As always, the various media used their spin on it, promoting more viewers to their platform. Media wasn’t about reporting the truth anymore, they were concerned in attracting an audience. In turn, advertisers would fund their objective goal of making money ; as long as the companies would see a return on their investment.

So you see. There it is. Our society ran on half-truths and the constant greed of the all-mighty dollar, believing what suited them the best.

Dr Filmmore’s goal concentrated on the hard science and only the science, to explain the unknown. However, after six months of loosing CANUSA 1, without receiving a shred of evidence, he had his doubts. How can a high tech state-of-the-art satellite send nothing back ? It was indeed baffling, to say the least. He knew he had to send humans, to get to the bottom of this ; James understood it had to be him, along with a committed team, because he couldn’t live with the thought of loosing anyone else. After loosing his daughter Jenni, it would be inconceivable to loose anyone on this mission. They had to be strong and have determined willpower, to make this mission successful. It was clear, Dr Filmmore and a small crew had to make a sacrifice for the betterment of mankind.

Three years past before James could find anyone crazy enough to fund his bizarre mission. He was all about to loose hope, when the most unusual source decided to take on his request. Entrepreneur trillionaire Mr Wiseman was well known for his 30 billion Vegas Resort “ The Wiseman Casino & Resort “ featuring science-fiction themed rooms on each floor, dedicated to Star Wars, Star Trek and the newest trilogy known as “Black Angels”. Apparently Black Angels related to a storyline about our ancient alien ancestors who discovered earth and were responsible for genetically transforming Ape-man into Homo-Sapiens. Black Angel fans were adamant the backstory was the gospel truth ! Mr Wiseman was extremely candid about Black Angels background, saying it explains why mankind are who they are today.

James Filmmore is a scientist and the mere speculation of another species on earth, wasn’t scientifically proven, as of yet. However, James wouldn’t turn down a trillionaire, no matter how eccentric he was. Any means of funding was essential to answering his “Black Energy Theses”.

It wasn’t for another two years before the legal requirements were ironed out, and it still wasn’t clear what Mr Wiseman motive was behind the funding. No matter. James and space engineers spent the next five years developing ‘Pegasus’, the most efficient streamlined spacecraft to ever be made in the 21st century.

Finally! On May 1st 2039, Pegasus was ready to launch on the aging Moon base ‘Lunar Surface Asset Deployment’ first built in 2029. Since then, NASA’s moon base now houses 3000 souls with diversified careers, from engineers, scientists, architects, to a brigade of chefs. It was an obvious conclusion, it would be a lot cheaper to send a spacecraft from the moon then to worry about the fuel costs and the constant gravity strains on earth.


Pegasus’ featured :

Nano-Mag – the newly development of magnesium based alloy with nanotechnology, changing the very fabric of this new flexible metal. In 2019, Magnesium based alloy was considered the World’s strongest and lightest metal until the nano feature made it stronger and lighter. In fact, it was so light, the membrane could easily be stretched by hand. So thin, the membrane was calculated in micro-milligrams ; thinner than human membrane cells.

No Windows – although it didn’t have the conventional gold-plated windows, it’s AI computer would allow any pilot to see the exterior with its new imaging system. First developed in 2020, VR ( virtually reality) by game developers, such as XBox and PS4, investors took the next step to using it for passenger airplanes. In 2025, commercial aircrafts saved money by introducing this new technology.

Computer-voice operated – the pilot can easily instruct the spacecraft by merely giving it a verbal command.

Ion Thrusters – “ionizes a neutral gas by extracting some electrons out of atoms, creating a cloud of positive ions. These thrusters rely mainly on electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field. * “ Top-of-the-Line engine.

Interior Gravity Force – After NASA studies of humans-in-space, it was clear bone density and long term solar radiation greater effected the astronaut crew, that head to Mars in 2030. Therefore, it was essential to have artificial gravity within the interior of the spacecraft.

Lumbar Sponge Seats – a new form of nano-sponge, automatically shapes to any human form, causing less discomfort on our backs and tailbones. First designed by NASA and used by Tesla in 2030, it made long distance trips strapped to a seat more enjoyable. However, crew members had their own private quarters to catch-up on their sleep, so it was indeed something Dr. Filmmore insisted on because of his poor back.

Emergency Sub-Craft “Gemini” – in case of emergency, a backup mini craft with a beacon was necessary. Its automatic trajectory was earth.

Of course, the Pegasus had all the necessary supplies, firearms, tools, and scientific equipment for any long deep space voyage. As well, the ship was capable of travelling at an nominal speed of 140,012 km per hr ( 87,000 miles/hr) expected to reach its destination in 2.6 years. Pretty much like satellite CANUSA 1 did previously. This time (with humans aboard) it was crucial they didn’t disappear without a trace, like its predecessor.


The crew of four were trained in long distance space voyages. Of course, Dr. Filmmore was the lead astrophysicist in charge of the whole mission. After 5000 specialized candidates, three astronauts were selected.

Doctor Zulu : He’s an esteemed specialized Geneticist and physician in his 40’s, African-American, who seemed more carefree then a man of science. However, when it came to the nitty gritty, his genius kicked in. His nickname is “Dr Gene” for his noble prize in genetics. On his birth certificate, it’s Femi Zulu Mud. Femi apparently means “adored by god”.

Twenty pounds overweight (by NASA’s terms) but he won out due to his skills.

