Why Film in the Okanagan?

Filming in the Okanagan, Canada

The Okanagan Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia has a diversity of filming options, plus good seasonal weather waiting to cooperate with your prefect shot.

Here are the reasons ” Why Film in the Okanagan?” :

Production in the OKANAGAN

• Picturesque lakes, like Okanagan and Kalamaka Lake (Lake of many colours ) , majestic mountains, world-class ski resorts, like Silver Star and Big White. Waterfalls and scenic hiking trails easy assessable throughout the Okanagan, like Kettle Valley.

• Picturesque Wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna. Learn more

• Canada Film Tax Incentives

• Scouting Locations by Okanagan Film Commission – Learn more...

• Screenplay Specs or existing script revisions available through James Montana Scripts at a fraction of the cost.

• Film-friendly permits

• Production and Crew Directory – Learn more

• Okanagan Film Commission resources – Learn more...

• Easy assess Okanagan Studios – Learn more

• Easy travel to the Okanagan: hub of the Okanagan Valley is Kelowna International Airport – Learn more

• Okanagan Accommodations – Learn more


• Limited time FREE storylines available (we only ask that you credit the storyteller in your film) – See storyline examples… ( All storylines will be formatted into a script for a nominal cost by James Montana Scripts) – Inquire here

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Award Winning Animation Studios

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By Bari Demers

Cinematographer EMMANUEL LUBEZKI – Seeing is Believing

PHOTO CREDIT : By the amazing Adam Pass


Wish I had a chance to meet Emmanuel Lubezki (Chivo). 

He’s one of the best Cinematographer in the world. His recent work with the film ‘The Revenant’ shows the master of persistence.  If the blocking or mood isn’t just right, it’s done over and over again, to achieve that prefect balance. 

You also need a director who believes in his Cinematographer, giving him the freedom to do his magic. And, Alejandro (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ) really does believe in Emmanuel.  Together, both envision the mood they want the viewers to see and experience. That’s what film is all about. What do you experience? How do you feel? What emotions are released ?  

The Cinematographer could be said,”Seeing is believing”.

We see a scene and right away feel an emotion. And, if the emotion is intense, it really hits home. What we see and feel makes the movie experience something we will never forget. In fact, the movies that stay with me emotionally, I’ll remember them as long as I live.  It could be specific dialogue, the mood or the incredible action scenes. Whatever hits home, I relish the experience, filing it like the most valuable treasure of them all. 

It made me feel, and that’s good. It’s Gold.

As humans, we love to express what we see, feel and experience. Captivating the mood in the film is one of the hardest things to do. And, sometimes, it takes persistence and determination to achieve it.  Sometimes you fail, and that’s the key.  

Failing moves you forward.  

As said in the interview with Emmanuel,” In [The Revenant], we had many moments where we completely failed. There’s a scene at the beginning of the movie where the Native American warriors attack. You see arrows flying in the air and [the fur trappers] are lost and don’t have any idea where the attack is coming from. We probably shot that scene four times because we failed a couple of those times. The blocking was wrong. The camera was in the wrong position. More than anything, the tempo of the scene was wrong. We were hitting it very fast and weren’t able to capture the emotion Alejandro wanted. It took a couple of tries to build it to where it is right now in the movie, which is haunting and scary and mysterious. That’s something I love about Alejandro” 

So. In conclusion, to be able to meet Emmanuel Lubezki( wish I knew him enough to have the privilege to call him Chivo) and learn his camera techniques to get that particular mood.   It would be one of the most precious gift, anyone making film, could ever receive. 

Until then, as a screenwriter and very little experience in filming, I will begin to produce small trailers with little to zero dialogue, in order for the audience to see, feel and believe in my story, BLACK ANGELS, a science-fiction thriller.  Writing is where I feel most at home.  It allows me the opportunity to express what I feel and takes you along a journey, exploring the reality and dreams, where my imagination will envision the future of endless possibilities. 

This is how I see it,” I envision a story and bring it to life.”

I also can envision cinematographer Emmanuel and Director Alejandro working on my screenplay, BLACK ANGELS.  

How glorious would that be !  

READ more about how Emmanuel’s failing might explain his three oscars.

