My Elevator Pitch with Steven Spielberg

My elevator pitch is how I’m going to explain my screenplay (Black Angels) within a two minute span, sparking interest with my viewers. But first, I must captivate their interest in the first 30 seconds.


Let’s pretend I’m being interviewed by Steven Spielberg.

I now have 30 seconds to capture Mr. Spielberg attention, or he will kindly usher me out the door.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Welcome to Dreamworks Movie Studio. Please, have a seat. I hear you have an interesting sci-fi screenplay called BLACK ANGELS. Go ahead and tell me about your script.

ME: I’m writing a science-fiction thriller set 100,000 years ago, where an intelligent civilization are forced to leave their dying home, Sirus 5. It’s up to an elite military team to get a newly found planet, ” Blue Earth” ready for colonization.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: So, what makes this sci-fi any different from others?

ME: Black Angels is based on a Historical Event Theory, Mankind’s evolution was jump-started by an intelligent race (known as the SIRIANS) from the Sirius Cluster, crossing their genetics with ours. They were believed to be the missing link, making us who we are today.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: What problem or problems are you trying to solve?

ME: Our reluctant hero, Karen Jefferson must carry out the mission so her people can colonize earth before it’s too late, while trying to overthrow their revels, the Jotunns and an evil force lurking throughout earth. What happens next is horrifying, changing mankind forever!

STEVEN SPIELBERG: So, Karen is the main protagonist? What is the obsession that drives her?

ME: Karen is emotional torn between her irrefutable love for Commander Cardin and her mission to help her people colonize before her home planet is destroyed. But the Jotunns stand in her way and to make it worse, the evil force causes chaos.

(My 30 seconds are now up – but I believe I have capture interest by Steven Spielberg)

STEVEN SPIELBERG: It sounds like the main antagonist are the Jotunns. Who are the Jotunns?

ME: The Jotunns are a Reptilian revile enemy who cause havoc, but are not considered the main antagonist. Their main antagonist so happens to be the evil force lurking planet earth. And there’s a twist to the overall plot, which will change the outcome to our story.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Excellent, sounds like an interesting story, but what makes it different from Aliens or Prometheus?

ME: Black Angels is based on a real theoretical historical event that actually changed mankind into who we are today. It’s base on ” The Gods of the Heavens” Theory, whereas Aliens and Prometheus are fictional accounts based on an evading host.

The Gods of the Heavens even take us to our present day of UFO events. So, in theory, my screenplay can lead into a trilogy of science- fiction stories.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Is Black Angels a cost effective movie?

ME: Yes. With the use of CGI visual effects, Black Angels can become a budget based movie. We can even trim the characters, if need be.

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Do you have a Synopsis ?

ME: Yes I do – Here it is

STEVEN SPIELBERG: Great. We’ll get in touch within you soon. Thank you for coming.

ME: Thank you for this opportunity. I appreciate your time and it’s wonderful to finally meet you, Mr. Spielberg. I know this may sound cliche, but I have been interested in your movies ever since I saw JAWS, ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

And so, that would be end of your elevator pitch, but not necessary the end of your screenplay. With the funds collected, the project may even be the next blockbuster movie, BLACK ANGELS.

By Bari Demers

I have enjoyed all of Steven Spielberg’s movies, including Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, War of the Worlds (saw the original movie when I was 8 years old) and other favourites, such as The Goonies and Hook.

One of the most dramatic movies I watched by Steven Spielberg is the historical drama, the Schindler’s List, a 1993 classic film scripted by Steven Zaillian, based on the novel Schindler’s Ark by Australian Thomas Keneally.


Black Angels of Sirus 5 – Trailer


Working on a budget, making a film trailer is challenging to say the least. With limited resources the first and foremost conclusion is, you can only do what you can can do.

Without CGI (Computer-generated Imaginary) and deep pockets, your abilities are “stunted” sort of speak. My skills of turning images into action along with a cost effective program called iMovie, I can turn something from nothing into magic. Well, at least that’s how I feel about it. My sci-fi horror flick (1:03 minute film) took over 10 hours to execute the finished product.

The screenplay, Black Angels of Sirus 5 started in its infancy back in 2007. After years of re-write after re-write, I can say my 133 page script is done. But, in the hands of a director, it may take another path along its way to become a successful blockbuster movie in a theatre near you. Maybe it will become as popular as Star Trek or Star Wars ?

That’s my vision, anyway.

But first, baby steps are required, in order to attract the attention of mega film producers. Trust me, Steven Spielberg isn’t going to be pounding on my door anytime soon.

To me, that would be like winning a lottery!

So, in meantime, it’s my mission to attract the attention of folks, like you. Pass along my vision and just maybe, all this hard work will become viral on YouTube.

Wait. Did I say work ? No, Not at all.

Making my science-fiction film is a lot of fun!

In conclusion, have a look at my video and let Steve Spielberg know; will you please ?

Check out my video here

Both photos are by my friend Romeo, please check out more on visual-aerials
By Bari Demers