The Egyptian Gods leave behind Clues

The Egyptian Gods by Bari Demers
All the work and art I produce relates back to my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Today isn’t any different, as I’m fascinated with ‘The Ancient Egyptian Gods’ and the ‘Discovery of King Tut’ himself. 

The behind-the-scenes of BLACK ANGELS started way back in 1980’s, when I started questioning, “Where did we come from and why are we such a destructive race?” 

The clues were out there. I just had to find them. 

Originally, with an Italian/French background, my youth was brainwashed into the Catholic faith. But, after years of observing this religion, I wasn’t satisfied with its religious doctrines, as my thirst of knowledge was never answered truthfully.  

Therefore I went on a five year journey of discovery, studying religions, from Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, The Salvation Army, to the Bahá’í Faith.  

Intrigued by the Bahá’í faith, I began studying its origin. 

Its religious beliefs were founded by Bahá’u’lláh in the 19th century Persia. It was in defiance to the radical Islamic doctrines and unfortunately Bahá’u’lláh himself was imprisoned and exiled. Like any contradictory religion of its time, the controlling powers-to-be considered the Bahá’í faith blasphemy and was severely dealt with.  It’s really not any different today with our continuing saga of complete turmoil within this hostel environment we all live in, just because of our differences in todays religions.

Their religious beliefs revolves around the theory that Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad were divine messengers, including Bahá’u’lláh himself. Most importantly, Bahá’u’lláh was surrounded by the idea of having a peaceful existence for all of humanity, even though to this very day, we still haven’t achieved it. Unfortunately peace into today’s society is such a taboo thought, due to worldly radical (religious) doctrines, exploiting control over their insane beliefs. 

After careful consideration of each religion, they all failed miserably, one by one. All are led to CONTROL and subject to some sort of financial gain. In the end, it was painfully clear to me, all manmade religions are clouded by one form of greed or another. 

It was inevitable. 


After my religious undertaking, I eventually decided to do more research about the Syrians, Persians, Egyptians and Roman historical accounts. The discovery of the Sirian, Persian and Egyptian Gods led me to a more profound answer to our very existence. From there (in about 1995), I started writing a series of screenplay drafts devoted to the theory, mankind was visited by ancient visitors, only referred to as the ‘GODS OF THE HEAVENS’. Even though my screenplay is a science-fiction horror genre called BLACK ANGELS, it’s based on historical accounts of scriptures, including hieroglyphic scripts and biblical prophesy, where’s it’s the understanding mankind was genetically altered prematurely from our relatives, the Denisovans or Denisova hominins, changing us into a smarter race of human beings. 

However, as this is referred to as the smoking-gun to the “missing link”, it’s without deadly consequences. 

Today, humans may be intelligent, but consider the normal evolutionary timeline, we have quickly become a dangerous species, suited more for war then peace, fighting our inner demons along the way. Discouraged by the fate of mankind, I eagerly plowed through the historical timeline of the Egyptian Dynasty, knowingly all to well, they were only representatives, trying their best to duplicate the existence of the GODS, themselves. A good example of this is when I recently discovered my own treasure of historical artifacts through tedious research of the Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tut. With this information I discovered an array of valuable historical artifacts with an amazing story behind the secret Egyptian King, the illusive boy with the golden mask. 

Here’s my discovery – 

King Tut's Chair


The Discovery of King Tut Exhibition came to North American from 1976 – 1979, showcasing Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings between the tombs of Rameses II and Rameses IV. 

The fascinating historical accounts go like this:  

Incredibly, local robbers entered the tomb twice, but each time failed to find any treasures. However, in 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter found four secret chambers completely intact. For years before the discovery, Carter’s patron, Lord Carnarvon painstakingly inspected every inch in the Valley of the Kings, telling his colleague the Tutankhamun’s tomb had nothing of interest. 
But on November 22, 1922 Carter discovered one chamber, and within this chamber hide two more chambers. Inspecting the last chamber, he noticed a tight corridor leading to yet another chamber. 

As stated by the Canadian Museum of History, “This chamber was heavily guarded by two black sentry-statues, representing the royal ka (soul) and symbolize the hope of rebirth — the qualities of Osiris, who was reborn after he died.” 

Carter’s persistence had finally paid off, finding the fourth and last chamber, exposing the secret burial chamber and unfolding the legendary tomb of King Tutankhamun (the boy behind the golden mask). Within these walls, the room exposed priceless golden treasures, known as the greatest archeological findings of the 20th century. 

