Why Film in the Okanagan?

Filming in the Okanagan, Canada

The Okanagan Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia has a diversity of filming options, plus good seasonal weather waiting to cooperate with your prefect shot.

Here are the reasons ” Why Film in the Okanagan?” :

Production in the OKANAGAN

• Picturesque lakes, like Okanagan and Kalamaka Lake (Lake of many colours ) , majestic mountains, world-class ski resorts, like Silver Star and Big White. Waterfalls and scenic hiking trails easy assessable throughout the Okanagan, like Kettle Valley.

• Picturesque Wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna. Learn more

• Canada Film Tax Incentives

• Scouting Locations by Okanagan Film Commission – Learn more...

• Screenplay Specs or existing script revisions available through James Montana Scripts at a fraction of the cost.

• Film-friendly permits

• Production and Crew Directory – Learn more

• Okanagan Film Commission resources – Learn more...

• Easy assess Okanagan Studios – Learn more

• Easy travel to the Okanagan: hub of the Okanagan Valley is Kelowna International Airport – Learn more

• Okanagan Accommodations – Learn more


• Limited time FREE storylines available (we only ask that you credit the storyteller in your film) – See storyline examples… ( All storylines will be formatted into a script for a nominal cost by James Montana Scripts) – Inquire here

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By Bari Demers

The Okanagan- My Home

Cheeries in the Okanagan Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers

This is why I love BC and most specially my home, the beautiful Okanagan Valley, so much.  This time of the year, cherry season is in full bloom, as are fresh picked blueberries and raspberries.   The Okanagan offers an abundance of fresh fruit beginning early Summer (depending on weather) to late Fall, offering crisp varitites of apples and juicy Okanagan peaches. 

The Okanagan is not only about fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s also offers prime recreation, from waterskiing to winter sports, offering first class Ski Resorts. 

Secret Waterfall Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers

Above photo is a waterfall quietly nestled in the forest along your way to Mable Lake, in the Shuswap Region.

We would always fish the Shuswap River, catching Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout, while feasting on wild Saskatoon berries.  The Shuswap River, Mable Lake and various waterfalls are via Enderby or otherwise past Lumby (west of Vernon, BC) Living in Vernon at the time, we took the Lumby route most of the time.

Kelowna, BC Photo Credit : Bari Demers

Kelowna is considered central, easy access to the North and South Okanagan.

Okanagan Lake Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers

 I was raised in Vernon, went to VSS ( Vernon Senior Secondary) then off to Okanagan College (only had one back then) in Kelowna. Kelowna was always the hub of activity while Vernon, Lumby, Shuswap and the Kootenays were considered our Outdoor Exploration Treks. Lumby used to be the place for loggers and basically some pretty rough characters, while Vernon was always this slumber quiet town with a close net community.

My parents owned the Spudnut Shop ( Spudnuts are potatoe made doughnuts that would always melt in your mouth) on Main Street in Vernon. Brought up in the life of working in a restaurant taught me the long hours of hard work. Trust me when I say, restaurant life is hard hard work. But it does have its awards too.

My granddaughter enjoying the Shuswap Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers

Be sure to put the Okanagan on your bucketlist if you haven’t experienced as of  yet.

Fresh Bluberries and Cherries Photo Credit: Tianndra Demers

Go in the summer months and experience the fresh fruits home grown, enjoy the abundance of select dining or luncheon adventures, take in the water activities at Kal and Okanagan Lake and by all means, go hiking and explore the vast beauty of British Columbia – the Okanagan, my home. 

Me and Knox Mtn Photo Credit : Tianndra Demers

 Oh – I forgot to mention.  

If you enjoy snow skiing ( like I do) try Silver Star Mountain and Big White during the winter months.   Plus, if you’re an avid golfer, the Okanagan has countless beautiful golf courses.  My favourite is Predator Ridge. Not an avid golfer, but I have played a few times.

Dirty Laundry Vineyard Photo Credit: Bari Demers

It would not be right if I didn’t mention, the Okanagan is home to world class wine vineyards, dotted throughout the prestine Valley. 

Grapes ready for picking Photo Credit : Bari Demers

This Summer, make the Okanagan Valley your next vacation spot. 

By Bari Demersstoryteller 

Working Out in the Okanagan


Okanagan Lake above Knox Mtn Photo Credit : Bari Demers
In the past year I’ve been working out, fighting the winter blues,escaping to our joint community condo exercise room. Spring comes and yet I’m bound to the indoor workout room, still waiting for the summer months.

Alas, Summer is finally here! I leap for joy, spending my time in the recreational tourist hotspot known as the Okanagan Valley.

