Our Human Entanglement

Our Human Entanglement


Anyone who knows me understands how I love writing science-fiction stories ; as well I’m recently in competition to have the opportunity to be ( if you will ) ‘under the wing’ of producer, actor and director, Ron Howard, through Imagine Impact. It’s my hope to better understand the filming aspect of Hollywood.

I know, I know, it’s like winning a lottery – BUT you can’t win if you don’t DO. As Yoda quoted “ Do or Do Not. There is No Try.”


Anyhow – I’m also grateful for my family and those who make an effort to be my friend. It means a lot to me and helps me grow into a better person. Writing science-fiction helps me release my inner self, searching for either a better future or ( if we continue along the path we’re all on ) the consequences of our actions.

Recently I’m intrigued with Better Call Saul ( a spinoff from TVSeries Breaking Bad ). Patricia and I are totally captivated by its unique artistic plots. Each time I watch ‘Better Call Saul’ I’m reading the credits. One of the credits that sticks out the most is Executive Producer Mark Johnson. I’m all about similarities or coincidences, meaning somehow or someway, we’re all connected. You could say we meet for a reason OR , another way to express it, ( in the science community) “Quantum Entanglement”.

Therefore, when I see Executive Producer Mark Johnson, I immediately think of my FB friend, Mark Johnson, lawyer and CEO of Visual Law. As quoted, “ Mark Johnson – Principal and chief creative officer of Visual Law Group, a litigation communications and forensic animation firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.”

Incredible, Mark is also into making films, founding partner in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles.

I realize the Mark Johnson of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ isn’t the same Mark Johnson friend, but I believe it’s some kind of entanglement of our universe, leading us along a path together.

Call me crazy (if you like) but I love thinking, there’s a reason we are engaged with others, no matter the distance. As a science-fiction buff, it’s frightening clear how our lives are intertwined.

SO – on my Twitter post I said this :

1/ 11 We all know Executive Producer Mark Johnson of AMC Breaking Bad and spin off, Better Call Saul, BUT did you know he produced #Rainman under partnership with Levinson ? #Filmmaking

2/11 With the collaboration of Mark Johnson and #Canadian producer Michelle Maxwell MacLaren of Vancouver (XFiles and Game of Thrones) Vince Gilligan created breaking bad.

3/11 #BreakingBad #Directors started off w/ Vince Gilligan, but had many others, such as Michelle MacLaren, herself and famous actor Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White)

4/ 11 Then came the spin off of #BetterCallSaul ( now starting it’s 4th Season) AMC has hit it on the mark w/ #BreakingBad and BetterCallSaul – both #TVSeries are extremely entertaining w/ the most professional team in show business.

5/11 I have become so involved w/ watching #BreakingBad and #BetterCallSaul , watching each series several times for enjoyment. Each portraits great detail, ingeniously hiding a “MacGuffin” ( term, popularized by film director #AlfredHitchcock ) aka #PlotCoupons

6/11 #BreakingBad and #BetterCallSaul are both excellent TVSeries to learn the craft of #Filmmaking to #Screenwriting . And, to make it even more interesting…

7/ 11 #BetterCallSaul showcases outstanding #actors @MJMcKean @mrbobodenkirk @rheaseehorn @PatrickFabian, each playing lawyers. Interesting…

8/ 11 I personally know a real lawyer ( Yes, you guessed it) Mark Johnson, w/ a team in San Jose, California who specializes in 3D Scanning & Photogrammetry for litigation. You can see Visual Law Group for yourself.

9/ 11 What makes this name similarity so incredible, my friend Mark Johnson is also involved in #makingfilms partnering in Fat Monster Films, a film production company located in Los Angeles. (www.fatmonsterfilms.com) I know, it’s just a coincidence, but hey ! I’m always intrigued w/ how we are somehow connected to this universe of ours.

10/11 Mark and I have a connection, each of us never wanted. We both loss a child. He loss his son David and me, I loss my daughter Jenni. It’s a group you never want to be apart of – parents loosing a child.

11/ 11 So, #wrapitup When I see Executive Producer Mark Johnson on the credits of #BetterCallSaul it makes me think how we’re either connected by similarities or maybe it’s Quantum Entanglement 😎 👽 #TwlightZone #science or #scifi Cant wait to see Season 4 #BetterCallSaul

In conclusion I would be grateful if you would indulge with me in this crazy world we live in. I’m truly grateful for all my connections here on FB , Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. It’s an unforgiving world we live in. Our journey is indeed a struggle, but I hope we can make a better world by sticking together, encouraging each other in success and unexpected tribulations. Whatever you’re going through, I hope you understand, we’re all together, fighting for the same things.