For my own personal interest, It would have been remarkable to be able to see these historical treasures in person, but unfortunately, King Tut treasures weren’t available during the 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver, BC, that my wife and I attended. However, what we did see was still pretty cool, featuring “The Great Pharaoh Ramses and His Time during EXPO 86.” 

Even though these impressive artifacts captivated my interest, it just isn’t the same as the real exhibition from 1976 – 1979, where it’s last visit was at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario. During this time period I was busy raising a family and too broke to even think of visiting Egypt, where the artifacts remain to this very day.

Indeed, King Tutankhamun Eighteenth Dynasty is an amazing timeline in our history.  


To me, after years of studying various religions, reading and seeing historical artifacts, it became clear everyone, everywhere in history tried their best to imitate the GODS, but all fell short to duplicate our ancestral legacy. You can pretty much tell, their technology and architectural buildings weren’t up to snuff to the true GODS, they wanted so bad to replicate. 

In addition, ever since the missing-link, the peculiar advancement of our human brain (within a short evolutionary timeline) and the ever increasing violence from our savage instincts, it leads me to believe we weren’t alone in the beginning, during the birth of our homo-sapiens existence.  

On top of it all, it’s still a mystery of what happened to our fathering ancestors and exactly why did they leave ? Where did they go ? It has left us humans baffled with speculation, only to search for more answers. It’s possible we might find the truth, as mankind takes on a new adventure, searching beyond the safety of mother earth, heading towards another mystery, MARS.  

Maybe, once we reach Mars, all our questions will be answered. Or, just maybe, my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS already tells the story of our ancient ancestors, only referred to as ‘THE GODS OF THE HEAVENS’. It’s now up to Hollywood to bring us closer to the truth by releasing my screenplay BLACK ANGELS

By Bari Demers – screenwriter 


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The Clues to Black Angels 

Black Angels - The Movie
Today I would like to share with you my latest art poster. 

The purpose to my art ?  

To promote my screenplay BLACK ANGELS – a science-fiction horror genre based on the arrival of our Ancestors and how it changed mankind forever.  My first quote, ” The Morning Sun hides behind the evening Stars. Satan’s shadow rises through the Blackness of Night”, is related to a clue inside the storyline of my script.  

Heres another quote,”Pride had cast him down..O to Sacred Earth…a Black Evil has spread across the Lands…O to the horrors of Earth.”

Each quote has a significant meaning behind them. The only way to understand it’s meaning is either seeing the movie or reading my screenplay BLACK ANGELS.   As the movie hasn’t been made yet, I hope my stories and art will spark interest.  To learn more about BLACK ANGELS, head over and see my website and/or click HERE too.

You can also read behind-the-scenes : The Storyline. 

Please enjoy my promotional art piece and pass it along by sharing on Twitter, FB or right here on WordPress.  Follow me here to read more intriguing mysterious science-fiction stories, that just may be related to BLACK ANGELS.  

Each poster is produced by me, a self taught graphic designer and artist. 

As for my writing technique, I like to refer my writing to Vincent Van Gogh, the art impressionist with a hidden message. All my writing hides a message leading to a deeper meaning of the storyline or a link to another mystery.  They are all connected, like a puzzle.  

By Bari Demers screenwriter 

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Missing Up North – Bloody Survival

LOGLINE: Young Hunter goes missing deep within British Columbia’s rugged wilderness, only to be hunted by an 800 lb Grizzly.

My screenplay “Missing Up North – Bloody Survival” is based on a true story around the mis-adventures of 20 year old Hunter named Rivers, who went missing in the wild mountainous Chilcotin region by Williams Lake, B.C. for over 16 hours, hunted down by a savage Grizzly.

Darkness comes early during the cold winter of November, racing against time and the savage hunger of a 800 lb Grizzly. What happens next is almost unbelievable…

This incredible story is one of courage, stamina and desperate determination to stay alive against all odds. Rivers bloody story brings a whole new meaning to the word,” Survival”


Screenplay written By Bari Demers [James Montana Scripts]


Screenplay – Blood, Sweat & Tears


You just finished your screenplay. Congratulations!

Now what?

You have a couple of choices, SUBMIT or MAKE FILM.

