Free Americans from Donald Trump – Documentary 

Free Americans from Donald Trump - Documentary


Logline: A Documentary of the implications to Americans with Donald Trump as President

Type : Documentary 

: Human Rights 

Filming Locations
: Kelowna and Vancouver, BC , Ottawa, Ontario, New York, San Francisco 


A documentary about the implications to all Americans with Donald Trump as President, including the possibility of Americans fleeing United States to avoid the wrath of the TRUMP empire. The reality complications arising from entering Canada. 


In preliminary written discussions with Michael Moore to collaborate project, here in Canada and United States. A comical but dark satire of its true troubling reality. 

Intro concept : Sales pitch announcement by News Media across the world, introducing policy changes for Americans entering Canada under the new revised visa applications by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Meanwhile we follow the TRUMP empire as freedom we so dearly pride ourselves as a democratic society, crumbles before our eyes.  You see as Trumps family take on leading roles, abolishing laws, reducing healthcare and attacking the system for the people.  United States slowly transforms into the fictional warlord on “Back to the Future“, Biff Tannen.   Biff Tannen‘s greedy conquest has taken over America on the backs of Americans. 

Please join us in the Collaboration.


Type : local_moviesDocumentary Feature
Location Headquarters : Kelowna, BC, Canada
Genre label : Human Rights
Dates: today Dec 1, 2016 – Sep 30, 2017
Open Postions : N/A at this time

We are in Conceptional mode, drafting out screenplay, location shots and possible further discussions with Mr. Michael Moore. Release of draft script in March 2017. Announcement in May 2017. We are also closely following President elect Donald Trump including Instagram follow-ups under the heading #notmypresident
If interested in supporting this project, please contact Bari Demers 

We may start a Kickstarter campaign to further funds.  

Celebrities , Directors and Producers interested in funding this documentary project to further increase the awareness of how Donald Trump will destroy democracy, removing the rights from women, African- American and the Constitution of America, please contact Bari Demers. 

The goal of this documentary is to increase the awareness NOT only in America but across the world. Please direct your thoughts, ideas or help, to me directly on LinkedIn or here on WordPress, in regards to producing this important documentary film.

Your future may count on it!

By Bari Demers scifi screenwriter and freelance writer 

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