All that I ask is that WE are good to each other.

Thank you,

Bari Demers

The Clues to Black Angels 

Black Angels - The Movie
Today I would like to share with you my latest art poster. 

The purpose to my art ?  

To promote my screenplay BLACK ANGELS – a science-fiction horror genre based on the arrival of our Ancestors and how it changed mankind forever.  My first quote, ” The Morning Sun hides behind the evening Stars. Satan’s shadow rises through the Blackness of Night”, is related to a clue inside the storyline of my script.  

Heres another quote,”Pride had cast him down..O to Sacred Earth…a Black Evil has spread across the Lands…O to the horrors of Earth.”

Each quote has a significant meaning behind them. The only way to understand it’s meaning is either seeing the movie or reading my screenplay BLACK ANGELS.   As the movie hasn’t been made yet, I hope my stories and art will spark interest.  To learn more about BLACK ANGELS, head over and see my website and/or click HERE too.

You can also read behind-the-scenes : The Storyline. 

Please enjoy my promotional art piece and pass it along by sharing on Twitter, FB or right here on WordPress.  Follow me here to read more intriguing mysterious science-fiction stories, that just may be related to BLACK ANGELS.  

Each poster is produced by me, a self taught graphic designer and artist. 

As for my writing technique, I like to refer my writing to Vincent Van Gogh, the art impressionist with a hidden message. All my writing hides a message leading to a deeper meaning of the storyline or a link to another mystery.  They are all connected, like a puzzle.  

By Bari Demers screenwriter 

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Free Americans from Donald Trump – Documentary 

Free Americans from Donald Trump - Documentary


Logline: A Documentary of the implications to Americans with Donald Trump as President

Type : Documentary 

: Human Rights 

Filming Locations
: Kelowna and Vancouver, BC , Ottawa, Ontario, New York, San Francisco 


A documentary about the implications to all Americans with Donald Trump as President, including the possibility of Americans fleeing United States to avoid the wrath of the TRUMP empire. The reality complications arising from entering Canada. 


In preliminary written discussions with Michael Moore to collaborate project, here in Canada and United States. A comical but dark satire of its true troubling reality. 

Intro concept : Sales pitch announcement by News Media across the world, introducing policy changes for Americans entering Canada under the new revised visa applications by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Meanwhile we follow the TRUMP empire as freedom we so dearly pride ourselves as a democratic society, crumbles before our eyes.  You see as Trumps family take on leading roles, abolishing laws, reducing healthcare and attacking the system for the people.  United States slowly transforms into the fictional warlord on “Back to the Future“, Biff Tannen.   Biff Tannen‘s greedy conquest has taken over America on the backs of Americans. 

Please join us in the Collaboration.


Type : local_moviesDocumentary Feature
Location Headquarters : Kelowna, BC, Canada
Genre label : Human Rights
Dates: today Dec 1, 2016 – Sep 30, 2017
Open Postions : N/A at this time

We are in Conceptional mode, drafting out screenplay, location shots and possible further discussions with Mr. Michael Moore. Release of draft script in March 2017. Announcement in May 2017. We are also closely following President elect Donald Trump including Instagram follow-ups under the heading #notmypresident
If interested in supporting this project, please contact Bari Demers 

We may start a Kickstarter campaign to further funds.  

Celebrities , Directors and Producers interested in funding this documentary project to further increase the awareness of how Donald Trump will destroy democracy, removing the rights from women, African- American and the Constitution of America, please contact Bari Demers. 

The goal of this documentary is to increase the awareness NOT only in America but across the world. Please direct your thoughts, ideas or help, to me directly on LinkedIn or here on WordPress, in regards to producing this important documentary film.

Your future may count on it!

By Bari Demers scifi screenwriter and freelance writer 

NOTE : All comments are monitored, please restrict from any kind of profanity. That includes you Donald Trump. 

Storyboard Process for Indie Film Producers 

Black Angels by screenwriter Bari Demers
The Storyboard process in any INDIE FILM is a smaller cost effective adventure in comparison to the big film production companies. We buy according to our budget. 

Here’s the complete layout of hiring work for Storyboards. 

The final presentation of our Storyboards showcasing illustrations of each scene are coloured A5 size (21x15cm / 6″ X 8″) format cards. They are typically ACTION scenes describing frame by frame of our film. 