Navy Flight Officer Devyani Stone : Devyani is of East India descent from Canada 🇨🇦, who became a Navy Flight Officer, simply because she loves to fly. She is the best-of-the-best when it comes to flying any craft on earth, only in her 30’s. Her name Devyani means “ Like a Goddess, Serving the gods, Chariot of the gods, One invested with divine power (Daughter of Shukraacharya); Like a Goddess“.* Without a doubt, she was indeed a Goddess with her charm and stunning looks. Due to her Emerald-green eyes, everyone close to her, nicknamed her “Jewel”. Along with jet black hair, her complexion stood out. A strong intellect with a passion in ancient history. In this mission she is the Pilot controlling the craft.

Biologist Alisha Forman : Last but not least , Alisha is dedicated to the scientific study of life and all living forms. Original from Sweden, she graduated from Cambridge with a PHD in molecular biology. In her late 20’s, Alisha has a strong love for animals, caring and fighting for. Due to her beliefs, she refuses to eat meat and an activist. Not liked much for her strong opinions, she’s still considered the best biologist in the world. Unfortunately no one has ever given her a nickname. Dr. Filmmore is only concerned with her expertise.

The crew is ready for the long mission ahead. It will take every ounce of sacrifice to make this a successful mission. The mission to the unknown has just begun!

Bari Demers – storyteller and screenwriter

Please follow me to read Act Three, the continuing story of this incredible discovery. When I get time I’ll write more…


The Black Stream of Energy – Act 1

*Wikipedia – Ion Thrusters Engines

Black Angels

The Cosmos vs The Heavens


East Indian names and their meaning

Welcome to My Imagination

Welcome to my imagination by Bari Demers

It seems in the past weeks I’ve been quiet on WordPress, when in fact I’m busy as ever, writing on a daily basis. Like any other writer, my mind doesn’t stop thinking or imagining new stories.

However, there are times I’ll use other platforms to engage new audiences, like writing about recent world events along with social media interests. I have four science-fiction websites : James Montana Scripts, Genesis, Sci-fi Blog and Futurism. Each one engages SciFi fans, falling deeper into the rabbit hole.

On social media, I use my writing skills on a completely different platform, gearing my love for Las Vegas. It’s an inside look, (using Facebook Pages) showcasing viewers into the mainstream of Las Vegas, with its lifestyle and vacationing opportunities. My site is called Vegas Reviews, ready to share our fun experiences with other Vegas Lovers, writing tips and giving real resort reviews on my website. My experience goes as far back as the 1980’s, with Las Vegas constantly changing on a weekly basis.

It’s a madhouse to keep up, but still can do it.

To complicate things, I’m an artist too, using Instagram as centre stage. Business wise, I keep to LinkedIn and Twitter, just in case a producer wants to get a hold of me, in regards to my screenplays.

Like any other artist, my mind is racing with new ideas ; not enough hours in the day to attend to the whole package.

My style of writing is far stranger then most, with some referring to me as the ‘Vincent Van Gough of writers’, due to my hidden keys of secret messages, lying deep within each storyline. As you read my stories , it’s my hope I’ve lead you onto a quest of finding the secret keys to opening the doors of treasures, like a pirate hunting for gold.

I’m indeed a storyteller, competing within a sea of writers, but hopefully you’ve caught the biggest fish story of them all…my imagination.

So you see, like all artists, we’re all in a barrel of pickles, trying our best to get picked as the juiciest pickle of them all, fighting the rivers current of creative writers, across the globe. It’s a daunting task to even think of making it to the VIP list, like J. K. Rowling or Stephen King. Therefore, I prioritize and concentrate specifically on my dreams and vivid science-fiction imagination, writing up a storm of ideas and fun storylines. IF by chance, my imagination captures your interest, I’m delighted and honoured you’ve taken a few minutes out of your busy day, to read my stories. I truly appreciate it!

With that said, I don’t write to impress the wizards. Instead, I write because it’s what I love to do, pressing your imagination with magical unicorns, zombies, robots and angels from the cosmic universes and the dream world of my imagination.

By Bari Demers – screenwriter


Happy Friday Everyone!

I decided to rewrite one of my scifi stories on a different format other then WordPress in the attempts of allowing viewers to “gift” my efforts, if they choose to do so. Here’s the first page of the First Chapter of my Scifi online Book.

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Thank you,

Bari Demers – screenwriter ” I envision a story and bring it to Life” BMD

PS – I hope you enjoy my latest art piece above.

Also : BLACK ANGELS “Pride had cast him down…Oh to Scared Earth. A Black Evil has spread across the Lands…O to the HORROR of Earth.

It’s inevitable!

BLACK ANGELS : A science-fiction horror genre based on the arrival of our Ancestors and how it changed mankind forever!


Leaders had hit an all time low as world war became an imminent threat. Military in China, Russia, United States and North Korea flexed their warfare missiles, like a dominant “Silverback” gorilla protecting his females and offspring. 

The United Nations Security Council gave its last effort towards a good-will attempt to solve this precarious and eminent breakdown in communication. Russia, United States and North Korea stood their ground, defiant of each other. Russia’s selfish goal to protect a Syrian dictator boiled over, as an chemical warfare attack on defenceless children was the last straw to a peaceful resolution.  

Each powerhouse country took necessary steps by moving their warships closer to the eminent threat. The arrogant North Korea leader thought he was the most powerful of them all, only to realize China was watching them a lot closer then thought. It was clear China and United States weren’t going to allow North Korea to cause any collateral damage.  

But Russia was indeed another issue altogether. 

Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and France supported the United Nations Security Council effort to resolve this increasingly grave situation, hoping President Putin would realize this kind of conflict would end up detrimental to everyone concerned. During the last pitch council meeting, it was reminded a Nuclear War wouldn’t benefit anyone, leaving the complete destruction of earth, as we know it. 

The meeting looked promising when President Putin took the initiative to show up for this crucial meeting-of-the-minds, all in an effort to resolve their differences. In the end, President Putin only wanted respect and welfare for his people. It was a pivotal point to include Putin in as part-of-the-team, inviting him as an alliance to the betterment of mankind. 

The moment was propitious, as their efforts met with seemingly success, until one fateful dark night on August 4th, 2020 ( the eve before, marking the unforgettable time in history when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima), something went terribly wrong.  

Along the Mediterranean, in the middle-eastern coastline of Syria, an American attack submarine equipped with nuclear weapons from the Virginia class (SSN-744), was hit by a Russia Kirov-class battlecruiser. Tensions were high as each superpowers exercised their right to territorial control, until the Russia battlecruiser called the American’s bluff, taking action, destroying the Virginia class submarine.  

There was no turning back now – it had reached DEFCON 1. 

All talks seized to exist as declaration of war by the United States on the Soviet Russia Empire was announced on August 5th, 2020. WWIII was enviable. Just adding insult to injury, North Korea launched a nuclear bomb towards Israel but was surprisingly intercepted by Japan. The world as we knew it turned in complete chaos, from protests to vandalism.  

World unrest had reached its limit.

Just when you thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, it happened. What was thought to be an impeding threat from the cycle of our Sun, known as a geomagnetic storm, most commonly referred to as CME ( Corona Mass Ejection), it turned into something more then we could ever imagined. Experiencing a worldwide blackout, scientists shrugged their shoulders, placing blame on the Sun. 

But it was more then that…way more.

Black Angels by Bari Demers
Within seconds, every form of telecommunications seized to exist. It was soon realized this occurrence was something different, very different. For the first time in human history the world stood still, crippled from any kind of action. Satellites began falling out of orbit, while aircrafts across the globe malfunctioned. Manmade hardware literally rained across earth’s atmosphere, including the massive International Space Station. As much as NASA engineers tried everything in their power to keep ISS in orbit, it crashed and burned into the atmosphere, hitting the ocean landscapes below. Lucky for the incredible training and fast action of the astronauts, they quickly aborted the mission. It was unreal ; no explanation of the horrific failures, it just happened. 

All seemed lost; then it happened. 

In our dismay of disbelief, a shadow of darkness filled the horizons of the earth, engulfing any source of natural light. What was it? What could possibly be so big it would fill the earth a hundred thousand times over? We waited, unsure of our fate, desperately trying to focus on the impending dark globe. OMG ! It looked like…yes…no it can’t be, but there it was.  NO GOD!  It can’t be…Jupiter?  

For GOD sakes, it’s scientifically impossible! 

It was surreal but there it was, Jupiter.  If I didn’t see it for myself, I would have never believed it.  Is it really possible, after billions of years, Jupiter’s gravitational pull finally grabbed earth?  Without warning the dark blue sky filled with the most deleterious electrically storm I have ever seen in my lifetime. Awestruck by its force and beauty I was scared, because deep inside I felt the looming danger. Catching us completely off guard (with abrupt force) gigantic thunderbolts rocked the earth in a fiery display of power, knocking us off the ground in one clean swoop. Shaken, I got up to see an image within the thunderbolts themselves. Yes, there THEY were. OMG ! Had the scriptures been right all this time ?  

Revelations 20 : 8 “…he will gather them together for battle–a mighty army, as numberless as sand along the seashore.”

Have the GODS returned?  

Throughout the world, out of the thunderbolts came these giants of men and women, like the Greek mythology of gods and goddesses.  

In the likeness of man THEY came.

Each one spoke with a thunderous voice and said,” WE have come to Intervene. This is your final intervention. Your tribulations of time has come to an end.  All these things we do , All the things we are , All that humanity is, will soon be forgotten, like the sands of time. With the little time humans had on earth, throughout the birth of this wondrous planet WE call EARTH, the Children of the GODS from the HEAVENS have failed. Yes – WE have failed. Our HUMAN creation has failed US all. Maybe WE should have taken more time to nurture your growth and developed YOU into an understanding peaceful species. Maybe then, YOU would have the courage to understand each other, to realize the fate of humanity and how precious YOU really are.”

In unison, THEY paused. 

Their golden eyes stared aimlessly, as each locks of hair snapped the air like lightening bolts, and then their molten lips spoke,”YOU were our last hope as WE heavily relied on our creation to further themselves away from the disease and destruction of POWER, releasing YOU from what WE have been plagued for the past 150 millennium. It was our hope WE were transforming YOU into a new improved species for the betterment of humanity and with us in our eternity.

BUT, WE have failed you as YOU have failed us. 

The GODS of the HEAVENS have made a ruling not in your favour but in respect to the birth of MOTHER EARTH. WE will rid the planet WE called EARTH from the atrocities of what WE call HUMAN BEINGS, to better the Cosmic life of creation. 

YOU were not the only ones in the universes but one of many. WE had hope in our creation. YOU were to become the best of the best, the best of all creations, being an example of them all. But now, this is no longer the case. Like droplets of water lost forever into the depths of the ocean, so will humanity be forever lost and forgotten.  

As the rats scurry to land afraid of water, YOU too will run for safety of the lands, but there will be no place to run, as it is said in the words of the GODS of the HEAVENS,”And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

It is written. 

