Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Modern Humans

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Neanderthals, Denisovans vs Modern Humans

Previous theoretical accounts of what happened to Neanderthals were collectively agreed upon by the archeological community, ” The more MODERN HUMAN coming up from the African jungles were responsible for the disappearance of the Neanderthals. ” 

But did it really happen this way? 

Recent scientific discoveries with the collaboration of archeologists, geneticist and the use of the new Human Genome Project (HGP) have uncovered, we did not kill off our ancient neighbours after all.  

In fact, there’s now concrete scientific proof that their disappearance is more complex then previously thought. 

Archaeologists and geneticist collected ancient Neanderthal DNA samples as far back as 1997.  Svante Pääbo and his team of geneticist were the first to form the Neanderthal genome project.   In the beginning, they found three 38,000 year old femur bones of young Neanderthal women within the Vindija Cave, Croatia.  

After 4 years of careful genetic DNA research analyst it was concluded by Svante Pääbo team of geneticist, Neanderthals had similar traits with modern human, including the FOX P2 gene of our DNA, which is related to speech and language. 

Previously it was thought Neanderthals didn’t have the capabilities of speech and language. 

It was also discovered the Neanderthals had one of the most important genes, HLA. The human leukocyte antigen is responsible the immune system in humans. 

In other words, it fought off deadly viruses. 

Without it MODERN HUMAN could have been the ones who became extinct.

Further more, Neanderthals and the modern humans mated and most probably caused the extinction of the Neanderthals, basically phasing them out by cross genetics. In fact, we know today, a 1% to 3% of DNA exists in most of us, with a zero percentage in Black African. 

Essentially what this proves, Neanderthals weren’t just these inapt Ape-man roaming the harsh beginnings of the ice age. Indeed, they were a lot more. They were intelligent, fierce warriors who contained vital DNA material ready to fight off deadly viruses. Whereas, if our ancestors didn’t mate with the Neanderthals, we may not have survived. 

Next time you think of the Neanderthals, envision the brothers of the fictional Star Trek character, the Klingons. 

But, as interesting as this discovery is, there’s more.

Let’s go back 400,000 years and you’ll run into the elusive Denisovans, cousins of the Neanderthals. A new prehistoric species before the Neanderthals or Modern Humans. 

What does this all mean? 

We had two different species living on earth, before Modern Humans came along. 

The question is,” Where did the Modern Humans come from?”

Scientists will quickly say,” Africa of course.” 

But wait. 

How did the Modern Humans species quickly evolve in the first place?


Just like that, they appeared suddenly, approximately 100,000 years ago. That in it self is the biggest question of them all. Remember, the two species, the Neanderthals and Denisovans were distant cousins. But there’s isn’t any record to the evolutionary pattern of our species, the Modern Human. 

When were we genetically altered? Check HERE for the theory.

By Bari Demers 


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