The overall process is long for Indie Film Producers and Screenwriters.

In the beginning, filming of each scene we have the illustrator to draw us up smaller quick action scenes, just like you see with CELTX SHOTS ( an App by CELTX whose main purpose is providing us screenwriters screenwriting formats ). 

BUT, the final coloured cards are from 4-6 action scenes per ACT.

If you’re not familiar with screenplays or films, here’s an example of how it works, with ACTS 1 2 and 3.

See more at CELTX

Screenwriting - tell a story
With the final colourful illustration cards, we’ll use these for MARKETING and PROMOTION of our Film without giving away the full story. They are used to entice the viewer to share with their friends on social media. They are also used in the production film credits at the end of a film. A really good example is the movie RED or RED 2. At the end of their films they showcase the storyboard cards. 

The BIG GUYS like DC Comics, Paramount, Marvel Studios or Dreamworks Studio (DreamWorks began in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen), get the option to have a large staff of full time illustration employees. 

WE, (the smaller guy) don’t have the funds, as our projects ( even though it still takes the same kind of effort to do one film) are independently run. Which means we are strapped for funds. That said, we pay “Quick Sketches” of storyboards frames by a group of 10-20 depending. These quick storyboards are NOT coloured and simple but dynamic sketches. To put it into better prospective, a film can have as many as 110 scenes. 

INDIE FILM PRODUCERS ( aka screenwriters – we wear many hats!) pay for greyscale or b/w, A5 size (21x15cm / 6″ X 8″) from $10 to $20 per Storyboard. 

Professional Storyboard Illustrators ask from $45 – $110 per board, plus a $300 Starter Fee.  

For us Indie Film Producers (where funding is extremely tight) we can’t afford these kind of prices. Some will even ask for traveling time and so on. SO – we either do it ourselves or look for up and coming new illustrators, eager to showcase their art and get paid.  

There are three stages of artwork that each have a different pay scale. 

Storyboard examples
STAGE ONE – The Quick Sketch Storyboards 

In QUICK Storyboards requiring a quick sketch of each scene we break it down into 10 frames. WE group Storyboards into 10 frames with 30 frames per ACT. Remember there’s ACT ONE, ACT TWO and ACT THREE. Overall,( in a 90 page screenplay) that’s 90 plus storyboards.  

Each 10 frame Storyboard is $100 CA. We’re talking about quick pencil (preferably ink) sketches. Each sketch should take only 15 minutes to produce for any good illustrator. $10 for 15 minutes work is really not that bad of payment. On an hourly wage, that would $60 per hour. Four frames per hour is (in my opinion) fair for new upcoming illustrators. 

In STAGE ONE we don’t do Crowdfunding. And our timeline is a lot more relax then the BIG BOYS.  

STAGE TWO – The Coloured Cards

The coloured cards are much more elaborate, (requiring sometime to produce a creative artist piece ) used for PROMOTIONS of our INDIE FILM. Because of the time factor we expect to pay $100 – $120 CA per COLOURED CARD.  

Every detail is important in these promotional cards. 

In STAGE TWO we do require Crowdfunding sources. But, of course, we proceed with the crowdfunding first and then hire our prospective illustration artist. We usually work with the same illustrator who spent the time doing our quick sketches, unless during the STAGE ONE process we found the artist to be difficult to work with. 

Trust me when I say, I have personally fired a couple. 

In this business, an artist can NOT be arrogant or have any kind of attitude. They must be able to work within the guidelines of FILM PRODUCERS. In any filming process, it’s SO IMPORTANT we all work together (without any headaches) with a general goal of producing the best film ever. We require ACTORS, ILLUSTRATOR and CAMERA CREW (Remember the many hats ? Each camera crew will also set up rigging too. We are not the BIG BOYS) who are all easy to get along with. 

STAGE THREE – The Storyboard Film Book

In this stage, we are committed to producing the most colourful Storyboard Film Book for purchase after the film has been released. It’s imperative the coffee-table Storyboard Film Book is ready for purchasing on-line as our film is released in, lets say at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. 

The cost per coloured illustration can be from $125 – $500 US per 8 X 11 format with the quick sketches within from $45 – $80 US ( all these smaller sketches must be inked format). The full cost of producing the Storyboard Film Book can be from $10,000 – $18,000 US.  

We like to sell each book around $45 each.

