Our Freedom at a Price

Our Freedom at a price. 

Sitting in the comfort of my home, I am privileged to be able to reflect our past, present and future.

Throughout most of the world we can enjoy our freedom, counting our lucky stars we aren’t ruled by some greedy dictator or religious fanatic, who’s like a lioness ready to stalk her prey.

Many have tried before and failed miserably, throughout our savage blood-thirsty history, but it doesn’t mean we can rest. Our dreams can be crushed in a second, if we aren’t aware of our surroundings.

Best practice?

Always be vigil, keeping evil at bay.

Today, we are thankful for the young men and women fighting for our freedom as we are grateful for our veterans and the lost soldiers who died to kept us free.

Blood-shed of our soldiers is a constant reminded of how valuable our freedom really is and should never ever be taken lightly.

On November 11 we can pay tribute to the sacrifices made, making sure their lives are never forgotten. Mankind’s struggle for freedom will always be part of our lives, as long as greed and power exist.

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin.

War can also be added to the above quote, it’s an unfortunately evil reality.

We like to think we’re are civilized, known right from wrong, implementing our laws to protect our rights; and yet, everyday our freedom comes at a dreadful price.

Therefore, on this Remembrance Day, “I just want to thank all the men and women who fought and still are fighting for our FREEDOM, as we sit back in the comfort of our homes.”

“Lest We Forget…”

By Bari Demers