The Truth About Climate Change

Let’s get to the true facts about climate change and how a liberal political agenda is using it as a base to brainwash our children through the teachers union, and mislead Canadians behind their real motives.

First and foremost, no matter who’s in political power, it’s important to show the people (who you represent) there’s growth in our economy. Growth means jobs, exporting to importing services and/or products ,and joining a strong respectable relationship with foreign leaders. In Canada 🇨🇦 it’s vital each province agrees with the federal government, in order to get anything done. Think of it as a mathematical equation. If one of these equations don’t add up, it just won’t work. You then know there’s a hidden agenda, programmed to raise the economy by false pretences.

Before I go into the false pretences, let’s go over “The Truth About Climate Change”. As a writer, it’s important to seek out the facts with a nonpartisanism view. My goal is to research the science before anything else, tapping into the hard work of respected research scientists across our planet. In my research, I have found a geophysicist showcasing the facts about climate change, without any political agenda attached.

Here are the facts :

“ As a geophysicist let me clear some things up for many here.

Climate change is real. Yes, those who say the climate has been warmer in the past are totally correct. During the Carboniferous hothouse period and the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum the temperature’s were far far hotter than they are today (and many other times in Earth’s history also).

So the notion that this is the warmest the Earth has been is totally incorrect.

However, the rate at which we are warming is alarmingly – so quick that this rate of change is extremely rare within the geologic record of the last two hundred years. Evolutionary adaptions occur over sub-geologic time ; hence change at such rate will undoubtedly cause extinctions.

[ aka : Earth causes human extinction and then reboots for three million years, developing a new evolutionary species.]

However, are we on the brink of disaster?

Is it scientifically accurate to say that there is no return if we don’t “fix” the climate now?

Absolutely NOT !

In fact we can easily reverse this provided we combine a number of geoengineering techniques.

It is a matter of fact that we will and have to continue to burn and utilize fossil fuels. Plastics, rubbers, chemical catalysts, feedstocks, etc and, not to mention infrastructures, cars, planes, all rely on fossil fuels.

Society would simply collapse without them ! That’s a fact!

Not only that but they provide the only affordable and large-scale energy source. The key is NOT to concentrate on reducing the necessity that is fossil fuels but instead to engineer our way around the issue.

Carbon Capture Storage is an excellent mechanism.

In fact it’s only disadvantage (according to the media) is it may leak back to the surface. This is virtually impossible by the laws of geology and physics!

When CO2 is injected into the subsurface it is done so as a supercritical fluid.

CO2 possesses a lower affinity for the solid silica surfaces of the microscopic interstices between rock grains.

This means that CO2 is non-wetting to that silica surface. It occupies the largest regions of the pore space.

This means when we inject water after CO2 the water can flow along the surface and the narrow regions of the pore space and trap the CO2 behind.

The analogy for this is as follows: Imagine flooding a room with only two exits with CO2. If the two exit doors are flooded outside by water then the CO2 physically becomes immobile. This means the CO2 is trapped and locked away for geologic time. By doing so we can extract more than enough CO2 from the atmosphere and reverse increase in temperatures and the coinciding side-effects.

Not only this but so many other excellent geoengineering ideas have been shown to work. Look at space mirrors, artificial trees and white surface conversions. There are some excellent papers on google scholar, just search for geoengineering.

The future is to continue extracting fossil fuels and an ever increasing rate so that everyone across the world can enjoy the quality of life that we do, but to simultaneously capture the emissions that result.

The truth is we need the news to start interviewing world experts on climate science, geophysics, geochemistry, petroleum science etc from the world’s top institutions in these fields: Stanford, Oxford, Imperial, MIT.

Not school kids who have been taught scientific inaccuracies!

So to summarize:

1. Is the climate changing? Yes. You are an idiot if you dispute this – the geochemistry clearly supports this.

2. Are we in risk of disaster? Are we all going to die? Do we need to stop burning fossil fuels like we do today? Absolutely not!

