Red Sandy Lake Resort by Mars Hilton

Photo provided by NASA – click on photo

Recent evidence of a past Lake on Mars – If they would named the Lake, it could of been called Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa by DreamStar Mars Hilton International. 

I can envision the universal Ad now : 

Are YOU looking for an out-of-this-world experience?   Have you dreamed of vacationing on Mars ? 

Well – Stop dreaming !

Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars

Start packing your bags and come visit the most talk about phenomenon on Mars, the incredible Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa, said to increase your age by as much as 10 years ! 

This exclusive offer is only provided by the luxurious 5-Star DreamStar Mars Hilton International Hotel. 

Enjoy the seasonal Martian weather as you seamlessly float on the surface, relaxing within our rejuvenating tempered Martian waters, regarded as no other form of H20 anywhere in our whole Solar System. In the evening, take in the resin reddish skies with spectacular sunsets, unique only to Mars.  

They are out of this world!

Pamper yourself today for a much deserved luxurious vacation. Reserve with our Introductory Health and Wellness Package NOW

Included in our luxury vacation package : 

  • First Class round flight to Mars 
  • 4 Nights Accommodation at the incredible DreamStar Mars Hilton International Hotel
  • Daily Martian styled buffet breakfast
  • Digital download copy of MARS TODAY 
  • Enjoy our daily two course fine dining experience at the well known universal REDS gourmet restaurant. We provide a complimentary ride (on our newest streamline star shuttle) to the top of the impressive Valles Marineris: The Grand Canyon of Mars, the largest in our Solar System. Valles Marineris, extends over 3,000 kilometers long, crossing a span of 600 kilometers and over 8 kilometers deep. Enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the stunning Martian landscape as you indulge in a fine selection of gourmet entrees, such as our featured roasted wild Martian boar with juniper jus, served the wild Martian rice, prepared by the esteemed culinary Michelin five-star Chef Bari, himself.
  • Receive full complimentary access to all the facilities including Mars unique rejuvenating  Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa. Scientists have recently revealed, the waters of Mars brings back your youth by as much as 10 years! 
  • A complimentary Satellite controlled wifi, featuring blockbuster shows by HBO MARS

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER for only : $28,000 credits per person. 

ACT TODAY and we will add on two extra days for free! 

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Photos provided by NASA – click on photo for more:

Note:   All the above does NOT include taxes or off-world duty tax. Your flight to and from Mars is expected to take two weeks, depending on the solar winds. Please allow five to six weeks to ensure the safety requirements for a return trip back to Earth. 

Disclaimer : Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International Inc., can not be held responsible for any space travel, to or from Earth (including lift off). Due to unknown universal conditions, it’s impossible to predict the outcome of any flight associated with space travel. 

You must realize that any kind of space travel is subject to some kind of risk. 

Therefore, YOU must sign a waiver of liability to ensure you understand the legality of risk involved with space travel. By signing our provided waver, the individual and/or individuals acknowledges that he or she is aware of the fact, that participating in any dangerous activity, such as “Space Travel”, may result in death or injury. If such injury or death should occur, the individual or individuals (including appending relatives) agrees that he or she will not hold Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, including DreamStar Mars Hilton International  Inc. liable of any loss or damages. 

With that said, Mars Hilton International Inc., Hilton Worldwide and Universal Holdings, Inc., including its subsidiary companies look forward to serving you as our guests at the one and only luxurious 5-Star DreamStar Mars Hilton Hotel, within the beautiful landscape of Mars and the esteem Red Sandy Lake Resort and Spa.

Be sure to add our Mars Hilton App to your tablet or cell phone today, providing direct trouble free reservations, with our voice response system featuring Paris Hilton III. 

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By Bari Demers writer and screenwriter 

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Evidence of a past lake on Mars

Photo by NASA – notice the black dot in the center