Tribute to Robin Williams

“May his Soul travel the unlimited Cosmos without Time ” BMD

Alas, my heart sank in sadness. Shocked today by the tragedy of Robin Williams death is more than heartbreaking. A man who dedicated his life to making others laugh, it’s inconceivable to hear he won’t be amongst us anymore. A passionate actor and comedian who entertained the world, bringing happiness into our homes year after year.

The first time I heard of Robin Williams, I was fully amused and at the same time fascinated by his character Mork on the Sci-Fi comedy TV Series, Mork & Mindy. Delighted by those funny words,” “Nanu…Nanu!”, along with the famous Alien handshake. I knew way back then in 1978, we would surely see more of this funny man.

It wasn’t until, “Dead Poets Society” in 1989, did I ever realize he was also a serious actor,” O Captain! My Captain!”

Decade after decade our family embraced Robin Williams characters, like the hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire debut in 1993, filling our local theatre to the brim with barrels of laughter. And then, who could forget, JUMANJI where Robin Williams character is trapped in a board game until his grandchildren free him 26 years later.

In 1996 we were entertained by the intriguing movie,The Birdcage, introducing the life-style of the gay community. After Mrs. Doubtfire, who would of thought there would possibly be anything more hilarious. But there it was, I couldn’t stop laughing. It wasn’t until this movie did I realize the underlining message, to recognizing the gay community as a family. It was ignorance on my part.

Once again in 1997, Robin Williams played in another serious role as a gifted Councillor with the screenplay,”Goodwill Hunting“, winning him an Oscar for best supporting actor.

It was also a delight to see him play the role as President Teddy Roosevelt in the fun loving movie, Night at the Museum.

Robin Williams professional standing as an actor and comedian made it all so inconceivable to hear of his fight with depression. Oh God! Depression. Damn that word! Damn what it does to a person. Damn society for not taking depression seriously and the overall stigma it places on people suffering from this disease. Unfortunately, depression is not a broken bone, so it’s hard to see and it hides well. Too well.

Robin Williams was a great person. He will be dearly missed.

It’s sad to see anyone end their life over depression. It’s devastating to the families and friends. Too many are dying in silence.

My deepest condolence to Robin Williams family and friends.

by Bari Demers