3. We need to employ geoengineering techniques in combination to reverse the modifications in climatic chemistry that we have seen over the last 250 years. This will require governments to employ the relevant policy, although many oil companies have started to utilize these techniques (look at the success of Equinor).

4. We need to begin to explore space, as we will soon be well beyond Earth’s carrying capacity which inherently makes climate change inevitable – our future home is among the stars.

Today’s Lesson : Don’t listen to the news, it’s designed to fit a certain agenda. Instead research the science; google scholar is a god send. Make sure you’re reading articles from established institutions with well respected research scientists.” – Bertie James (geophysicist)

It’s vital as human beings to use our brains instead of being distracted by our feelings, in order to understand the underlying truth. Never rely on any politician, as 99% are as bad as used-car-salesmen. They will hide the facts while boosting how their collective party will improve Canadians well-being. [ This is true for any world government] If it sounds too good to be true, it’s NOT the real truth. Unfortunately, this is what the liberal government of Canada is doing right now.

The question is : How do you hide the truth while making yourself sound like a new wave for the future ?

You take a collective problem (aka Climate Change) and begin using this agenda by directing educators and liberal scientists to promote propaganda. Each one has its own agenda ; be it funding or filling their pockets full of money, due to greed. Their goal is persuade you there’s a crisis at hand and if we don’t react, we’ll all die. They lead with some truth while hiding underlining facts.

For example they hide this fact : “During the Carboniferous hothouse period and the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum the temperature’s were far far hotter than they are today.” In fact, if you go back millions of years, Earth has had this same cycle since it’s creation.

AND – I hate this idiot response,” How do you know ? Were you there?!”

Put trust in our scientists through countless years of research and study. Like one of Judge Judy’s quotes,” This is my courtroom and I can say what I want. When you become a judge, then we’ll talk.“ So, when you become a distinguished scientist, then we’ll talk.

Is it true mankind has contributed to climate change? Of course they have. But let’s stop blaming everyone without realizing where the problem is coming from. I’m sure you’ve heard media say,” Canada is the problem, as it’s arctic is getting warmer. CBC is a good example of that. They are a liberal collective media machine owned by government funding. So it’s in their best interest to sway Canadians into the overall collective: The Liberal Party.

Here’s an example of CBC media, who received their data from a partisan Dianne Saxe, the former environment commissioner for Ontario who now runs the green consultancy :

“Canada’s refrigerator, the Arctic, is warming fast. The Earth’s climate warms faster near the poles. Why is still being studied, but the reasons include feedback cycles that are internal to the climate system, such as the positive feedbacks that occur when snow and ice melt to reveal darker, warmer surfaces below, and when more energy in the air and water currents are transported to the high latitudes. Also, land warms faster than oceans, and Canada has a huge land area that is away from the oceans.

We often read that Canada has some of the highest per capita carbon emissions in the world. Why is that? “

A collective question to promote their agenda. So what’s their agenda? Shame and program Canadians into thinking we’re the cause for everything wrong by promoting radical extremism, like those who do not believe in eating meat. Those who believe they can say and do anything without any consequences. They’re the thorn in your side. Radical extremists have a chip-on-their-shoulder ready to exploit their views onto everyone, no matter if they like it or not !

It’s like a religious cult trying their best to force you into their beliefs. In one word – Control.

A good example of this is communism. Their goal is to control the mass population by what ever means necessary. They want to program you like a flock of sheep. Our children are easily persuaded through propaganda at school. What better way to bring up their future followers and voters ?

Let’s continue what CBC spokeswoman says in their next paragraph:

“ Reasons include Canada produces very large emissions from its industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals. Canadians drive the least efficient vehicles in the world, use a lot of heat during cold winters, fly often and far, eat a lot of beef and use up and throw away immense amounts of stuff of all kinds. Some provinces still burn a lot of coal.”