In the beginning WE had made man. In the beginning WE had destroyed man by the floods above and below. WE made a promise to YOU WE would never flood the earth again. But now, in light of how YOU treat each other, WE have no choice but to bring the ends of the earth today, this hour, this time of forevermore.  

May GOD OF ETERNITY have mercy upon your souls – this is mankind’s final intervention. WE are the BLACK ANGELS – the GODS of the HEAVENS

By Bari Demersscreenwriter 

PS  Happy Easter Sunday!  Read below why I wrote my latest science-fiction story. 

Black Angels by Bari Demers
Meaning and Reasoning

I was so troubled by the recent unforgivable deaths of defensive Syrian children who were gassed by chemical warfare, I had to write my feelings of despair. How is it possible one man can purposely murder his people and children ? 

I pleaded for the Russia government to take note of the poor children purposely murdered and hesitate to help this Syrian dictator anymore. Our children and grandchildren are what we live for, striving towards the betterment of mankind. In the end, we all want the same things, so why can’t we do it on a constructive peaceful way ?  

Why must we all go to war over religion, oil or land ? 

I believe we can be better for our children. I believe and trust our leaders will do their best to protect our children and grandchildren, by giving them a world of peace, a world to live in without fear, a world without famine or bloodshed and a world of freedom. 

In CANADA we are celebrating our 150th year and I’m so proud to be in country that promotes freedom of choice, freedom to care for our children in a safe environment, and to be able to work together as all Canadians, no matter our religion, race, colour or heritage. 

Most importantly we are Canadian first – We are all together working towards the betterment of mankind. 

So, please President Vladimir Putin, I pleaded for a better way to the future of all our children. I plead for your humanity of the human race. I also plead for all the powers of each country to come to a peaceful solution with President Putin. After all, we are human beings. All we have to do is to look inside ourselves and realize we humans are indeed a wonderful species, with the ability to change for the good.  

Let’s do it for our children. Let’s do it for all those children who have died for no reason. Lets do it for the Syrian children, fearing for their lives. Let’s do it in memory of my little Jenni Michelle Demers, who never had the chance to enjoy life, we all take for granted. 

I’m heartbroken – we are human beings – let’s strive for the betterment of humanity. PEACE 

By Bari Demers 

My storyline behind Black Angels 

Black Angels by Bari Demers
Now that December has finally come, I’m going back to writing the fictional storylines I so love to do.  My REALITY stories are sometimes too depressing to write about and takes me down a darker path, perceiving the human race as an uncontrollable virus. 

How our human race has acted throughout our historical existence is the reason I wrote BLACK ANGELS. It’s on the belief our human race was genetically altered, creating who we are today. If evolution had taken the same path for another million years, it’s possible our race of human beings might of been passive peaceful creatures. However, as it stands, our so called civilization is plagued with rage, depression and entitlement, forming us into to these callous beings of monsters where a human being has no value.  

We are indeed an anger species. 

It’s true, I have a dim view of our human race, but let’s carry on to my storyline of BLACK ANGELS, where our dreams lay.  My science-fiction story begins with the historical hypothesis, the Dogon people from west Africa are responsible in revealing the existence of the Syrian Gods from the Heavens. 

The story goes like this :  

The Syrian Gods came to earth creating a new hybrid species called Homo sapiens, crossing their genetic with our ancestral Denisovan species. In the beginning, two different species were created from the Denisovan hominin.  

The Neanderthals and the Homo sapiens. 

Anthropologists have proven, it didn’t turn out so well with the Neanderthals.  The aggressive hominin Homo sapien took over, and according to the Bible, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 2 Genesis 1:28

The worldly scriptures are a testament of our gods and how they were responsible for teaching us a better way of life, but slowly we grew into an uncontrollable bloodthirsty race we are today. The Syrian Gods were appalled by our savage instincts. On the outside we appear as a kind respectable species, while underneath we all wore the persona of the most scariest monster, deemed capable of the darkest deeds. Our creators became fearful of the detestable creatures we turned out to be.  

We were an abomination.

They even went as far as to completely decimate our population by a worldwide flood. In time, it didn’t matter how many times our creators tried to correct the problem, we only got worse. It came to a point our creators fled earth overwhelmed by us Homo sapiens, filling the earth like a deadly virus. Their experiment didn’t work out so well and maybe, simply moved on. Interesting, like suggest in the movie Prometheus, it may be our planet and species were considered an outcast and before they were about to carry out their deadly destruction onto our species, something went dreadfully wrong. 

Throughout history there are many versions of how the gods simply vanished: 

  1. The famous lost city of Atlantis which was believed to be swallowed up by the sea. It also is speculated, the floating Atlantis may so happen have been a fleet of extraterrestrial Spacecrafts, who eventually left earth. 
  2. Another version is the lost continent of Lemuria, believed to have existed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, according to the Polynesians, who tell stories of the “Legend of Mu”. The War Lords who occupied it were considered out-of-this-world gods.
  3. The other legend is still read today in the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s a time when Giants walked the earth with us.  
  4. It was also recorded of a possible war against the gods themselves.  Not only were the gods fearful of us, they had their own political problems. From African, Aztec, Celtic, Hindu to Chinese mythology, there are written scriptures reporting the Great Wars of the Gods over cities and continents. A fierce war causing complete devastation to cities as the Gods of the Heavens went to war. 
  5. From as early as 3200 BC, Egyptian hieroglyphics record the gods and goddesses from the heavens who came to earth as Pharaohs, building incredible Pyramid structures in a short time. An impossible feat even with today’s technology. After the gods left, human Pharaohs tried their best to copy their ancestors, but they failed miserably. 