STAGE THREE of producing a Storyboard Film Book is only if we feel it will add to the hype to our film. In other words, if we already have 100,000 fans waiting for our film to be released. 


Making a film along with Storyboards require the artist sign a wavier to make sure he or she keeps our project in complete secrecy. They can NOT show their friends and family or can they freely talk about the ongoing filming project.  

Essential, IT IS TOP SECRET.   

Can you imagine social media talking about the whole storyline of your film ? It would surely be a disaster! Like all Film Producers we keep everything under wraps until we release our film in a popular film festival.   

Today I’m working on a big project BLACK ANGELS requiring 200 million dollars to produce. This project isn’t any small adventure or would it be said to be an INDIE FILM.  


Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.​


This project must prepare it in stages, in order to catch the BIG BOYS attention. 

  • FIRST STAGE : Produce the Final Draft Screenplay – DONE ! 
  • SECOND STAGE : Produce quick Storyboard illustrations. 
  • FOUTH STAGE: Release a short-story film about BLACK ANGELS at Sundance Film Festival.
  • FIVE STAGE : The BIG BOYS finally catch wind of my project, offering a substantial timeline in the pre-production of the film BLACK ANGELS. 
  • SIXTH STAGE : Full Production of the science-fiction horror genre BLACK ANGELS. 
  • SEVENTH STAGE : Release of BLACK ANGELS in Theatres on DECEMBER 2021 ? Also release a coffee-book Storyboard Film Book across the web. Red carpet film premiere of BLACK ANGELS with adjoining actors, director and producers. 

Checkout BLACK ANGELS website and if your require more information or a full Treatment of my film, CONTACT ME.  

Serious inquiries only please. 

Final convection : If anyone is asking an artist illustrator to produce illustrations for free through a contest or whatever, then it’s certainly a scam. As a screenwriter for smaller INDIE FILMS we buy illustrations for our storyboards.  

Are you an upcoming illustration artist looking to produce quick illustrations, please send examples by contacting me with your rate.  

By Bari Demers – screenwriter and freelance writer 

What Will I Miss


Credit: Bari Demers
What I Won’t and Will Miss was first started by Nora Ephron at the end her book, “I Remember Nothing”. Nora was a famous writer, director, blogger and most notably a screenwriter for : Sleepingless in Seattle, Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and my favourite, Julie & Julia. 

She won countless Academy Awards for her work throughout her career.

Unknown to everyone else, when Nora wrote and directed Julie & Julia, she was secretly battling leukaemia. No one in the cast, crew or even her close friends had any idea, she was dying. 

On June 26th 2012, Nora Ephron passed away, aged 71 years old. 

In Nora’s last book, “I Remember Nothing” her list of “What I Won’t and Will Miss” was her last message to everyone, and I thought it would be fitting to continue on with her legacy, by honouring her list.

So, without further ado, here’s my List : 

What I Won’t Miss 

    • The day my child died ( I’ll never ever forget that day. I wish it never happened)
    • Funerals
    • Cold Winter nights
    • The illusion of Friends (those who pretend to be a friend and are really after something you have)
    • The fear that another one of my children could die before me
    • Doctors
    • The Wolf always knocking at my door (the thought of poverty)
    • Dentists
    • The fear of dying a horrible death
    • Another Grizzly Attack 
    • Pancakes
    • Cauliflower 
    • Couscous
    • socks (hate wearing socks)
    • Watching what I eat
    • Religion 
    • The fear that God (spiritual entity) doesn’t exist (meaning our whole biological existence has no meaning. We are nothing more then animals with a brain and evolution is laughing in our face).
    • War
    • The end of our world


    Photo Credit : Bari Demers
    What I Will Miss

      • Writing
      • Screenwriting
      • Science-fiction
      • Las Vegas
      • The Hawaiian Islands
      • Gourmet meals
      • My BBQ
      • New York Steak, filet mignon, Prime Rib
      • Lobster
      • Tiger Shrimp, Scampis and Scallops
      • Hollandaise sauce
      • Yorkshire Pudding
      • See’s brand Chocolate 
      • Anything Chocolate ( must be good chocolate – no wax fillers)
      • Macadamia & white chocolate chip cookies
      • Macadamia nuts from Hawaii
      • Resorts, like Aria, the Venetian, Palazzo, The Wynn, The Banff Springs and Lake Louise Hotel
      • Banff National Park, Alberta
      • Lake Louise, Alberta
      • Yoho National Park
      • Canada
      • British Columbia
      • The Okanagan Valley
      • Hiking
      • Flying, either it be a jet or helicopter 
      • My kids
      • My grandchildren 
      • Patricia (married for 37 years)
      • Arizona
      • The Northern Lights
      • Our amazing Universe
      • Our amazing Sun
      • Drinking exotic drinks poolside at a resort
      • My screenplay : BLACK ANGELS 