Here, CBC is shaming Canadians into believing we’re “users” of our resources, which is not completely true. Our vehicles for one, are efficient enough due to our population and CO2 emissions.

China, United States, Russia, European Union, Japan, Germany, North and South Korea, and Brazil (including International Shipping across the globe) all have higher emissions then Canada 🇨🇦. As well, it’s clear humans and animals breathe, emits more CO2 then our processing cattle for food. We inhale air, resulting in 385 parts per million carbon dioxide. As you exhale, you release ten times as much. However, plants soak up our carbon, making it accountable to our living status. This is why it’s so important to look after our plants. It was once joked our plants are harvesting us to keep earth green.

Maybe this is closer to the truth then we know. Trust me, if the earth thought we were a deterrent to the eco-system, human beings and animals would have been eliminated long time ago.

Regardless of that fact, our growing population is the real problem.

Humans are like this disease growing out-of-control.

This is why it’s important “we need to begin to explore space as we will soon be well beyond Earth’s carrying capacity which inherently makes climate change inevitable – our future home is among the stars. “ Bertie James (geophysicist)

Now CBC spokeswoman also blames us for “produces very large emissions from its industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals.”

Have you seen the production in Texas lately?

Texas is the leading U.S. producer of both crude oil and natural gas. Then there’s Russia. A whole city is completely polluted by CO2 emissions, petrochemicals waste along with Germany’s massive strip-mining.

It makes Alberta Oil Sands look like a toddler, in comparison. [ Read more by CBC – read behind the lines]

It’s a political ploy to throw the blame onto someone else, in order to gain an economic advantage in their country. United States is laughing all the way to the bank. You think those celebrities weren’t paid to come up to Alberta Oil Sands ? Of course they were ! Don’t forget they fly up in their private high-octane fuelled jets and then use a helicopter to view the area. Each protester, including our very own David Suzuki, leave a significant carbon trail, while collecting a grand sum of cash.

If only we could keep the politics out of science and begin to rely on “The Truth about Climate Change.”

The bottom line is to control our population, adapt to viable resources like using our Sun’s solar energy and power, without being taxed by greedy corporations, who are thirsty for POWER. Plus, we must be vigilant towards the underlying reason our political government has implemented Carbon Tax.

But also remember:

“It is a matter of fact that we will and have to continue to burn and utilize fossil fuels. Plastics, rubbers, chemical catalysts, feedstocks, etc and, not to mention infrastructures, cars, planes, all rely on fossil fuels.

Society would simply collapse without them ! That’s a fact! “

The reason the liberal government is using “Climate Change” as their political machine is to generate money to make it seem like the economy is growing. We already know, by the Bank of Canada, this is certainly NOT the case! In fact, they’re extremely nervous in our overall growth. Legalize marijuana was hoped to produce a surplus of funds too. The liberal government forgot about the long slow process of any government, as its wheels take a long time to get rolling. They also did the unforgivable no no ; they’re priced higher then your local drug dealer – OH OH!

When Justin Trudeau first came into power, I was optimistic in the new leadership. He’s young and the millenniums love him. Oh dear GOD you can do no harm. We believe in you. Praise the Lord.

Oh brother! We aren’t a flock of sheep!

In the beginning I too drank the purple Kool-aid. However, while under deeper scrutiny, I quickly became fearful of his cult following, from changing our Constitutional Rights to taxing us to death 💀. Let’s not forget about rubbing shoulders with SNC-Lavalin, trying to pressure Jody Wilson-Raybould from proceeding a criminal prosecution. Removing any opposition is a clear sign of “controlling the public”.

Let’s be real here.

Political parties are looking after their own hidden agenda. It’s up to us “The People of Canada” to make damn sure their honest and looking towards the interest of ALL Canadians. We can’t be swayed by emotion or follow our leader, like a flock of sheep.