Whatever happened to our ancestors, they left in a hurry.  

But they did leave behind incredible artifacts our scientists are still try to solve using the most prehistoric method of them all, to explain them. After all, it’s just not possible our species are a remnant of past genetic manipulation. That would mean we aren’t the soul property of one spiritual GOD. Whatever you do, don’t tell the Dogon tribe their centuries upon centuries of folklore is wrong. Don’t tell them they didn’t know about the Sirius system before any astronomers had any indication they even existed. According to the Dogon people their ancestors gods told them about the Sirius star system, including the dwarfs star, Sirius B, only to be discovered later in 1862. Even though in 1844 the German astronomer Friedrich Bessel had suspected something strange was going on, it couldn’t be proven conclusively. The Dogon tribe knew centuries before any other astronomer ever suspected there were a number of anomalies in the present system. 

Interesting, the Dogon people also tell a story where there was a third star, called Sirius C. According to their gods, this star was hard to see in our universal sky, as it was a black dwarf. In 1922, astronomers explored this possibility but couldn’t verify it. To this day, the idea of Sirius having a triple star system is still under serious observation.  

Amazingly, passed down from generation to generation, the Dogon people tell the same story about having first contact with an intelligent alien being from the Sirius star system. Astronomers and past explores only thought of their story as a simple folklore by a primitive tribe. But when they found Sirius B they were loss for words. The day astronomers discover the black dwarf star known as Sirius C, they will be even more baffled.

My story BLACK ANGELS is a screenplay based on the Syrian Gods historical accounts. The same artifacts that were so brutally destroyed by a sect group of savage killers.

Yes, our human race is such a peaceful species – NOT

If we don’t kill off ourselves first, just maybe human beings will eventually evolve into a peaceful breed of Homo sapiens. And that’s on the assumption our earth isn’t destroyed by another extinction, like the dinosaurs were, in three separate devastating events. If Steven Hawking is correct, we have (at best) one thousand years left, before our ultimate extinction. Will we be constantly plagued by our own politics and religious beliefs, preventing us from survival? 

Time will only tell. 

Don’t wait too long, as time is ticking away, as we speak.  

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

PS I started writing my script in 1979, and after hundreds of drafts, I finally finished it a few years ago. It was my first script and quite the learning curve, I must say. Since then I’ve written dozens of screenplays. Have a look for yourself under JAMES MONTANA SCRIPTS. 

My next story will be the arrival on Mars, as a rogue explorer takes on NASA, defying the odds and becoming the first person to step foot on Mars. Please join me by following my stories here and if you’re on twitter, join me there as well.  

Thank you, 

Bari Demers

The Alien Virus Theory 


Queen Siri XII – Photo Credit : Bari Demers

If an intelligent alien race came to earth with hostile intent, it would be a whisper in the night. There wouldn’t be this massive war as we see in the movies; it would be more like the shadow of death, a new strain of virus, a million times deadlier than the black plague itself, without any possible cure of an antidote. 

In essence, the alien virus would soon earn its name, through its physical traits it would carry.  Our pathologists may have time to name it ‘Oceanic Fever’ after the source is traced from the very ocean we rely on. But as far as humans would be concerned, our legendary throne on earth would be eliminated altogether. The threat of mankind would be forever distinguished, conquered by the unseen landlords, ruling our planet full of its valuable resources.  


Photo Credit : Adam Pass

[“The morning sun hides behind the evening stars – Satan’s shadow rises through the desert storm.” Quote by Bari Demers ]

The most valuable of them all being our planet Earth.

Any intelligent species having the capabilities of traveling millions of light years throughout our universe, would only be looking for the biggest prize of them all, a sustainable living M Planet ready for colonization. They would land, cleanup and colonize using our home planet, as they see fit.

They may even rename our planet after their glorious King of the Royal Empire.

As for us, we would be nothing more than a past memory ; a whisper in the wind. Possibly, after countless years of colonization, we may be referred to as those aggressive prehistoric Homo Sapiens; an amusement for their scientists, a palaeontologist of sorts, who study prehistoric life and fossils.

Our fate will be nothing more then a notch in the evolutionary timeline of life. As a living species of our time, we would only hope to be remembered. But to our new landlords, we may be only as interesting, as the ant colonies we see today under our feet.

So, it’s vital not to take ourselves so seriously, as the dominate warriors we portray, arrogant to believe we are the only intelligent species alive. Little do we know, we may have been watched for centuries, unaware as they feverishly plan our own fate. 

Maybe the biblically scripture, “I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…” has more truth then we had ever known, except the part, I fear no evil. 

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter 

Read more of my science-fiction stories, such as Servant Centurion 797 – Dilornian Reports 2015, Alien Abduction Report – Phase II or Robotics of Mars.  
A collection of stories by Bari Demers. 

Valentine’s Day – Will your love be blind? 


My Grandchildren – The Twins
Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away now. So I thought it would be a good time to reflect what love was and is and, has it ever effected your life’s decisions?  

You know the old saying, love is blind. 

Maybe they’re right.

Let me tell you a little story that forever changed my life.


When I graduated from VSS (Vernon Senior Secondary High School) way back in 1975, my goal at the time, was to be an art teacher and possibly write science-fiction novels. 

Surprisingly, throughout my high school years and even earlier then that, my original career choice steered towards architectural design. My uncle was a successful architect and loving his lifestyle, I was hooked.

Or so I thought.

