Impressive Marissa Mayer

I Admire Marissa Mayer work ethics.

If you asked anyone what exactly does a CEO do?

The main stream population of the world would most likely say something like this,” A CEO is the top brass, leader of a large corporate business who makes a ton of money.”


CEO’s have a healthy sizeable income, but there’s so much more to the operation of a Chief Executive Officer. There may of been a time when the role of a CEO was primarily a YES man to stockholders of a multi-million dollar company.

Things have drastically changed for the better.

Today, a CEO will roll up his or her sleeves, digging into the heart of its company. Not only do they delegate their team, but are themselves a hard working bee, committed to customer service.

Marissa Ann Mayer falls into this category.

Of course, I have never met Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo) but, her work ethics are really impressive. She’s a computer science wizard ready to take control and not afraid of change. Her biography showcases a brilliant woman featuring a strong resume with Google. In fact, she was hired by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin as the 20th employee, way before Google became the giant it is today.

What makes Marissa Mayer so impressive?

Her work ethics signify what freelance workers across the world already know. As a freelance writer, screenwriter and artist, the time clock isn’t part of our vocabulary.

We have an idea and we put it to work.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or if the weekend has just rolled in. An idea, a thought or an inspiration must be executed the minute we think of it. And, we aren’t finished until the masterpiece is done. This is the same impression I get from Marissa Mayer, a woman totally committed to getting the work done.

Of course, the one big difference is obvious; she’s one of the top corporate CEO’s in the world, presently running Yahoo. Her personal net worth is something like 300 million dollars.

I also like the fact, she is concerned with customer satisfaction.

I mean, really.

Isn’t it all about selling a smooth running product or service ?
A customer needs to know these basics are met:

1. You aren’t wasting their time.
2. The product works properly and satisfies a need.
3. Customer service is number one.
4. They are important to you; their voice counts.
5. The cost is affordable.

In the end, Marissa Mayer doesn’t need my approval, but I admire her work ethics anyway.

Most people today go to work without any enthusiasm of the brand they’re working for, only thinking of their next paycheque. I believe a successful company requires a staff who love what they do, but at the same time, the company really values their employees as an important asset to their overall success. In fact, it’s a happy reunion of the two, ready to conquer the world. With team commitment and great customer service, everything else falls into place.

These things never change :

A) You know when a company becomes successful when the customer raves about its product or service.

B) You know when a coach is doing the job, the team wins!

C) You know a CEO is popular, when the company makes a profit.

Overall, Marissa Mayer has met the above criteria and is certainly a person to admire. She has made her lasting footprint within the world of business and I’m pretty sure other companies would pick her in an instant, if she was looking for another challenge.

The second reason I like Marissa Mayer?

She was born the same day I was, May 30th. Ok, maybe that’s not a reason, but interesting. Last, but not least, Marissa is a mentor to other girls into the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The stigma of man verse woman must come to an even playing field, with the same pay, respect and profession status. I believe Marissa is a leader in that field.

By Bari Demers – freelance screenwriter

Where’s your path going to take you?