Sad to hear of Our Dear Leonard Nimoy 

It is with deep sadness to hear of our dear Leonard Nimoy passing away at 83 years old. A SUPER icon, kind man and my personal HERO – man this is really sad to hear – LIVE LONG and PROSPER Mr Spock within the new realms of our dimensional universes – SO SAD 😢

As a freelance screenwriter I’ve had the opportunity to be on set of TNG [The Next Generation Star Trek] 

My whole life has always been directed towards Sci-Fi because of the first Star Trek TV series.  Seeing Mr. Spock ( Leonard Nemoy) as a Vulcan Science Officer, I knew then, I was hooked! 

Leonard Nemoy was an actor, a Director and a great person.  It’s a sad day on earth – you will be missed.

Bari Demers