I do hope you haven’t taken part in drinking the purple Kool-aid. Please, please, please…compare real facts with truth and not an underlying political agenda.

Keep every politician accountable for their actions, otherwise “The People of Canada” will no longer have control in our own destiny or our children’s welfare.

As Judge Judy said,”Don’t look up at the heavens. God is not going to help you with this case. Only the truth will set you free.”

Bari Demers – screenwriter

Ebola Fighters – the Canadian Connection

Canadian Ebola Fighters

Ebola is one of the most dangerous pathogens in our modern world. This pathogen has no mercy and kills its victims in less then four days.

Up until 2014, there wasn’t any treatment or cure for EBOLA.

HOWEVER – during the West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2014, thousands of people were dying at an increasing rate ; doctors were racing against time. A select team of doctors and pathologists volunteered their expertise, heading to Africa to see if they could fight this deadly Pathogen.

On the sidelines, at the Public Health Agency of Canada’s National Microbiology Lab ( NML) in Winnipeg, Canadian Scientist, Dr. Gray Kobinger and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu were both working feverishly, trying every method they could to develop a vaccine.

They were getting close to developing a vaccine BUT no one believed it could be done. Dr. Gray Kobinger and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu perfected two of three antibodies and intertwined it with a third antibody from the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The antibody cocktail hadn’t finished it’s clinical tests, or had it ever been used on humans.

UNTIL fate of desperation forced their hand.

An American doctor, Dr. Kent Brantly , along with nurse Nancy Writebol , were both infected with the deadly virus. They became the very first human patients in history to be administered this new vaccine, all in an attempt to save their lives. Fortunately for everyone concerned, the experimental vaccine worked.

Both patients were in the advanced stage of the Ebola and would have certainly died if it weren’t for the discovery of Dr. Gary Kobinger new vaccine.

As Dr. Gary Kobinger said,” It was a very tense situation…” He pauses with a smile and continues,”It was…It was quite a moment.” His smile was due to the success of the antibodies reaction to the Ebola pathogen. The serum is called Z Mapp, a Biopharmaceutical drug composed of the three chimeric monoclonal antibodies.

Dr. Gary Kobinger and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu work is recognized internationally and last year received the prestigious Canadian Award, the Manning Innovation Award (It’s an award, where Canadians who have demonstrated recent innovative talent and successfully marketed their innovations*).

They’re now known worldwide as the Ebola Fighters – congratulations to our Canadian Science Team Dr. Gary Kobinger and Dr. Xiangguo Qiu – Our Canadian Hero’s 😎

By Bari Demers – screenwriter

Going to Mars or Bust 

I just came back from watching the movie, “The Martian” and I have to say, it’s a remarkable success. Well done Ridley Scott! Again !
Matt Damon (Character: Botanist Mark Watney) does another stellar performance. Each day was recorded as “Sol 405” . Sol refers to a solar day on Mars, therefore 405 would relate to the amount of days on Mars, which is a lot more on earth.

The storyline takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, with stunning landscapes* of Mars and your hope for Mark Watney’s survival. 

Watching the movie, I couldn’t help think of what it would be like, to actually be on Mars. Tears would well up, with the sudden realization (at my age) I would never be able to see Mars. But that never stops my wild imagination, displaying a colourful event, where I’m sick of all the wasted time with politics, and decided to do something on my own. 

Yup. That’s right. Going to be Mars or Bust ! 



Crazy, right? 

I calculate my trajectory using the aid of basic physics, leaving earth’s gravitational pull and setting course for Mars, in my ultralight spacecraft.

In reality, it’s pretty much far fetched, right?   

Well, that never stops me from writing about the possibilities and planning a screenplay, fit for any movie production. 

First of all, I must put each problem in a category and solve that particular problem. Therefore, I will follow NASA by their use of acronyms. MC 1 will refer to as ” Mars Category 1″ while “SOLO-M 20” will be referred to as the example, “Soul on Mars – Day 20”.