The Okanagan Valley is located in the southern region of British Columbia,Canada. 

From the North Thompson Okanagan region in Kamloops to the most Southern Okanagan tip of Osoyoss (a hop,skip and jump to the US border). Small cities and towns, like Oliver, Penticton, Summerland, Peachland, Kelowna,Vernon,Armstrong, Enderby and Sicamous lye in between.

I was raised in Vernon, B.C.

Growing up in a prime recreational community, it’s without saying, most are active, from snowboarding, hiking, waterskiing including an array of water sports or just lay back and suntan on the countless sunny beaches of the Okanagan.

The recreational possibilities are endless!

Every summer I come back to my hometown to enjoy the countless hiking opportunities from Kelowna to Vernon. My favourite spots are the Kalamaka Lake Provincial Park, Kettle Valley, Bear Creek to Knox Mountain.


Top of Knox Mtn Photo Credit : Bari Demers
While visiting my daughter in Kelowna, I make a point to scale Knox Mtn every morning during the week. By the end of my second week, I’m conditioned enough to start jogging down the mountain. This is when I considered working out fun!

The fresh morning air coming off the beautiful serene view of Okanagan Lake sets the scene for my workout. You feel alive instead of the bottled up feeling at your local gym.

I believe working out should be fun and not a gruelling chore and shared with your best friend or family. Unfortunately, with everyone’s mixed schedule, it’s sometimes hard to find the time with each other.

But you do meet other recreational minded friendly folks on the trail. And I think this is what makes the Okanagan a special place in my heart. Those who love the outdoors and incorporate it into their life-style are the most happiest and friendly bunch of individuals.

You know the kind I mean. They greet you with a nice friendly nod or smile, saying,”Good Morning! It’s sure going to be a beautiful day today.” And within that split second of greeting each other, we cheerfully get back to the fun business of hiking before the sun heats up our day.

Hiking the Okanagan Valley, you don’t have to be Superman or Bat-woman to attempt the fun workout. Or do you have to be a cross-trainer either. It just takes commitment, a friend and one foot after the other. Be sure to bring water with you and if the hike is deep in the woods, be sure you bring a small pack of survival gear, just in case.

But luckily the Okanagan has a lot of hiking trails to choose from that are close to or in town, like Knox Mtn in Kelowna or BX Trail,Kalamaka Lake Provincial Park and Turtle mountain in Vernon.

If you have time, head up to Silver Star Mountain. Take the Chair up to the top and have a fun afternoon hiking down the mountain.

Working out can be fun, it’s just a matter of getting out to enjoy it.

So, next time you’re in the Okanagan I’ll see you out on the trail,” Good Morning! Have a great day!”

By Bari Demers – freelance writer and screenwriter


Grapes in the Okanagan Photo Credit: Bari Demers
P.S.  Be sure to check out the wineries – there’s over 200 of them to choose from!




All photo’s Credit : Bari Demers

Travel Okanagan

In southern beautiful British Columbia lies a western Canadian banana belt called the Okanagan Valley. Twenty years ago it was considered the best kept secret until the Coquihalla highway lead a easy path from Vancouver to Kelowna, through to Kamloops, B.C.

Since then, the summer oasis has been recognized world-wide boasting visits from Hollywood Stars, such as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

(@JRobbMontana: Rare photo #NicoleKidman and #KeithUrban #vernonbc B.C./ junior hockey game. Probably stayed @Sparkling Hill Resort http://t.co/1Ws7Aztai2)

But to me, the Okanagan Valley has always been my home, growing up in the small town of Vernon, with the kids from O’keefe ranch or Davison Orchards. My parents use to own the Spudnut Shop on Main Street where everyone would come for the elusive SPUDNUT (a sweet potato doughnut that melted in your mouth) and a $ 0.10 coffee. It was even said my mom made the best burgers in town!

Raised in the Okanagan I became very familiar with great tourist spots, such as Silver Star Resort, Big White (just outside of Kelowna), the turquoise bluish waters of Kalamaka Lake and the once glacier feed Okanagan Lake.

If you’re not familiar with the Okanagan Valley, it’s best to break it down to the great tourist sights, resorts and activities in each category.

In today’s Travel Okanagan I will concentrate around the surrounding areas of Vernon and Kelowna, B.C.

Best Resorts:

Sparkling Hill Resort – a 5 star hotel resort a few kilometres south of Vernon or a short drive from Kelowna International Airport. Nestled in the valleys mountainous ridge overlooking the majestic Okanagan Lake and only feet away from the famous Predator Ridge Golf Course. Featuring an oasis of Spa Treatments along with tantalizing gourmet meals at their PeakFine restaurant. You’re assured to be pampered by the best fine dining experience of your life, hosted by their European Chef.