Entering the eleventh grade, it was all planned in a logical systematic format. Get the grades and keep studying architecture design, including historical accounts of famous architects, such as Frank Loyd Wright. Make sure my drafting and design classes were the standard “A” performances and keep continuing down the path of a great career choice. Nothing would sway me, right? 


My life took another turn, when I became starstruck by a beautiful teenaged girl. Little did I realize at the time, the phrase, ‘love is blind’ would truly lead me into a path of self destruction. I met Christine (not her really name) during Math class, the first semester of Grade 11. She could see I was indeed having trouble understanding the fundamentals of Trigonometry, as I laboured over the frustrating new terms of algebra, during our study class, in the library. She quickly sat down in front of me; clearly a extroverted personality! 
Looking up, I was immediately spell-bounded by her striking beauty, thinking she must of accidentally thought of me as someone else. 

She smiled and said,”Whatcha doing?” 

Confused by her actions, I said,” Working on this lovely trig problem,” pausing for a split second, my next words were more accurate,” um…you sure you have the right person?”

Christine nodded, still grinning. She waved back her long hazelnut brown hair and leaned in closer, making me even more nervous then before. Face to face, she whispered,” You know you’re doing the equations all wrong.” 

With my blank stare, she continued,” But don’t worry, I can help.” 

Flabbergasted, I said,”You want to help me…why ?!” 

She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders and said,” I don’t know…maybe because your cute.” 

My mouth must of dropped a mile, as blood instantly rushed to my head, blushing like the waves of hell.* Then, just like that, she kissed me on the lips. I was pleasantly shocked; speechless, to say the least. If I remember correctly, my mouth was about to say something, when she placed her fingers on my lips and said,” Listen, I’m really good at math…by the way, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Fumbling for words I just nodded, totally agreeing with her, thinking this was the best day of my life. It’s like hitting the jackpot, when everything seems to line up perfectly. With that, she closed my books and said,” Com’n! Let’s do this later…lets take a break.” Christine grabbed my hand, and I was easily led away, thinking all of this time, surely this must be, but a dream. 

Better term may have been, hook, line and sinker.

By the end of Grade 11 we were going steady and already planning our life together. I know, too fast. But at the time, it made perfect sense. Love has no pride, limits or labels. Your emotions are far from logic, as if a wizard cleverly placed you in a spell. Our plans were to go to UBC (University of British Columbia), get my degree in architectural design, hers as a Chartered Accountant and live happily ever after.

So I thought.

Summer holidays came sooner then anticipated, maybe because my days were filled with love. School was actually bearable. But now summer was in full swing. Oh, the wonderful summers in the Okanagan, if only you knew. The Okanagan Valley would best be described as a glorious heavenly oasis with blossoming fruit trees, warm lakes filled with an assortment of water sports and vineyards featuring award-winning Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots. A population growth three times its size from the winter months, attracting tourists across the world, including the want-to-be’s celebrity beauties sunbathing in skimpy bikinis along its countless shores of sandy beaches, as if they were sprinkled with flakes of gold.

To me, it’s heaven on earth.

One summer day, I went to Christine’s home unannounced. Her mom gave me a warm welcome and told me she was on the phone. I peeked into the kitchen to see her quickly hang up the phone, as if caught her in a trap. Giving her a hug and kiss, I asked who was on the phone, she replied,” Oh…it’s nothing important. How was your day?” 

To this day, I should have known the tall-tale signs of a red flag, but instead I said,” Fine. Work was crazy, but other then that, ok.”  

It was then Christine said,” Listen, I have some terrible news.”  

My heart sank when I heard those words. She escorted me into the living room and we both sat on the couch. I was expecting the worse, even though at the time, my mind was totally blank. She began to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks. Immediately, like a knight in shining armor, I came to her rescue and said,” Don’t worry, whatever it is, we can work it out. As a matter of fact, I’m certain of it!”  

It was the first time I saw her cry and it just broke my heart. 

As any man can contest, we men are pretty much lost of what to do, when a woman starts to cry. The only thing I could think of, was to reach over for a tissue, handing it to her. Her tearful puppy eyes got the best of me. She wiped her tears and said,” My parents just bought a new business in Summerland, and we must move by the end of the month.” 

I thought, ok. So? 

I tried to console her by saying,” Seriously, it’s really not that far from Vernon to Summerland. It must be 100 kilometres, tops! I’m sure to visit you as often as I can.” But underneath I knew the statics, the horror stories of how short, long-distant relationships really do turn out in the end.

Let’s just say, most don’t turn out well. But that didn’t deter my efforts in making it work.  

The day finally came, Christine and her family moved to Summerland. Asking my parents if I could borrow the company truck, pleading to them, it may be the last time I see her. Of course, stretching the truth, somewhat, my parents finally agreed. We took the long ride along the winding road of highway 97, in the comfort of my parents vehicle.   Christine snuggled up close, erasing any doubts I had previously about long distance relationships.  
An hour and a half later, we arrived in the small pleasant town of Summerland, B.C. Driving up to the driveway of their new home seemed more like the death sentence, then the welcome wagon. Turning off the engine, Christine snuggled even closer then before, and began balling like a baby. 

My heart just sank. 

After an hour inside the cab I encouraged her to go for a walk and see this little town. She agreed. Holding hands and embracing the moment we walked to a fruit stand at the end of the highway. Peaches were in season, so I bought us a couple. Heading back to her new home we talked about how much fun UBC and our lives will be together. It was then she mentioned we should begin saving our monies together. I agreed. Christine asked me how much I had saved this past year. Well, I thought about it for a second, and said $800. She said,” Prefect! I’m going to get a job here too, most probably at the pizza parlour here. I’ve heard their looking for someone to make pizzas.” 