Let’s begin:

MC 1 : Make a Ultralight Spacecraft.

Make a viable ultralight spacecraft small enough to house one human being, with ample oxygen, freeze-dried food provisions and relative comforts of home, including some form of gravity, for the long journey ahead. Also, it’s important I leave when Earth’s orbit coincides with Mars. That’s every two years. Building my spacecraft will require ingenuity and patients.      

It’s amazing what duct tape can do ! 

I’m kidding.  If you saw “The Martian” you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. As a past experienced architectural draft person, I can easily design my spacecraft to the right dimensions, with the required materials to make it super light.  

The engine part.  

Well…not so much. Any help by a rocket engineer would indeed be extremely helpful, making a suitable engine without rocket fuel. Try that.

MC 2 : Escaping Earth’s Gravity.

Preferably without your spacecraft breaking up into millions of pieces. With conventional fossil fuels, you must reach a velocity of 40,270 km/h (25,020 mph) in order to break free from earth’s gravity. 

This is basically out of the question.  

First and foremost, it’s impossible to obtain rocket fuel and trying to do so, would alert authorities. Oh, BTW (by the way) your mission is a surprise to the world, making you a hero to the rest of the humanity, if you succeed. Besides, if authorities caught wind of your intentions, they would send you off to the loonie bin. 

(Even though we Canadians use the loonie for currency, it doesn’t mean we’re a Loonie bunch of Canucks). 

Moving on. So, what can one do ? 

Invent anti-gravity is one solution, or use the oldest form of lift. How many times have you seen an air balloon on a clear morning, floating in fashion across the horizon? I know…I know what your thinking, ” That’s just plain crazy! The balloon idea will pop with your ship falling precariously back to earth.” 

But, what if…

At the very moment the balloon bursts in the stratosphere, you ignite with a small portion of fuel, lighting up, propelling your spacecraft into the earth’s orbit . You won’t need very much thrust or fuel to achieve this. Or, how about the Red Bull accomplishment? Mission to the Edge of Space and Supersonic freefall was a success. 

It’s feasible, right?  

If a Canadian student can send a “Lego Man” into our stratosphere, anything is possible.  

Well, that’s my theory.  

OK. Getting into orbit is a viable theory for this Loonie Canuck. What’s that you say ? I’m what? OK. I can hear you laughing your head off.  

Wait, Here me out. 

If anything, it will make an excellent storyline, a script with danger, adventure, a dash of comedy, and a lead character you are emotionally attached to. Kind of sounds like my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS.

Let’s continue on with my theory.

MC 3 : Escaping Earth’s Orbit.

Escaping the trajectory of earth will be my next problem, and actually, this equation is relatively an easy one. Like any satellite, it’s circular path must change to meet the opening orbit path of earth circling our Sun. You can wave “hello” to ISS, as you pass by.

Check out physics HERE, (Seriously, NASA solves everything). 

MC 4 : Heading to Mars

Now, theoretically your spacecraft has escaped earth’s gravity, nicely placed around earth’s orbit. Awesome! You manage to project your little spacecraft into the outer earth’s orbit. 


Not so fast. Now you must fly over to the orbit of Mars. This in physics, is called the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse (or transfer orbit). We assume you have the right kind of fuel or magnetic force to preform the Hohmann Transfer Ellipse, breaking free along the weakest point of earth’s orbit, towards Mars orbit. Now, be sure to wave, “Good-bye”, to ISS. Now NASA and the rest of the world is aware of your intentions. Communication may be possible with ISS for short term, but one thing for sure. YOU will be famous and all over the news. Make sure you’re flying a Canadian Flag. 

MC 5 : Journey to Mars 

Here’s where it’s crucial you have enough oxygen, food, water, heat to avoid the extreme -200 C temperatures, a well constructed light engine, and a safe spacecraft to propel you 6-8 months across our solar system. Including solar panels and rechargeable lithium ion batteries which have the capability to store energy for use at night, once on Mars.

