The New Eden vs Eden – Star Trek

I’m a fan of Star Trek ever since I was a kid. Today, we’re thrilled to be continuing our Star Trek Mission with the new TV Series ‘Star Trek Discovery’. In Season Two, I found similarities with my screenplay ‘Black Angels’ to the “New Eden” Episode 2 #StarTrekDiscovery

OK – Where do I begin: Believe vs Science – the two are my life’s goal & written screenplays, to the age old question,”Who made us ?”

Twenty years ago I began writing my thoughts of how religion controls the masses vs an Intelligent humanoid species who came to earth 100 – 300,000 yrs ago, changing ape-mans DNA. This has followed me ever since I began questioning the roots of man-made religion, when I was 10 years old. It was only when I was 30, where my thoughts appeared on paper.

Fast forward another twenty years later, I have finished writing my screenplay ‘BLACK ANGELS’ :

LOGLINE : Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from deadly virus.

It’s the beginning…

BLACK ANGELS is my take on an Alien Intelligent Species coming to earth in haste, to save their species from a deadly virus. To use, control & further their DNA; in fact, the Sirian species crossed their DNA with Ape-man.

However, because the Sirian Species altered the evolutionary timeline of Ape-man, human beings today have serious emotional side-effects, such as anger, hate and so on… but that’s another story.

Read my back story.

In my screenplay I answer what happens to our ancestors. For example,”Have they even left or are they still monitoring their DNA creation today ?”

‘BLACK ANGELS’ is only the beginning, as I explore the possibilities, not just from our “Past Ancestors”, but as well as the “Present” and “Future”. With adjoining science-fiction stories, I have explored many avenues, such as Alien Abduction Report – Earth Missions 2013.

Getting back to “New Eden”, Season 2 – Episode 2 on Star Trek Discovery, I thought it was interesting #StarTrekDiscovery writers explored “New Eden” using the “Red Angels”, while my story is related to “Black Angels”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT implying they’re stealing my storyline. It’s just coincidence, simply because we’re all thinking about how religion came about vs the science. As science-fiction writers, we speculate & explore all possibilities.

In Episode 2 ‘New Eden’ I would like to think, is a continuation from my screenplay ‘Black Angels’ in a future setting. It’s goes in correlation with my theory on our founding ancestors, who started the genetic process of mankind.

IF you’ve watched Episode 2, ‘New Eden’ it explores the mysterious ‘Red Angel’ removing a group of humans off earth during WWIII, placing them in a new world, light years from earth, where Captain Pike & crew happens to find them by a beacon. It’s illogical to assume humans had warp capability until “First Contact”*, therefore there must of been some sort of intervention from an intelligent alien race.

As said, in “Black Angels” my story starts in the very beginning of mankind’s existence. An experimental “Eden” took place, as the Sirian Gods altered Ape-man into the Homo-Sapiens we are today. Here’s an introductory video I made.

In conclusion, it’s nice to see Captain Pike again on Star Trek and I certainly love how the writers are going with Star Trek Discovery.

Read more #scifi stories & screenplays I have created through James Montana Scripts :

IF you haven’t already and are a fan of Star Trek, check out Mission Log Pod, as they discuss each episode. If you enjoy Star Trek as much as I do, please join me on Twitter. I talk about all things Star Trek, my creative art pieces, plus sharing my science-fiction short stories. Join other Star Trek fans too, such as “23 year old Trekkie” , as she explores Star Trek topics on her Tuesday Star Trek featured, “TowelTalkTuesday”. Let’s get as many fans as we can together, talking about Star Trek.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article today and I will see you again.

Thank you.

Bari Demersscience-fiction writer and screenwriter

* Star Trek: First Contact plot starts in the 24th century when Captain Jean Luc Picard “disobeys orders and heads for Earth, where a single Borg Cube ship holds its own against a group of Starfleet vessels.” It’s then they continue its pursuit on the Borg only for them to disappear.

“As the sphere disappears, Enterprise discovers Earth has been altered – it is now populated entirely by Borg. Realizing the Borg have used time travel to change the past, Enterprise follows the sphere through the vortex.

Enterprise arrives hundreds of years in its past on April 4, 2063, the day before humanity’s first encounter with alien life after Zefram Cochrane’s historic warp drive flight; the crew realizes the Borg are trying to prevent first contact.”


Star Trek – 50 Years 

“Star Trek the Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages” by Andrew Fazekas.

