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Caesars Palace Photo Credit : Bari Demers
Vegas Reviews has been around since the 1980’s with its goal to help newcomers enjoy their vacation without being overwhelmed or disappointed with their experiences. In the beginning, Vegas Reviews was more concerned about REVIEWS with resorts, then anything else. But times have changed.

Fast forward 30 years.

Vegas Reviews first showcased Las Vegas on its Facebook Page in April 2010. In the beginning, entering Facebook, we were still concerned in the good, the bad and ugly reviews, showcasing reviews for and from our viewers.  

But, as we went along, we realized it was senseless to compete with large corporate companies, such as Trip Advisor, who also provided viewers the option to shout out their reviews, from hotel resorts to vacation packages, worldwide. We just are NOT a big corporation; either are we a company.  

Vegas Reviews is simply a community for VEGAS LOVERS.


The Bellagio Fountains Photo Credit : Bari Demers
Today, Vegas Reviews has grown into what we like to be called as, VEGAS LOVERS, where the FUN never stops. But, we are still concerned for anyone visiting Las Vegas for the first time, so they won’t walk away disappointed.  

Seriously, Vegas is a great vacation spot, but you still have to take steps to plan ahead and know what you can afford. Gambling in the casinos may sound like a win-win situation, but really, the only ones winning in the casinos are the Vegas Resorts. If you go into it knowing, the money you play in the casinos are for recreational purposes only, then you won’t leave disappointed. In other words, YOU are well aware there’s a slim chance of winning, and it was a fun recreational experience.  

If by chance you do win ?

Treat your winnings only as a bonus, nothing more. Professional card players may differer with me, but for the average vacationer, winners are far and few in-between. So, if you do win? Go out and splurge on a Grand Canyon helicopter Tour or treat yourself to fine dining at your favourite restaurant, or maybe take in a show you normally couldn’t afford. Whatever you decide, go and enjoy the rare bonus money.


Aria Resort – overlooking pool from room Photo Credit : Bari Demers
As said, planning ahead is an important step.

The next time you’re planning your Vegas vacation package from 2 – 5 days, just realize the extra taxes and resort fees are added to each day of your stay.  

It all adds up.

If the initial cost per night of only $45 at your resort may sound to good to be true? Well, it is. After adding the resort fees (depending on each resort) and state taxes, the average room charge is more likely to start around $85 to $149 per night, for an average room. And, if you are staying over on Friday and Saturday (most busiest time) expect to triple that cost.

Also, any upgrades are a substantial extra cost per night.  

For example : Our stay at Caesars Palace Resort started off at a reasonable price of $95 per night, but because we stayed during the weekend, our cost on Friday and Saturday jumped to another $450 per night. Also, we upgraded to an additional cost from Monday to Thursday. In fact, our room was more like $165 per night.

So, just be aware. 

If you plan a budget before going on any vacation, you won’t be disappointed by the extra costs. The overall average cost for Canadians on a five day stay (including airfare, food, transfers from hotel to airport) in Las Vegas will cost you from $2500 – $4500. For Americans it’s a lot cheaper, depending on which state they’re coming from. The average cost for Americans (no flight) will be from $950 – $2500 for the same five days.

But, it’s rare Americans will stay for 5 days.

Most Americans will spend a weekend, or at the most, four days in Las Vegas, taking advantage of the cheaper quick vacation options, allowing them more frequent trips to Vegas throughout the year.

Most Canadians don’t have that choice.

The average Canadian will stay 3 – 4 days from a Sunday to Monday, to help cut down the costs of their overall trip. And, 95% of Canadians will fly via travel packages with their airlines. Canadians are very lucky if they visit Vegas twice a year. 
Americans, on the other hand will zip down to Vegas for a couple of days, several times a year, because they can.

I’ve seen some Vegas party oriented fans stay only for two days, bragging about their lavish stay at the Cosmopolitan, overlooking a beautiful scenery of the Bellagio Fountains. What they don’t tell you, it cost them $360 – $600 per night. Not including taxes, food and drinks. 

So, it’s important to place everything into perspective, your lifestyle to what you can REALLY afford. Las Vegas Resorts have great offers, like free rooms, buffets and shows, but just be “buyer aware”. 


Aria Resort – Poolside Photo Credit : Bari Demers
 Always plan ahead.

Vegas Reviews will still give reviews, but only when they had a good time. In other words, if their hotel happened to be a bad experience ?  

Well, it’s simply really. 

Vegas Reviews won’t mention it or write about them. After all, we are looking for the best possible time in Vegas. We are VEGAS LOVERS having FUN in Vegas !  
Join us on Facebook and please check out our website. Did you have a wonderful time in Las Vegas ? Please, by all means, tell us. 

By Bari Demers 


Photo Credit by my friend Romeo Durscher
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