MC 6 : Entry onto Mars

Making it to Mars will certainly be an accomplishment in itself. The entry, descent and landing must be taken into serious calculation, or its all for not. Now you must consider landing on Mars at a safe controlled speed, hopefully landing like Rover or Spirit did. I would prefer the Spirit landing, due to the use of large inflatable balloons or airbags, bouncing across the Martian landscape. Reason is, it’s a less technical option, but maybe a precarious journey onto Mars surface.

MC 7 – SOLO-M 1 : First Soul on Mars – Sol Day 1

WOW! What a trip! The very first person on Mars. Your super famous now. And, I’m very sure NASA satellites above the Martian landscape, are tracking your progress. But, there’s one item missing on board, that could have possibly landed you by an exact longitude and latitude.  

Oops! No GPS ? Not sure where you landed? 

Not to worry, NASA knows exactly where you are. Can you imagine the public announcement, “It’s official. The first man has landed on the surface of Mars, as of 10:30 am CT. FBI and CSIS have confirmed, Mr. Bari Demers has successfully landed on Mars without the aid of NASA or the Canadian authorities. At this time we are unclear, as to his condition.”

Can you imagine the commotion on earth ? 

OK. You made it on Mars. Now what? Do you have enough water and food to sustain you for a couple of weeks, a month or, how about one year. You would be one lucky soul to make it one month on Mars. The finally results from NASA would be something like this, “On SOLO-M 45 we have lost all contact from the only survivor on Mars. Our satellites have found no activity past this point. It’s our conclusion, the first man on Mars has ceased to exist.”

Say what ?!  YIKES! 

Maybe not. Now, what if the first man on Mars can find tunnels or caves, full of oxygen and safe from solar flares. It’s possible. It’s really possible, because we haven’t explored Mars, as of yet. There may even be an abundance of water too. Just maybe, Bari Demers is capable of living on Mars past SOLO-M 45. One year on Mars would be 365 sol days while on earth, that equates to 668.68 days.  

Let’s say SOLO-M 1825 ( 5 years ) before any rescue attempt by NASA. After all the politics and projected costs, who knows, it just may be a private sector that lands that arrives on Mars first.  

OK. Now consider my flamboyant storyline, “Going to Mars or Bust“.  

Of course, with ever science-fiction, the real science must work. Even Ridley Scott used the advice of NASA to help figure out all the technical applications of the entry, descent and landing on Mars. All had to meet certain requirements, in order for it to work.  

If it’s too far fetched, your audience won’t believe it. In fact, with NASA providing an oasis of scientific information,(available by the touch of your screen), it would be hard to fool any audience.

Alright Hollywood- “Going to Mars or Bust” written by Bari Demers. 

LOGLINE: A man frustrated with the the politics of space, attempts to go to Mars by the seat-of-his-pants. 

Can you just imagine being on Mars ! So cool ! 

By Bari Demers screenwriter/ freelance writer.

* NOTE: The 3D glasses could greatly be improved on. (Ancient technology used) Some scenes look too fake with 3D glasses. But the storyline and acting is great. Love the CGI too.

Black Hole Theories 


Graphic Art Photo by Bari Demers 

In a recent conference, this past week, sponsored by Nordita, UNC and the Julian Schwinger Foundation, Mr. Steven Hawking and colleagues brain- stormed to clear up questions about quantum mechanics and general relativity. More specifically, they concentrated on the Black Hole theory with a more viable solution then previously thought.

“Black holes don’t actually swallow and destroy physical information, according to an idea proposed today by Stephen Hawking at the Hawking Radiation conference being held at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Instead, they store it in a two-dimensional hologram.”* KTH News 

I’ve been saying this for the last 40 years; Steven Hawking’s solves mystery, “The famous physicist believes you might end up in another universe through a mechanism “by which information is returned out of the black hole”.* Cosmo Magazine 

As a matter of fact I believe there are countless universes within our cosmic cycle of life and death.  

