HBO’s WESTWORLD is increasingly curious with fan’s rampant speculation throughout social media. The script is well written, leaving subtle hints or clues. 

This is exactly what Westworld Director Jonathan Nolan wants to hear from his fans. Did you know the writing team is a family affair? Johnathan’s brother, Chris is writing, as well is his wife, Lisa Joy. Chris also help write Interstellar ( which I may add, a part of the movie was filmed in Alberta Canada) and The Dark Knight.  

Westworld continuing Episodes 3 and 4 are indeed worldly quirks to think about – It raises questions we’ve been asking ourselves for sometime now : 

  • Is reality just a vivid imagination?  
  • Are we in a program clearly stated in the Matrix Trilogy films.
  • Will we be able to control Androids or humanoid robots?  This question was raised in both movies, I Robot and back to the original film, Westworld in 1973. 

In the future, will humans be able to upload our consciousness or transplant our existing brain into a Android Skeleton body, without the fear of dying ?   This is a possible invention for our future, where MAN can live inside a Android Skeleton body after his organic body fails.

It really makes you think! 

  • What will be the political outcome of future robots and will they have the Freedom of Rights, we humans so dearly hang on to? 
  • Will Robots revolt and take revenge on humans?  It’s a possibility. 
  • Can robots take over the world, like in the Terminator films? 

All of these are valid questions in our real world, but what about the growing fanbased questions and concerns in the HBO WESTWORLD TV Series?  

Possible Theories by Fans : 

  1. Is GUEST William from the past, possibly becomes the MIB (The Man in Black ) in the future? (This is unlikely but interesting, never the less)
  2. We assume the timelines are relatively in sequence, but we find the timelines could be the past or future.  (At this point in time, it’s hard to distinguish).
  3. We can see hosts Maave and Delores are now questioning their existence. It’s assumed they will soon FREE themselves from the game all together. (How will character’s Maave and Delores push past the fact they’re robots. It will indeed be interesting to see the outcome).
  4. We are lead to believe the WESTWORLD Park is far away from everything else. You could even come to the conclusion they are on another world. (Character Bernard talks to his wife as if transmission could be light years away). 
  5. Character Elsie Hughes ( a Programmer working closely with Bernard). She appears to me as witty and determined. As a clever girl, she won’t take no for an answer. She’s very concerned with the abnormal behaviour of the HOSTS, coming across a serious problem with a stray host (robot) who attacks her defence personnel, character Ashley Stubbs, head of security. Before their attack by the stray host, Ashley points out the sketched markings to Elsie( left behind in camp by the host) are possible from the belt of the Orion constellation, which is located on the celestial equator. 

This last piece could be mean something.  If you discover the Orion constellation you will realize the rectangular shaped constellation consists of four stars —Rigel, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Saiph.   The three stars (approximately in the middle) of Orion’s Belt—Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.  

So – what does this mean ? Is it a quest for another planet ? Can WESTWORLD be located on different planets throughout our the Milky Way Galaxy?  

In the original WESTWORLD ( 1973 film) there were Three THEME PARKS

  1.  West World
  2. Medieval World 
  3. Roman World. 

Is it possible Westworld is on one planet and Medieval World, along with the Roman World ( showcasing the ancient Roman city of Pompeii) will be on their very own planets?

Indeed, it will be interesting to see where each episode will takes us. What I’m figuring is, the First Season will be all about West World, while the adjoining Season Two and Three will lead us to the Theme Parks mentioned.  ( I hope so 😎) 

BUT – it’s also mentioned the sketch of Orion is incorrect due to there’s four points along Orion’s Belt, instead of three.

Now this interests me too, because if you follow past Orion’s Belt, it will lead you to a fourth star named Sirius. This immediately leads into my screenplay BLACK ANGELS. Of course, it’s impossible to believe Jonathan Nolan knows anything about my screenplay. 

Moving on – 

It’s my belief, in the Westworld’s first season the MiB ( Man in Black) will eventually find the route of the maze, he so desperately needs. It’s obvious the MiB is an experienced Gamer ( I have calculated with 30 years of experience he’s spent approximately $7 million throughout the years). We now know his foundation is well known in the real world as a couple of fans approached him, trying to compliment the foundation for saving one of the fans sister. Surprisingly, MiB is NOT impressed with the fans and basically tells them so in a harsh dialogue,”This is my f—ing vacation,” going on by threaten them, saying he would cut their throats.  

Apparently he doesn’t want anyone interfering with his game. 

It’s also suggested, MiB could have an insider who’s helping him to achieve his goals. In essence, there’s already a growing group of viewers suggestions stating the “Men in Black Theory”.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of the MiB. 

There’s also another theory. 

It’s possible an INSIDER of the Park is responsible for changing the robots goals, giving them their own consciousness. Could it be the illusive Arnold who (according to Dr Ford) is suppose to be dead? 

MiB Dialogue: “A man named Arnold was the original settler of these parts. He created a world where you can do anything you want, but you can’t die. No matter how real this world seems it’s still just a game. But then Arnold broke his own rule. He died right here in the park, except I believe he had one story left to tell. A story with real stakes, real violence. You could say I’m here to honor his legacy.” 

So my question : “Is Arnold really dead?” 

In case your not up on Arnold, he was a partners with Dr Ford (in the beginning ) creating Westworld. It appears (according to Dr Ford) Arnold became to emotionally close to his creations, as Dr Ford only relates the robots, simply as a tool or machine. We all know Dr Ford is extremely powerful in making the final decisions and warning  others not to stand in his way.

And finally, who’s this Wyatt? 

Is Wyatt the final goal to the puzzle? Is Wyatt somehow related to Arnold? Will the MiB gets his answers once he meets up with Wyatt.  Surprisingly enough, it’s Dr Ford who uploaded a new program about Wyatt into Teddy’s collective circuitry head of his.  

And on that note. 

Poor, poor Teddy Flood, the host who’s always in pursuit of Delores. Unfortunately he will never get his girl and always ends up either dead or prey lose to death.  

This being said, will Teddy one day get his revenge?  

The first season of HBO’s Westworld is going pretty strong and hopefully it will continue. Not like it’s counterpart, Beyond Westworld ( in 1980) who’s short-lived TV series was supposed to follow by the two great films, Westworld and Futureworld in 1976. 

Unfortunately for Beyond Westworld, it only lasted five episodes. Im excited for the new HBO’s Westworld and I dearly hope it doesn’t have the same fate. As we are headed into the five episode, it’s obvious we have surpass its counterpart Beyond Westworld.  

The new HBO Westworld is certainly going places and I’m so happy for that, as most science-fiction films don’t usually have a good record in the film industry. But with Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens Trilogy, the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain American and The Martian film, just maybe with the new millennials generation, there’s finally a new hope and drive towards SCIFI

One day I hope to see BLACK ANGELS as the next blockbuster science-fiction film.

By Bari Demersscreenwriter and freelance writer 

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