First, you can spend years submitting and re-submitting to agents, producers and what-not within the film industry. Constantly receiving rejection after rejection,realizing your FILM IDEA isn’t everyone’s passion. To everyone else, it’s just another screenplay amongst thousands of others submitted each month.

And to make matters worse, are those who will gladly take your screenplay without question! But, and this is a big BUTT, only after you PAY them first.

Oh wait!

Did you just say,”You must pay them to pass along or read your screenplay?”

Unfortunately, THEY are what we like to call,” Bottom-feeders” or in my mind “Trolls” who feed off on your desperation. Unknown to you, you submit your screenplay and hard earn cash, expecting results.

In reality, they quickly pocket the cash and shred it, not really caring of the years of blood,sweat and tears it took you to write your master piece. The worst scenario ? They actually read it, finding your screenplay ingeniously executed. Quickly change the name and author, sending it to known connections as their own. A year or two later, you hear or see a short-movie or part of your script on TV.

Your first reaction? You’re crushed! What happen? How could they possibly steal my idea?

This seems to possibly have happened to me.

Have you heard of AGENT SKY before? I wrote a short script, of an Agent called Sky. Somehow or is it by mere coincidence, I noticed the same name on a popular TV Series. A couple of years before I had submitted AGENT SKY to Hollywood.

You get the picture.

BEFORE you submit your screenplay to anyone, be very sure you REGISTRY it with one or both, the WGC (Writers Guide of Canada) and or the WGA West (Writers Guide of America).

Secondly, if you have to PAY big bucks for them to see your work, something is wrong.

It’s a RED-FLAG.

I understand there may be registration fees, when submitting a short film to Sundance Films, but as far as screenplays are concerned, the cost (if anything) shouldn’t be more than $65 at best, or ideally, FREE. For example, as a UK citizen, a couple times a year BBC will allow you to submit your script for a TV Series or film for FREE.

In North America, everyone wants administration fees in order to process your script. To me, it’s just another “Cash Cow” opportunity feeding off your desperation. But, it’s becoming the “norm” practice, with everyone getting on the bandwagon. Do your research and ask well known established institutions, such as WGA or WGC; even Sundance Institute may help you in the right direction.

Preparation for submitting your screenplay will undoubtably cost you a grand total of $150 with registrations fees to both WGA and WGC, including whoever you decide to submit to.

But it’s worth every penny and considerate it as the lesser evil of what can happen if you don’t.

Always keep records and copies of your screenplay throughout your creation. This way, if you ever have to sue someone for illegally using your script, you have written proof of the timeline and the creative process.

The second option sounds more inviting, but takes a lot of work and commitment. Not saying your screenplay wasn’t work.


“I envision a story and bring it to life” James Montana Films.

These are my words, passionate about the film industry. If you want something done, you’re just going to have to do it yourself.

First and foremost, I would like to point out, I’m NOT a professional Film Maker. Just another screenwriter amongst hundreds of thousands of other hopeful souls who would like to see their screenplay storyline as the next blockbuster film.

In fact, Black Angels could easily be made into a trilogy from past to present; my imagination is wildly inventive.

James Montana Films is in the infancy of working with established professional film companies in Canada and Unites States to produce short films or introductory start-up films for group funding, such as KickStarter.
My first project is Black Angels of Sirus 5.

James Montana Films is about screenwriting to filming using a professional film crew who are already established. I will also use professional FX (Visual effects) professional companies, such as, GFZ Studios located in Vancouver, B.C.

This is only the preliminary stages of James Montana Films who is part of Canadian Northwest Studios.

After producing my film presentation for crowd funding, such as KickStarter, my next step would be to produce a Short Film – Scifi for Sundance Institute in Colorado.

Ideally, a corporate film executive will see your work on screen at Sundance, YouTube or maybe Vimeo, taking the necessary steps to execute your story and bring it to life after years of blood, sweat and tears.

Is this option too costly for you ?

If you can’t afford it, begin by taking film classes and or joining up with your local film society ,like Fava (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta).

The resources to making a film is not easy, but at least you will have the satisfaction that a portion or all of your script will be seen by an audience, either on YouTube or favourably at Sundance.

If you already have a firm idea and screenplay in-hand, along with a budget, you can directly hire a film crew, like Fat Monster Films in Los Angeles California or Sepia Films in Vancouver, B.C.

Whatever you decide…

It takes time, patients and passion along with blood, sweat and tears.

By Bari Demers – Screenwriter