I nodded.

She then continued,” Hey, how about you placing your $800 into my account and I’ll make sure to look after it. The more monies, the better payout in interest.” 

Look at her, I thought. 

Amused by her calculations, like a future Chartered Accountant, with those horn rimmed glasses, made my fantasies come true. Trusting her with all my heart, I said,”Sure. Why not? We could double our savings, working together, towards our future goal.” It made prefect sense to me at the time. After all, I loved her. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

The following months went as planned. I religiously made trips back and forth while racking up long distant charges to more than $50 per month. My parents didn’t mind, as long as I paid them back. My last year of high school came to be a chore, with my mind constantly on Christine. Not being able to share our experiences together took a toll on my studies. Every weekend I was in Summerland, still planning our future together, until everything came crashing down on one cloudy day in May. 

I know the day and month very well, because it was close to my birthday. Exactly one week away until May 30 1975.

What better way to celebrate my birthday, then having my girlfriend sleep over the weekend at our home in Vernon. Of course I had to do a lot of convincing to ensure my parents we wouldn’t be sleeping together and she could stay in one of our rooms overlooking the terrace. Actually I remember pleading and begging, until finally they agreed. Ecstatic, I quickly phoned my lovely Christine to make arrangements. 
I said,” Hey Christine! Guess what ? My parents agreed. You can stay over!” My excitement was quickly clouded with a strange response. 

She said,”Oh yeah.”  

Waiting for her excitement, I heard nothing but complete silence. Confused, I was about to question it, when in the background, I could hear the dreadful sound of someone snickering. It was the unmistakable sound of another man.  

I was shocked! 

Quickly demanding who was there, Christine just responded by saying,” You know what ? We had a good run, but it’s time to call it quits.” 

Boom! Just like that, my heart was crushed.

Those words felt like poison to me. This certainly couldn’t be the same girl I’ve known the past year?! Could it ? 

Complete silence.  

Didn’t know exactly what to say that moment, but one thing was for sure, I was deeply hurt. At first, like a madman, I pleaded for her to reconsider, until hearing the continuous laughter in the background. Outrageously furious, my anger got the best of me. Demanding, who the hell was that so called &@$$@% and why would you do this to me. It was an awful experience, and most probably is, as old as mankind itself. 

Breaking up is so hard to do. 

But then after a couple of days of sulking, it finally donned on me, my monies were locked away in her own private account. Getting parental advice, it wasn’t long before they got a hold of Christine’s parents and they learned the truth. Apparently, she did this to her last boyfriend and the boyfriend before that. After much negotiations, I went to Summerland to pick up the monies at her dad’s hardware business. One last attempt to get my love back, I asked her dad what went wrong, and it was then he said those words I remember to this very day,”Son, it was too fast. Christine isn’t ready to settle down. My goodness, she’s only 18 years old. What were you thinking?” 

I shrugged and said with tears running down my face, ” I don’t know…maybe I thought I was in love?”

Christine’s dad shook his head, “Listen… I know it’s hard to understand right now, but in time, you’ll understand.”

I nodded and left, my head held low, saddened by the past events.


It will be the experience to remember the rest of my life. To this very day, I can’t trust a single soul without me going through all the facts, as if I’m some kind of lawyer.  

And as far as Christine goes? 

I did meet her again. Ten years ago, as a matter of fact. Still as sweet as ever, but her life was still in turmoil, not really changing over the years. Interesting though, her career as a Charter Accountant, did become a reality.

As for me, breaking up destroyed my plans to become an architect.  
I just didn’t have the will power anymore. So after two years of Design and Applied Arts, at Okanagan College, I made a drastic career change. In haste, I decided to apply my studies towards an art teacher instead of that famous architect, I had envisioned so many times before.

Thinking that was that, but it wasn’t, was it ?

After the next semester, I switched back to pursuing a career as a drafting technologist, through Cariboo College (now renamed, Thompson Rivers University) in Kamloops, B.C., graduating with flying colours.  

My English and writing classes were still of value; writing has always been my way to express my feelings and tell stories, be it fiction or non-fiction. Publishing my dreams and reality is a way to secure my immortality, cheating time and space along the cosmic voyage of infinity. 

But one thing for certain, love is truly blind.  

What did I learn along the way? Trust is the most valuable asset and should never be taken lightly. Once trust is lost, it’s lost forever. And so, by chance, if you do find the right person, and they turn out to be your soul mate, hang on and never let go, because you’ll never be blessed like that ever again. And for god sakes, hang on to each other’s trust as if it was your very last breathe. 

So, after reading my story, I’ll ask the question again,”Has love ever changed your life?”

I hope on this Valentine’s Day you will find your true love and live happily ever after.

By Bari Demers screenwriter

*”Blush’d like the waves of hell” —Lord Byron


Bellagio, Las Vegas Photo Credit: Bari Demers

The Coma Weight Loss Program


YEAR 2035

The weight loss industry revenue hit $25 Billion in 2015 with over 110 million people struggling to loose weight. It was always thought scientists would eventually invent the Magic Weight Loss Pill, but it never became reality.
With increasing pressure by social media and celebrities, 85% of women were desperate to have (what society thought) was the right looks and acceptable weight. 

Societies new form of bullying were demeaning heavier set women, causing an alarming spike in suicides. In one incident alone, a group of teenage girls band together to make the ultimate statement. On July 4th 2020, eighteen young women ended their lives, distraught over the pressures of society. 