      Photo Credit : Tianndra

      My Regrets or Bucket List 

      • Not being able to see earth from a spaceship
      • Not being able to vacation on Mars
      • Not to experience time travel
      • Not being able to travel through our solar system, like a tourist 
      • Not being able to visit Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain or Japan
      • Never to see the Caribbean Islands
      • Not being able to travel First Class in a private jet
      • Not able to afford a Mercedes Benz
      • Not being able to actually see Peace on Earth
      • Humans never getting the chance to fly on their own free will. 
      • Anti-gravity was never invented
      • I never met the President of the United States
      • I never met Anthony Hopkins
      • Never to have a boys night out with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner and Keanu Reeves for a weekend in Vegas, including partying at the top Vegas Nightclub for celebrities. 

      I believe that pretty much sums it up for me.  

      Wouldn’t it be something, if the rest of Hollywood would also follow along with Nora’s List, in honour of her achievements. 

      Your turn.  

      Prepare your list of What I Won’t Miss and What I Will Miss, and then pass along. Ask your followers, friends, family and students to do the same.   Let’s reblog and see if we can carry on what Nora Ephron started. 





      By Bari Demers – screenwriter and freelance writer 

      Screenwriter Format

      Black Angels - The Movie by Bari Demers
      I’m working on improving my skills as a screenwriter by taking a course through the University of East Anglia online by means of the FUTURE LEARNING website. 
      Throughout the next few articles, I will attempt to breakdown stories in a systematic approach by the aid of instructions by our instructors. 

      Let me introduce the Educators

      Screenwriter Michael Lengsfield : teaches scriptwriting at the University of East Anglia, where he specialises in the theory and practice of dramatic adaptation.

      Christabelle Dilks : a writer and script consultant with a long track record in film and television drama. As an actor at the National Theatre and performing Shakespeare.
      Tom Benn: a writer and tutor. His first novel, The Doll Princess (Jonathan Cape), was shortlisted for the 2012 Dylan Thomas Prize and the Portico Prize for Literature, and was The Daily Mirror Book of the Week.

      Molly Naylor is a writer and performer. She is the co-writer and creator of After Hours (broadcast on Sky 1 in November 2015), a six-part comedy series directed by Craig Cash. She has been commissioned by theatres and organisations including BBC Radio 4, Sky TV, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Bush Theatre, Oxford Playhouse.

      Read their full profile HERE 

      OK. One of our assignments is to develop character outlines of our choosing. So, of course, I picked Character COMMANDER CARDIN of my science-fiction screenplay, ‘BLACK ANGELS’.   

      You can see a full list of my characters on my website

      First, let me introduce the LOGLINE : Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother’s death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.


      COMMANDER CARDIN Art Credit : Minovo

      • Commander Cardin is an experienced member of the ROYAL EMPIRE GUARDS of KING OSIRIS.
      • On the outside, Cardin is a catch. A superficial war hero during the GREAT WAR OF THE RED STORM. The women love him. 
      • Underneath, he’s cold and calculated. Very cautious. 
      • He likes to be in control.
      • He’s a drug addict, but good at hiding his addiction.
      • He lost his brother in this war and he wants revenge for his brother’s death.
      • Commander Cardin is very aware of what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to get it. No one will stand in his way.
      • Cardin holds a dark secret that may cause havoc on the rest of his crew.

      He has a new mission to attend to : PROJECT APOLLO – after the GODS OF APOLLO. Apollo was a god who could bring ill-health & a deadly plague.  To please the God Apollo by naming the project in his name, in hope to help rid of the deadly virus, plaguing their planet.

      • Cardin respects his religion, THE GODS OF SIRIUS, but gold & wealth are his main God.
      • He’s feels a certain responsibility for his crew, but if left with a decision to safe himself first, he would ditch his crew. 
      • His uncle KING OSIRIS has spoiled Cardin since he was a kid. An arrogant silver-spoon rich kid.
      • His intelligence is just on the verge of insanity. 
      • Cardin feels for his uncle, only because he looked after him. He’s willing to do anything for him. 
      • But, the only person Cardin truly loves, is himself.
      • Age : 40, Cardin has never married. A typical playboy. 
      • His new flame KAREN is making such an impact on his life, he’s considering settling down, BUT after the mission is done.
      • Cardin’s long time loyal friend is CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT RILEY RED MILLER. Cardin relies a 100 percent on RED. These two are inseparable comrades.