In a diagram, if we may, think of a series of oranges (spheres) with each segment of that orange, as its own universe. Now, imagine an infinite number of these spheres, each connected, interacting within the cosmic realm.  

More interesting, is the magnetic massive black hole in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, along with smaller individual segment black holes (pinholes). Of course, on a grand scale, each pinhole can easily swallow up galaxies.  

In turn, the massive Black Hole in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are colossal mega black holes that eventually (after millions of years) destroy one universe and bringing life to another universe. 

Good form Mr. Hawking – mathematical theory is relative to a universal understanding of our infinite universes. 

Now, all we need to do is fold space and time to explore like our ancestors did – read more : 

By Bari Demersscifi screenwriter 

KTH News and Events 

Cosmo Magazine 

James Montana Scripts 

Screenwriter Bari 

Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Modern Humans

 Black Angels of Sirus 5  
Neanderthals, Denisovans vs Modern Humans

Previous theoretical accounts of what happened to Neanderthals were collectively agreed upon by the archeological community, ” The more MODERN HUMAN coming up from the African jungles were responsible for the disappearance of the Neanderthals. ” 

But did it really happen this way? 

Recent scientific discoveries with the collaboration of archeologists, geneticist and the use of the new Human Genome Project (HGP) have uncovered, we did not kill off our ancient neighbours after all.  

In fact, there’s now concrete scientific proof that their disappearance is more complex then previously thought. 

Archaeologists and geneticist collected ancient Neanderthal DNA samples as far back as 1997.  Svante Pääbo and his team of geneticist were the first to form the Neanderthal genome project.   In the beginning, they found three 38,000 year old femur bones of young Neanderthal women within the Vindija Cave, Croatia.  

After 4 years of careful genetic DNA research analyst it was concluded by Svante Pääbo team of geneticist, Neanderthals had similar traits with modern human, including the FOX P2 gene of our DNA, which is related to speech and language. 

Previously it was thought Neanderthals didn’t have the capabilities of speech and language. 

It was also discovered the Neanderthals had one of the most important genes, HLA. The human leukocyte antigen is responsible the immune system in humans. 

In other words, it fought off deadly viruses. 

Without it MODERN HUMAN could have been the ones who became extinct.

Further more, Neanderthals and the modern humans mated and most probably caused the extinction of the Neanderthals, basically phasing them out by cross genetics. In fact, we know today, a 1% to 3% of DNA exists in most of us, with a zero percentage in Black African. 

Essentially what this proves, Neanderthals weren’t just these inapt Ape-man roaming the harsh beginnings of the ice age. Indeed, they were a lot more. They were intelligent, fierce warriors who contained vital DNA material ready to fight off deadly viruses. Whereas, if our ancestors didn’t mate with the Neanderthals, we may not have survived. 

Next time you think of the Neanderthals, envision the brothers of the fictional Star Trek character, the Klingons. 

But, as interesting as this discovery is, there’s more.

Let’s go back 400,000 years and you’ll run into the elusive Denisovans, cousins of the Neanderthals. A new prehistoric species before the Neanderthals or Modern Humans. 

What does this all mean? 

We had two different species living on earth, before Modern Humans came along. 

The question is,” Where did the Modern Humans come from?”

Scientists will quickly say,” Africa of course.” 

But wait. 

How did the Modern Humans species quickly evolve in the first place?


Just like that, they appeared suddenly, approximately 100,000 years ago. That in it self is the biggest question of them all. Remember, the two species, the Neanderthals and Denisovans were distant cousins. But there’s isn’t any record to the evolutionary pattern of our species, the Modern Human. 

When were we genetically altered? Check HERE for the theory.

By Bari Demers 


James Montana Scripts

Neanderthal genome project

BBC – Oldest Human DNA

SIRIANS GODS – The Modern Human Connection

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