An immediate outcry was launched. 

Millions of women took to the streets, protesting against worldly governments officials, saying they weren’t doing enough to protect women against bullying tactics. They demanded a change to years of forcing them to look and act like Barbie Doll figures.  

Even after centuries of women fighting for equal rights in Canada, United States and the UK, their voices were still being drowned out by marketing Ads and financial greed. 

Women had enough! 

The first Women’s Rights Collation was formed on May 30th 2021. Bill 409 was introduced into the United States Congress, making it illegal to treat women unfairly. Everything from equal pay to any form of demeaning tactics were prohibited with serious consequences. Ad companies weren’t allowed to photoshop models or perceive what the favourable woman should look like. 

It was said to be a brand new era.

Everything was going as planned. Women were happier with the way they looked. But, curiously, the weight-loss industry still thrived, making a record increase in revenue of over 40 billion dollars.  

Men and women were still conscious of their weight.  

Societies perception really didn’t change. It was just an illusion. 


On January 10th 2023, a prominent Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Howard Savage (a leading cosmetic genius and board member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) found his teenage daughter fighting for her life, after a botch liposuction procedure. His daughter had it performed without the doctors knowledge. 

After 3 months in a coma, his daughter died.

Devastated, Dr. Savage vowed to find a safer form of weight loss control. Like a mad scientist, he sheltered himself from all outside communication, determined to find an acceptable form of weight loss.

After 5 years of clinical trials, Dr. Howard Savage announced his new form of weight loss. He called it, The Coma Weight Loss Program. On August 20th 2028, the public were introduced to Dr. Savages innovative weight loss program. 

It wasn’t long before you saw leading weight loss commercials on screens throughout the world. 

 The Ads went like this: 

Are you finding it hard to loose weight?  
Do you feel unappreciated and unhappy?  
Do you find, no matter how you try, your weight loss program is failing ? 
Do you wish for a safe alternative? 
Well, you won’t have to wait any longer! 
Introducing the all new COMA WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM by the esteem Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Howard Savage! 

more of those tedious months, or EVEN YEARS, desperately trying to loose weight!  
The COMA WEIGHT LOSS new innovative program is easy as 1-2-3

That’s right! 

In only 3 miracle steps, YOU will be off to a NEW YOU!

Look how easy it is? 

– You make an appointment with Dr. Savage and his experienced team of experts.

– After a thorough examination by Dr. Savage, YOU will be placed in a STATE-OF-THE-ART Weight Loss Bed. A relaxing cushioned salt water bath, designed to make you seem like your floating in space. 

– Dr. Savage will administer a special drug, placing you into a deep coma for a period prescribed personally just for YOU!  

Dr. Savage’s most competent team of experts will carefully monitor YOU day and night.  


After only a short term of only a month or less, under the COMA WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM YOU will awake as a brand new person! 

A refreshed, thinner YOU. 

Don’t delay! Ask for today’s LIMITED PRICE right now! 

right now, YOU will receive $3000 off the regular price! 

So, STOP all the worrying of trying to loose weight!  Forget those failing weight loss programs. 

Get into the new improved COMA WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM – TODAY! 

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The information provide in this ad, including our website is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as and should not be relied upon as medical advice.  Always contact your personal physician before any weight loss program. Your individual health may not be suitable and may be a health risk. Any information is at your own risk and you specifically waive any right to make any claim against Dr. Howard Savage or The COMA WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM INC or its officers, directors, writers, employees, pets, wives, girlfriends or representatives as the result of any outcome, whatsoever. 

Depending on your personal health situation and or condition, this program may be detrimental to your overall health. Side effects may include headaches, loss of bladder control, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, liver damage, falling off limbs, and even death. Do not attempt this procedure while pregnant or suffering from any past medical procedure, or have any kind of history related to heart disease, or any other diseases. Please consult your physician or give Dr. Savage a call today! Texting, or use of your cell phone may be charged an additional cost, depending on your plan. The overall cost of The Coma Weight Loss Program, not including state and federal taxes is $100,000. Refunds are not accepted. A down payment of $35,000 is required at time of appointment, with two additional instalments, there after. Additional check ups by Dr. Savage is an additional charge of $1500 per visit. It’s recommended you have at least 10 visits after your procedure. All sales are final.  


The Coma Weight Loss Program became a over night success! 

Dr. Howard Savage received the Noble Prize on May 5th 2030 for inventing the worlds first effective weight loss program. To date, he has saved over 50 million people from death and a brand new improved lifestyle. It wasn’t until three years later, when KGYC NEWS NOW, from New York City reported the Coma Weight Loss program was doing an illegal procedure on the side. 

Dr. Howard Savage and his Coma Weight Loss Program came under scrutiny, when it was discovered, his employees were selling patients organs onto the black market. Dr. Savage’s team of lawyers would refuse to comment further until his rightful day in court, only stating,” Dr. Savage is redeem innocent until proven otherwise. We will without a doubt prove him innocent of all charges.” End of quote. 

It was rumoured, patients were allowing non-threatening organs to be sold, to enable to pay for their procedure. But, it became such a lucrative business on the side, greedy employees were selling all their organs. Of course, the patient’s death certificate only stated, organ failure. 

In the end, did society as a whole ever learn their lesson? 
Men and women were still being perceived by the way they looked. Would it ever change? 
By Bari Demers screenwriter 
Copyright 2015 
My science-fiction story would make a great short indie film.  And I hope you can appreciate my scifi dark humor.