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By Bari Demers screenwriter and freelance writer 

Go With Me

It’s official, “Go With Me” has started filming in Enderby, British Columbia, by Enderby Entertainment.

This past weekend, Sir Anthony Hopkins was discovered in my hometown Vernon, B.C.

Local Vernonettes couldn’t believe their eyes when they noticed Hollywood Star, Anthony Hopkins getting a coffee at Starbucks in the Village Green Mall, while his wife was shopping. At first, like my sister-in-law figured, it must be just a look-a-like.

But sure enough, it was indeed Sir Anthony Hopkins!

On Nov 2 2014, the Morning Star discovered, not only will Anthony Hopkins be playing the role as an ex-logger, but he’s also one of the producers. Joining him is no other than the incredible actor, Ray Liotta along with American starlet, Julie Stiles from the Bourne Ultimatum.

Of course all three actors have played many roles throughout the years, but who can’t forget Ray Liotta playing as the gangster in the movie,”Wise Guys” and Sir Anthony Hopkins as the evil character, Hannibal Lector from “The Silence of the Lambs.”

It was just in 2012, where actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, Country Star, Keith Urban were discovered enjoying a hockey game with the Vernon Vipers.

And just last year, around August of 2013, George Clooney was also seen in the Okanagan Valley, shooting the film, “Tomorrowland” by Walt Disney Pictures.

Seeing Hollywood Stars in the Okanagan is fast becoming a hot spot and we hope this kind of excitement doesn’t stop too soon.

But at the same time it’s important to give these professionals a little breathing space, so they can concentrate on their roles. I’m sure, like most Canadians, we will be polite in doing just that.

Pacific Northwest thriller, “Go With Me” is an action-drama directed by Swedish director, Hans Daniel Björn Alfredson, known for Millennium Trilogy.

The film will be based on the book by Castle Freeman Jr.

The storyline begins with a young woman returning to her hometown, who ends up becoming harassed by a crime boss. Anthony Hopkins is the ex-logger willing to help out the distressed woman.

It hasn’t been mentioned as of yet, but I’m going to assume Ray Liotta is playing as the crime boss.

It’s also humoured, the cast and crew will be filming around the small logging town, Lumby, which is the gateway to Shuswap Falls.

Growing up in Vernon, we commonly passed through Lumby heading for our fishing and hiking expeditions around Shuswap Falls.

Each filming project is a costly one, to be sure. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear about the company, Electric Entertainment will also be co-financing the project, selling international rights.

It’s my hope, with all this excitement throughout the Okanagan, screenwriters, like myself, who grew up in Vernon, B.C. will get a chance to showcase his screenplay to a famous producer or entertainment company.

Well, one can only hope – right?

As a matter of fact I’m working on a screenplay called, “Missing” based on the true story of a young hunter, up in Williams Lake, B.C. who went missing for over 16 hours in the wilderness, only to be hunted by a 800 lb Grizzly.

Just guess who the hunter was?

We have a wonderful selection of celebrities who would fit this troubling young hunter, along with a small cast of six actors.

Like all screenwriters already know, your screenplay had better be good, because, if they do come calling, it could be your first and only chance. So make it good!

Make it exciting!

Good luck to the cast and crew of ” Go With Me” including founders Rick Dugdale and Daniel Petrie, Jr., of Enderby Entertainment.

By Bari Demers


For all those who lived in Vernon, my mom owned and operated the Spudnut Shop. My mom still resides in Vernon,B.C.

Follow me on Twitter @JRobbMontana: My neck of the woods #Okanagan #filminglocation @ENDERBYENT #GoWithMe. It’s gonna be a HIT for sure! #film #SirAnthonyHopkins #RayLiotta #JulieStiles

The photo below was taken during the Vernon Vipers game showcasing Nicole Kidman and her husband, Country Star, Keith Urban.


Screenplay – Blood, Sweat & Tears


You just finished your screenplay. Congratulations!

Now what?

You have a couple of choices, SUBMIT or MAKE FILM.

First, you can spend years submitting and re-submitting to agents, producers and what-not within the film industry. Constantly receiving rejection after rejection,realizing your FILM IDEA isn’t everyone’s passion. To everyone else, it’s just another screenplay amongst thousands of others submitted each month.

