The Magical Spudnut


When I was ten, we moved from Kamloops to Vernon,B.C.

Moving to the Okanagan Valley was a dream come true, even for an adult. It’s Canada’s version of “Fun in the Sun”, an oasis of sandy beaches with pristine lakes.

To my mom, it meant owning her first business in the small lazy town of Vernon. Putting down all her savings into this quaint little place called, “The Spudnut Shop”. Puzzled by the name of this little coffee shop on main street, my mom quickly convinced me it was all good, when she said,” Think of it as a Donut Shop, but made with potato flour. After all it’s magical!”

Magical? Oh, now I was interested. My mom was a proud owner of a magical bakery!

My first steps into the long narrow restaurant, showcased a large glass window so customers can observe how Spudnuts were made. I can still remember the smell of the fresh pastry coming off the assembling line, drizzled with sweet icing. Plunking down on the stool, swirling around a few times, my mom captivated my attention with the “Magical Spudnut” placed before me.
The old timers sitting down the row, looked on, knowing this was a big event.

This was it!

Taking my first bite, the sweetness of the pastry melted, sparking the buttery flavours. My taste buds released a fireworks of “oh-so-good” knowing instantly I was hooked for life!

Everyone clapped with cheer. One of the old timers beside me said,” Welcome to the Spudnut Club!”

Grinning from ear to ear, I now understood the magic of the Spudnut. Not only did your first Spudnut experience bring on cheering spectators, but after your first bite, it was impossible to stop at just one.

By Bari Demers