Star Trek 50 year anniversary and still going strong. We all know how the real science relates to science fiction since 1966. I consider myself a Star Trek fan, following every TV episode and movie, since it started. 

I’m also interested in “Star Trek the Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages” by Andrew Fazekas.  It sounds amazing ! 

Relating the true science from science fiction is certainly what I look forward to.

Here I am writing on my iPad, just one of many inspirations from Star Trek. Remember the first Star Trek pilot episode, “The Cage”, in January 1965, starring Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike, Majel Barrett as Number One, and Leonard Nimoy as Spock? The moment the doors to the bridge opened up automatically? Supermarkets across the world were so intrigue with that piece of science fiction, engineers made it happen in real life. So next time you go to your favourite grocery store and pass by the automated sliding glass doors, just remember where the idea originated. 

We may never see warp drive or teleportation but it may closely resemble it in our future. 

I wrote a piece about teleportation and how’s it pretty much impossible…unless we sent a hologram of us to the farthest M5 planet OR manipulate human molecules into what is called,” The Floating Molecules”. This controversial procedure can change the human molecular composition into floating translucent molecules, finally making teleportation a reality.

Graphic Photo by Bari Demers

Ever since I can remember, I would draw detailed spaceships, showing the booster engines in the back and an astronaut up front, flying across the universe. This was way before Star Trek or Lost in Space became a regular TV series. When my uncle took me to see the matinee, “War of the World’s”, I was in heaven ! Oh, the thought of another alien species visiting earth turned my life around. I started asking questions. Where did we come from? Is it possible Aliens have visit us before ? 

When I learn how to read, I looked everywhere for science fiction material. 
Soon, I was writing my own. Today isn’t any different, my imagination runs wild with storyline after storyline. It’s hard to keep up to my imagination, as writing takes time and perseverance. Maybe in the future, we will be able to transform our imagination into a hologram ; the possibilities are endless!

When in Jr High School ( Fulton, Vernon, BC) I wrote a short story about teleportation in my English class, for no other then my English teacher named, Mr English. Go figure! He so happened to a Science teacher with other classes. When he read my piece of material, he was mad ! He scolded me, telling me teleportation is complete rubbish, and I should concentrate on the science, before I tackle science fiction. Confused by his outrage, rereading my story, it was evident the science of hologram theory was a possibility. Of course, he never could envision it and proceeded to give me a C minus. 

This unpleasant experience hit home and made me even more determined then before.

Before you knew, I made absolutely sure the science was behind the science fiction, reading every science magazine I could get my hands on. I kept writing and have never looked back since. In my later years I turned to screenplays, just because I imagined my script turning into a blockbuster movie. That’s when I started my own website called James Montana Scripts, featuring my screenplay, “Black Angels“. 

The journey from drawing to writing has always been a part of my life, and so has Star Trek. If you’re enthusiastic as I am, then please read my stories on WordPress and Blogger. And join me on Twitter

Here’s some examples: 

See more of my stories linked from my website too.

Live Long and Prosper! 

Original photo by The Big Bang TV Series

It was sad to hear the passing of Leonard Nimoy – Star Treks legendary Science Officer Mr Spock, our beloved Vulcan. So, of course, I had to write about my feelings. 

Congratulations Star Trek for 50 years and I can only wish our great great great great grandchildren will look back and remember the day Star Trek gave us science fiction and scientists turned it into reality. No doubt they will think we lived in the stone ages. 

By Bari Demers 

NOTE : I’m always asked why I present my writing in the above format.  It’s not the correct format. The reason is, most viewers are bombarded by so much information on the Internet, the attention span is very short.  So, to compensate for this, I break up my article and stories into quick readable blocks of information.  For example, it’s rare readers will take the time to read this footnote.  Cheers! Have an awesome day😎 

Sad to hear of Our Dear Leonard Nimoy 

It is with deep sadness to hear of our dear Leonard Nimoy passing away at 83 years old. A SUPER icon, kind man and my personal HERO – man this is really sad to hear – LIVE LONG and PROSPER Mr Spock within the new realms of our dimensional universes – SO SAD 😢

As a freelance screenwriter I’ve had the opportunity to be on set of TNG [The Next Generation Star Trek] 

My whole life has always been directed towards Sci-Fi because of the first Star Trek TV series.  Seeing Mr. Spock ( Leonard Nemoy) as a Vulcan Science Officer, I knew then, I was hooked! 

Leonard Nemoy was an actor, a Director and a great person.  It’s a sad day on earth – you will be missed.

Bari Demers