And to make matters worse, are those who will gladly take your screenplay without question! But, and this is a big BUTT, only after you PAY them first.

Oh wait!

Did you just say,”You must pay them to pass along or read your screenplay?”

Unfortunately, THEY are what we like to call,” Bottom-feeders” or in my mind “Trolls” who feed off on your desperation. Unknown to you, you submit your screenplay and hard earn cash, expecting results.

In reality, they quickly pocket the cash and shred it, not really caring of the years of blood,sweat and tears it took you to write your master piece. The worst scenario ? They actually read it, finding your screenplay ingeniously executed. Quickly change the name and author, sending it to known connections as their own. A year or two later, you hear or see a short-movie or part of your script on TV.

Your first reaction? You’re crushed! What happen? How could they possibly steal my idea?

This seems to possibly have happened to me.

Have you heard of AGENT SKY before? I wrote a short script, of an Agent called Sky. Somehow or is it by mere coincidence, I noticed the same name on a popular TV Series. A couple of years before I had submitted AGENT SKY to Hollywood.

You get the picture.

BEFORE you submit your screenplay to anyone, be very sure you REGISTRY it with one or both, the WGC (Writers Guide of Canada) and or the WGA West (Writers Guide of America).

Secondly, if you have to PAY big bucks for them to see your work, something is wrong.

It’s a RED-FLAG.

I understand there may be registration fees, when submitting a short film to Sundance Films, but as far as screenplays are concerned, the cost (if anything) shouldn’t be more than $65 at best, or ideally, FREE. For example, as a UK citizen, a couple times a year BBC will allow you to submit your script for a TV Series or film for FREE.

In North America, everyone wants administration fees in order to process your script. To me, it’s just another “Cash Cow” opportunity feeding off your desperation. But, it’s becoming the “norm” practice, with everyone getting on the bandwagon. Do your research and ask well known established institutions, such as WGA or WGC; even Sundance Institute may help you in the right direction.

Preparation for submitting your screenplay will undoubtably cost you a grand total of $150 with registrations fees to both WGA and WGC, including whoever you decide to submit to.

But it’s worth every penny and considerate it as the lesser evil of what can happen if you don’t.

Always keep records and copies of your screenplay throughout your creation. This way, if you ever have to sue someone for illegally using your script, you have written proof of the timeline and the creative process.

The second option sounds more inviting, but takes a lot of work and commitment. Not saying your screenplay wasn’t work.


“I envision a story and bring it to life” James Montana Films.

These are my words, passionate about the film industry. If you want something done, you’re just going to have to do it yourself.

First and foremost, I would like to point out, I’m NOT a professional Film Maker. Just another screenwriter amongst hundreds of thousands of other hopeful souls who would like to see their screenplay storyline as the next blockbuster film.

In fact, Black Angels could easily be made into a trilogy from past to present; my imagination is wildly inventive.

James Montana Films is in the infancy of working with established professional film companies in Canada and Unites States to produce short films or introductory start-up films for group funding, such as KickStarter.
My first project is Black Angels of Sirus 5.

James Montana Films is about screenwriting to filming using a professional film crew who are already established. I will also use professional FX (Visual effects) professional companies, such as, GFZ Studios located in Vancouver, B.C.

This is only the preliminary stages of James Montana Films who is part of Canadian Northwest Studios.

After producing my film presentation for crowd funding, such as KickStarter, my next step would be to produce a Short Film – Scifi for Sundance Institute in Colorado.

Ideally, a corporate film executive will see your work on screen at Sundance, YouTube or maybe Vimeo, taking the necessary steps to execute your story and bring it to life after years of blood, sweat and tears.

Is this option too costly for you ?

If you can’t afford it, begin by taking film classes and or joining up with your local film society ,like Fava (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta).

The resources to making a film is not easy, but at least you will have the satisfaction that a portion or all of your script will be seen by an audience, either on YouTube or favourably at Sundance.

If you already have a firm idea and screenplay in-hand, along with a budget, you can directly hire a film crew, like Fat Monster Films in Los Angeles California or Sepia Films in Vancouver, B.C.

Whatever you decide…

It takes time, patients and passion along with blood, sweat and tears.

By Bari Demers – Screenwriter