      • He’s almost 6 ft tall. Athletic with muscle tone, but NOT Mr. Muscle man-type. A lean killing machine with a pretty boy face. 
      • His hair is made of silver.
      • Cardin has Heterochromia of the eye (where one eye colour is different then the other). His left eye is coloured blue while his right eye is hazel brown.
      • He has a deep scare down his back from an old wound. 

      Every ROYAL EMPIRE GUARDS has a tattoo, specific to honouring KING OSIRIS. Cardin’s IMPERIAL MARK TATOO is seared on his right upper chest. But that’s not all, he has even a more elaborate tattoo of a mythological dragon. It starts on his right arm and reaches to the back. He ordered this tattoo to hide his ugly scare on his back.

      There you have it in a nutshell. This CHARACTER is a protagonist, but with an evil side. You can see more of my characters HERE

      This concludes this exercise of developing character outlines for COMMANDER CARDIN. Soon, I will systematically go through the rest of my  CHARACTERS.
      Please follow me here for a continuation of our screenplay studies and my stories from dreams to reality.


      By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer  

      Canada Strong and Free

      Photo Credit : Adam Pass

      My personal blog is Vegas Reviews and it signifies my passion for Las Vegas. It expresses the fun and freedom my wife and I have in Vegas since our very first stay, way back in the 1980’s. Thirty-four years later we are still going strong. You might say we are “Vegas Lovers“.

      But today I would like to make a statement in regards to what has been happening in Canada this past week.

      First and foremost I’m very proud to be a Canadian.

      To all Canadians this week has truly been a sad one, with radicals tearing at the very fabric of who we represent – democracy and freedom.

      Our hearts pour out for the tragic loss of fellow Canadians, Corporal Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. We will still strive to live strong and free in spite of these cowardly acts by terrorist individuals.

      I would like to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his determination in eliminating these threats on Canadian soil and for Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, who is a hero for shooting the assailant. I trust in our Prime Minister’s judgement and I agree,”Canada will never be intimidated.”

      My praise goes out to all world leaders for standing behind us, offering their support to Canada, such as :

      President Obama,” We are going to do everything we can to make sure we are standing side-by-side with Canada during this difficult time,”

      British Prime Minister David Cameron, “I’m appalled by today’s attack in Ottawa,”

      Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said,” Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Canadian comrades in defiance and resolution. We stand for freedom and for the right of all people in all places to choose their way of life and their way of worship. We always have, and we always will.”

      Throughout the world more support came in, from Queen Elizabeth II , Gen. Chuck Jacoby, commander of NORAD, New Zealand Prime Minister John, along with Israel and The Chinese Embassy. And last, but not least, the grand thoughtful gesture by Pittsburgh Penguins and fans, who took a moment to sing our Canadian anthem.

      Canadians love their hockey and with Pittsburgh Penguins and fans to take this extra time to express their support, touches the hearts of all Canadians.

      I cherish all my American friends and will never take it lightly.

      United States of America is a wonderful country and each time I visit, talking to the people, I find to be warm and accommodating. They, like us Canadians, are proud of their country striving for the same moral convictions, fighting for freedom and the democracy of who we all stand for.

      Just recently, one of my friends I met on Facebook, Adam Pass from Montgomery, New York, hit it “right on the mark” when he released his latest photograph, which you see posted.

      To me his photo of the “Black Maple Leaf” signifies Canada has been tarnished but stands together in strong unity, fondly hinting of the famous characters of Superman or Batman.

      As a freelance screenwriter, my wild imagination of fictional stories are pressed into my thoughts and I must write them down. This past week is also seared into my brain, knowing all to well the cost of our freedom.

      Our misfortunes doesn’t even come close to what our friends in America have been through. So, when something like this happens, they are well aware of the costs and are there ready to help.

      Canada knows the commonwealth of world leaders are also ready at a moments notice. You see, it’s not just about Canada. It’s the fabric of our freedom across many Nations!

      And let’s not forget, “least we forget”, all the men and women in the Armed Forces who have fought to keep our freedom.

      Here, in Canada,” …With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
      The True North strong and free!
      From far and wide,
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee…”

      Canada is and always will be STRONG & FREE.

      By Bari Demers