Adventurer Guru 

Just recently my friend Romeo embarked on an adventure of a lifetime into the heart of the largest cave in the world within Vietnam, as Director of Education for Global DJI Drones. 

What makes it even more acceptional was the historical  live broadcast with Good Morning America.

Just the logistics of getting a team deep inside the vast expanse of the Sơn Đoòng Cave, is amazing in itself.  But then, Romeo takes it one step further by flying a Inspire 1 drone (without GPS) throughout the 5 km cave, reaching heights of 200 metres.

Read his amazing Adventure.  

 Credit : Romeo Durscher  

Without a doubt, Romeo is considered an Adventurer Guru and Director of Education for DJI Global.  His  Daily Journal tells it all.

Before DJI he rubbed shoulders with Astronauts and NASA’s scientist. Like, here with Astronaut, Reid Wiseman.

[In the photo below, Romeo is explains the technical applications and GPS implications.]

 Credit : Romeo Durscher 

In return, I wrote about about Romeo’s Adventure  mentioning my friends Mark and Romeo – the journey to this incredible day yesterday – I hope you enjoy the most amazing story.

I’m so grateful for my friends Romeo Durscher and Mark Johnson.

 Credit : Romeo Durscher – the Aventurer Guru 
By Bari Demers