Manteo Resort – a waterfront gem located in the heart of Kelowna, featuring it’s very own private beach along Okanagan Lake. A beautiful class resort with three swimming pools, optional lake-view rooms and Restaurant called Smack Dab offering a great selection of entrees to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Be sure to try your evening dinner on the best patio in town.

The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort & Conference Center – located right in the center of the WaterPark of Kelowna, steps away from the original Kelowna Yacht Club. Delta Grand Okanagan Resort overlooks Okanagan Lake featuring the luxury of private pools, restaurants, shops, conferences center and pubs. If you like to gamble, the Casino is easy access from the hotel.

Four Points by Sheraton – newly opened in 2013, this Starwood chain hotel is a featured little gem easy access to the Kelowna International Airport. Great for the whole family or the business executive. The best kept secret soon to become well know throughout the Okanagan.

Fun Activities:

Silver Star Resort – a long time favourite of mine with fond memories of my very first skiing lessons at age ten. Since then, Silver Star has grown into a world class resort owned and operated by the Australian family, the Schumann. Silver Star was purchased by the Schumann in 2001by previous owner Judd Buchanan. They also own Big White Ski Resort outside of Kelowna. An obvious spot for winter activities from skiing, tubing, skating or just enjoying the après skiing at the many restaurants throughout the village. Summer activities are certainly a plus, featuring mountain-biking park & excursions along the mountain, hiking and sightseeing with the SkyChair.

Predator Ridge Resort – a golfing oasis for the beginner, the novelist or expert. My experience, I found the course challenging and the most pleasing experience.

Gray Monk Winery – heading south from Vernon, you come into Winfield. There’s a couple of signs that will lead you west along camp road. Head over the hill you’ll see Okanagan Lake. The road travels around with another sign directing you to Gray Monk Winery, nestled on the hillside with a spectacular view of Okanagan Lake and the vineyard itself. What I love about Gray Monk is the personal touch added to the wine tasting in their visitor center. Just to your left is the entrance to a gourmet restaurant with a scenic balcony overlooking Okanagan Lake. Leading Chefs, Executive Winery Chef Willi Franz and Executive Restaurant Chef Rene Haudenschild prepare excellent gourmet dishes within their establishment, Grapevine Restaurant. It’s a must to try out the gourmet experience and be sure to pick up your favourite wine surely to suit your palette.

Kelowna Dinner Cruises – offers a scenic cruise along Okanagan Lake featuring your choice of Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast. A 5 star luxury cruiser accommodating up to 87 guests. It’s defiantly a great way to spend your evening.

Lake Front Sports, also known as rent-a-boat.ca is located at the Grand Okanagan Resort. You haven’t experienced the Okanagan without trying a sea-doo, a cruiser or kayaking Okanagan Lake. They even have paddle & wake boards to try out. Water a little cold for you? No problem! You can even rent a wet-suit. Waterskiing and tubing is recommended.

Families outings you must try Kalamaka Beach, a real treat for everyone. Alexander’s Pub is close by if you’re looking to wet your whistle. I just love having their burgers and great selection of beers!

If you love to camp out close to a beach, then Ellison Provincial Park is a must on your list. Great for the whole family in the Vernon area at Okanagan Lake. Even locals head to this secluded beach to catch some sun rays and swimming here is fantastic! Want to explore? No problem. Nestled throughout the park are fun hiking trails for everyone. It’s easy to reserve on-line to be assured a camping spot.

Hiking is highly suggested, from the Kettle Valley to Knox Mtn within the city of Kelowna. Or try out Kalamaka Lake Provincial Park offering a secluded beach at Cosens Bay. You can even take a boat cruise for an afternoon.

Davison Orchards – last but not all least, is Davison Orchards. When I was a kid the Pollocks and I would hang out with the Davison on their Orchard. Fast forward 25 years and Davison Orchards is a bustling tourist attraction featuring tractor-train rides for kids of all ages, complimented by their homemade fresh fruit pies grown by the selection of fruit on their orchard. We always make it a point to stop by for pie and coffee. It’s a must to pick up a jar of homemade preserves before you leave. I highly recommend Davison Orchards, hands-down!

The above Hotels and activities are a small example of the fun you can experience while in the Okanagan Valley. I have experienced all the above and had a blast doing so. Gray Monk is my favourite winery, but the Okanagan is listed with over 200 wineries throughout. A wine tour is suggested. The beaches line Okanagan Lake, so it’s pretty easy to find a beach that suits you and your family.
The best part of the Okanagan Valley ? It’s my home!

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